guinea pig sitting on hay

What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

Who can resist the soulful stare of a guinea pig or the wheeking noise they make for food. But what food should you feed your guinea pig? You love them like family, but they can’t eat many of the things you eat.

guinea pig drinking from water bowl

What Do Guinea Pigs Drink?

Aah. Nothing beats a cool lemonade on a hot day or a warm cocoa on a cold day. Drinks like these are among the simple pleasures of life. But are such drinks good for your guinea pig friends? Absolutely not. Guinea pigs are one-drink wonders, and they truly adore their drink of choice: water.

two big guinea pigs outside eating

Is My Guinea Pig Fat?

Food is an area where guinea pig fans might go a bit overboard. A fat guinea pig is not necessarily a happy guinea pig — and a fat guinea pig is certainly not a healthy guinea pig. How do you prevent your guinea pig from gaining too much weight?

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