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November 3, 2022

Breeding issue

Female and male have been taking care of hatching for 2 weeks. Now the female is attacking the male when he tries to approach the baby? Should I separate the male from the female and baby for his safety? She’s attacked him twice today with the last attack drawing blood. Any advice would be appreciated as this is the first time I’ve let an egg hatch.



You didn’t mention the species so it’s hard to give accurate advice. Assuming these are cockatiels or parakeets – if they are cockatiels, sometimes you can alternate the parents and let one care for the chicks during the day, and one at night. If these are parakeets, take the male out or she is going to kill him. She will have to finish caring for the chicks since most likely she will not accept him back at this point. You can try, but you have to watch them carefully. I wouldn’t breed this pair again, since the female acts this way. Chances are she will do this the next time, too.

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