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May 31, 2022

macaw for anxiety

hello I’m Aryanna, your website is beyond amazing! The love and care that you have shared with the world helping people with birds is everything I’ve ever wanted to do! I came across your website trying to locate a macaw to adopt or rescue and bring into my country life in virginia as family. I’m struggling immensely to find anyone who can help. every other website is a scam. I was wondering if you can direct me in the right way to find a legit place to find a macaw of my own and fill its life with love and care! thanks in advance!



The best thing to do is check with local pet shops that sell birds or try to locate a rescue in your area. Some rescues will adopt out of state. It’s not a good idea to try to buy a bird online. You can also contact local Vets who treat birds and see if they can recommend a good breeder or rescue.

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