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PLEASE Tell Me, WHY DID My Sparrow Died Suddenly???

My pet sparrow was 3 months old. His name was Mikey. He was very active and healthy. He used to eat a lot. Me and my brother used to pet him. He was very friendly and like our family member. He never wanted to leave us. He always used to be around us. And, he […]

Zebra finches

Hi 3 babies 3wks old why do the parents chase them like there being told off is this normal behaviour just found an egg I took the nest out so she shouldn’t be laying eggs I have removed the egg ?

Zebra finches

I’m devastated I have covid so I be on my own this Christmas but I’m now in panic mode as i have handled my birds and been around them I thought it was a cold will they be ok why me I been doubled jabbed

About my Canary

Why is my canary sitting in their food bowl? They fly around still and chirp ever so often but always end up on the food bowl they don’t look sick or sad either so why do they do that?

Breeding zebra finches

Will 3 pairs of zebra finches still young atm breed in the cage together? I added two pairs in with my zebra finches who r establish parents buy I noticed when they lad their eggs the other finches who r maybe around 4 or 5 months old one of the girls went into the nest […]


I have 5 layer chickens I treated them all for the past week for Salmonela as 1 bird had the virus. After the weeks treatment I noticed that their breastbone are standing out very prominently and although they eat and drink as normal, they look very thin. What could be the problem and is there […]

Hello i have a question about my finches

My white finches are not laying egg for 2 months before it lays but now it not both male and female i have and i gave a nest also. I don’t know what i should do so please inform me

About food

Can Guilden finch die if fed watercress my daughter had her young one on its own it was only small and the last thing she gave it was watercress I also said that they have tiny hearts and can die of sudden loud noise aswell am I right

Pigeon pairs

Can you keep an uneven number of pigeons together? If not can 2 pair be kept in the same large cage?

Dead baby finch

My finches have been taking excellent care of their only hatched chick, but I found him dead this morning. His crop was full and he was fine lastnight. He was a couple of weeks old. How can determine cod?


My pair of finches hatched two eggs, babies left nest on their own, yet unable to fly. Parents still continued to feed their babies but both died.


Hi, I’ve had my zebra finches now for at 3 months. They live in a big cage in the house. They have built a beautiful nest in the last month,but they are not mating/breeding. But they are grooming each other sleep side by side. I was wondering if you could please give me some advice. […]

Why is my female finch losing feathers?

Hello. I have 6 finches. I stared out with two, a male and female, but then they had 3, and then another. I let them out each morning, and they are free to fly around as they please each morning. But recently, one of my finches, Joycie, has been losing feathers on the side of […]


We bought two pairs two males and two female but before putting it in the cage one of the males died now we have one male two females the first time they laid an egg they laid it out of the nest and it died now couple months later now they have three eggs out […]

Agressive Female Toward Male

I had two young male brother zebra finches and recently one died. I was given a female and had her separated in a cage right next to his for a week. They seemed quite interested in each other. When I finally put the female in with the male in a large cage (30Lx18Wx36H) with separate […]

Zebra finches only had one baby, now what?

So I have read extensively about what happens in the first six weeks since birth, but most forums speak on what happens with multiple babies. We have bought a second cage, but now the baby will be alone after 6 weeks. Must I buy another one to pair? Or, can the young one live on […]

White doves

Hi, I have white doves. I bought a pair and they increased to 5. I didn’t buy a big cage and all lived there well as we keep them clean and well-fed. Problem is now they do lay eggs but don’t hatch or take care of them. What should i do?

Male Finch always in Nest

I have 3 pairs of finches in a cage with 2 pots. Both pots are converted to nest by them. All 6 finches sit on a single pot but I noticed an egg on the other pot. After few days a male finch is always staying in the pot with egg and comes out only […]

My finch doesn’t like me

Everytime I put my hand in the cage she flies everywhere and she chirps and jumps around a lot too I’ve also had her for 3 days

Zebra finches

They are sitting on eggs but everyday their food dish is wet. Why

Laying in food

How do i get finches from setting and laying in there food nest?.There are six birds in flight cage.

Baby seagull

Thanks for answering my question the other day. I have one more that I hope you might know about. This summer, I was looking after a baby seagull in my garden. I found him/her wandering in the traffic, partially feathered, so I picked it up and took it home. I fed the gull and kept […]

Who loves who?

I have a large cage and 6 zebra finches. One pair was nesting but the eggs were unfertilized and I took the nest away once the eggs were broken. A week or so later, I find eggs in the food dishes. I put the nest back and placed the eggs in it. Then more eggs […]

About finches

I have two pairs of finches and we provide them two nestling box but not the materials I always regularly check up on them but recently I found 2 eggs have been layed in a nest after that because of monsoon I provide them some dry grass , organic paper, and cotton to make perfect […]

Sudden death of bulbul baby bird

I had a baby bird bulbul and I found him on road so I took him to my house and taken care of him about 20 to 23 days I took care of him but one day suddenly I came back from school and taken him and he was playing with me but after some […]

My finches both keep sitting in the food bowl

I am unsure about the gender of my finches, but recently one with a darker orange beak began sitting in the bird seed. Then the following few days the other had also started to sit in it as well.

Nest out chicks disease

Hi, I have big Aviary 15x16feet accommodated around 50 normal finch birds. Now I will come to the point nest out chicks some of them become weak and dying even give medicine for their stomach issues a small pimbiles bulging out their drops spot . Second issue even after chicks born out of 6 four […]

Finch bird

Finch bird is sitting in the food and sometime he’ll get down in the bottom of the cage

Zebra finches nesting

I bought a boxed nest where u can lift the lid to check the eggs/babies and they just won’t use I tried putting them in there I left it in there for a while but they just sit on top of it saw them trying to make the nest on top of it so I […]

Dove sitting fake egggs

Thanks for your site! We have a kind of a strange question. Background: We got a white ring-necked dove about a year ago. We named her Emmeline. We did not elect to have the bird’s sex determined via DNA test when we got her (so she may be a he, not sure), as we planned […]

why is my male canary sleeping during the day

a few day ago we found red mites on him so we went out and got mite spray a vet had recommended so i had put it on him yesterday he has been sleeping for about 30 minutes he has a medium sized cage with a female and is always open we feed him alot […]

Handfeeding a baby Mynah.

Hi, I’ve a few questions regarding handfeeding baby mynah. It was rescued and passed to us, but we’re quite new to this, and need some guidance. 1) It has been with us for a week now. Not sure how old it is, but it’s starting to fly (and seems to have quite complete feathers). The […]

Zebra finches and their babies

Hi. I have had a pair of zebra finches that had a clutch of 4 babies. My cat ended up killing the dad who was feeding them and the mom stopped caring for them. So I took over. One survived and she or he is about 6 weeks old now. I got the mom another […]

I have zebra finches

There are building there nest but haven’t seen them mate how can I tell if one is pregnant

Zebra finches

I have two zebra finches, a female and a male. I’m concerned for the male because he is missing a lot of feathers around his neck and torso area. Is this a dietary condition? what can I do?

Finch Sounds

Hi my zebra finches make really weird noises all the time and one of the sounds resembles to someone drinking through a straw. I want to know the meaning of this. Thanks

Mum and dad finch r mating again

Hi My baby finches r 4 wks and 2 days old but I noticed mum and dad mating again as u said I did remove the nest is it the feeding and taking care of the babies the taxing part on mum or both what should I do if she lays a egg is it […]

Death of one of pair

I am sorry guys but i had a pair of zebra finches (they are my first) and sadly today the female died! I am heartbroken & want ur help! What should i do with the male? P.s. the male is hoping around, eats & drinks too…. Another p.s., i found the male at sometimes hitting […]

Bird poop color change

Hi, My sparrow poop was normal till yesterday morning but last evening i started to notice fresh blood in her poop.. Today, there is no fresh blood but I see black color in the poop.. she has not eaten any such things to get red or black color poops.. Please guide me, I am worried

Baby zebra finches

One baby came out and perched for a few minutes how many days should I give to them to get comfortable with there environment out of the nest should I give them once they have all come out I don’t want to take it away to soon but at the same like u said uts […]

Normal finches

I tried many ways by keeping a breeding box or a pot in my finches cage….they are not entering into that breeding box…. instead they build a nest outside of the breeding box. i.e; corner of the cage….please help me with this… the built nest is not safe there….so any solutions pls …

Baby zebra finches

Should the nest be high in the cage or near to floor as possible I worry that it can’t get back in the nest if it’s not flying yet and when do they start flying If I can lower the nest now anyway as they r 14 days old now if its best to just […]


My finch laid only 2 eggs for the first time… Will it be hatched???what is the hatching period??? Both the parents roam around the cage instead of hatching sometimes…is it normal?

Fem canary

My female canary is sleeping alone she puffs her feather up hides her bead in her feather she’s eating and drinking she’s in a cage with a male hes fine just seems unusual for her to sleep for so long


How can i determine the age of my budgie parakeets and finches??? How I’m going to know whether they are ready to breed or not???

Female finch

My female zebra finch is not going inside the nest…only male is going inside??? Will they breed???

My bird acting weird

Today, my pet bird (Eurasian collared dove), acting weird. She is struggling to fly ( sometimes she can fly other times she fails). Also she isn’t at has stop vocalising. Lastly, she isn’t at all energetic ( doesn’t vocalise, doesn’t comes near me, doesn’t sit on my head).

I have zebra finches

There are building there nest but haven’t seen them mate how can I tell if one is pregnant

Pigeon help.

Hi. I found a pigeon outside in 118 degree weather, it has weak legs and seems to fall to one side. I have been careing for this prescious creature but not sure how to.?

First Canary Egg

My female canary is 1 year old and it is her first egg she laid then she abounded. She doesn’t come towards it or bother to check on it. She is my only bird. What shall I do with the egg? She dropped it at the end of cage so I left it there for […]

Finch eggs

Hi, My zebra finches has 5 eggs in their nest but the nest is hanging on the cage and when they play, they move the cage a lot. So, today the nest fell and one of their eggs fell out so I put it back in the nest with a sock. Do you think they’ll […]

fright death

Can a canary die from fright.l was trying to cut some string caught on foot that she stopped using & she just died!

Ask the Vet webinar – Mite treatments

Oral Ivermectin is used routinely for horses for parasite control. This doesn’t seem to be a practice for pet birds to control air sac and scaly mites.

Dove diamond

My diamond dove lost its feet. How do I care for it. I moved it from the cage that was shared with another diamond dove.

Fledgling Zebra Finches being kicked of nest too early

Hi, We are fairly new to Finches so are unsure as to what to do. We have two pairs in our Avery and the second just had their first lot of babies. 5 in total. The other pair did well and all of the babies survived and are happy and healthy, there where only 3. […]

Finches bullying

Hello. I have 4 birds. I have 2 finches that have been together for a couple of months, a lovebird, and now a new society finch. Cheerio, the new guy is the sweetest thing ever, and he gets along great with my other society finch, Baebae. It’s Pip, my Indian spice finch who’s the problem. […]

Male Canary tries to sing, but no sound comes out

Hello. I have just bought a male Canary and he tries to sing, but no sound comes out. It isn’t that he just isn’t singing. It’s that he’s trying to sing and no sound. He opens his mouth and his throat and tongue move and he looks like a singing canary! Could air sac mites […]

Infertile Eggs/ Why?

Hello, I have a male and female Zebra finch. Early in April they laid a couple of eggs in as many days, and then each day they both ate the eggs soon after she layed them. A few days later the female laid 4 eggs in as many consecutive days and then they both started […]

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