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Budgie eggs

My budgies had eggs before but after they were 5 weeks old the mom started to bite them and I moved them to a different cage. Now they still trying to have more but every time she lays eggs she either eats them or she leaving them outside the nest !

Sunconure breeding

I have an sun conure pair they are about 1.5 yrs of age they started mating like 4, 5 months ago but still haven’t started laying eggs. They are always free roaming around the house . They are tamed wings clipped birds . They are never in their cage i tried keeping a breeding box […]

Eggs are not fertile

My finches give eggs but babies not come out i check my finches eggs are not fertile how i get fertile eggs from them


My male cockatoo is acting like he is female inside his box scratching and acting like my female cockatoo i am not breeding them



laying eggs

We have a large cage with a female cockatiel in and a younger Male budgie and recently my cockatiel has been laying eggs. We went to our pet shop and found that there is no way they are real eggs and they say we should remove then carefully, we have been doing that to the […]

Diamond doves

Can I house two breeding pair of doves together or will the males fight?

Fishers and budgies cage shifting

I have pair of Fisher bird and budgie pair. Both are in separate cages and both have laid eggs and hatched 3-4 babies just few days before. Question is that I want to shift both pairs in other new cages during babies hatching period. As current cage is not in good condition anymore. So can […]

Cockatiel male fights with female

I have a cockatiel pair form more then 1 year. Recently they lay 4 eggs of their first breeding clutch. From last week they were sitting on eggs for hatching on rotation basis like male in day and female in night. But from today male cockatiel is coming out of nest box sudden again and […]

Cockatiel cage shifting

My cockatiel pair have laid eggs and now they are sitting on eggs in rotation. I want to shift them with their nesting box in a bigger cage as previously there cage size is small. So can i shift thier cage while egg hatching period?

Will my zebra finches still be fed

My Zebra finches had a clutch of 5. They are all doing extremely well. However the nest is crowded and babies keep falling out. The oldest is 15days . If the oldest one or two come out I’m worried if they stay out on the bottom of cage they wont be fed . Will they?

Relay eggs

I got 2 love birds from a lady that had already layed eggs after time they didn’t hatch. She said I must just take them out and then they will start again so far is 2 months is it to fast for them to lay eggs again the female did start to build nest last […]


My dove has 2 eggs in nest but the male won’t leave her alone should I separate then


If I have a male and female and I dont give them a nesting box, will it ensure they don’t breed? I was given a female instead of male, last minute by the bird shop and I dont want them to mate and have babies as I dont want to breed my birds.

african grey parrot

We have had an African grey for about 4 months. Recently she has laid 4 eggs but does not show interest in sitting on the egg. Three of the eggs broke because she is dropping them from her upper perch were she sleeps. We put a towel on the bottom of the cage to catch […]


U have answered harshly for my previous question because I know that you want me to take good care of my lovely budgies.Thanks for that..I have successfully removed the nest box. Let me get into my question..Today my baby budgie fell down from a height of 2.5 feet to the floor.She behaved for a moment […]

Budgie eggs

Hi….You had suggested me to remove the nest box immediately…..But I could not do so as there were small young birds which were not knowing to fly..I had decided to remove the nest box when those small birds learn to fly.But the budgies mated and laid eggs before the maturity of last clutches of eggs..Now […]

No show of interest in breeding

Hi Lafeber team, 1 have a pair of adults cockateil. The pair have been laid eggs before and have hatched all the eggs to healthy and cute babies. But somehow, I found that the pair showing no interest in mating, recently. The cock never make any of mating call. But the pair are in good […]

Diamond doves lying in nest without any eggs

Hello. I have a pair of young diamond doves. For more than a week, they both sit in the nest in turns or together but have not laid eggs. What is the reason ? Do I need to take any special action?

English budgies not sitting on the eggs at night

My English budgies who are over 2 years old, are not sitting on theirs 8 eggs during the night, but sit on them all day. This is their first time laying eggs. I saw them breeding many times. Now, I wonder if the eggs ( hoping they are fertile ) will still produce baby, since […]

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