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Fictitious Birds Should Eat Healthy Too

The popular online game Minecraft recently added parrot characters that users feed chocolate cookies to, but the company that owns Minecraft has now vowed to offer a more-appropriate food choice.

If you haven’t heard of the online game Minecraft, you must have been scratching your head wondering about those block-like characters dominating the toy and children’s apparel aisles for the past few years. Minecraft is a seriously popular online game (much like a Lego’s animation game), where players need to secure certain items like iron or ore to build imaginary block-like landscapes.

Minecraft also includes animal characters (imagine square-looking pigs and sheep!) that players need to woo with the right item in order to tame them; for example to tame a cat, you need to catch a virtual fish and feed it to the cat.

Four species of parrot are now available in Minecraft. AddictiV Gurls

Parrots In Minecraft

More recently, Minecraft added four types of tameable parrot characters. To get a parrot, the player feeds the bird a chocolate chip cookie. Some parrot-knowledgeable user pointed out that chocolate can be toxic to parrots. “You can’t tell me some 6-year-old is going to play Minecraft and then try to feed their Mom’s 45-year-old Macaw chocolate chips or a chocolate chip cookie,” someone wrote under the user name 1jl.

Mojang AB, the company that owns Minecraft, issued a response to the online chatter, stating that it will change out the cookie with a more healthy option. I vote for a Nutri-Berrie! Let’s let out a collective “Hooray!” for Mojang correcting this oversight.

Kevin, a fictitious bird featured in the movie “Up,” is fed chocolate, which would be a no-no for real-life birds.

Watch Out For Bad Pet Food In Movies

I cringe when I see a movie or advertisement that depicts the wrong food being fed to birds and other pets, especially in regard to kid movies. Take, for example, the animated movie “Up” (Pixar Animation Studios, 2009), which deservedly won Oscars for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Score.

It’s hard to criticize this touching and uplifting movie, but if there were one thing I wish they had changed in the script, it would be the chocolate bar one of the main characters uses to befriend the lovable, fictitious, “snipe” bird, named Kevin. I cringed at the thought of young audience members going home and breaking off chunks of chocolate to feed their pets.

Similarly, I’m sure some bird enthusiasts were a little taken aback by the fact that Blu, the main parrot character in the movie “Rio” (20th Century Fox, 2011) loves a mug of hot chocolate to start his day. Again, how about a Nutri-berrie and a bowl of fresh water to dunk it in instead?

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