Course 51: Pet Birds & Children, Dogs, The Floor

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Do pet birds mix well with children, dogs, and walking on the floor? These articles give you the scoop!

Cockatiel face

Pet Birds & Children

Find out the real reasons why budgies and cockatiels can make wonderful pets for children, as well as all the wrong reasons for bringing a small bird into your home.

African grey parrot on perch leaning forward

Pet Birds Vs. Dogs

Here’s a fun look at some of the advantages bird companions have to canine companions and vice versa.

cockatoo face

Why You Should Rethink Allowing Your Parrot On The Floor

Companion parrots have both innate behaviors, which are instinctual (think flight!) and learned behaviors, such as figuring out how to reach a treat in a foraging toy. As our birds’ stewards, understanding both behaviors and how to work with them can serve us well in avoiding behavior issues. A “cute” behavior that may have encouraged by the caregiver in the beginning, can become a learned behavior that is adapted by the parrot that leads to negative consequences. Case in point – allowing a bird free roam on the floor, which results in chasing and biting feet. Learn why allowing a parrot to hang out on the floor can cause havoc and what to do instead.