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Late egg laying

We have had a sun conure for about 9 or 10 years. We do not know the age of her since we got her from another family. She just laid her first egg. Is this common?

Moving eggs

My parakeet laid 4 eggs in the food dish. If 1 or or more are fertilized the dish is too small to hold them. It barely holds her. So I moved the eggs to a nesting box. Will she follow the eggs or should i move them back.

How is it safe for a pair to feed it’s babies

Dear Lafeber! I hope this message finds you well. My yellow ringneck pair has been feeding/rearing it’s four babies since 17/01/2022. All four babies are growing very well. We serve soft food (boiled egg, soaked whole grains including lentils, pulses etc) fruits and vegetables (beans & guava), boiled corn, corn and mix seeds etc each […]

Zebra finches

Hi 3 babies 3wks old why do the parents chase them like there being told off is this normal behaviour just found an egg I took the nest out so she shouldn’t be laying eggs I have removed the egg ?

Budgies parakeets

Do budgies parakeets talk I mean can they learn to talk or do they just tweet and whistle .

Female cocktail

My bird has just layed 3 eggs in the past few days. She has not layed anymore. How long until I take them away or what do I do. I have just got the Bird and don’t know if she has layed before

Diet of Yellow Ringneck pair rearing chicks

Dear Lafber Guide, I hope this message finds you well. One of my two Yellow Ringneck pairs eggs have started to hatch. One baby has been hatched while other four will hopefully hatch in a day or two. Kindly suggest me the best diet plan I can serve for the pair who has to feed […]


I have two lovebirds. Male and female. They been mating for over a month and no eggs.

Cockatiel parents not paying attention to new borns

Hi, my cockatiel pair laid 4 eggs . 2 hatched and baby’s came out.. 1 st baby is 4 days old and 2nd is 2 days old. Both parents ware very loving till now.. but suddenly both stopped paying attention to baby’s and more concerted about eggs.. what shall I do..? If these baby’s didn’t […]

My male lorrikeet is dominating over food

So i am in the process of trying the same thing, I had a female and then I got a male from a person. They have bonded to some extent. They have started cuddling each other on heads and have started sitting together. The problem arises when i give food. The male one has a […]

Budgie babies

Hi so my budgie laid 7 eggs. Two have already hatched and we are waiting on the other ones. If not all 7 eggs hatch should we remove them or should we let the parents take them out. And should we clean the nesting box while they have little babies inside or should we wait […]

Fighting cocktail

Hello i have two male and one female cocktail in cage . Sudenly i sepret A cocktail and she started to make sound and try to meet (A) him ans she start fighting with B so i put A back and take( B) another male out. But when i put A with her A don’t […]

Pacific Parrotlet not laying eggs

So, I’ve had to pacific parrotlets for over 2 years now and have had success a year or so ago with breeding and egg laying. My female had three clutches, the first one were all duds, the second had one fertile egg but it never went to full term, and the third made it all […]


i have 2 females an 2 male cockatiel one of the males mate with both females now i am seeing one of the females laying eggs in a box which the other female had her eggs an sitting on all of eggs an not letting the other female back in box .i want know if […]

How old is too old to breed a goffin?

Just asking hypothetically, for future reference. My parrot, she’s at least in her 20s. She’s been in my family for 20+ years, anyway. I was reading Wikipedia and it seems that the longevity of this species is not well established, so I’m not sure if she’s considered “old” or not – I know a 20+ […]

Cockateil babies

Hi What is a good age I.e weeks to remove some babies from the nest so they can be hand raised and friendlier


Hi, Good day. I have curious about bird’s breeding. Do the bird’s mates between with their own siblings? Do we get a healthy offspring by allowed the breeding between sibling/same bloodline? Thanks and Happy New Year.


Your right o nesting box I was told I had two male cockatiel birds when is all gray with a all white face the other one is yellow and gray with orange cheeks. I have no idea how to take care of baby birds especially if the parents are not paying any attention to the […]


I was told I had two male Cockatiels one is all gray with a completely white face the other is the yellow with orange cheeks they I found four eggs in the cageNeither one of the birds pay any attention to the eggs they don’t sit on them they don’t pay any attention to them […]


How can I get my male and female lovebirds to start breeding together ? She does lay eggs but they are all blank. What can I do to get them to do their thing ?


I was told I had two male birds but I found four eggs in the cage the parents are not paying any attention to the eggs at all they are not sitting on the eggs


Thank you for that answer unfortunately we do not have a avarian here in Jersey c islands is there any drops or something to put into her water


My bird has laid 5 eggs since November one every two three weeks she’s on her own is this normal she breaks them after a day or two is this bad for her

Cockatiel doesn’t want to sit on her eggs anymore

My cockatiel laid 4 eggs for the first time and she was incubating them for a while but suddenly stopped. I think it’s because I held her when she stopped eating before she could get to her nest. I just wanted to hold her for a while because it’s been so long since I’ve seen […]

My bird not sitting on her eggs

I have a cocktail bird it has laid about 6-7eggs but shes not sitting on them for so much long it has been 40days since she layed eggs she laid eggs on her wood house which is medium in size im also keeping her and her eggs in a silent place and covering it with […]

Infertile eggs

I have a male and female cockatiel both 3 years old. She keeps laying eggs, usually 2 a week but none of them are fertile. Why isn’t the male fertilizing them?


My birds are from the same clutch, they are cockatiels. They are about a year old and I think the are trying to breed. How can discourage this? And if they ever do actually breed what should I do with the egg?

Egg quary

I touched my birds one of the egg she just layed it passed 1 min will my egg dont survive ? And will she sit on that egg ?

Conure hatchling

First time parents for both humans and birds. The first egg has hatched. What are the next steps? Do I need to change their diet? Is there something else I need to get to help the birds and babies? They do have a nesting box

Breeding Cockatiel pair

My Cockatiel pair is mating from last 2 months, but no sign of laying eggs by female cockatiel. Also when I put the breeding box, male cockatiel only will go and sit inside and not allowing female cockatiel to touch that box or go near also. Please guide what t do

breeding bourkes

Is it OK to have a third bird in the same cage as a breeding pair?

Bird Breeding

I am thinking about breeding cockatiels for a living. I want to make sure I do it correctly and with love and kindness. Is there a website you recommend to become informed or any advice to help my decision?

About my Canary

Why is my canary sitting in their food bowl? They fly around still and chirp ever so often but always end up on the food bowl they don’t look sick or sad either so why do they do that?

two baby lovebirds different colours

my pair of lovebirds Mated and had babies back in October. one of the babies looks exactly like the parents but the other one is almost totally light grey with a hint of olive green. the others are bright blue and green. What would make this happen to the little grey one?

Male mating problem

I had a female so i bought a male but male cocatail gets up on female after that he gets down and starts mastubating with the stick they don’t mate properly how to stop this behaviour and get them to mate properly

two female and one male cockatiels

Hi. I have had a female and a male cockatiels since last year. they’ve been living peacefully in a same cage but have not bonded (seems like the male is not interested) . So recently I bought a new female and put the male and this new female in a separate cage to give them […]

Breeding zebra finches

Will 3 pairs of zebra finches still young atm breed in the cage together? I added two pairs in with my zebra finches who r establish parents buy I noticed when they lad their eggs the other finches who r maybe around 4 or 5 months old one of the girls went into the nest […]


My female come near male but male refuse what is the problem

Fighting Budgie Pair

I have 2 female Budgies and 1 male Budgie. One of the Budgies. Is currently incubating 6 eggs. She fights with her mate. So much as each have on buses from the fight. How do I solve this fighting problem? Do I put the lone female Budgie in a cage by herself? Any help is […]

How to deal with my bird’s sexual frustration?

I have three lovebirds; Tiki (cobalt masked) probably male, Miki (Dutch blue) probably female and Kiki (peach faced) probably male. I got each of them separately from different places. Almost a year ago, I only had Tiki and Miki who seemed to be bonding well with each other. None of them were tamed and after […]

She already laid an egg

Thanks Brenda for your previous answer. The hen has already laid her first egg. It’s been two months since I brought her home. So I’m too late to stop this cycle. If she lays more than 4-6 eggs I will replace some with plastic eggs. Also once they are finished with this clutch I will […]

Pls help with my cocktails

I have two cocktails and the male one is running to bite the female one continuous,and like they have . basket in their cage with some of toys .and the male cocktail jump on female one nad pushes her down wards I don’t understand what to do with them pls help me with this question

Hello i have a question about my finches

My white finches are not laying egg for 2 months before it lays but now it not both male and female i have and i gave a nest also. I don’t know what i should do so please inform me

Fisher love bird breeding

Why does my lovebirds not hatch their eggs, they only sits on the eggs until chicks is half formed in egg.. as if they loose interest in eggs

budgie breeding

I sent you a question already but in the meantime I looked some things up. I only gave them a box on 11/29 and I read that hens will spend 10-15 days in the box before laying and that some hens are messy. Meaning they will poop some in the box. She also does poop […]

Can I give a nest box too early

Hi, I have a pair of budgies, male 2 years old and the female is of undetermined age. I think she is younger than my male, I rescued her from a breeding situation. She had laid 12 eggs (way too many I think) in a cut cardboard box but had no mate. My male has […]

Lovebird Bred.

My lovebirds not laying egg. I have a small colony of lovebirds. I provide all vegetables, fruits and seeds. Also I give vitamin and calcium. But they are not laying eggs. Is their any solution.


My bird has now laid 3 eggs 1 every 3 days she has eaten them now she’s on her own is this normal thank you

female cockatiel

she in setting in her food bowl all the time what is going on

Pigeon pairs

Can you keep an uneven number of pigeons together? If not can 2 pair be kept in the same large cage?

bird sitting on the food bowl

my bird is sitting on the food bowl for a long period of time and she is also singing there sometimes she behaves so odd she don’t let me touch her from few days , her nose is also turning brown first is thought she might be caring egg as the male often feed her […]

Conures laying eggs without a box?

I have two cages with paired birds. Both of them recently laid eggs in the bottom of their cages. I inherited these birds after my sister’s death recently and wasn’t expecting them to breed so quickly. I have nesting boxes but what do I do now? Do I set up the boxes and move their […]

Hormonal Obsession

Hi, it has been a while since I sent my questions. Right now my bird is in better condition since his vet visit. The lovebird now can fly and move his wings with ease and the wound is gone. Only little bare patch is there with new feathers growing in. He has been separated for […]

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