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Princess parrot not popping eggs out

Our first mating season with charlise she dropped about 8 eggs from her roost.. since then no eggs at all..they mate she goes in box but nothing..

Breed the violet colour in conures

Hi how do you breed/make violet conures. I have a breeding pair of turquoise conures could i breed their babies with a pinapple to make the violet colour for example?

My cockatiel bird Isn’t sitting on the eggs at night

I have an one pair cockatiel. Age around 1 year. they mate and gave 5 eggs sequentially 3 days one after one. But they sitting on the eggs together at day time but they didn’t seat on eggs during night time. What can i do right now?

Dead Hatched Bird

Hello, I have two cockatiels who laid eggs around 22 days ago. Yesterday one hatched, and the mother bird didn’t do anything (feed it, acknowledge it, etc. but assumed it was because the bird had the yolk) and went to sit on it and the other unhatched eggs. This morning, it was dead and smashed […]

Cockatiel Mating/Taming

– I have a pair of cockatiels, male and female. I noticed them mating so I created a nesting box for them, but the female seems to prefer the food bowl… they are both extremely skittish and I wonder if they’re just afraid of it? I’ve put millet in there to get them to go […]

My Canary male sits on nest of 3 eggs

I wonder why the female isn’t sitting on the 3 eggs , and it’s the male that sits on it at night. Is it cos it’s not time to incubate yet and the male is host protecting the eggs. The male is a great singer. And female yellow canary also sings.

not sure if my love bird are male and female or just 2 males

so i have 2 love birds one is blue and one is green i gave them a breedingbox after that they started mating green would mount him shelf on top of blue and they mated its been 5 days since they have started mating they have mated for 5 days straight but yesterday i saw […]

Breeding parakeet

I have a pair in a large cage and the female is laying her eggs in the bottom of the cage she has destroyed numerous boxes not sure what to do have purchased numerous styles of nest and boxes just to have her destroy them

Cockatiel Laid Egg

Hello, My pet cockatiel has laid an egg (I have one male, one female cockatiel) and she seems to be biting the egg. They alternate between moving it to the far corner of the nest, sitting on it, and she sometimes looks like she’s biting. Not sure if she’s actually biting it or that’s how […]

Unfertile eggs

Thank you to Brenda who answered my previous question. It came a bit late. My female of 2 has laid 4 eggs in the nesting box. She sits on them most of the day and night. I have been told not to remove the eggs. She will not let my male/and me, near the nest. […]

Parents warming up the egg

My Zebra finches,,The parents have just laid 3-5 eggs. I don’t know if they are warming up the egg enough. They stay in their nesting box for about 5-14 minutes, then leave for about 3-1 minutes To eat, Drink, Or just sit on perches. They stay in their nesting box with their egg almost the […]

Will my female cockatiel breed with her son?

I plan on letting my female cockatiel breed with my cousin’s male cockatiel and after the eggs hatch I plan on keeping a male baby and I’ll probably give away the rest to people whom I believe will take care of the bird. However I’m concerned whether or not my female cockatiel will start breeding […]

Egg Abandoment?

Hi, i have a pair of zebra finches, instead of using the egg box i gave them, they laid their eggs on top of the nest box, something i was concerned about because it looked very precarious. they had laid four eggs until the male started what i think was just fixing the nest, about […]

Why is my female cockatiel is weaker than before?

Hello its me sivan, I have you guys for advice abd i got it, My cockatiels started mating, Going in the cage, Now my female cockatiel laid an egg (But a day or two) before she lays her egg she looked less active than before and now she is still like that, i know she […]



Two females

Hi, i have 2 female king parrots and one male, in a large cage with other parrots. My ? is should i take out one female now the male has chosen his mate and they have 2 eggs already in their box. Regards Joan

Female cockatiel Egg laying

I have 2 young female cockatiels that live in a very large cage together. My daughter has a male in her bedroom. She brings the male in to to socialize and play on a big perch on the top of my cage. The male does sing to them and make heart wings but the girls […]

Parakeet Fights

Hi Our female parakeet and male parakeet are fighting really bad, there was blood. She has three eggs that have hatched, she runs in and out to feed them. However the fighting with the father parakeet has gotten worse. I would like to remove him for his safety. Can I?

Cocktail male and female

I got a pair of Lutino cocktails wild ones in the month of September they were really happy and were bonded very well. But i am not sure about their age but sure less then 7 month appox. Now my male cocktail died due to Stoke. So i brought new male cocktail wild, age is […]

Breeding issue

Female and male have been taking care of hatching for 2 weeks. Now the female is attacking the male when he tries to approach the baby? Should I separate the male from the female and baby for his safety? She’s attacked him twice today with the last attack drawing blood. Any advice would be appreciated […]

Male and female cockatiel fighting.

My female bird got out yesterday and thankfully I got her back. But the day before she got out her 3/4 egg hatched. They would take turns and do everything by the book. As soon as they were seperated for 30hours, they’re hostile towards each other. During the 30 hours the male took so much […]

Parakeet Eggs

My parakeets laid 5 eggs it’s been past 18 days and not one has hatched.So will they hatch

Zebra finches laid eggs

One pair of my Zebra finches Laid 4 eggs, She laid 2 each day and gave 2 days gap and again laid 2 eggs. She’s giving heat to them after every 4-5 mins during the day time. But my male finch stays outside the next box outside during the night. Only the female stays inside. […]

When To Put Breeding Box

I have two cockatiels one is a year and a half (male) and one is 3 urs (female). I have researched about bonding and that they need to be bonded before you put in a breeding box, but my birds don’t bite each other so does that mean they are bonded? And why do they […]


Should I remove the mom, dad and babies from the rest? I recently got 7 parakeets from someone who could no longer have them. It wasn’t even 2 days and they laid an egg and well you know what happened after. Should I remove them? I do have an extra big cage.

Nesting issue

Hey my female layer eggs and unfortunately is not incubating them. I am not sure what to do because everytime I get close to the cage to change the water and or food my male is snapping it’s been 5 weeks now. And I’m not sure if I should take the eggs out of the […]

Can I take away the nest box

Hi my budgies keep laying then eating their eggs. My birds female is still in season, if I take away the nest box will it stop her mating and laying eggs. One of my budgies died from been egg bound and id rather have no eggs than loose another budgie

Newborn Cockatiel

My cockatiel had laid eggs and it’s been almost two weeks since they hatched. We took them out in order to handfeed them by ourselves however due to busy schedule we couldn’t be able to continue handfeeding them. Today was the second day of handfeeding. Can we keep them back at their nest? Will the […]

Baby hatchlings

If mother finch dies, will father finch feed the hatchlings

Sun conure egg rotation

Hii my question is that sun conure takes 22 to 28 days to hatch so when my sun conure lays egg i put it in incubator ok.. but the question is that the egg should be stopped rotating 3 days before hatching.. so how will know the last three days of hatching… Like it can […]

Breeding cockatiels

I have a 3 year old male and a 2 year old female. I handreared both. I would like them to breed but it seems that my male is not interested in my female. She is very ready, but he moves away from her if she gets close to him. He used to groom her, […]

Baby lorikeets

Hi, my 2 lorikeets have just become parents of 2 wee ones. I have a very large aviary outside with a large metal cage inside which has their box in it were the babies were hatched, just yesterday. I go into the aviary daily to feed and interact . I am still doing this but […]

Baby weiros not getting looked after

My breeding cockatiels are having lots of babies but aren’t looking after them.. we have had 8 dead babies.. how can I get them to be good parents.

You’re very incorrect

How can you be this wrong? Hi Kaberi, No, it doesn’t work this way with birds. Budgies, like most bird species, mate for life. (No they absolutely do not) Both male and female help incubate the eggs and care for the chicks. (Males can not help incubate eggs because they have no brooding patch) In […]

Dominant male cockatiel

Hi I have a young male who is in a large Avery with another female, they have mated but they are not bonded. There are another bonded couple as well. I have provided 2 nesting boxes. The problem is, the dominant male won’t let the girls go in the box. He nips at their feet. […]

Parakeet incubation

Hi, I have two dusky headed parakeets. They have successfully bred their first 2 chicks. My questions is to help me understand and manage better going forward. My girl has just laid another 2 eggs. 1) Can we take the male out of the cage for a period of hours, say 3-4 hours? We usually […]

Finches behavior

I have 6 Zebra finches amongst them 2 are Jumbo sized and 4 Society Finches in a proper sized cage. I’ve even gave them proper houses for every pair. But the Zebra finches won’t let the Society finches inside the house. The Zebra finches always keep all the houses to themselves and the society finches […]

Sun conure not sitting on egg

Hi, i have sun conure pair and she laid 3 eggs and i start to incubate them in incubator and now she has laid her 4th egg but we did not incubate it. We just leave the egg with sun conure. So my question is that it has been 2 days and she has not […]

Question for Rosella pair

Hello, i have a Rosella pair. I have them for 2 years but they didnot lay eggs not even a single time. Could you please guide me?

Female cockatiel

Hello, i have 2 female cockatiel and one male and all are in one cage. Only one cockatiel lay eggs but after 20 days she stop sitting on the eggs. The male one also not sit on the eggs from day one. Why she stops sitting on the eggs after 20 days ?

Parakeet not mating in the right way

Hello, I recently saw my budgies mating. The male seems like he is getting unsuccessful attempts. They are both first timers. They are still learning right? Thanks.

Featherless baby lovebirds

I have four six week old lovebirds the first hatched grew normal with beautiful feathers the other three are pretty much featherless and half the size. I’ve tried to look on line for answers but haven’t had any luck. Could it be from not giving the adult birds proper nutrition before eggs were formed . […]

Love bird eggs not hatching.

Our love bird played 4 eggs.It has been a month till now it hasn’t hatched.Is the egg wasted or the embryo died?.Will the egg survive?. Please let me know. By Manshi

Cockatiel Breeding Behavior

I have two pairs of cockatiels. Both have recently laid eggs. (One pair had laid eggs before but they were infertile). That same pair is not properly sitting on eggs while the other pair is incubating their eggs properly. Can it be due to inexperience of the pair? (males in both pairs are 2 years […]

Lovebird Egg Laying Issue

My albino redeye pair laid an egg. I noticed that they are not incubating it. I thought that it’s normal and they will start incubating once female has completed laying. But I checked after 1 week and there was still only one egg & the pair not sitting on it. I shifted the egg under […]


I’ve had my parakeets for two years, never saw them kiss even once . Saw them trying to mate once. The female has laid one egg but never hatched. This probably shows my parakeets have never bonded but what should I do

Pearly conure mating issue

I have a pearly conure pair and the male got seriously I’ll but by the grace of Allah I cared for him gave him different medications and he went through. He then went into molting and has completed it. He is unable to fly properly means cannot fly long he just flies from one area […]


Sir how we can produce parblue birds? I mean what should I pairing with?

Male Budgies both side finger missing

My male budgies’ both side fingers (thumb n little finger) are missing of left foot, might be some bite by lovebird. Will he be able to mate with female fellow, their bonding seems good from a month but didn’t mate yet 🙁


I have 2 pairs of yellow sided conures. Females of both the pairs are sisters. One pair bred for the first time in March of 2022. From the clutch I had there were two females and three males. Now I have two questions. One of the babies seems to be a pineapple conure how this […]

New pair.

So today I separated my lovebird pair since they were same color and I want to breed them to get better birds and previously they had babies and they raised their babies after they were almost adults I separated the parents i gave my female to my friend which he gave me his female lovebird. […]

Zebra Finch egg laying

My female zebra finch lives with her male partner. She recently laid 4 eggs. 3 of them are fertile, I see heartbeats as I’m candling them. One of the eggs, I noticed was different from the beginning. It is the oy egg without a heartbeat and looked empty when I would candle it. I decided […]

Hatching of egg

My cocktail had laid egg and yesterday around 8.30 i heard chirping sound coming from egg is it normal to hear such sound or should I help it to hatch And after how many days to the egg hatch after the chirping sound And y is it chirping inside egg is that normal or is […]

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