Course 31: Famous Birds

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These birds gained such notoriety that they deserve to be dubbed famous. Read on to meet the famous feathered ones.

The world's oldest Cockatoo on bottom of cage eating a treat

The World’s Oldest Cockatoo Passes Away: Celebrating Cookie

The Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo – and countless fans near and far ‑ are mourning the loss the zoo’s most beloved and well-known resident, Cookie, the 83-year-old Major Mitchell’s cockatoo, who passed away on August 27, 2016. Cookie was certified by Guinness World Records as the oldest living parrot and was the zoo’s last original member when it first opened in 1934.

head and shoulder shot of a Bald Eagle

How America’s Bird Came To Be

Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson all wanted a say in in creating a seal that would represent the newly founded United States of America. That honor, of course, ultimately went to the bald eagle … but why did Benjamin Franklin want a different bird?

Presidents & Their Pet Parrots

Can you imagine a parrot perched in the White House? It’s probably happened at some point during our country’s history; after all, some of our past presidents had parrot companions during their presidencies. Here is a list of presidents who really did have parrots during their White House days.

Iggy Pop's cockatoo posed in room that has couch, window, and guitar in behind the parrot

Rockstar Cockatoo

It’s not everyday that a parrot’s Instagram account garners 14,000 fans in just a month’s time. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Iggy Pop, frontman for the influential proto-punk band The Stooges, recently created an Instagram account for his Moluccan Cockatoo, Biggy Pop, who has taken over social media as only a cockatoo can do.