Course 14: Avian Ailments & Vaccine Info

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Arm yourself with knowledge to help your bird buddy stay as healthy as possible. Learn about some avian ailments, whether vaccines are needed for birds, and healthy weight goals for birds.

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Psittacosis: What Bird Owners Need To Know

Psittacosis is a disease that can be transmitted to people from birds and vice versa, so learn all you can to protect your bird from it.

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Vaccines & Pet Birds

Do pet birds need vaccines? See what the latest avian research reveals.

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Is Your Pet Bird A Healthy Weight?

Ever stop to think what type of shape your bird is in? Is he or she underweight, overweight or within normal weight … not sure? Find out what you can do to check your bird’s muscle mass.

Dr. Susan Orosz beside Dr. Giacomo Rossi

Pet Bird Research: PDD

Dr. Susan Orosz recently traveled to Rome, Italy for the AIVPA conference (Italy’s Association of Small Animal Veterinarians annual gathering). See what Dr. Orosz and her colleagues from both the U.S. and abroad are learning about PDD and how this “meeting of the minds” can lead to significant advances in treating this disease.

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Psittacosis & Other Zoonotic Diseases

A zoonotic disease is a disease that can be passed between animals to humans. Zoonotic diseases can be caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi. As pet bird owners, we all need to know about the zoonotic diseases of our birds so that we can guard against them — to keep both them and us healthy and happy!

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Unraveling the Puzzle of Avian Bornavirus & PDD

We must expand our view of clinical ABV disease to that of a continuum of a wide range of clinical symptoms. Many clinically infected birds show only mild clinical signs of disease.