Bird Type: Non Parrot

My Canary male sits on nest of 3 eggs

I wonder why the female isn’t sitting on the 3 eggs , and it’s the male that sits on it at night. Is it cos it’s not time to incubate yet and the male is host protecting the eggs. The male is a great singer. And female yellow canary also sings.

Mina birdd

My mina bird is loosing feather around his right eye and sometime this eye close by itself and the other eye is still open

Parents warming up the egg

My Zebra finches,,The parents have just laid 3-5 eggs. I don’t know if they are warming up the egg enough. They stay in their nesting box for about 5-14 minutes, then leave for about 3-1 minutes To eat, Drink, Or just sit on perches. They stay in their nesting box with their egg almost the […]

Egg Abandoment?

Hi, i have a pair of zebra finches, instead of using the egg box i gave them, they laid their eggs on top of the nest box, something i was concerned about because it looked very precarious. they had laid four eggs until the male started what i think was just fixing the nest, about […]

Could I get these two pigeons?

Hi, Lafeber. I am considering adopting two single pigeons (Star and Violet) who are both around the same age and have similar personalities. Both of them might have free roaming of their houses, too. If one of them doesn’t, though (because I don’t know if Violet does), would that be problematic? Also, I am worried […]

Zebra Finch

My son has 2 female zebra finch and no males. However he has 2 nests (they were too stressed not having one, only reason we decided to get them) and they still choose to use the one. One zebra finch has fallen out of the nest now on 3 different occasions. Because this is happening […]

Zebra finches laid eggs

One pair of my Zebra finches Laid 4 eggs, She laid 2 each day and gave 2 days gap and again laid 2 eggs. She’s giving heat to them after every 4-5 mins during the day time. But my male finch stays outside the next box outside during the night. Only the female stays inside. […]

Female canary?

I have 2 male canaries. Recently, one male has started to feed the other, this has gotten me thinking that the other is in fact female. However, he sings very well and often squaks at the male, making fight poses. Do male canaries ever feed other males? Maybe by mistake? Or is my possible male […]

Baby hatchlings

If mother finch dies, will father finch feed the hatchlings

Red factor canary is a bully 😳

I have a red factor canary and two zebra Finches, yesterday the canary attacked and killed one of the zebra Finches and was being aggressive towards the other, I have separated the two now, why would the canary do this, they have been living together in a very large cage and all peaceful the it […]

aggresive canary

3 month old canary when I approach his cage he opens up his wings head down and beak open is ti’s aggresive behaviour or dislikes me

Zinch bullie

I have 4 finches in the same cage 18×24. the mated pair and 2 young offspring. One has become a bully, picking on the sibling to the point of pulling out feathers on back and head. Will the bald on survive? What should I do besides separating them? How to treat the one with missing […]

my both peafowl is sick lethargy and thier poop is b

HI, Im cesia, we recently decided to have some peafowls an well everything was fine the last couple months they would eat and fly everywhere, but out of no where yesterday they started lacking energy and barely eating, I had to hand feed them and today I noticed that they their poop is black almost […]

Sick finches

One of my Zebra finch stays fluffy most of the time and is also going through molting I’ve bought him since 2 months and it’s not that he has just become fluffy. He stays fluffy from the day I bought him. His poop color is also normal. Is there anything to be scared of?

Finches behavior

I have 6 Zebra finches amongst them 2 are Jumbo sized and 4 Society Finches in a proper sized cage. I’ve even gave them proper houses for every pair. But the Zebra finches won’t let the Society finches inside the house. The Zebra finches always keep all the houses to themselves and the society finches […]

New pair.

So today I separated my lovebird pair since they were same color and I want to breed them to get better birds and previously they had babies and they raised their babies after they were almost adults I separated the parents i gave my female to my friend which he gave me his female lovebird. […]

Zebra Finch egg laying

My female zebra finch lives with her male partner. She recently laid 4 eggs. 3 of them are fertile, I see heartbeats as I’m candling them. One of the eggs, I noticed was different from the beginning. It is the oy egg without a heartbeat and looked empty when I would candle it. I decided […]

Zebra finch

Zebra finch squeaks not chirping anymore and not sitting on perch properly

Diamond doves and nutri berries

Hello, my avian vet recently told me to feed one of my diamond doves with nutri berries as he is being difficult to convert to Harrison’s lifetime superfine pellets. I bought the classic nutriberries bucket and give the nutri berries crushed so he can eat them. But I notice he does not eat everything perhaps […]

Finches, how many?

I have an decent sized cage that has not been used for a while and I’m thinking to put some Finches in it. Should I get just a pair (male and female) or can I have 2 females and one male without one of the females feeling left out/sad? And no. I’m not planning on […]

Hi I have female canary she take off her nail now is bleeding

I have one year old female canary, she bite her nails, she take two of them off completely from her toes, now it is bleeding, I tried to stop the bleeding, each time she find it again and let it blow out again, I try to go to vet here in Albuquerque New Mexico, but […]

Wooden cage

I heard from somebody that wooden cages cause scaly mites for birds. Is this true? Are wooden cages safe for birds? I have canaries.

unfertlized eggs.

Hello, I have 2 Beautiful Zebra finches. My female finch lays eggs but their unfertilized. ISs there a reason why my male Finch is not fertilizing eggs?

finch in food bowl

why does my make finch sleep in the food bowl when i placed a wooden house in the cage. the female died about two months ago.

Gouldian Finch incubate Eggs only during the Day

Saturday 6th August 2022 Dear Sir/Md My Gouldian Finch lay her Final 4th Eggs. I noticed that she only incubate her Eggs during Day Time. At Night she stay away from her 4 Eggs. Will the 4 Eggs be able to Hatch by 12 to 16 Days? Thanks in Advance. Regards, Neoh

Cage size

How large (in inches) should a cage be for 4-6 canaries?

Canary siblings

I have 4 fertile canary eggs waiting to hatch, can I keep all the chicks in the same cage after they fledge? Even if they’re mixed gender? I’ve seen people have 4 or 5 canaries in a large cage. If I did, would the males still fight and hurt each other? Otherwise… I dont understand […]

Zebra finches

I had 2 pairs of healthy zebra finches, i provided them with 1 nest and eco-friendly nest materials, they soon hatched 5 eggs and had 4 babies survived out of it, after some time one out of 4 babies just died and was thrown out, now all the babies were almost adult with feathers but […]


Hello I have a canary who has layed eggs. Now she has stopped but she uses the nest for resting. Can I leave the nest or do I have to remove it? Thank you

Female white finch fighting with new mate

I bought 1 pair zebra finch 1 month ago.male was black breasted yellow beak.both were fought erly when i got them to my house.then they both got well bonding.i put nest including metarial.they spent thir most of time there.only come out for food.then 26 july my male finch died.then the female were very sad for […]

first time having a canary

so basically, it’s my first time having any sort of pet. he’s a male canary, 2-3 years old. i just recently got him from a friend. since the weather was nice outside, i used to have him outside in the shade all day and then at night i would take him into a garage because […]

Indian Myna

Hi I rescued an Indian myna and we have raised it and it for almost 2, 3 years. When we found him his foot had been broken but had healed on its own. There have been no problems until today he started biting his one toe when in his cage. We took him to the […]

Canary free flight

Can I let all of my canaries fly together in one room? I have 1 female, 2 males and a baby which i do not know the sex.

Baby canary

We had a baby canary in its parents’ cage. The baby is flying, and seemed to be eating on its own. Its been 5 weeks. However, the father, and sometimes the mom, would pick on it, plucking feathers or beating it around. It started to lose feathers near its eye and ear. I removed the […]

Canary toys

Does a pair of canaries need toys? I was told that it’s better not since they have each other?

Canary Nest

My canary made a nest and raised a chick in her food bowl. I removed the food and gave her a different bowl for the food. She’s due for her third clutch very soon. How can I encourage her to build the nest in the designated nesting bowl??


Why do dove always spill their food on the ground. Every time

Will the Gouldian finches’ eggs hatch?

I have a pair of Gouldian finches. When I first checked the nest box on Wednesday, June 22, there were 2 eggs. Then when I checked again today, Sunday, June 26, there were 2 more eggs. The cock usually stays in the nest box during daytime. Sometimes the hen also goes inside and out the […]

Cleaning canary cage

How do I clean my canaries’ cages while they are still inside? I dont mean a deep clean, just the weekly thing.

Sudden death of a baby bulbul bird

I found a baby bulbul yesterday evening ,good 15 days old but it was abandoned,surrounded by ants,so i took it in,it was happy and healthy,slept well,active in morning,but suddenly died while napping in afternoon.I have also takken care of 25-30 days old bulbuls(2) a year back and left them in the wild,they are still alive,but […]

Momma canary

My canary has just had a chick hatch and is sitting on it as she should. Ever since then, since she’s spent most of her time on her nest, when she takes a bath, she doesn’t seem to have any feathers on her upper and lower chest. But when she is dry, her feathers completely […]

New Baby Finches

My Zebra Finches just had a litter of 4 eggs, 3 have hatched. this is their first time as parents and they didn’t seem to be helping the chicks like I hoped. The second day I was worried the chicks were dead, so I carefully removed them from the nest to see if I needed […]

Cleaning canary cages

I was told not to let my canaries out anymore by this site… so if I were to clean their cages, how do I do that without letting them out to fly around? I have real trouble getting them into another cage, last time I did that, my canary got pretty stressed. We seem to […]

Removed nest but still laying eggs

Good Morning Brenda, I wanted to give you an update on my finches since taking out their nest. I removed it, put the grate back on the bottom and have pet safe bedding underneath. A very small amount. Just enough to cover the bottom to help with cleaning. The female is now laying eggs on […]

Death of Bulbul bird

We took care of baby Bulbul since Last 40 days.She started plucking her feathers and lost her fur around her head to neck region since last 5 days.Today she suddenly died.Plz suggest any reasons for her sudden death.

How to clean canary cage

I was recently told by this website not to let my canaries out of their cage. If so, how do I clean their cage thoroughly? I am not at all being rude, I want to learn.

Canary Chick

A canary egg just hatched and the mother is still sitting on it, is this okay? I heard that the first couple days, the chick still lives from it’s egg sack. How do I make the egg food for the mother to feed the chick?

Canary free flight

Whenever I clean my canarys’ cages, I let them out for a free flight. But I haven’t been successful getting them back in the cage without causing stress. I catch them under a fly net and guide them back to the cage. I’m afraid I have tried multiple things other than that: food in the […]

Infertile eggs

My canary recently laid four eggs. After 5 days, I candled them, and only one was fertile. Do I remove the infertile eggs?

Dead finch babies

Hi Brenda You have been so helpful. I have one last question (for now😂) So the last 4 eggs don’t look like they hatched on their own. 2 we’re still stuck in the shell but dead and the other 2 were dead and cold out of the shell. It appears to me that they were […]

Baby finches

Hi Brenda I checked the nest like you said. I found 2 dead babies and 4 eggs left. I did as you said and removed the extra nesting material. It was my fault for giving them so much. I thought they needed it. I left the 4 eggs just in case they hatch but I’m […]

Baby finches

Hi Brenda Thank you for the quick response. Yes I am feeding egg, seed, greens and some pellet food. I got everything I could fine. I’m going to check the nest now to see what’s going on. Also, their nest is open at the top but very deep so when they’re inside you can’t really […]

Baby zebra finch babies

Hello, I recently acquired a pair of zebra finches. They laid 5 eggs and I believe all have hatched. I saw them only once because I held my phone over the nest(without touching) and took a photo. It’s been a few days now and every day they build the nest up more so you cannot […]

My bird isn’t pooping

Hey I was wondering why my bird isn’t not pooping. I’ve had many birds but have never had this issue. I found this little guy in the cold with a splayed leg so I took him and his beeb eating and doing great but just won’t poop


Hi. I have 3 chicks in my zebra finch nest. Two of them are 20 days old and one is 18. So they will come out from the nest soon. My question is what type of soft foods should I give them when the chicks come out? And should I remove the nest box after […]

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