Course 26: Toys, Toys, Toys

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Let the fun begin. These article are all about toys for pet birds. Jump in!

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Webinar: Fun With Foraging — How To Get Started & Fun Toy Ideas!

Join us for a free interactive webinar with Stephanie Lamb, DVM, DABVP (Avian Practice). You’ll learn why foraging is an important part of a bird’s day. Dr. Lamb will also share her tips and tricks to making foraging fun!

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Parrot Toys: What Are We Going to Chew Today?

Providing projects that occupy busy beaks and stimulate avian Einsteins is one of the never-ending challenges of parrot ownership. The quest for that perfect bird toy takes us trekking to innumerable pet shops and bird marts, and pouring through countless catalogs.

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Top Toys For Parakeets

Give your budgie (aka “parakeet”) some toys! You will be wildly entertained as your budgie plays, and your budgie will stay active and engaged without getting into any mischief from boredom.