Bird Type: Non Parrot

Egg laying

Please discuss how to prevent egg binding and what to do to help a momma bird keeps laying eggs with no mate? 1)How can we help her? 2) Also how much room do finches need? (Gouldin finches)

My canaries is not sleeping well

My canaries isn’t singing in the morning like usual and doesn’t sleep well at night also he’s breathing heavily what shoud i do

Bird food for different species of parrots

Hello Brenda, I am the mother and owner of thirteen beautiful birds. I don’t know if my email was received. I had written a couple of days ago. In regards to what to feed my precious babies. Especially in regards to Dr. Lafeber’s Nutriberries , Avicakes and Pelletberries. I for the life of me; do […]


I have 3 diamond dove in a cage I have 1 parakeet in a other cage side by side i want to put them in a flight cage together will they get along

Injured baby bird

This little baby bird was near me while gardening. The momma squawked and flew back and forth to baby. Baby hopped – no flying – to different areas of yard . This went on all afternoon. Cleaning up I noticed momma was flying back to one area several times . Walking by, the baby was […]

Zebra Finch Babies

Hi! My finches have laid a clutch of three eggs before, but the eggs got tossed. this time around, they have hatched four of them, and we have had them around 4-6 days now. today i cleaned their nest and after i took out the babies to shake out the droppings and give them new […]

Odd number of finches

Hi. I had a pair of zebra finches, one male and the other female who got on well. Unfortunately, after laying their first clutch of eggs, the hen died. The male went into a depression so, I got him another female companion. They were also immediately compatible soon enough she also died and the male […]

Zebra Finch pair acting differently and not laying

Hello, I’ve gotten four clutches over the past few months from my Zebra Finches, but it has been about 4 weeks since I’ve gotten another. What’s more, they’re acting very different. One of them is in the nesting box at all times – they no longer come out and sit on the perches together, or […]


I have had a yellow canary for more than 11 years. It seems happy and sings. Interacts with my family. My children would like to get another canary to interact with our existing bird. I’m concerned he’s so old and accustom to being alone it might upset him. What are your thoughts and recommendations?

Finch nest

Now that all of the babies have hatched and are a couple of weeks old will the parents clean the best it should I?

Mating Finches

My zebra finches seem to be trying to mate but the female finch is crying/ screeching a lot while the male is chattering his beak a lot . is this bad/ should i separate them?

dove pair problem

I have whit dove my question is how to now if there is both female or Male or female

dove pair

I have a question I have two dove I do not know who is female and how is Male they mate and give egg but they do not site on the egg I think they are female so my question is how to now they are female pair or Male and female pair if there […]

Paralysis in pigeon

Please if you can help. We have a female pigeon. She is paralyzed. She cannot stand or walk. Her legs do work so nothing broken. She is otherwise 100%. She was fine yesterday and found her around 1pm yesterday. Our aviary birds are clean. Food and water bowls are cleaned all the time. No one […]

Canary Pellets

Hello, I had a question in regards to who I can feed the pellets too. Can i feed them to canaries who are around 5 months and older. Thank you

Zebra finches

I have four zebra finches all males they are making nests out of the things in there cage is this natural or is there something wrong

Female zebra finch

Hi I have a pair of zebra finches and she’s been sitting on bout 6 eggs but the male doesn’t feed her or take her any food is this normal?also neither of them are eating fruit or veggies

Female Finch Attacking Male

I have a pair of zebra finches. They have a clutch of eggs. About 1 week after laying the female sometimes gets really aggressive to the male. She chases him around making a screeching noise. Like she protecting the nest. This will go on for a few minutes, 1 or 2 times a day. The […]

Zebra Finch sick?

I have a female zebra Finch who has been puffed up and sleeping in her food bowl all day. She is normally active and energetic but isn’t even moving out of the way when the other finches try to eat out of the bowl. I don’t know if she is sick or possibly egg bound […]

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