Course 38: How Birds Affect Us & Vice Versa

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Research shows that birds can boost our mood, bird feather color is fascinating, and light pollution is a problem for birds in the wild.

robin wild bird

New Study Shows Birds Bring Happiness

A new study affirms what many of us bird enthusiasts already sense—wild birds give us an emotional boost. Seeing and hearing the variety of birds in our neighborhoods can make us happier, especially when we choose to engage with them by offering food and creating a safe and inviting habitat to visit.

house sparrow singing on fence

Backyard Birds Help Boost Mood

How often are you soothed and comforted by watching birds arrive in your backyard? Anxiety and stress levels can be significantly reduced with access to more natural day to day occurrences of bird watching capability.

Two blue and gold macaws on a branch

How Feathers Color Our World

Colors give off psychological properties that can affect the way we feel. Read more about how birds’ colors grab our attention.

rose-breasted grosbeak (Pheucticus ludovicianus)

Birds in the News: Parrot Feather Color Research Reveals Fascinating Finds & More

Add “birds” to your Google News alert topics–or simply search the word “bird” or “parrot” in Google to see what’s going on in the world of birds. Here are some recent “birds in the news” stories worth checking out.


The Impact of Light Pollution on Birds

The effects of light pollution—being exposed to artificial light at night—is shown to disrupt our circadian rhythms and potentially wreak havoc on our sleep-wake cycles. Artificial light also affects wildlife in ways many of us might never have imagined. See how city lights can interfere with the lives of wild birds’ and even affect their migratory patterns.