Course 1: Need-To-Know Parrot Info

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Are you wondering how to provide the best environment for your beloved bird? These articles offer tips to make life with your feathered roommate as harmonious as possible. Test your knowledge after reading them by taking the quiz. Just click the quiz button below!

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Do’s and Don’ts For Living With Parrots

Life with parrots can be complicated, but it gets simpler if you avoid these 18 things. If you haven’t avoided them all, keep trying!

Parrot Baby

15 Things Every Parrot Owner Should Do

Check out part two of Liz’s Parrot Psychology column “Do’s & Don’ts For Living With Parrots: Part II, The Do’s.” This LafeberCares exclusive will help you and your pet bird get on the right track in the year ahead and beyond.

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Tips To Get Your Parrot To Be Quiet

Does covering the cage or running toward your bird to tell him/her to quiet down … or screaming back … sound familiar? If you find yourself in need of a little quiet time and your parrot is simply not getting it, here are tips and tricks to stop the screech.

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Tips To Get Your Bird Back In The Cage

Our small birds love their time out of the cage. How do we know this? We know because sometimes it’s soooo difficult to get them back in the cage. Plan for this by training your pet bird. Here are some tips to try for when you need to get your small bird back in the cage, now.

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The Optimal Social Environment for Your Parrot

Parrots are social creatures. They are flock animals, traveling and feeding together as a group. The majority of the activities in which they engage are done as a group.

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