Course 28: Amazing Birds, Amazing People

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More than interesting, these people and parrots are doing fascinating things that you must read about. You really must. Right now!

African grey parrot on man's shoulder

Artist & His African Grey Parrot Pair Up To Sculpt One-Of-Kind Pieces

A parrot’s penchant for chewing things up is nothing new. Think of all the cardboard and/or wood items your bird has destroyed throughout your time together! What is new is a famed artist turning a parrot’s “masterpiece of destruction” into museum-quality sculptures. Joseph Havel, whose works have been exhibited in prestigious galleries around the world, looked no further than his African grey companion, Hannah, to create a collection of pieces that are now on display at a gallery in Houston. Learn how this collaborative effort between an artist and parrot came to be.

Iggy Pop's cockatoo posed in room that has couch, window, and guitar in behind the parrot

Iconic Musician & Cockatoo Put Their Fame To Good Use

Biggy Pop is not your average cockatoo. This ‘too’s companion is Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Iggy Pop, frontman for the influential punk band The Stooges. A fan of both Iggy Pop the rocker and Biggy Pop the bird recently reached out to the duo to see if they’d help bring awareness to Australia’s plight in the aftermath of devastating fires that wiped out an estimated three billion animals, including 180 million birds.

macaw hanging upside down from wire wall in aviary

From Pub To Parrot Aviary & Zoo

Andy Cowell and his wife found a way to help more homeless animals than ever before by taking over a closed down, historic pub to make it a zoo and aviary.

Indian ring-neck parakeets

The Birdman of Chennai

Be amazed by the incredible response one man created when he began feeding two Indian ring-necked parakeets after a tsunami devastated the area.

boy with long hair wearing long-sleeved gray shirt holds a caique in hand indoors

U.K. Boy Raises Money For Parrots

An 11-year-old boy in England gets help from his caique to deal with his autism, and he found a unique way to help both needy parrots and cancer patients.

cockatoo on woman's shoulder

From “Problem Parrot” to TV Star

In 2006, Moluccan cockatoo Rocky was on the verge of being euthanized due to aggressive behavior. Fortunately, Lara Joseph, an animal behavior consultant, adopted this special ’too and worked patiently to teach him positive ways to communicate. Now Rocky stars in a series of Stanley Steemer commercials.