Course 3: Pet Bird Training Basics

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Can birds be trained? Yes indeed! This course of articles gives you tips so you know how to approach training your best buddy and the basics for training success. How did your training go? Test your knowledge of the articles with the quiz. Click the quiz button below!

African grey parrot, Congo African grey, CAG

Learn the Polite Way to Train Your Parrot

Politeness means accepting that our parrots should not be expected to wait around in the hopes that we will choose to interact with them. They have their own lives, after all, and they have a right to choose not to interact with us whenever we might wish it. It means not expecting them to be at our beck and call.

head of cockatoo

Teach Your Bird to Communicate “Yes” and “No”

We like to make our own choices when it comes to what we eat, what we do for entertainment and everything in between. What if we could extend this power to our parrots — give them the ability to communicate what they want and what they don’t want? Here’s a step-by-step approach to teaching your bird to communicate “Yes” or “No.”

PeachFaced love bird

Small Bird Taming & Training Basics

Don’t let the small size of your small parrot – your budgie, cockatiel or lovebird – deter you from teaching him or her some behaviors on cue. Some commands are really helpful in managing your pet bird. Here are three things to teach your small pet bird.

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