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Parakeet eggs

What do you do when a single parakeet lays an egg?

Eggs on the floor

Hi I have a decent size aviary with 6 budgies in it 3 males 3 females and 3 nesting boxes most have paired up and are mating but I am finding eggs on the floor why are they doing this or is there one of them going in and throwing the eggs out please help

How to identify a pair?

Hi!I am a new bird owner got my finch birds 2 months ago…I have got a pair of zebra finch,A pair of White finch,2 pairs of pied Finch.Now note that these birds were adopted and bought so I was not able to clarify my doubts and questions….The previous owner said that the birds are adults […]

Budgies’ pregnancy

My budgie is pregnant and has not been laying eggs since a month. She laid laid two eggs, two eggs which were in fertile. now she is still pregnant and has not laid any eggs since then I am worried for her health. She and her mate are the only two budgies which I have […]

behaviour and breeding

i have a pair of cockatiels. they mate regularly and often frequent the nest box either one or both of them together. but they laid no eggs. sometime ago i noticed that (not always but mostly) when the female cockatiel enters the nest box the male starts to sing( like a mating call, whistling) and […]

Cockatiel passed away

1.My Cockatiel was all okay till 8PM but she had already laid 4 eggs unferlized egg each alternate day before that. 2. On the day she passed away, Till 8 she was all okay but after that there was one other female bird same like her they both were playing and suddenly to sit in […]

Breeding cockatiel?

My cockatiels are breeding nearly every day for the last week … the female and male are hopping in and out of the nest box calling each other when will these have eggs if even ever…? Thankyou for you time 🙂

Cockatiel does not want to hatch her eggs

I have 3 cockatiels, 2 males and a female- all of them live together in the same cage, mated a couple of times. A couple of days ago, I could see that the female was feeling uneasy and had a bulge on her back near the beginning of the tail and dropped hints like she […]

Kakariki egg eating!

Hi, my kakariki laid 5 eggs in total, she was in and out the nest box getting food. My male would feed her outside the nest. I have provided alot of calcium replacement, they get fresh green food and apples. Along with seed and egg food. Last day or so I checked the nest box […]

Baby cokatiel

The first baby died due to the mother and father not feeding them I saw this morning a new baby but still there no interests in the baby what can I do to help

Should I provide my budgies with a nesting box?

Hi there! I’m quite new to owning birds but I’ve done a lot of research and made sure they didnt need anything. I have a two year-old female and a about one year-old male. The male is a new addition as I didn’t want to get chicks, but after seeing signs of loneliness with my […]

My cockatiels don’t mate

I have a pair of cockatiels. Male is older than 4 years and female is older than 3 years. The male is with me aprox 3.5 years and sometimes he claims my wardrobes or other places which resemble nest. Addition to that, he tries to mate with my hair. But the main issue is that […]

Sun Conure Chick Day 1

Today first chick was born out of 4 eggs that my pet Sun Conure laid. And the chick which came out of an egg is chirping continuously in the breeding box. Is this normal? What to do? Any tips?

cockatiel egg

my cockatiel eggs have been chirping for more than a day now – what is happening? i have contacted some vets that specialize in birds but they dont know whats happening either and tell me to try cracking open the egg if it still continues in a day. should i crack it or wait?

Dove pair is not laying eggs

i have one pair of diamond dove and they are 2 years old. couple of months ago female laid one egg but that was infertile after that she still sitting in nest but not laying anymore eggs. please advise.

Fisher Love Bird

My birds are laying their eggs in the afternoon instead of night so is it ok.

Fisher love bird

My love bird is laying the eggs in the afternoon instead of night so is it ok.

sitting on one egg

My parakeet has been sitting on one egg for over 21 days. I took the other eggs from the bottom of the cage before, a total of four, one at a time. I have no nest for the pair. Should i go ahead and remove this last egg? I love them together and they love […]

Eggs infertility

Hello My raw parrots have layed 4 eggs ,starting from the end of January. They layed their first egg on 20th of January and completed their clutch till 1st February .I checked their eggs to see if they are fertile on 26th February and they were all infertile. The shape of the eggs was perfect […]

Budgie eggs

My budgie laid 3 eggs and has been incubating them. However egg number 4 was on the cage floor cracked so we removed it, and now egg five is also on the cage floor but looks ok. We are not sure if she laid them there on purpose and if we should move it or […]

African grey breeding

Hi Iam Ahmed Iam having African grey bonded pair with the DNA and also I saw them mating I think more than 5 times so it’s been 25 days that still I didn’t see them going to breeding box. So Iam confused what to do. Will they lay eggs or no. When are they gonna […]

The mother cockatiel isnt feeding the baby cockatiel.

A while ago my two cockatiels mated. And recently one of the eggs hatched. I don’t know exactly when it hatched, but when I got home from work it was dry and clean. But I have been noticing that the mother cockatiel ignored the baby and the eggs, and the father was in the nest. […]

male budgie cracking its own eggs

so my male budgie is trying to crack his eggs and then throws them to the ground. he is also constantly trying to get into the nesting box but the female won’t let him. should i separate them

Blue throated and pineapple conure

I have a 5 year’s old blue throated male and a 9 months old pineapple and i am really having hard times trying to make them bond and breed my question is can i breed them or its not okay or unhealthy

breeding conure

been breeding parrots for many yrs and this one as baffled me this pair of yellow sided conures.. early part of last year layed 5 eggs 4 hatched, then later in the year layed 4 eggs two half size two full size none hatched this year2023 just check 5 egg two half size might have […]

No feathers at 2&1/2 weeks for my chick

My cockatiel chich is 2&1)2 week old. It is the 3rd one from a cluster of 3. I’m hand feeding them currently. The first two are perfectly growing. Though the 3rd one was with its parents until last week. The parents were not feeding him and started plucking at it. So I seperated it from […]

new eggs

my hen keeps laying eggs and mating after raising 6 chicks.. can we remove male

Female finches laying unfertilized eggs

Hi there, I have 2 female finches and one of them has been laying eggs since the last week and has laid about 7- 8 eggs so far. She sits mostly in the nest I’ve provided in the cage and not coming out much. To feed or drink water. She is groaning quite a bit […]

Sibling budgies in same cage

Can I keep budgie siblings in the same cage? They are more than 1 years old. Would breeding between them have any issues?

Prevent nest building

I recently purchased a male and female zebra finch. I only wanted them for sweet entertainment. The young people at the pet store encourage me to buy nesting material and a round wicker nest. Unknowingly, I provided wonderful nesting material LOL I now have four adorable fledglings. Please help me because I need to prevent […]


How to increase size of budgie

How to stop Sun Conure from laying more eggs

My Sun Conure will be 11 years old in March. She’s very healthy and active. About a week and a half ago she laid an egg for the first time and a few days ago a second egg. I wanted ask your advice on what I should do since she is a single bird and […]


How long should you leave the unfertel eggs in the cage

Cockatiel eggs

My female cocktail just laid an egg. But she does not have a mate. So I understand that the eggs will not hatch but what should we do with them? And how can we prevent her from laying more eggs?

Abandoned after one week of incubation

Hi Lafeber, My Lady Gouldian finch pair took turn to incubate their eggs and abandoned the eggs after about one week. This happened 2 times. The first time I thought may be the cause was because I peeked in their nest. I waited for one week, and removed the abandoned eggs from the nest. They […]

Female cockatiel not interested in its male

Hi. So I have adopted a female pearl cockatiel 7 months ago but since it put eggs, I brought a male lutino for it, 2 months later. The problem is that he is very into her but she can’t even stand sitting next to him or eating in the same plate with him. And bites […]

Cockatiel one egg

My cockatiel laid one egg and she is a new for eggs and she doesn’t sit on it? What do I do?

Why are first clutches infertile?

I saw your explanation for what to do about an infertile clutch but I can’t find much info on why that happens in the first place. Thanks!

Separating cockateil parents and their 7 month old.

Worried about a previous question posted by shad, i want to separate my 7 month old female cockateil from her parents(ages not confirmed), who are going in for a second batch of eggs. She has been staying with her parents since the time she was born, is it alright for me to separate her now?

Egg laying

I have a 7 year old cronic egg layer. She was housed with her father and i had just got her off of the last batch of eggs. Her father got sick and it was back and forth to the vet for a week. The father died. I let her see and have time with […]

Too old?

Hey! I have two bonded Cockatiels and want to breed them, however they are 8-9 years old. while I would love to breed them, it might just not be possible and/or be detrimental to their health. I Have had a nest box for about 3-4 months and while they have spent a lot of time […]

My male budgie died when female was hatching

Hey, My male budgie died when female was hatching, 4 eggs were being hatched and 2 were remaining. The male died due to Rat attack. now the female budgie have raised up all the baby chicks and all are doing well. so what should i do with the female? will she be able to pear […]

Sun conure care

Hi Brenda. Thank you for your reply. I have couple of questions if you could help me with. 1) Even before my female conure had laid eggs, a small patch of fur from her abdomen where her crop is has gone. I am concerned if she has any disease. She is a very happy conure […]

Can I pull a chick in day 1

My albino cockatiel is pregnant, she hasn’t laid any eggs yet but I’m afraid that the parnts kill the little chicks. I want to buy a brooder to hand feed the chicks can I do that?

female conure is eating less

Hi. Recently 2-3 days ago my female conure had laid eggs for the first time. She had laid one egg yesterday. Its winter time in my country right now. I have been noticing she has been eating less since she laid eggs and almost all the time she remains inside the nesting box. My male […]

Baby Finches are at Day 7

My male and female finches have laid 5 eggs that have recently hatched. I can’t tell how many babies are growing as the nest is well insulated and there is almost always a parent inside. At 6 days old, I can hear them chirping when mom/dad return to the nest after an absence, and I’d […]

Sun conure female coming out of nest box..

My question is that why my sun conure female comes out of nest while incubating eggs.. she come out to eat but when am standing there she started aggression on me and wasted time approximately 5 minutes so am worried that her eggs may be dead or something.. kindly guide..

About my zebra fenches

They’ve been sitting on their eggs for 15 days but nothing happened when do I take the eggs and eggs away

Father budgie agressive to the 2 oldest babies.

I need avise please. I have 5 baby budgies 5 weeks and younger. The father is attacking the 2 oldest babies and trying to mate with the Mother. What shall I do? I think the babies are too young to move into a new cage and I am afraid to move the father out if […]

Male Parakeet flew away

My female parakeet had 7 eggs, 2 hatched before the male, unfortunately, got out and flew away. I am concern about mommy alone feeding her babies, what can I do to help? I am already offering soft food, but she is rejecting and I am not so sure she’ll be able to handle all 7 […]

Moving my zebra finch nest lower

My zebra finches have three babies. I’m worried that when they fledge they might have a long way down to fall. Would it be ok to slide my nest lower if only touching the outside back of it?

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