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Budgie not sitting on eggs at night

I have two breeding pairs of budgies, Both have laid eggs. One has 10 the other has 7. They do not sit on the eggs at night only during the day. Do you think these eggs will be viable? They like to keep swapping nest boxes so I think they have laid eggs in both […]


I have a hen alexandrine and have acquired 2 male Alexandrines . Can I put both males in the very large aviary with her or will there be competition for the hen ?

Breeding cockatiels

I have 4 cockatiel breeding pairs in a big avairy all sitting on eggs but notice today one male from breeding pairs having sex with another female from different breeding pair what’s going on there thx

About Diamond Dove

Hey there! I am Neerag from Nepal and I just had a question about the egg laying process of diamond dove.I got them from a pet store with 2 infertile eggs and I have kept them in a big cage with proper nesting. It’s been almost 2 weeks to 3 weeks they are not even […]

Cockatiel breeding

I have a pair of cockatiel and they are 11 months old I saw them mating for one month ago and until now the cockatiel female didn’t lay eggs what is the problem of what i am doing Note: 1- I am putting the cage at the window because they are afraid when they are […]

Age limit

I want to ask also bec. African lovebirds life span is 12-15 years what is the exact age that lovebirds cannot be breed anymore ? May i ask also what is the exact size of the nest box for albs2?

African lovebirds

My african lovebirds is already 2years old but until now she doesnt lay eggs what is the problem

Taking Care of Baby Budgies (pt 2)

Hi again, Our two budgies laid seven eggs, to hatch anytime soon. I read online that the parents will most likely keep mating over and over again, but if we don’t want that, can we separate them? Also, will the baby budgies mate with each other when mature? I read online that they might, but […]

How to Take Care of Budgie Eggs

Hello, We have two budgies who mated and layer seven eggs together. Tomorrow is going to be the 18th day since the first egg was laid. From researching online, the eggs generally hatch somewhere between 18-23 days if fertile, but I couldn’t find consistent results online. How long should we wait till we could deem […]

sun conure eggs

My bird has layed several eggs, looks like she’s pecked three, what do I need to do with the others to incubate them.

Finch aviary

Dear Brenda THANK YOU so much for your very detailed response. It is all making sense now. I have left the nests in the aviary thinking it was cosy and home for the birds but it has become more of a problem over the last few years with the babies dying. I felt mean taking […]


My African Grey is always gentle but today she’s biting me when I have her step up even though she does want to come out. Why is she doing this?

Male cockatiel matting problem.

Male cockatiel is thinking human hand as his mate, it doesn’t pair with the female. How to change his habbit? Both male and female are hand raised. I bought this male a week ago, when taking with him in my hand. It give the sign of matting and started to rub on my hand. Please […]

Providing nest box for cockatiels

Hiii…. I have placed a nest box in my cockatiel cage. But my cockatiels are very scared to go near it. I think I have placed it for more than 2-3 months.. Please help in fix this problem..

Fledgling Zebra finches not being fed by parent when they can fly.

Zebra Finch parebts stop feeding fledglings that are strong and can fly but they still need feeding and they are dying. Other Zebra finches are pulling their feathers out and sitting on them. How can I save them from this horrible death. I have tried to bring them in from the aviary and feed myself […]

Male cocktail does not mate

I have a pair of cocktail. Male does not mate in spite of mating sounds. It seems that it is going to mate but not. Female come close to it and made a position to b mated but i havent see it .plz guide

Eggs from conure

my green cheek has 12 eggs already only 3 in cage should I take all out

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