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Do conure Grieve For The Loss Of A Companion

Cockatiel passed away

1.My Cockatiel was all okay till 8PM but she had already laid 4 eggs unferlized egg each alternate day before that. 2. On the day she passed away, Till 8 she was all okay but after that there was one other female bird same like her they both were playing and suddenly to sit in […]

My cockatiel died.. I cant believe she wont come back..

My female cockatiel around 2 years old, a very active one playing everytime.. At around till 8 PM she was playing very happily and suddenly my other female cockatiel flew near her and scared the little one.. she almost fell down. I dont know if there was a threat that time.. she was okay only.. […]

How to grief

I had three conures and 5 parakeets . Two of the conures and 4 parakeets house together in one room two cages but goes in and out of cages freely. @0 minutes after being let out and fed new food. All except one parakeet died. The other conure who roamed with us everywhere in the […]


I still have the parrot but I froze him ? I guess a necropsy would still show a broken bone or something like that ? Blood. tissue breakdown would probably prevent any blood analysis ?

Bird Death

My cinnamon dilute conger died in 2 days. It was 3 no old. My daughter played with it when she was not in school. There were no fumes. It was completely active. We were told it could have fallen. Is this what happen? I just don’t understand.

sudden death of my cockatiel

Hi, I have recently lost our beloved female cockatiel, which we have had for 6 years and 3 months, but she was older than this, as we got her from a family member’s friend, so I don’t know exactly how old she was. She has always been very healthy and taken very good care of, […]


I just lost one of my cockatiels. I found her leaning her face into her food dish. I went to touch her and she fell off the perch. Her cage mate is OK, but we suspect he has mites or lice. We are treating him and the cage with Scalex. But we just got another […]

my love bird died all of a sudden

I had a beautiful black mask, I came home and couldn’t find him and when I found him he was dead. he was like panting the day before which was unusual, he was hiding from us for 2 days and in the morning I kissed him and told him I loved him and said goodbye […]

Sudden death of my coca tail bird

The feamle one was perfectly fine till the afternoon but in the evening when i took a look i saw that she was not in her cage and found dead on the floor .she was perfectly fine no infection heat issue or anything like thia please let me know im curious a lot

Sudden budgie death

Hi. I just lost my second beloved parakeet. She was sitting on her food bowl and then suddenly fell over. Not even 15 minutes later she died. We had a bird before her do this but we thought that he died from something in his liver because he turned fully yellow( he was an albino). […]

My female cocktail died at the age of 4

My cocktail died female one suddenly I don’t know the reason she was fine in the morning but then suddenly she started coughing a lot and she died.. Later on we spotted blood from her nose.. What could be the reason ??

Black dropping in Alexandrine parakeet

My bird suddenly started to have black poop. And vomited too. And within 9 hours she died. Her poop was perfectly fine the day before her death. And since we keep her in a clean room without any clutter it is impossible for her to ingest any foreign body. But she did lose a lot […]

Sudden deaths

Today my 3 birds died all at once. 2 8 year old love birds and a 2 month old parakeet. They were fine and 45 minutes later I heard them drop to the cage floors. Firemen checked for gas and carbon monoxide and found nothing. Everything in the house was as it was every day. […]

Death of cockatiel

I had a cockatiel.We bought it home 4 days before it dies. she was fine and active but the next day she did no open her eyes and was not moving. She died after a few hours. What could have happened

dead baby finch still in nest

Hi there , There is a dead baby finch in the nest still with 3 healthy babies. Can i remove the dead chick? What normally causes them to die like this, it looks like it was squashed.

Baby love bird

We had a baby lovebird a few months old, hand trained. One morning didn’t eat, acting sleepy a few hours later dead. What happened any ideas?

Four Month Old Budgie

We just lost one of our budgies which was only four months old. Our breeder said to put the baby in the same fly cage as our one year old. I noticed that the older bird kept harassing the baby at first whenever she went to eat or drink. After a couple of weeks they […]

Sudden death of budgie

Found female budgie dead this morning in birdbath she lived in a large cage with one male looked well on examine her body feathers were gone from back of neck and under one wing on back down to the skin up til now she was a young healthy bird 2yrs old I’m gutted

Sudden death

My white cap pionus died today all of a sudden. We grew up together so I’m really heart broken he would of been 25 in September. I’m trying to think it was just his old age and it was his time he wasn’t showing many symptoms of an illness but I did notice the last […]

Lovebird Death

Hi, my sister had a hand-reared lovebird, Grebo, who got sick and died within one day. He seemed fine, chirping and being cheeky earlier in the week (she sent me a video of him singing to himself), then (seemingly out of the blue) one day he started vomiting and looking sick. He was better that […]

Sudden death of my cocatiel

In the early morning I heard my bird hit his cage or something and I jumped up and found him head down in him water dish ,I don’t know if he fell off his perch or was drinking and choked?

Bourke parakeet died suddenly and has 2 eggs in nest.

I’ve had a pair of bourke parakeets since December, Noah and Rosy. This morning I found Rosy laying still on the floor of her cage. I don’t know why she died. What can I do for Noah to help him through this? Is there any way of saving her eggs? I have supplies for handfeeding […]

PLEASE Tell Me, WHY DID My Sparrow Died Suddenly???

My pet sparrow was 3 months old. His name was Mikey. He was very active and healthy. He used to eat a lot. Me and my brother used to pet him. He was very friendly and like our family member. He never wanted to leave us. He always used to be around us. And, he […]

Parrots dieing

All our rainbow lorikeets have died over a space of a week and now the ring neck lorikeets are dieing why is that

Love bird suddenly dies

Can a love bird die while being groom? Manga was fine before groom started filling her nails

Love bird sudden death

My love bird suddenly stop eating from night and he was looking so tired next day afternoon he left me ☹ he was just 2 and half years old and very healthy also what was the reason of his sudden death and her partner bird is now very sad what to do to keep her […]

My baby budgie died suddenly

I don’t know why but my 1.5 month old baby budgie died suddenly. He was alright just a 2 minutes ago his death. He was playing whole this day and don’t know what happened and when i saw him he was on ground of cage sleeping downwords. It’s seemed unusual to me and when i […]

Sudden death of 18 year old African Grey Parrot

What kind of suddenly killed my male African gray he seem fine I woke up uncover him and he was laying in the bottom of his cage his eyes were open and his neck looked twisted around I think the supernatural things in the house did it he was under stress is there any other […]

Lovebird sudden death

We are getting ready to bury our little Lovebird. What kills a bird instantly with zero warning signs? We came home and do what we always do and part of that is talking and playing with Snuggles. He was chirping, playing, and got excited to get his nightly treat, and as he was going to […]

Electus Parrot

We have an Electus who is my mothers bird who passed away a couple of months. He had a strong bond with Ma. Before her passing, she was in hospital for a total of 3 months and they have been separated for this period of time. Cooper is his name, is not showing any signs […]

My cockatiel is very sleepy

Hi, My cockatiel was very active in the morning but bit sleepy towards the evening yesterday 8/11. Today 8/12 I found him deceased at the bottom of his cages I’m trying to figure out what happened. For one, I rescued him from a person that I believe was inbreeding them, two he was only about […]

Death of one of pair

I am sorry guys but i had a pair of zebra finches (they are my first) and sadly today the female died! I am heartbroken & want ur help! What should i do with the male? P.s. the male is hoping around, eats & drinks too…. Another p.s., i found the male at sometimes hitting […]

Lovebird died

Hello lafeber, I was given two lovebirds a six months ago, but sadly one has died overnight. The lady who gave them to me, said the birds were a few years old. Although she could not remember due to memory loss. I have other birds (Indian ring necks, Budgies and Cockatiels) in a very large […]

Lovebird Mate dies

So My Female Lovebird’s Couple died,maybe it’s because of the rain or the coldness Last night,I started spending time with the female lovebird,and,he only thing that change is the male that died. My Female Lovebird’s tone change like the chirping is Loudee than before,I really miss that male lovebird,always wanted to bite me,the Female lovebird […]


Why did my 5yr old budge fall of his perch and die

My budgie died all of a sudden

What does it mean if my 4 to 5 year old male budgie all of a suddenly dies he looked to be in good shape so why would he die he had brother that they had been together there whole life PLEASE someone help me and also what do I do when it’s brother is […]

fright death

Can a canary die from fright.l was trying to cut some string caught on foot that she stopped using & she just died!

Is my finch dead

My bird has been at the bottom of the cage puffed up the a few minutes ago I went to go check on her and she was laying there I don’t know what to I am scared she is dead and she is what caused it? She has food,water,toys, and a mirror I don’t know […]

why did my parrot suddenly start singing after the other one died?

i had two cockatiels; my male cockatiel has recently died due to sickness (although i cant be sure, he just looked very sick one night and we couldnt take him to the vet because it was very late, but he was constantly sleeping with his head up and drinking alot. the other one probably knew […]

Sudden passing of our parrotlet

Our 9 year old female parrotlet suddenly passed away after making strange chirping sounds for about 1 minute, then tipped over and fell from her perch and died. She had a great varied diet, very happy and stress free environment and a large cage cleaned daily in our home. The only cause that I can […]

Entire Tail Fell off

Today we too had to put to sleep our beloved (we think approximately 28-30 year old) cocakatiel Reuben. Our other one we think is approaching 28-29 yrs of age. Reuben was fat, nice and dark and bright coloured and feisty up until a couple of months ago when he started really picking at his tail […]

Zebra finch death

Hi. Just lost one of a pair of zebra finch. Should I remove the body straight away or leave for a while so his partner can realise/grieve. Thank you

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our cockatoo died yesterday.had plenty of food but water bottle was empty, she was out of her cage two days before we found her dead and she looked fine and ate 3 or 4 almonds. do you think she died from lack of water

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Follow up question on Severe Macaws and Wings of Compassion website?

Hi Brenda, Thank you for answering my question about the average age of Severe Macaws. I will look forward to hearing about the Wings of Compassion website. A quick follow up question. I read the entry about the Cockatiel illness. Merlin had the same symptoms. He was fine the days before, although drinking more water […]

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Cockatiel illness

My 29 yr. old cockatiel died two days ago. I had him since he was a baby. He had been heathy , on the same food for over twenty years. I’m concerned I caused his illness. A week ago I put one new seed treat in his cage. He ate a very small amount. I […]

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Severe Macaws and Wings of Compassion website?

Hi, My longtime friend and companion Merlin, a 42+ year old severe macaw, recently passed away. Two questions: What is the average lifespan of severe macaws? I was told by the veterinarian that you hosted a website called Wings of Compassion, but I cannot find it on-line. Can you please point me to your Wings […]

What happened

My bird sitter kept my two green cheek conures for two time periods this summer, both about 10 days. They have always liked her. At the end of the second vacation (the day they were to be returned she called and told me that one of them was dead. They had been together their whole […]

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Dead mate

I have a lovebird named skittles and he has lost his mate starburst, what can I do to help him get over his lost?

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My New Parrot Has Lost Her Love of Her Life…

Hello! I have recently taken a parrot out of an EXTREMELY neglectful environment. she used to have a friend that she loved more than anything with her.  I felt that was at least a little more acceptable that they were never taken out of their cage or played with or anything bcuz at least they […]

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