rat wearing angel wings posed on a cloud

Dealing With A Beloved Pet Rat Death

A pet rat death can hit you hard, especially if the rat was a soulmate. Brandi Saxton offers advice on how to deal with the grief to get past any guilt and celebrate the life of your beloved friend.

rat in cage peering out open door

Rat Safety During Evacuation And Emergencies

If a sudden emergency arises and you need to evacuate from your home, do you have a plan to keep your pet rats safe? Check out these tips that focus on rat safety during emergencies.

rat posed beneath tiny umbrella with tiny pool float and sunglasses

Keep Pet Rats Cool When It’s Hot

When temperatures soar above 80, your rats must keep cool or be at risk for heatstroke or worse. Find out the signs of discomfort, how to keep rats cool, and what to do if a vet visit is needed.

white rat in blanket

Is My Rat Sick Or In Pain? Know The Signs

By learning these signs of rat sickness or pain, you have a better chance or recognizing when your furry friend needs help. Your rat won’t be able to speak and tell you when it’s not feeling well.

three rats showing tails

Top Tips For Cleaning Rat Tails

One grooming task that rats sometimes need help with is keeping their tail clean, and these tips show you how easy it is to help your rat have a wonderful tail.

rex rabbit on bed

Resources To Help Pay Vet Bills

Sometimes vet bills for your small mammal pet may exceed your budget. Find out about options that could help you get the veterinary care your pet needs.

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