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Conure flock fighting

Hi i have a rescued bonded male and female Green cheek and yellow sided conure that are 6yrs old that are tame. They had 2 clutches 2 years apart (offspring now 2yrs and 4yrs old offspring not hand tame only stick trained) i dont want babies and the entire 8 birds lived together until now […]

Laying eggs

My bird cocktaiel lay her 1st egg before 10 days back and the another egg she has given now does this happens so much of gap between previous egg n second egg

Conures breeding

I have a pair of pineapple conures, the girl is 1, and the boy is 3. They are really happy together. There are signs that they want to mate, but there is no nesting box. Will they still mate without a nesting box?

Bare eyed laid an egg

So our Bare eyed cockatoo laid an egg today. Do we remove it of find a blank for her to sit on

One egg

Will the female budgie sit only on one egg till it’s hatched?

Budgies birds

Hello 😊 I have a pair of budgie the problem is the male doesn’t breed the female, every time when the female is ready the male just stand next to her 😭 and sometimes after that the female fights the male. Please 🙏 answer me


My budies are breeding and they also lay one egg but she don’t sit on the eggs . Is there is any problem

Why is my male budgie not breeding!?

I have a male budgie who’s about 1 year old and his cere also looks like he’s mature enough to breed. But when the female accepts to mate, he just climbs on her and do nothing. I don’t know why he won’t do anything after flirting for so long

Cockatiel is being weird

Hi! My cockatiel lived with me for 3 years. He never really bonded with me but he does come onto my hands. All he wants is his mirror. I got a girl for him 2 months ago and he seems to not like her at all. He just wants to spend the whole day with […]

18 years Cockatiel

Can my 18 years old Cockatiel still breed? it would be the first time. Thank you

Leg Problem

Hi, I had installed a nest box with coconut fiber bedding, for my cockatiel pair. The male had gone in at night, I hadn’t noticed until the next morning. But when he was coming out his leg was stuck in the fiber. I had to cut the fiber to get him free. And I threw […]

Lovebirds pairing

My green Fischer pair male died after egg hatching. Now my female green Fischer start making pair with her own chick and start bonding. I want your opinion and suggestions on such pairing?

Abnormal Poop

Hi, my cockatiel pair are incubating their eggs, the male just got out of the nest and was acting weird. When I checked him out he took a giant poop. I don’t know if he didn’t want to do business inside the box, and waited until he got out or what. But it really worried […]

Bird keeps sitting on her egg

Hi so about a month ago I got a pet dove and then a one or two weeks later she kept sitting in the cage the whole day and we were confused why. Then she layed an egg and left it and 2 days later she layed another one. She’s been sitting on that egg […]


Hi I have a pair of budgies that have mated but no eggs yes the male feeds the female then she regurgitates it back up why does she do this

Alexander Parrot

My parrot is female and she doesn’t have male and then also she had laid eggs and now she is not sitting on her egg


Hi my mom has three cockatiels one female and two males the only female is Emily our two males are duke emilys brother and storm we want Emily to mate with storm but duke wants her all to home self and we are having trouble with duke he keeps chewing on my moms eye glasses […]


I have A budgie a laden egg like two days ago and it’s not taking care of it or should I do should I keep it or take care of it or keep it warm I don’t know what to do

How to make cockteil sit back on her eggs?

My cockteil gave 4 eggs, because her box was placed up high, one of the baby fell and eventually died. Because I didn’t wanted other babies to die as well, I removed her box and kept down, my cockteil moved and with eggs I kept box down but now she isn’t sitting back on those […]

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