Course 29: Technology & Birds

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Advances in technology aren’t just saving human lives, birds are being given a second chance with the help of today’s 3D printer technology and advanced surgical techniques.

damaged beak on a parrot that's lying down

Prosthetic Beak Saves Injured Wild Parrot

An injured beak can severely impact a parrot’s health—a missing beak can put a parrot in peril. Fortunately, this wild parrot got a second chance at life with the help of Paulo Roberto Martins Nunziata and veterinarian Maria Ângela Panelli Marchió of the Renascer ACN animal rehabilitation center in Brazil.

face of kakapo chick

Rare Kakapo Chick’s Life-Saving Surgery

A kakapo chick, one of the rarest birds and the world’s heaviest parrot, receives lifesaving surgery at a veterinary hospital in a risky first-of-its-kind procedure.

head shot of a Bald eagle with an artificial beak

3D Technology Offers New Lease On Life

Not too long ago, a bird with a broken-off beak or a tortoise with a destroyed shell would have a poor prognosis. Fortunately, advances in science and technology are giving us creative options for helping sick and injured animals.

Toucan with a 3D Printed Beak standing in cage

A Printed Prosthetic For A Damaged Beak

A brave toucan named Tieta can eat again thanks a special collaboration between the South American wildlife management group Instituto Vida Livre and three Brazilian universities determined to give her a new start in life. See what her 3D printable beak looks like and how she’s learning to use it!

Toucan missing bill

New Technology Allows For A “Printable” Beak

The future of 3D printing is quite exciting — and it can even help our feathered friends. In fact, 3D printing might just be a lifesaver for this friendly toucan!