Course 16: Bird-Proofing Through The Year

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As the seasons and holidays change the environment in your home, so too do the possible hazards change for your bird. Use the tips in these articles to stay mindful of how to keep your feathered friend safe all year long.

sun conure

Pet Bird Owner Summer Safety Tips

But before you fire up your backyard grill or unroll the pool or spa cover, take a moment to see what steps you need to make to ensure your bird’s safety and well-being all summer long.

bird on pumpkin

Halloween Safety For Birds

Some frightening things can happen to our birds if we are not vigilant during Halloween festivities. But you can do a lot to prevent any problems by planning ahead.

Photo of a ringneck on a Christmas Tree

Top-Ten Holiday Hazards For Your Pet Bird

The companion parrot is part of the family! While including our feathered friends in the holiday season, we must be sure to keep them safe.

cockatiel perched on finger

Keep Your Pet Bird Out Of The ER This Holiday!

The holidays can bring added dangers to a bird’s typically safe life. Being aware of these dangers can prevent accidents and tragedies, and a trip to your emergency avian veterinarian.