Course 18: Good Health For Your Bird

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Wellness is all about planning. These articles detail checks, choices, and plans you can follow to provide the best health care for your beloved pet bird.

Green Parrot

Fall Pet Bird Health Check: Hormones & Respiratory Concerns

Fall is the time of change – particularly along the northern tier in the United States. While we often think about how autumn affects us, a change of seasons also brings out changes in our pet birds.


5 Health Choices Pet Bird Owners Should Make Today

Why put off to tomorrow what you should do today … especially if it can be a lifesaver for your pet bird? Here are five choices to make now to better your bird’s health.

cherry headed conure

Follow This Stay-Healthy Plan For Your Pet Bird

If you’re a to-do list person or one who needs a little reminding every now and then, you’re in luck! We’ve put together a month-by-month list of suggestions —and gentle nudges — to help you help your pet bird in the year ahead.

Sun Conure

A Healthy Year Ahead For Your Pet Bird

This is the time of year to make New Year’s resolutions and many involve fitness and health. So what about your bird friend? What type of resolution for them? We want them to be fit and healthy as well, so what are the bullet points to achieve that goal?