Course 49: Changing Your Ways For Your Birds

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Sharing your life with a bird or birds can improve not only your life, but maybe the world!

Green-winged macaw and cockatoo, red macaw, cockatoo

Healthy Habits We Can Learn From Our Birds

Looking for some healthy habits to try in the year ahead? Good news! Chances are you have your very own health coach living with you right now — look no further than your feathered friend!

Photo of the Pionus Parrot

5 Ways Parrots Rule Our Roosts

With a parrot you have a pet companion with the intelligence — and the mischievousness — of a young child, which can make for an interesting family dynamic. Here’s lighthearted look at the ways our feathered friends can rule our own roosts.

origami paper bird, recycle bird, go green

Pet Bird Owners Can Find New Uses For These Recyclables

From using newspaper as cage liner, cardboard as chew toys, to wadded-up paper to hide foraging treats, we bird owners can be quite creative in our thriftiness. Here are a few other items that can get a second life before going into the recycle bin.

Hyacinth macaw, blue macaw perched on arm indoors

Your Pet Bird Will Love The New You!

A new year is upon us and with that comes another set of New Year’s resolutions (or a re-do of last year’s!) While there’s plenty you can do for your pet bird to make the new year great, here are three things you can do for yourself that will also reap benefits for your pet bird.