Course 5: Bad Bird Or Misunderstood?

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At times, some of our feathered friends might exhibit less-than-desirable behaviors. Are these bad birds? The answer is likely no. These articles help people who share their homes with birds understand what causes bird behavior. Are you unconsciously reinforcing a bad behavior? Find out here! After reading, take the quiz to double-check what you know. Click that quiz button!

African grey parrot, grey, African grey toy

Uncover The Pitfalls Of Problem Behaviors in Pet Birds

Parrots are wonderful if you have a low tolerance for boredom like I do. Despite living and working with them for over three decades, I still find their complexities stimulating and the study of their behaviors both fascinating and absorbing.

head and shoulders of a blue-and-gold macaw eating

Parrot Behavior: What Are You Actually Rewarding?

A fundamental rule of behavior is that no animal, human or otherwise, continues a behavior if it isn’t reinforced. These rewards are crucial to identify and understand because they are the reason that our birds continue to present behaviors that we do not like.

African Grey Parrot

Pet Birds And Excessive Screaming: Rewarding The Wrong Thing

Changing a parrot’s behavior usually means the humans have to change their behavior first — not always so easy. So we look for ways around the problem behavior, ways to change what leads up to the problem behavior.

aggressive military macaw

Accidental Rewards for Pet Bird Aggression

There is no such thing as a parrot biting for no reason. No such thing. It is, however, common for a parrot to bite for no reason that humans understand. BIG difference.

rainbow lorikeet

4 Easy Ways To Deter Breeding Behavior

Find out why you might want to rethink your pet bird’s cage setup, how long you leave the lights on, the type of foods you feed, and even the way you pet and interact with your bird.

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