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December 23, 2021

How to make the egg hatch if the bird is not sitting on it .what I should do??

What can I do if it the bird does not sit on the egg ??
How to give the egg warm ??
What I should do???



Unfortunately the best thing to do is nothing. The parents may still start sitting on the eggs. If there is only one egg, then the hen will most likely lay more, with a day between each egg. You didn’t say what species you have, but some hens do not start to sit on the eggs until she has laid most or all of them. If these are first time breeders, it is best to leave them alone to figure things out. Otherwise they will never be good breeders. Even if you bought an incubator, the eggs may not even be fertile. And if you managed to hatch them, the chicks usually die when you try to hand feed them from day one. You can go to a lot of expense and work, and still not save the chicks. I know it’s hard, but just leave the eggs and the pair alone and hope for the best.

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