Bird Type: Non Parrot

Weaning Baby Dove that cannot move legs

Hello, I found a baby dove that must be over 7 days old because she /he is weaning. She fell and injured herself because she is not able to move her legs. Toes seem to have atrophy because around like closing up like little fists. Her wings are getting stronger. I am feeding her baby […]

How to identify a pair?

Hi!I am a new bird owner got my finch birds 2 months ago…I have got a pair of zebra finch,A pair of White finch,2 pairs of pied Finch.Now note that these birds were adopted and bought so I was not able to clarify my doubts and questions….The previous owner said that the birds are adults […]

About Ring Neck doves

I have a pair of Ring Neck doves that have small top knots…is this normal ? They are about 8 months old.

Male finches sitting in food box

I have 4 male zebra finches and 2 unsexed bengalese finches in my cage, they have all coupled off, and i have noticed over the last couple of days that 2 of my zebra finches keep sitting in one of the food trays together, and will not let any of the others near it.

Female finch Attacke its male finch

Hello, Today I bought a pair of finches and the breeder ensured it’s a male and a Female. However back home they got into their cage. Had a bath and were adapting very well to their new environment. Now about 6 hours later I see the male sitting on the bottom with a small chunk […]

Parrots and Chickens

I want to get chickens but have parrots. Can you safely have both with Avian Flu being so bad now.

Dove pair is not laying eggs

i have one pair of diamond dove and they are 2 years old. couple of months ago female laid one egg but that was infertile after that she still sitting in nest but not laying anymore eggs. please advise.

Death of a zebra finch

We have lost one of a pair of zebra finches – can the remaining finch live out the rest of his days alone and if not I have a friend who has approx 11 budgies, should he be part of their flock so he won’t be lonely – thank you.

Male canary tweets

Hello my bf bought a male canary almost one year ago and he said in the beginning he was making a little whistle but now we also have a female and he already put them in the same cage but he don’t sing they both tweet at each other is it because he maybe molting […]

Female finches laying unfertilized eggs

Hi there, I have 2 female finches and one of them has been laying eggs since the last week and has laid about 7- 8 eggs so far. She sits mostly in the nest I’ve provided in the cage and not coming out much. To feed or drink water. She is groaning quite a bit […]

Prevent nest building

I recently purchased a male and female zebra finch. I only wanted them for sweet entertainment. The young people at the pet store encourage me to buy nesting material and a round wicker nest. Unknowingly, I provided wonderful nesting material LOL I now have four adorable fledglings. Please help me because I need to prevent […]

Abandoned after one week of incubation

Hi Lafeber, My Lady Gouldian finch pair took turn to incubate their eggs and abandoned the eggs after about one week. This happened 2 times. The first time I thought may be the cause was because I peeked in their nest. I waited for one week, and removed the abandoned eggs from the nest. They […]


My canaryhas been doing this today. She doesn’t make any noise but this makes me think if hiccups or some kind of pulse

Wild bird seed

Do you sell any wild bird seed to the public in 20 pounds or larger bags?

Finch Chicks Death

My finch chicks die between 10 and 20 days old. All of them are very healthy at first, then gradually begin to weaken and then die. I foster my Gauldian, Shaftail and Owl finch Chicks under Bengalease. What would be the reason? Plz Guide me.

I bit worried about my zebra finches

Hello, I bought two zebra finches (male and female) about five moths ago. Recently I noticed that the male zebra finch chases the female finch around the cage from time to time, sometimes out of the blue (one moment they preen each other then the next the male starts chasing the female). Should I separate […]

Pellets for my birds

I have 2 young tame Java finches. Which pellets should I feed them and for always, even as they mature? I also have 2 Catherine Parakeets. Which pellets should they eat?

Baby Finches are at Day 7

My male and female finches have laid 5 eggs that have recently hatched. I can’t tell how many babies are growing as the nest is well insulated and there is almost always a parent inside. At 6 days old, I can hear them chirping when mom/dad return to the nest after an absence, and I’d […]

About my zebra fenches

They’ve been sitting on their eggs for 15 days but nothing happened when do I take the eggs and eggs away

Moving my zebra finch nest lower

My zebra finches have three babies. I’m worried that when they fledge they might have a long way down to fall. Would it be ok to slide my nest lower if only touching the outside back of it?

Paralyzed dove

Four days ago we have found a paralyzed dove its feets are not working he cannot stand but there is no physical ingury we have showed a veternerian he prescribed medicines but still my dove is not moving its legs and cannot walk he is trying to move with his wings and beak please help […]

My female Finch keeps attacking the male

Why does the female keep attacking the male? They are new together and someone told me it’s because she’s trying to pair with him, but honestly he tries hiding from her because all she does is attack

When is it too late to remove diamond dove eggs?

I have two diamond doves; a male and a female. I don’t want more of them to preserve the ideal conditions they already have, but I am worried about taking eggs away. I have read that it can take only twelve days for these to hatch, so when would it be ethically okay to take […]

Young finches

I purchased a pair of young finches one male one female. Store owner said that he had “just gotten them in.” I have them in a cage together and the store owner put a basket and nesting material in the cage. I have taken the basket and nesting material out because I believe they are […]

Feeding chop – ask the Vet Nov 18

“As almost everyone know, feeding veggies chop to their flocks including sweet potatoes , carrots,turnips,beets….. root veggies in certain amount and it is very nutrients. But one I was looking best organic foods for my grand son, and it was very surprising/shocking information I have got that all root vegetables have contains high amount of […]

Finch doing weird behavior

My female finch doing weird behavior to another female she is starting attacking her frequently and open her tail and doin something with her beak to scare another female

Aggressive Male Zebra Funch

I yesyterday I separated the male Finch from the female Finch with a baby fledging in the cage because the male kept attacking the female. The female has laid 2 eggs and I’m afraid she won’t attend to the baby. Should I put the baby with the male in the same cage? Also, should I […]

Canary and finch

Hello, i went to a pet shop 2 days ago and asked for a pair of birds that can get along together at the same cage, they gave me a male canary and a female finch and i got a big cage with enough space for both of them as they told me, the question […]

My Canary male sits on nest of 3 eggs

I wonder why the female isn’t sitting on the 3 eggs , and it’s the male that sits on it at night. Is it cos it’s not time to incubate yet and the male is host protecting the eggs. The male is a great singer. And female yellow canary also sings.

Mina birdd

My mina bird is loosing feather around his right eye and sometime this eye close by itself and the other eye is still open

Parents warming up the egg

My Zebra finches,,The parents have just laid 3-5 eggs. I don’t know if they are warming up the egg enough. They stay in their nesting box for about 5-14 minutes, then leave for about 3-1 minutes To eat, Drink, Or just sit on perches. They stay in their nesting box with their egg almost the […]

Egg Abandoment?

Hi, i have a pair of zebra finches, instead of using the egg box i gave them, they laid their eggs on top of the nest box, something i was concerned about because it looked very precarious. they had laid four eggs until the male started what i think was just fixing the nest, about […]

Could I get these two pigeons?

Hi, Lafeber. I am considering adopting two single pigeons (Star and Violet) who are both around the same age and have similar personalities. Both of them might have free roaming of their houses, too. If one of them doesn’t, though (because I don’t know if Violet does), would that be problematic? Also, I am worried […]

Zebra Finch

My son has 2 female zebra finch and no males. However he has 2 nests (they were too stressed not having one, only reason we decided to get them) and they still choose to use the one. One zebra finch has fallen out of the nest now on 3 different occasions. Because this is happening […]

Zebra finches laid eggs

One pair of my Zebra finches Laid 4 eggs, She laid 2 each day and gave 2 days gap and again laid 2 eggs. She’s giving heat to them after every 4-5 mins during the day time. But my male finch stays outside the next box outside during the night. Only the female stays inside. […]

Female canary?

I have 2 male canaries. Recently, one male has started to feed the other, this has gotten me thinking that the other is in fact female. However, he sings very well and often squaks at the male, making fight poses. Do male canaries ever feed other males? Maybe by mistake? Or is my possible male […]

Baby hatchlings

If mother finch dies, will father finch feed the hatchlings

Red factor canary is a bully 😳

I have a red factor canary and two zebra Finches, yesterday the canary attacked and killed one of the zebra Finches and was being aggressive towards the other, I have separated the two now, why would the canary do this, they have been living together in a very large cage and all peaceful the it […]

aggresive canary

3 month old canary when I approach his cage he opens up his wings head down and beak open is ti’s aggresive behaviour or dislikes me

Zinch bullie

I have 4 finches in the same cage 18×24. the mated pair and 2 young offspring. One has become a bully, picking on the sibling to the point of pulling out feathers on back and head. Will the bald on survive? What should I do besides separating them? How to treat the one with missing […]

my both peafowl is sick lethargy and thier poop is b

HI, Im cesia, we recently decided to have some peafowls an well everything was fine the last couple months they would eat and fly everywhere, but out of no where yesterday they started lacking energy and barely eating, I had to hand feed them and today I noticed that they their poop is black almost […]

Sick finches

One of my Zebra finch stays fluffy most of the time and is also going through molting I’ve bought him since 2 months and it’s not that he has just become fluffy. He stays fluffy from the day I bought him. His poop color is also normal. Is there anything to be scared of?

Finches behavior

I have 6 Zebra finches amongst them 2 are Jumbo sized and 4 Society Finches in a proper sized cage. I’ve even gave them proper houses for every pair. But the Zebra finches won’t let the Society finches inside the house. The Zebra finches always keep all the houses to themselves and the society finches […]

New pair.

So today I separated my lovebird pair since they were same color and I want to breed them to get better birds and previously they had babies and they raised their babies after they were almost adults I separated the parents i gave my female to my friend which he gave me his female lovebird. […]

Zebra Finch egg laying

My female zebra finch lives with her male partner. She recently laid 4 eggs. 3 of them are fertile, I see heartbeats as I’m candling them. One of the eggs, I noticed was different from the beginning. It is the oy egg without a heartbeat and looked empty when I would candle it. I decided […]

Zebra finch

Zebra finch squeaks not chirping anymore and not sitting on perch properly

Diamond doves and nutri berries

Hello, my avian vet recently told me to feed one of my diamond doves with nutri berries as he is being difficult to convert to Harrison’s lifetime superfine pellets. I bought the classic nutriberries bucket and give the nutri berries crushed so he can eat them. But I notice he does not eat everything perhaps […]

Finches, how many?

I have an decent sized cage that has not been used for a while and I’m thinking to put some Finches in it. Should I get just a pair (male and female) or can I have 2 females and one male without one of the females feeling left out/sad? And no. I’m not planning on […]

Hi I have female canary she take off her nail now is bleeding

I have one year old female canary, she bite her nails, she take two of them off completely from her toes, now it is bleeding, I tried to stop the bleeding, each time she find it again and let it blow out again, I try to go to vet here in Albuquerque New Mexico, but […]

Wooden cage

I heard from somebody that wooden cages cause scaly mites for birds. Is this true? Are wooden cages safe for birds? I have canaries.

unfertlized eggs.

Hello, I have 2 Beautiful Zebra finches. My female finch lays eggs but their unfertilized. ISs there a reason why my male Finch is not fertilizing eggs?

finch in food bowl

why does my make finch sleep in the food bowl when i placed a wooden house in the cage. the female died about two months ago.

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