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FDB and collars

My Pionus just recovered from a yeast and bacterial infection, and we are now working on her feather destructive behaviour. My question is, how long is too long to have her ‘collar’ on that prevents her from plucking her feathers, as they are finally starting to grow back in. I feel like she needs a […]

Parrot Spinal Injury

My quaker was attacked by a hawk, we found him on the ground and has been in the avian hospital for 3 days now. He has lost some weight, but has not regained use of his legs. The x-ray didn’t show a fracture but there was a lot of trauma near the spine though. The […]

Female blue quaquer

My bird is 14 month and still doesn’t talk and a talk to her all the time. Would she ever talk?

Love birds eggs

I have one male and two female love birds in a single cage , I saw two female love birds laid separate eggs on each of their pots . One pot have 5 eggs and one pot have 4 eggs, I don’t know how they mated and I don’t know what to do? One male […]

Female Lovebirds

I have two lovebirds and they are quite young and mated. So I have removed the eggs and got them separated. But recently I did a DNA test on them and I realised both were females. Is it possible and normal for two female love birds to mate and lay eggs? And since one of […]


Hi there, I recently separated my pair of lovebirds into diff cages as they were too young to breed. However, after I split them into diff cage, the female kept shouting and doesn’t want to be in the cage. Is this normal? I feel very anxious as she keeps shouting all the time if I […]


My female just laid her first egg. Do I need to take the male out of the cage?


My lovebird mating with Its toy and only the specific toy, when I take it out he’s not happy,when I put it back then he’s happy and mate again, also sleep hanging against the toy when it is time for sleeping. My other lovebird separate cages, also feed the toys, the fine together when out […]

Lovebirds egg laying

Hi my lovebird is shy of a year and she laid her first egg last night. The egg is at the bottom of the cage and not in the nesting box she’s been working on. What do I do?

Color change – Liver disease webinar Dr. Lamb

My senegal’s green feathers are turning yellow. Prior bloodwork stated he had high cholestrol and was overweight. Now he’s getting more exercise but he refuses to eat veggies. I have a light on him too

Stool sample – Liver Disease webinar Dr. Lamb

hola buena tarde, podríamos hacer un diagnóstico de problema hepático solo con ver las heces?, gracias hello, good afternoon, could we make a diagnosis of a liver problem just by looking at the stool?, thanks

Parrot addicted to Rubik’s Cube

Hi, Another problem for my Alexandrine. Lately my bird has been in love with my Rubik’s cube. He chews it’s blocks and sometimes even takes them out. He plays for hours. Due to that problem, I had to buy another one for myself but to my surprise he wants to play with it ie. Destroy […]

Feeding eggs to parrots.

I saw on a post on the website by a person named BRENDA that she approved the feeding of eggs to parrots. Now, to my knowledge that is dangerous. Veterinarians now are NOT recommending eggs due to parrots dying from STROKES because they were routinely fed eggs. My present avian vet, Dr. Paul Welch, described […]

Green Naped Lorikeet

Hi Brenda, I have a pair of Green Naped Lorikeet, aged around 6 months ++ old. The parrots loves to munched sweet corns and red apples only. They refused to take dry food such as fruit pellets, breads or millets. I’m worried about their nutrition insufficient. What shall I do, to persuades them to take […]

Lovebird Mating 2

Hi there, thanks for answering my previous questions. Just to check when exactly do I remove the infertile eggs.. After her Incubation period is over or now. And also do I remove it all at one go or one by one so she doesn’t notice it? You also mentioned that the male and female should […]

Lovebirds Mating

Hi there, I have a pair of lovebirds which recently mated. The female around 10 mths now has laid about 6 eggs. The eggs are infertile as of now. Do we throw it or keep it in the cage. The female has been sitting on the eggs most of the time when she’s in the […]

Time duration for a female to sit on the eggs

My lovebird’s pair is almost 5 years old. Last year they hatched 3 eggs and then after a few months 2 more. They all died. This year in February she laid 5 eggs out of which 4 chicks came to. Unfortunately, 2 died soon d 2 are still alive. They are healthy and playful. Now […]


The nutriberries are getting too hard. Can they be softened up somehow?

Sleeps all the time

My bird Sleeps all day long he lost a Friend I think he is Depressed ? What Can I do? I know He is not Sick Please Help.

Bird safe “glue”?

Hi Labeber, I was wondering what binding agent is used to keep the nutriberries and cakes together. I want to attach one inside a cardboard tube as a foraging toy and would like to know what glue would be safe to use as well.


Are food boxes safe for birds my bird loves to shred them up I’ve been reading they may not be safe thanks

Lovebird biting

Hi, I have a lovebird chick aged 3 months old. It has been hand reared since 2 weeks old and tamed too. And it began to forage/eat millet by itself from the age of 1 and 1/2 month and I stop the hand rearing. Recently, I found that my lovebird act so aggressive by biting […]

Nutriberries Allergy?

Hi. I recently adopted a rescue Senegal Parrot who has a problem with feather loss. He scratches quite a bit and has patches of only downy feathers. He was taken to a vet by prior owners and they did not find evidence of illness. The one constant in his diet, as reported by both prior […]


My kakariki has been straining to poop and passing large amounts green and white. I’ve noticed stomach seems swollen she went off food for a day but eating now she is 9 years old

My Quaker laid and egg

I was terrified! I woke up in the morning, she was setting there making some noises that scared the hell out of me! And she laid the egg! Just yesterday! I don’t know what to do now She does not have a partner but I know it’s normal for them to do it even if […]

Wood fireplace

Speaking of air quality what about wood fire places. Is that safe? Is there certain kinds of logs that should or should not be burnt.

full spectrum lighting

(I know this has come up before.) Are there really good full spectrum lights specifically for birds? How about placement? Is there a risk to their eyes? I got an Ott light, but was surprised to see that there is no shield over the bulb.

Scented candles, plug ins

A supplemental question to the plug ins: are the ones like feliway that are supposed to make cats calmer dangerous as well?

Feather plucking

My friend has a parrotlet that plucks. She lost her mate last year and I think she’s lonely or bored. He’s ruled out anything medical. I suggested he use a spritzer to ease any molting discomfort, but my first suggestion to him was to get her a mate. 😁

Summer Diet Plan after Breeding Season

Hello Dear Lafeber, I hope this message finds you well. I really appreciate your unconditional support for birds all over the world. I seek your guidance regarding daily diet plan of my parrots (Alexanderines and Rose-ringed Indian Parakeets (around 25 pairs) after the end of breeding season and during the off-season when birds’ nest boxes […]

An unhealthy bond

Hi there I recently came across your article that triggered me a bit in regard to my situation. I have a mother and a daughter bird that I’ve inherited with a very unhealthy Bond. They think their partners obviously and their bond is so unhealthy that the daughter bird shits watery stool and paces back […]

Flat perch

My 5 year old female lovebird only uses her flat perch, refuses regular perches. Is this harmful for her feet? She also poops on it and is a chore to clean.

Sudden death x 3

I was given 2 lovebirds from a friend who keeps pairs and has occasional clutches. I had prebuilt a very large aviary. The cage that the birds traveled in was left open in the aviary and in the morning one was dead. I replaced this bird and 8 weeks later was dead. I was becoming […]


I don’t know cause they know which is which and momma see someone coming they run to their nest box. I’m always home it’s a huge cage. I think I’m gonna try it. Neither of these females go out of their way to attack. Only when you get close to opening of box. The first […]


Can I put 2 nesting boxes with mom’s and 1 male in same cage? My other lovebird followed me out and flew away but now she has eggs and the other pair has eggs to,but now she’s trying to get him to come with her. My other female is her sister they’ve always get along […]

Bad News about my Alexandrine

Hi, Some days ago, the wall of my neighbouring building fell on my house, creating huge craters and fallen roofs in my house, even in the room where my sister, my mother, me and sadly my parrot were. We quickly escaped the house. I tried to grab my parrot to keep him with me but […]

thank you

I just wanted to say thank you, Brenda. Your response was super helpful!

regurgitation in a single bird

My caique has been regurgitating on my placemats then eating the regurgitated food. She is well nourished, does not have a mate and does not do this when she is near me. I know the regurgitation is normal, but why would they re-consume it? Does this indicate a problem? Thank you

New friends

I have a male lovebird in a large cage. He is 7 months old. Thinking of getting another male lovebird or a parrotlett….would a parrotlett and lovebird get along in separate cages? Thank you.


I have two love birds one is a fischers the other a peach face was told their both boys , now someone checked them and said the peach face is a girl and if we mate them the babies will be infertile is this true

Lovebird breeding ???

This morning, I noticed the pair is mating again. What is this behavior? Haven’t they already mated? Is the original clutch dead or infertile? When is it a good time to check the nest without stressing the female? If it’s time to remove the box, what about the female? She is still sitting on her […]

Black dropping in Alexandrine parakeet

My bird suddenly started to have black poop. And vomited too. And within 9 hours she died. Her poop was perfectly fine the day before her death. And since we keep her in a clean room without any clutter it is impossible for her to ingest any foreign body. But she did lose a lot […]

Aggressive Quaker

Hi. I have two Quaker parrots. I was told they were both male when I got them. However, one of them recently laid a couple of eggs. Both eggs were cracked by the time I saw them, so I have no idea if they were fertile. I also don’t know which one of them laid […]

Lovebird obsessed with eating soil etc

Hi, my housemates lovebird it obsessed with eating everything! He is free from the cage all day until late is only semi tame, but friendly. He’ll try to eat any houseplant and soil, but I also caught him eating plastic bags! What does he need that will make him happy? Bird is young, seems healthy, […]

Sudden deaths

Today my 3 birds died all at once. 2 8 year old love birds and a 2 month old parakeet. They were fine and 45 minutes later I heard them drop to the cage floors. Firemen checked for gas and carbon monoxide and found nothing. Everything in the house was as it was every day. […]


The internet says mother birds must have some wet feathers so the eggs can receive water before hatching. Is getting a lovebird wet a good idea? My female lovebird wanted to take a bath, but I prevented this because I’m afraid too much water might drown the eggs. Does humidifier do all the job? My […]

Mother Lovebird Condition

Hey, I really appreciate your advices and my breeding progress is going well so far. It’s only few days from the hatching due date so I’m excited. However, I noticed the female (when she comes out for stretches) looks so messy. Her feathers are little dull and looks as if she didn’t preen herself at […]

Breeding problem

I have a green fischer lovebird pair which breeded a couple of times. But once i changed the cage and nest box they didnt breed. I put the cage where my family members can see them when they come out to the house yard. I provide them a balanced diet. Can you help me with […]

Quaker eggs

If my Quaker eggs are viable and babies are growing inside egg. Should I pull them away from parents being that it’s past the 21 days ?

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