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Finch eggs

Hi, My zebra finches has 5 eggs in their nest but the nest is hanging on the cage and when they play, they move the cage a lot. So, today the nest fell and one of their eggs fell out so I put it back in the nest with a sock. Do you think they’ll […]

Cockateil settle time

How much a cockateil need time to settle in my house on the cage ?? I got breeding pair they breed many times in there preious home

2 lovebirds no babies?

I have 2 lovebirds both around 4 years old have never laid eggs they feed each other do u think I have 2 males or 2 females?


My conure lays six eggs and only hatched one the others are fertized but not hatched


I have 3 week old cockateils and I noticed today mom laid an egg today what should I do?

Budgie keeps getting off her eggs and moving about the cage

My female budgie has laid two eggs with today being egg number 3s day, but she keeps coming out the nest box to eat etc is this normal? She does spend a lot of time on the eggs with the male sitting at the entrance to the nest box or on top of.

Infertile eggs

Hi! I sent a question a few weeks back about my 2yr old cockatiels that laid 5 eggs. It’s been 28 days and they appear to be infertile. In the evenings, they both leave the nest box for a few mins so I can peak inside. I’ve shined a flashlight on the eggs and they […]

Cockatiel behaviour

Hello, this is A. I have a question to ask about my cockatiels. We have one lutino and one whiteface cockatiel. My lutino cockatiel is a male. We brought him home about a year ago. While the whiteface cockatiel is a female. We brought her home about a month back. When we introduced the two, […]

How to tell if eggs are infertile?

I got my 2 year old female cockatiel from an owner exactly 20 days ago, and she’s started laying eggs today. She was originally kept in a cage with two other cockatiels, one definitely a male and the other a female. The people I got her off said they thought the other two cockatiels were […]

Ask the Vet Webinar – single bird egg laying

Hello! I have a question: what do you recommend if a companion parrot (a female without a male) lays eggs? Is it better to let her sit on it, take it from her or take it and replace it with a fake egg?

Cockatiel Breeding

I have a pair of Cockatiel and I keep them in my bedroom so that we can give them as much as attention as we can. They are with me for 3 years and I attached the breeding box to their cage 3 times. The female (Coco) laid eggs every time we attached the box. […]

Fledgling Zebra Finches being kicked of nest too early

Hi, We are fairly new to Finches so are unsure as to what to do. We have two pairs in our Avery and the second just had their first lot of babies. 5 in total. The other pair did well and all of the babies survived and are happy and healthy, there where only 3. […]

My 16 year old Quaker parrot

Help my parrot has laid 14 eggs. 4 at the end of Feb. sat on those then gave them up. 4 more about 3-4 weeks later Sat on them until giving them up. 4 weeks later now 6 more. We moved the cage Darkened the room Cover her up early at night Not sure how […]

Carpet flooring for,baby cokateils

Our 10 yr old cockateils are parenting a 3 day old chick and 1 day old chick and eggsitting. The parents only eat seeds, and very few pellets, broccoli and greens. The baby’s crop seems to be full of seeds and its poop also seems to be a few seeds with orangish brown liquid. Is […]

Quaker parrots

I have a pair of Quakers (male and female) they are about 3 years old. She laid one egg 2 days ago and hasn’t laid anymore. It’s warm where I live so I’m keeping them outside in the cage where she laid the egg. I usually take them inside at night but didn’t want to […]

Male attacking female while nesting

Hi, I have 2yr old cockatiels that laid their first clutch. There are 5 eggs in the nest box and they were rotating incubating them for the first two weeks. Then the male suddenly started chasing the female and doesn’t seem to allow her in the nest box. He also becomes very aggressive with me […]

Should I keep giving my Quaker parrot fresh food?

I have a 5 year old quaker parrot named Sammy she keeps laying eggs, she’s currently on her 11th egg and I’ve done so much to get her to stop. My question is should I stop giving her fresh foods and limit her to pellets or do I give her fresh foods but less. My […]

New cockatiel

Soo I have 2 cockatiels male and female but the male doesn’t like the female they are probably the same age but he doesn’t like her. So im thinking about getting a new one. What gender should I buy. If I buy a male cockatiel would they fight? I want to breed cockatiels.

Aggressive behaviour

Hello I have a pair of budgies. Its first time they are breeding. First egg was laid on Friday which I found broken on sunday morning but sunday evening I found another egg in nest and both were spending most time in cage. Tuesday surprisingly I saw two eggs added in nest and same behaviour […]

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