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August 4, 2022

Canary siblings

I have 4 fertile canary eggs waiting to hatch, can I keep all the chicks in the same cage after they fledge? Even if they’re mixed gender? I’ve seen people have 4 or 5 canaries in a large cage. If I did, would the males still fight and hurt each other? Otherwise… I dont understand how people sell canaries, every breeder i have seen has quite a few canaries in a cage, and they all seem healthy.


Hi Batz,

Most birds will get along in one big cage if you follow a few rules. Only have an even number of birds, do NOT ever put nests in the cage or let them use anything as a nest, have as many food and water stations as there are birds so they do not fight over food and water. With related birds such as your siblings, never let them breed and throw away any eggs if they lay eggs. Related birds should never be bred. Also, when you see a group if canaries at the breeder’s, usually this will be young birds that aren’t sold yet. But as long as you do not give them nests or let them breed, they usually will get along.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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