Bird Type: Non Parrot

First Canary Egg

My female canary is 1 year old and it is her first egg she laid then she abounded. She doesn’t come towards it or bother to check on it. She is my only bird. What shall I do with the egg? She dropped it at the end of cage so I left it there for […]

Finch eggs

Hi, My zebra finches has 5 eggs in their nest but the nest is hanging on the cage and when they play, they move the cage a lot. So, today the nest fell and one of their eggs fell out so I put it back in the nest with a sock. Do you think they’ll […]

fright death

Can a canary die from fright.l was trying to cut some string caught on foot that she stopped using & she just died!

Ask the Vet webinar – Mite treatments

Oral Ivermectin is used routinely for horses for parasite control. This doesn’t seem to be a practice for pet birds to control air sac and scaly mites.

Dove diamond

My diamond dove lost its feet. How do I care for it. I moved it from the cage that was shared with another diamond dove.

Fledgling Zebra Finches being kicked of nest too early

Hi, We are fairly new to Finches so are unsure as to what to do. We have two pairs in our Avery and the second just had their first lot of babies. 5 in total. The other pair did well and all of the babies survived and are happy and healthy, there where only 3. […]

Finches bullying

Hello. I have 4 birds. I have 2 finches that have been together for a couple of months, a lovebird, and now a new society finch. Cheerio, the new guy is the sweetest thing ever, and he gets along great with my other society finch, Baebae. It’s Pip, my Indian spice finch who’s the problem. […]

Male Canary tries to sing, but no sound comes out

Hello. I have just bought a male Canary and he tries to sing, but no sound comes out. It isn’t that he just isn’t singing. It’s that he’s trying to sing and no sound. He opens his mouth and his throat and tongue move and he looks like a singing canary! Could air sac mites […]

Infertile Eggs/ Why?

Hello, I have a male and female Zebra finch. Early in April they laid a couple of eggs in as many days, and then each day they both ate the eggs soon after she layed them. A few days later the female laid 4 eggs in as many consecutive days and then they both started […]

breeding finches

How do I know if my female is breeding. I see no sign of her using the enclosure reccomended to me, I provide hay for them to forge through which they seem to enjoy, I have never had a female and male before

Orphaned egg

Hi, a mourning dove laid eggs on the lamp in my porch. The lamp has a flat top. Unfortunately two eggs fell of. The dove was alone, though I saw another mourning dove with a mate so maybe they are the same bird. The dove sat staring at the broken eggs for a little while. […]

Can a Zebra Finch get depressed after egg loss?

One of my female Zebras had been sitting on an egg for a while, but after a few weeks and seeing no progress with it, I took it out. Ever since then (three days ago), though, she’s been sleeping a lot more. She is eating, drinking, preening, and bathing, but has just been sleeping a […]

My birds layed an egg doesn’t sit on them

Hi so my canary made eggs and she doesn’t sit on them and I made a place where she can lay them but nothing she made today her second egg and it broke she lays all of them in a different place. And Yesterday I saw she made an egg and only then I made […]

Is my finch dead

My bird has been at the bottom of the cage puffed up the a few minutes ago I went to go check on her and she was laying there I don’t know what to I am scared she is dead and she is what caused it? She has food,water,toys, and a mirror I don’t know […]

Zebra Finches infertile eggs

I have a pair of zebra finches that made a beautiful, well crafted nest in a wicker nesting box and laid five eggs. It has been almost four weeks and the eggs haven’t hatched. We removed an egg and it accidentally cracked and we saw it had never been fertilized. They are still sitting on […]

Wild Outdoor House Finch

Yes, they are wild and outside our sliding glass door. I’m not sure what you will be able to answer for me. I’m beginning to think the mother abandoned after the chicks were born. There are 3 chicks in the nest that the male seems to be feeding. I’ve noticed several other males coming to […]

Multiple male finches checking nest.

I have finches that have nested, and successfully had 2-3 chicks. (Wild birds) Now I occasionally see multiple males checking the nest. Once in a while, one chases the other away.

Canary liver tonic.

Hi, I wish to know please if I can supplement my canary a liver tonic for maintaining it in good health and if so what’s the frequency and dose I can supplement my canary? Thanks and regards

My bird is not able to fly

Hello my self yashasvi I have a red vented bulbul and he is almost a year old. Day before yesterday he was searching food on the floor and suddenly my sister stepped and he got under my sister’s foot and he got flattened rn he is fine but he isn’t able to fly and he […]

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