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After researching the recommended age span for breeding birds, I got curious how old is too late to breed for Fischer’s lovebirds. One is five years old ( since it was born and raised with me) , other two birds’ ages are unknown, but they’re both young adults( I can tell by their vibrant colors […]

Infertile First Clutch

Hello was wondering if it’s normal for a lovebirds first clutch to be infertile? I’ve made sure that they’re at the right age and all perches are solid and on a good diet. Shes laid 6 eggs but are all still clear. And would it be possible for her to lay fertile ones in the […]

Some Concerns

I’ve checked my injured bird and saw that one wound on one wing was better. But the other still looked bad that raised me a question how long do birds recover from wing injuries? I also checked for signs of plucking and self hurting actions, but the bird seems to be fine and its feathers […]

Lovebird sleeping position

My lovebird sleeps by lying on his stomach on the flat perch. However he also sleeps on his perch sometimes and then sometimes on tje flat perch laying down. Is it normal? Or is this an indication of any sickness

Weird action

In my flock of four Fischer’s lovebirds, two of them are new birds bought last year. They are both healthy and in good shape. But they both does this weird knocking on surfaces(on their cage bars, floor, wall, etc…) with their beak with tapping rhythm. My other two birds never do this. It mostly happens […]

Electus Parrot

We have an Electus who is my mothers bird who passed away a couple of months. He had a strong bond with Ma. Before her passing, she was in hospital for a total of 3 months and they have been separated for this period of time. Cooper is his name, is not showing any signs […]

Wing Injury

Remember the bird I described to you that had strange behavior and poor flight performance? I discovered two injuries under its wings near the body. This explained the symptoms. I suspect it’s from its aggressive companions. It looked bloody(clotted), but no swelling and bleeding. The lovebird’s appetite has improved and can now scratch its face(which […]

Pellet crumbles/dust

My caique pulverizes her pellets into a dust. Is she actually consuming enough when she does this and getting the nutrition that she needs? Is this common?

which bird is best?

hello 🙂 I am 15 years old and i have been wanting a bird for a very long time now. My family use to have two cockatiels and budgies. I have always wanted either a Love bird, Parrotlet, or Green cheeked Conure. I am homeschooled and due to covid we are home almost all the […]

Love birds

How long does it take for love birds to get their feathers after they hatch?

My parrot got hurt while she was flying.

My parrot got hurt while she was flying around house. She has superficial wound below the wings. The wound is of 1 inch and can be seen when we lift the wing up. She eats properly and is active. We don’t have any avian vet in the town . We r giving her cefpet and […]


Hi…I have a patient that apparently is picking the seeds out of the Nutriberries and Avicakes and not eating the filler material. The owner is sure that is causing some weight loss. Any ideas or suggestions?

Strange New Behavior

Hello. I have this 5 year old Fischer’s Lovebird at my room. Its gender remains unknown( but has traits of typical male) and it used to be the tamest and boldest in my flock family of three other lovebirds of same species. This month I noticed it was nervous and startled easily. It doesn’t perch […]

Love birds

Hello there my name is Susana and I’m have a couple of love birds and last month she had 3 eggs and is been more that 24 days and still nothing ,and today for the first time I’m notice she was not sleeping inside on top of the eggs !? Should a be concerned or […]


Hi Lafeber team, What be the correct incubation’s temperature and humidity for Lovebird’s eggs to hatch into a healthy baby? I’m using an incubator, due to parent lovebirds refuse to sitting on eggs. And what is the cause for the embryo to died , when come to near to hatching time?

Female bird, no male. Appear to lay eggs.

I often find her in the corner with her tail against the cage. Or she will sit on perch in a position like she she’s going to lay an egg. She poops regularly. I just learn, I need to improve her seeds. She seems to have fleas.

i dont know if its time or safe to let my bird out his cage

hi, i have a peach faced loved bird. i have had him for about three months or so. i understand that patience and training would be key in getting him to trust me and do certian tricks that would help in letting him out his cage daily. so far i can put my hand in […]

Sleepy and not active

My love bird is sleepy full day and not very playful and active as her other birds in cage

Two species Hybrids

What about the pairing between mask and fisher ? This kind of cross breeding is useful

can a parrot stand and sleep?

Dear Sirs/ ladies, i have a small carrier for my monk parrots when she sleeps at night with food and drink. I want to ask if it is ok for her to stand whole night and sleep? thank you in the day time, she is in another large cage or free in my house.

Cross breeding

am going to pair up with violet mask and olive mask What is the result will be there

Sleep schedule

I recently got my Indian ring-necked parakeet.. he’s just 3 months old, he sleeps a lot like 12 hours a day , I just wanna ask if that’s normal, he’s not sick or something right? I don’t know if sleeping that much is normal for baby parrots, pls know your help is appreciated!!

Hormonal weight gain?

Is there anything known about female parrot weight year cycle? I have an adult female blue headed pionus and she gains weight every spring (when the daylight hours increase) and then decrease again in weight less starting from mid-summer. I have made a excel -diagram for her weight spanning several years and it is the […]

Safe foods & teaching a parrot

I try to Google Bird safe foods and often the internet gives conflicting information. For example, some sites say radishes are safe for birds others say not to feed the birds radishes. I would love a comprehensive list of bird safe foods from a qualified avian resource. I belong to a Facebook group that shows […]

Breeding quary

Can I breed a yellow peach faced with a slate grey with yellow band on his head ??


Why my 3 months parrot eating a lot and what can I do to stop him .

Lovebird died

Hello lafeber, I was given two lovebirds a six months ago, but sadly one has died overnight. The lady who gave them to me, said the birds were a few years old. Although she could not remember due to memory loss. I have other birds (Indian ring necks, Budgies and Cockatiels) in a very large […]

Young birds v Adults

What is the age of a young bird? does it depend on the kind of bird and their life span?

Meyers parrot

Follow up to my yellow nape. I do have a cockatiel. I was wondering how the Meyers parrots are with family’s

Lovebird Mate dies

So My Female Lovebird’s Couple died,maybe it’s because of the rain or the coldness Last night,I started spending time with the female lovebird,and,he only thing that change is the male that died. My Female Lovebird’s tone change like the chirping is Loudee than before,I really miss that male lovebird,always wanted to bite me,the Female lovebird […]



1st time pet owner :(

long story short: my 4 birds do not trust me yet to leave the cage and be petted. One of them laid 7 eggs OUTSIDE the nest, last time I tried putting them inside she kicked and broke them. As of now one egg of 7 has hatched and fallen below the cage to the […]


Hello and it’s me again. I noticed one of my four lovebirds is wheezing or have sort of stuffy breathing sometimes. She seems to be fine however. This has been happening for few months. Is it because the air is too dry?

Egg Problems

Hello! Recently my dear two lovebirds mated and had a clutch of three eggs. The female was faithful warming it until few weeks were past and she stopped. I have checked the eggs for life and saw two were infertile and one dead. This is the second failure of the pair breeding and fourth failure […]

Baby pet Lovebird

I think I accidentally drank the same water my pet drank from… should I be okay?

Two bonded female lovebirds fighting and injuring eachother

Hello Lafeber, I have been taking care of 2 female bonded lovebirds (Mango and Pants) during the past year and a half. They are approximately 3 years old, and they have been inseparable until very recently. During the past year and a half, they have been going through cycles of laying eggs, brooding over them, […]

Lovebird losing feathers

We have two Lovebirds we got on December. They are about two years old. One of them had lost some wing feathers and had a white spot of underneath little feathers which the breeder said he was modulating. Otherwise he has green outer feathers everywhere else. This spot had not yet grown any green outer […]

Love Bird

Blue (male) was plucking and very hormonal. Vet gave him a hormone injection. Blue’s behavior instantly changed. Unbalanced, not chirping, no whistle, seems heavy in weight, heart rate faster, said a few words, no more, eats and drinks more, wants to hide, sleeps alot, not as friendly all these symptoms since this injection. Vet can’t […]

Rosella Chick Eyes

How long should it take for a eastern rosella check to open their eyes? Our chicken hatched almost 3 weeks ago and seems health and is eating alot but has still not opened its eyes. We thought it opened it for a bit but they seem to be closed again.

Boarding criteria

I run a parrot boarding service. What testing protocol would you recommend for boarding birds safely. i.e., what diseases would you recommend screening for and which type of test … PCR etc.

Air purifiers

you mentioned air purifiers under environmental toxicity are hepa air purifiers okay to use. I have a person in my house with bad allergies.

Cleaning rope

whats best way for cleaning wooded and “rope” perches, to lessen chance of infection, bacteria

Feather Destructive behavior

Is it possible that the symptoms of FDB in birds are caused by a fungal infection on the surface? In addition, can you provide nutritional advice related to this disease?

Senegal diet

Hi, what food would you recommend for a 2 year old senegal parrot? thanks 🙂


Hi!! Thank you for such an informative talk! Since dogs and cats have things like e-collars to prevent them from picking at wounds. What are your best suggestions/recommendations for such things in birds? Especially smaller species like parakeets? Thank you so much for your time!

Vitamin D

Hiii so my question is what to do when your bird has a lack of calcium and vit D ? I heard we can smash an egg and given it ! Can that work ?


What percentage of time do feathers not grow back? Do you have to wait for next molt for re-growth?

eclectus baby

when do i stop feeding the eclectus baby? is it 12 weeks or more? At what age do i introduce solid foods or fruits to weaned baby? When will they try to fly? at which month?

Scared lovebirds

Hi! I have 4 lovebirds, 2 of which are the most recent additions. their names are Pepsi and sprite. they came for a not-so-nice breeding situation, and a cage that was 5 by 10 by 12 cm (yes, cm not inch) without perches because “they kept chewing the wood”. they have gotten used to their […]

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