Bird Type: Non Parrot

Zebra finches

Hi I have a pair of zebra finches one male and female. They have a clutch of eggs the female incubates them most of the time but they do take turns for eating. We let them out occasionally but have noticed that when the male leaves the cage the female gets aggressive. Today, we have […]

Zebra Finches Depressed?

I have adopted 3 Zebra finches about a week a go. So I know they are still getting use to their surrounding. But I sit with them all day as I am in Home office, and watch their behaviors. They sit in their nest most days and only get up to fly to their food, […]

Baby finches all died

Hi I have a pair of finches they layed a clutch of 5 one did not hatch the others hatched and one was very tiny I hand fed it and it became strong but it was not flying to the food dish it would just land on the bottom and beg for food then one […]

Gouldian finches

my finches keep dying their poop is runny . their diet consists of kaytee fiesta canary and finch seed, premium pellets canary and finch diet, special red egg food, sun and bird treat, molting and conditioning food, bird greens, mineral grit, dried mealworms.spray millet and breeders blend.I started treating them with medpet 4-1powder. they seemed […]

Zebra finch male

We have 7 male zebra finches. They are building a nest but there are no females. Is the normal?

Another egg!

Brenda, thank you for your quick response. Before I could replace the seed bowl with smaller ones, another egg showed up! Am I to remove it immediately or let her sit on it for a while until she tires of waiting (I read this on other forums)z

Finch sitting but no eggs

I have a pair of female finches. One laid two eggs in their seed bowl (no nests are provided so as not to promote egg laying). I have removed the eggs but she still sits in the seed dish (fresh seeds provided). Is there anything I should do?

Finches Breeding

Hello, I recently got a spice finch to go with my 6 yr old society finch male. We found out that she is a female. They immediately got along, and we had put 3 nests in the cage so that they would get along. Now, they snuggle, eat and bathe at the same time and […]

Myna Behavior

A myna bird landed on my husband’s shoulder and stayed with him while he washed the car outside for most of the afternoon. It doesn’t fly very well and followed him around. We decided to keep it as a pet. We think it may have been a pet that was let go of since no […]

Canary diet

I realize this is very parrot centered but regarding a canary – how many regular dried mealworms in a week? Not gut loaded worms.

Male finch dosent mate right

Male finch starts mating song and when female starts vibration of her tail he stops and very hesitant to jump on her one time he jumped on her backwards, its been going on now several weeks and still same. Is he inexperienced or what it really upsets me.

Myna bird

My son brought home a myna bird,so its my duty to keep him safe and feed the little its been with me for more than 7 days, since this birdy is so attach with me and this little one wont eat from other hand only l have to feed and it will not fly […]

Finches and Canaries

Hello, Thank you in advance. I am really confused and need help please. I used to have a pair of Canaries. After the female died last year, I couldn’t buy another one till last month this year. However, I also got 2 pairs of finches and a female Canary. I kept all of them in […]

Hand Feeding Baby Finches

Hi there, After I hand formula feed my baby finches (3 days old) they rollover and sleep on their back. I am just wondering jf I have anything to fear by this or if I need to keep rolling them onto their stomach? Thank you, Charity Buchan

Eggs are not fertile

My finches give eggs but babies not come out i check my finches eggs are not fertile how i get fertile eggs from them

Diamond doves

Can I house two breeding pair of doves together or will the males fight?

Will my zebra finches still be fed

My Zebra finches had a clutch of 5. They are all doing extremely well. However the nest is crowded and babies keep falling out. The oldest is 15days . If the oldest one or two come out I’m worried if they stay out on the bottom of cage they wont be fed . Will they?


My dove has 2 eggs in nest but the male won’t leave her alone should I separate then

Diamond doves lying in nest without any eggs

Hello. I have a pair of young diamond doves. For more than a week, they both sit in the nest in turns or together but have not laid eggs. What is the reason ? Do I need to take any special action?

Zebra Finch diet

Some birds need seeds in their diet. Are zebra finches one of them? What should you feed zebra finches? I wanted to make bird ‘cake’. Can i use millet flour, coconut milk and veggies? Also, can the digest mashed bananas 🍌 as ‘frosting’? Should I use distilled water? I’ve heard that if your bird is […]

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