Course 44: Celebrating Birds

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What makes birds great? Check out some of the many reasons in these articles.


Celebrate National Pet Bird Day!

Dogs get their day, cats do too. Now it’s our feathered companions turn—September 17 is National Pet Bird Day. It’s time to celebrate our birdie family members—here are some fun ideas to get you started!

blue crowned conure

Reap The Benefits Of Joining A Bird Club

Joining a bird club makes you part of a community that shares info about bird care, bird health, bird behavior, and more!

African grey parrot on perch leaning forward

5 Reasons To Adopt A Pet Bird

Here are five reasons why you should consider the adoption option if you are thinking about welcoming a feathered friend into your heart and home.

sun conure

10 Ways To Celebrate Your Bird

Being a bird person affects your life in so many ways — from preparing meals to being aware of toxins to spending time with your feathered pal, and more. You prepare your meals with your bird in mind, and you pay attention to the type of cookware you use to keep your bird safe from toxins. Here are 10 more ways to throw some love your bird’s way.

head shot of African Grey parrot in cage holding peanut to its beak

Pet Bird Owner New Year’s Resolutions

A better cage, new toys or perches, healthier foods and treats — what is your New Year’s resolution regarding your bird?