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Reap The Benefits Of Joining A Bird Club

blue-crowned conure
photo by Mark Kortum

There isn’t far you’d have to travel to find a club for just about anything that interests people. If there is a common bond, someone will form a club for it. People will meet to discuss all different kinds of things directly or indirectly related to the common thread. And since there are bird-watching clubs throughout the world, there is little surprise there are also clubs devoted to just the kinds of exotic bird you have.

The share value you would easily gain is spread across many experiential platforms. It could be the veterinarian you use, the types of foods you have experimented with and have had success with, cage materials, toys, perhaps even suggested ways to ease any anxieties the birds may be feeling. Clubs become essential landing areas after you have acquired a bird largely because the networking footprint has a vast potential to impact the way that your bird thrives. And if your bird ever develops strange maladies that you simply cannot explain, a contact or two within the club can be just the thing you need to provide immediate and proper care in the event an emergency arises.

Clubs of All Sizes

If you live in a large population center like Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York City then there are likely to be plenty of well-established clubs with centralized meeting locations. Often, an established club can be so large that the dues can pay for extraordinary benefits, or monthly dinner get-togethers with guest speakers providing new and amazing insights. There are some that become forums for all things including localized bird adoptions, and special projects that can help raise money for other aviaries and sanctuaries dedicated to the preservation of long-living birds. As many of these services can take huge sums of money to maintain, large clubs can be quite helpful in providing support.

But large clubs are not the only ones able to make a difference in the lives of the members’ birds. More often than not, small areas have established clubs that meet out of homes or nearby community centers. Their means of assistance to the larger picture may not be as rich as larger clubs but they are in no way less essential. In fact, smaller clubs may be the only way that a bird owner in a rural setting may get the attention and information they need to sustain their birds. Bird ownership is certainly not exclusive to a large population number on a town sign. Owners come from all walks of life, and places.

A quick search on the internet can yield a list of clubs no matter where you live. There is a great resource in The Parrot Pages, which posts a nice listing of clubs throughout the world. A simple click will take you to a nearby club that could easily mean the difference in your bird’s life, especially if you’re a new bird owner. Lafeber.com also hosts a Find a Bird Club listing.

At Home in the Bird Community

Exotic bird clubs can help to provide a sense of comfort and warmth. That’s especially true when your bird’s behavior needs a tip or two that can make the difference between uncertainty and confusion. They will provide invaluable streams of resources that will serve you for many decades. You may even find yourself starting one in the event one doesn’t exist within your area. And that could mean the difference to other birds’ well-being.

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