rat posed on a towel and wearing a jester hat

Quirky Rat Traits Or Rat Pranks?

Some pet rat behaviors are mysterious to us, but are these merely rat traits or are these behaviors actually rat pranks they are playing on us?

two photos combine to show two groups of rats

Rat Life Lessons From Older Rats

Older rats have a lot of wisdom to pass along, and younger rats can benefit from these life lessons that include stealing treats and scoring back rubs.

rat wearing hat and sitting in metal pumpkin cauldron

Tips For Holiday-Themed Rat Photo Shoots

Use these tips to safely immortalize your wonderful pet rats with holiday-themed rat photos. Yes, you can do a photo shoot with your rat safely and have fun, too!

rat sitting on fabric looking at camera

All About Rat Myths

Pet rats sometimes battle a bad reputation based on long-time rat myths. Find out why pet rats are more amazing than many people know.

rat posed on gray and white background

Fun Facts About Rats You May Not Know

Rats are compassionate, intelligent, heroic, and honored. They also lack a gallbladder and tonsils. These and other fun rat facts will impress you, or at least make great conversation starters!

rat posed on holiday decor

Enjoy The Holidays With Your Rats

Rats are part of your family, so it’s natural to want to include them in your holiday celebrations. Use these ideas to spoil them, keep them safe, and enjoy their company this season.

rat portrait

The Name Game: Choosing Rat Names

Choosing rat names can be fun and exciting. Inspiration is all around you! Check out some of these tried-and-true methods to find the perfect name for your pet rat.

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