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Breeding birds

I have two cockateils i am sure of their gender as the female lays eggs and the male does his thing unfortunately the birds arent i terested in mating the female would make the mating call and the male would just ignore. The male would sometimes try and have sexual inter course with a chair […]

Sitting on egg

My b&g lived most of her 26 years in a cramped cage eating sunflower seeds and no toys. With me a year now she is healthy and enjoys freedom. She had eggs before but were always removed. Now I let her brood and its 34 days and she wont give up. She tossed one but […]

Female cockatiel presented not properly for mating with male??

I have a pair of cocktail. Both are fully mature pair and before that time female also laid her eggs but all were remained infertile. In my case problem is that after two or three times mating cocktail female starting altogether a strange to mate her male pair and she come on the floor of […]

doesn’t take care of eggs anymore

I have one couple of lovebirds, the female laid eggs. but unfortunately, at night they broke one of the eggs and it rotted inside the cage. after this happened I cleaned the cage and the birds have showered. but, the birds stopped taking care of the remaining egg as if they don’t recognize it anymore. […]

Make cockatiel fighting

Hello, my cockatiels are on eggs for the past 5 days. The male is fighting with the hen for some reason. He doesn’t let her incubate during the day & comes out of the nesting box to fight with her. Why is he doing that?

Love bird match

I had two love birds. Peach face and Dutch face. They accidentally got out. After one night outside we were able to get the Dutch face back but not the peach face. For a possible mate for the dutch. Do you think an Indian ring neck would be a good match?

Cocktail breeding

I have male and female cocktail they give egg but not in the box they lay egg outside the box and they break them what should I do?

Big change in attitude

Hi I have a pair of cockatiels. The male sings constantly and is very happy and showy. He and the female have gotten closer and finally tried to mate for the first time yesterday and than again today. From that time the male hardly sings. He spends alot of time with his eyes closed even […]

Not babies

I have two cockatials, has had eggs for a couple of years, but never have babies. Male is 4 female is 3. I feel bad they have the eggs and nothing comes about it. Both lay on the eggs when they have a clutch, the male likes to most of the time. Why aren’t they […]

baby canaries

What do you recommend to feed newly hatched canaries? I do not intend to hand feed them. I want the parents to feed their young if at all possible.

Umbrella cockatoo

Lately my cockatoo has been sitting a plastic bottle, she will Sit on it all day if I let her, I take it away and she looks for it, should I be concerned about this. Like this morning we let her out of cage she went right for the bottle and put it on couch […]

My new babies

What to do? I was not intending to breed babies. My parakeets seemed to want a cozy dark space , so I got a coconut shell for them, no nesting material, and next thing I know she laid 4 eggs. 2 hatched this week. I am excited and nervous. Mom fiercely protects(sits on/screams at me […]

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Hi im concerned about my parakeets i have 3 1 male and the others r supposed to b male and female but im thinking both r females they do a lot of squawking and the solid white 1 (a female i believe) coontinues to bite and make loud squawking noises any time the other 2 […]

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Cockatiel Mating issue

My creamwhite cockatiel laying unfertile egg 3rd time. Male sitting on top of female for mate but not mate properly whats the issue.

Finch birds

What do I do about bird having eggs in food? They already had babies a few months ago, I don’t want anymore lol

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My Bird lays a lot of eggs

How can i help my girl she lays eags every couple of mounts and i dont know what im doing wrong i do cover her at night and her diet is seeds and raw peanuts and some bird treats some times she will get a piece of bananas but i do pet her on the […]

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cHello Brenda, I had a Pair of Cockatiels since last 7 months. They are Old enough to breed more then One year older. They tried mating lots of time but they did’nt alable to make their Breed. many peoples asked me to change the male cockatiel and try breeding again. So I have changed my […]

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Budgie keep breaking her own eggs *urgent*

I have 4 budgies in which there is one pair so when they reached breeding age I provided them with a breeding box and fortunately they breeded and hen starts laying eggs but the problem is that she keeps breaking it and not even try to hatch them. After searching online I find out that […]

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