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July 20, 2021

Lovebird Mate dies

So My Female Lovebird’s Couple died,maybe it’s because of the rain or the coldness Last night,I started spending time with the female lovebird,and,he only thing that change is the male that died. My Female Lovebird’s tone change like the chirping is Loudee than before,I really miss that male lovebird,always wanted to bite me,the Female lovebird is not aggressive,it’s skin is yellow and white,I don’t know if she is having depression,but I’m with here right now,what should I do?


Hi Moses,

I’m sorry you lost your male. The female will call for the male for a while. It just takes time for her to accept he isn’t coming back. You should take down the nest box is she has one because she doesn’t need to be laying eggs without a male. If you decide to get her another mate, they need to be introduced very slowly. Do not put him in her cage right away. They need to be in cages side by side for a few weeks first, to get used to each other. Always supervise birds closely when you put them in the same cage for the first time. Do not put a young male with her or she might kill it. You would need to find a male that is about the same age as she is. But if she is being tame now that she is alone, and you would rather have her as a pet, do not get her another mate.

Take care,


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