rex rabbit on bed

Resources To Help Pay Vet Bills

Sometimes vet bills for your small mammal pet may exceed your budget. Find out about options that could help you get the veterinary care your pet needs.

rabbit face

Rabbit Eye Problems And Treatments

Rabbit eyes are susceptible to several health conditions. Learn some of the reasons why and what, if anything, you can do to help keep your rabbit seeing things clearly.

rabbit on table with hands using stethoscope to listen to abcomen

10 Reasons Rabbits Go To The Veterinarian

You do what you can to prevent illness, but accidents happen, contagions spread, parasites sneak in, and genetics catch up. Your rabbit faces as many health threats as you.

brown rabbit grooming

Tips For Grooming Your Rabbit

A clean, fluffy bunny not only looks good, he or she feels good. Your furry friend can only do so much to keep clean, which is why you need to step in and help.

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