Course 47: Bird-Themed Fun

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Of course sharing your life with birds is fun, but I bet you didn’t know about some of these bird-themed fun facts and things!

Macaw showing hearts in Minecraft game

Fictitious Birds Should Eat Healthy Too

The Minecraft video game had a parrot problem — the parrot characters were fed chocolate chip cookies! See which movie parrots were also fed no-no foods.

Wall mural at Cornell depicts avian history

Bird Mural Depicts Avian History

Be amazed by the huge bird mural at Cornell University. It depicts birds across the world in their true sizes, and a website lets you interact with it.

Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo in a pet store

Blast From The Past Pet Bird Products

From colorful assortments of toys and playgyms to healthy diets and treats, there are plenty of bird-centric offerings to choose from to meet your bird’s many needs. Here’s a fun look at “off the beaten path” bird products from years bygone.

four Zebra Finches sitting on a branch

Finches Talk To Their Eggs & Other Fascinating Bird News

Check out these intriguing bird-centric stories, which range from parrots playing video games to zebra finches telling their eggs when to hatch to how the males of a bird species called the southern pied babble favor their own biological male chicks over their “stepchicks.”

Amazon Parrot

Fun Things To Do With Your Bird At Home

To keep safe during the coronavirus pandemic, many of us face spending most of our time at home. But being stuck indoors can seem less burdensome if we look for a silver lining each day—one being the opportunity to have fun with the flock!