Course 36: Do You Know These Parrot Species?

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Whoa! Night parrot, feather duster budgies, Princess of Wales parakeet — learn about these and other unique birds.

rainbow lorikeet (pied mutation) on ground

Spotting a Rare Beauty: Pied Mutation Rainbow Lorikeet

If you live in Australia, it’s not unusual to spot native parrot species foraging in your yard. New South Wales resident Jayde Parrey, for one, is used to seeing rainbow lorikeets, but one member of a recent flock of 20 parrots certainly stood out for it was an unusually colored rainbow lorikeet. Learn more about this special lorikeet.

lory, lorikeet

Lories & Lorikeets: Bold & Beautiful

Lories and lorikeets are beauties from the family Loriinae that boast some of the brightest plumage among parrots. Their personalities are also colorful, and their unique diet gives them plenty of energy to fuel their always on-the-go tendencies. Learn what else sets these vibrantly colored parrots apart.

Green Cheeked Conure

Conures: Sun Vs. Green Cheek

No wonder conures are a popular pet bird companion. They are smart, active, cuddly, and social. There are many species of conure, and each group has its own unique set of traits. See the similarities and differences between the fiery-colored Sun conure of the Aratinga genus to the diminutive green-cheeked conure of the Pyrrhura genus.

Night Parrot on ground in a bush

The Night Parrot: Nocturnal Rarity

Recently, a few people with a passion for finding the rare Night Parrot of Australia have documented proof of its existence, ending rumors of its extinction.

close up of a standing Feather Duster Budgie with curly, yellow feathers covering entire body except for beak

Feather Duster Budgies

The Feather Duster Budgie is a mutation that might make you doubt a bird is inside all the curly, overgrown feathers.

Princess-of-Wales Parakeet standing on floor

Meet The Princess of Wales Parakeet

Not too many parrots have royal titles, which is just one way the Princess of Wales Parakeet (Polyteles alexandrae) stands out. This medium-sized, pastel-colored parrot with a long tail is native to Australia and is named after a real princess. Find out what this positively pretty bird is all about.

Hyacinth macaw

New World Parrots: Conures, Amazons, Macaws & More

Parrots can be categorized according to Old World psittacines and New World psittacines. Do you know if your parrots are “Team Old World” or “Team New World”?

Kakapo parrot

Meet The Kakapo, The Lovable, Rotund Parrot With Peculiar Ways

How far would you travel for love? If you were a male kakapo parrot, you’d walk the equivalent of a 5K, as in over three miles (and that’s not counting the walk back)! A lovesick male kakapo parrot embarks on his long stroll each night during breeding season as he tries to beat out the competition for a female’s attention. Learn more about this adorable, rotund parrot with peculiar ways.

artist drawing of extinct parrot Heracles inexpectatus

World’s Largest Known Parrot Dwarfs All Others

Here’s one parrot you probably couldn’t host on your shoulder, or your hand for that matter. Meet Heracles inexpectatus, the world’s largest species of parrot, recently discovered by palaeontologists in New Zealand. Standing at more than 3 feet tall, this prehistoric parrot has also earned the nickname Squawkzilla.