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African ringneck

Will an african ringneck revert back to being untame if you leave him alone to long

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Quaker laying eggs

My 12 year old Quaker, Penny, has laid 4 eggs in the last month. I have heard this not good for her. How do I get her to stop or what do I do to suppliment her diet. or should I just stop worrying. She is covered at night in a dark room, she doesn’t […]

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Love birds

Can more than one male stay in the same cage?

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Essential oils ok?

My question is not using essential oils on my parrotlet or diffusing them into the air. I would like to for example put a couple of drops of lavender oil on a cotton ball around 6 feet away from the birdcage.

Love Birds

I have 1 pair love birds (male & female) for 6 months. But still not lay eggs. Why? i have coconut nest in cage. Please advise. tq

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Same room?

Can a lovebird, African grey and Blue and gold macaw be in the same room in separate cages?

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Indian ring neck parrot.

Hi, my parrot is sitting very quiet. He isnt talking. In the morning he was totally active. But nealry by 4.00 he became silent. He isnt eating much. He is eating only what he likes, like bananas and some seeds. He is just sleeping since 4.00. He doesn’t shows any interest i. anything. We dont […]

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Peach faces

Can I put peach faces on with budgies cocateels ring necks &finches?

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I found a parrot yesterday in the streets. He was very injured and was unable to stand up and fly. He was attacked by crows or some other bird. And I took him in, sheltered him. His legs were looking bad but now he is okay. BUT…he cannot stand up. He falls down on his […]

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Is soy milk ok?

I have a Parrotlet and he keeps trying to drink my Soymilk when I get a glass to sit down and relax at the TV with. He got a taste the other day but I didn’t want him drinking it in case he could get sick. Is it ok to let him drink it after […]

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Nutriberries in the fridge?

Hello! What is the reason that I can’t store my nutriberries in the fridge? Does it harden them or cause them to mildew?

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parrotlet question

I have a dilute turquoise parrotlet. Which breed are they? I can’t find much on line about them. Thank you.

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beginner bird?

Hello! I’m thinking about getting a bird, and I would really love to one day get a highly social parrot, however I’ve never owned a bird before so I want to take care of an easy beginner bird before I take in a parrot. Do you have any suggestions as to what “beginner” birds I […]

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Quarker parrot

I have just brought a 4 month old quaker parrot im a newbie at this when would be a good time to tame him and the best way

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Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

WE Purchased ultrasonic indoor pest repellers 22-65KHzand need to know if they will harm my African

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Color change

How do Vasa Parrots change color without molting?

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Quaker parrot

I got my Quaker parrot about 2 weeks ago I’ve tried everything to get him to stepp up nothing has worked , I let him out of his cage everyday a speak to him all the time but when he’s out the cage all he dose is fly he never wants to come see me […]

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My parrot is vomoting water

From today morning my 2 years old bird is not eating anything. He is sitting quietly with eyes closed and threw up water twice., his voice is very low.. What to do? I am very much worried

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