Course 27: Helping Birds

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Birds are being helped by people in many ways. From conservation efforts to genetic engineering to assistance after natural disasters, people recognize the importance of birds.

man by birdhouse on tree

Building A Legacy One Bluebird Nest Box At A Time

Check out this inspiring story of Al Larson, who has spent four decades building hundreds of nest boxes for Western and Mountain Bluebirds. His efforts have led a documentary that aims to inspire the next generation of bluebird conservationists.

satellite view of Cyclone Marcus

Cyclone’s Affect On Migratory Birds

A storm like a cyclone can heavily disrupt the migration of birds by leading them off course and potentially creating a situation that could be catastrophic to a flock.

Hurricane Harvey Water Damage

Lafeber Helps Birds Displaced by Recent Hurricanes

The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey still affects many Texans, including some pet bird owners. Read a first-hand account of flooding in a Houston home, and how Lafeber Company and a circle of donors are helping by sending bird food.

Juvenile Macaws in a yellow carrier

Genetic Engineering: New Hope For Rare Species?

Discover how emerging biological and preservation technologies currently being developed might be a way of saving endangered species.

Caroline Efstathion crouching on ground holding parrot chick in towel

Parrot Conservation Surprise Challenge: Bees

When Dr. Caroline Efstathion learned that a major problem for parrots in South America and Africa is Africanized honey bees taking over their nesting cavities, she seized the opportunity to combine her passion for parrots and knowledge of entomology to help find a solution.

Blue herring standing on a perch outside

Bird Conservation Yesterday & Today

It is time to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Migratory Bird Treaty, which essentially put bird conservation in motion in the United States and changed how we treat our native birds.

Military macaw sitting on a branch

Macaws Get U.S. Fish & Wildlife Protection

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service adds two species of macaw to its list of endangered species. Each has 13,000 individuals or less left in the wild.

two scarlet macaw chicks

Parrot Conservation: How We Can Help & How It Helps Us

if we care for birds either near or far, we help birds everywhere, and we help our human kind as well.