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What food should I wean Lorikeet onto?

I have a rainbow loirikeet that is approx 9 weeks old and is pretty much ready for weaning. He has eaten some solid food, and isn’t unfamiliar to it. I was wondering whether it be better to have his final diet composed of pellets, liquid formula, or a combination of both?

Baby Lovebird plucking feathers

Hi, My peach face lovebird is about 5 weeks old and is plucking its feathers. I am noticing smaller pin feathers on the bottom of the enclosure when I wake up, and I am also noticing what I would deem “excessive” preening. It is losing large feathers from its wings. What should I do?

Hormonal female lovebird

My 2 yr old hormonal female lovebird is biting everything, me, my clothes, pillows, her towel. Is there anything I can do to deter this behavior?

Princess parrot not popping eggs out

Our first mating season with charlise she dropped about 8 eggs from her roost.. since then no eggs at all..they mate she goes in box but nothing..

When should I wean baby bird?

I have an approx 8 week old Rainbow Lorikeet that i handraised on formula. He/she is almost fully featherered except the tail and back of neck. He readily accepts syringe feeding and is confused when i offer him any solid food, rather mostly just spitting it/not even taking the food. Is this normal behaviour? also […]

Alexandrine Hormonal Behaviour – 3

Hi, I have started taking action since the past 3-4 days. As I’m 13, it’s not easy for me to get a new bowl just cause he’s showing some weird behaviour. So all I’m doing is feed him through the bowl as usual and take it away as soon as he’s done eating. Also, he […]

Alexandrine Hormonal Behaviour – 2

Hi, My Alexandrine is doing that same staredown thing but this time with a steel bowl. He’s been doing this for about a month and I have decided to ask you guys about it. The way he does it has started to look like those Indian Ringnecks on YouTube.

Female lovebird

I recently learned that what I thought was my male lovebird is a female lovebird when I woke up to an egg in her cage. When I bought my lovebird I was told it was a male. This explains her aggressive behavior lately. She doesn’t have any nesting material in her cage. What can I […]

Diet for my kakariki

Hi! I hope you’re well. I have a few questions regarding providing my bird with the best and most nutritional diet possible. He is 2 and a half years old, and has been on a seed diet most his life with daily fresh fruits and vegetables. Recently, I have tried to convert him to Harrison’s […]

not sure if my love bird are male and female or just 2 males

so i have 2 love birds one is blue and one is green i gave them a breedingbox after that they started mating green would mount him shelf on top of blue and they mated its been 5 days since they have started mating they have mated for 5 days straight but yesterday i saw […]

Male peach face lovebirds behavior

My 2 year old male peach face lovebird loves to shred paper and put it in his tail. I also put a bed in his cage. Recently I have found out this is nesting behavior and I took the paper and bed away. He is a single lovebird. Now he seems to retreat to his […]

Two females

Hi, i have 2 female king parrots and one male, in a large cage with other parrots. My ? is should i take out one female now the male has chosen his mate and they have 2 eggs already in their box. Regards Joan

How can I make 2 parots get along to each other?

I have a quaker, Pancho, aged 2 years and 3 months and a green cheek conure, Rico, aged 9 months. They don’t get along each other, everyone would say it’s the Quaker’s fault, but honestly, the biggest fault lies with green cheek. I taught Pancho not to attack Rico when the little one is in […]

Baby lorikeets

Hi, my 2 lorikeets have just become parents of 2 wee ones. I have a very large aviary outside with a large metal cage inside which has their box in it were the babies were hatched, just yesterday. I go into the aviary daily to feed and interact . I am still doing this but […]


How effective is acupuncture for a bird that has osteoarthritis in the feet?

Avian Vet Shortage?

A general question here. Why are there so few vets specializing in Avian Medicine. It is a real concern for pet owners?

Kidney diet – Dr. Lamb Webinar Sept 16

It is difficult to find info online regarding changes that should be made to the diet for a bird with kidney issues. Can you advise dietary changes? Also, since bird kidneys are different than human kidneys, does dietary advice for people with kidney disease have relevance for birds?


My parrot is playing after her friend flew away..why isn’t she sad ?

Lovebirds at 10,000 feet

Someone is interested in having one of my young lovebirds. However, he lives in the mountains at 10,000 feet and my 6 month old lovebirds live with me at 5,280 feet. The Buyer is concerned because he bought lovebirds once before and they died shortly after moving in with him. Would my healthy young birds […]


My kakariki used to pick food up and eat with her claws she doesn’t do it now seems like she can’t do it I wondered why it could be

Bird won’t stand after concussion

Hi Our Indian ring neck was involved in an accident after my wife closed the door at the same time he decided to fly through it, his head got trapped and he fell to the floor. We took him to an emergency vet as our regular vet was closed. He checked him out and said […]

my love bird died all of a sudden

I had a beautiful black mask, I came home and couldn’t find him and when I found him he was dead. he was like panting the day before which was unusual, he was hiding from us for 2 days and in the morning I kissed him and told him I loved him and said goodbye […]

Parakeet incubation

Hi, I have two dusky headed parakeets. They have successfully bred their first 2 chicks. My questions is to help me understand and manage better going forward. My girl has just laid another 2 eggs. 1) Can we take the male out of the cage for a period of hours, say 3-4 hours? We usually […]

Question for Rosella pair

Hello, i have a Rosella pair. I have them for 2 years but they didnot lay eggs not even a single time. Could you please guide me?

Lovebird can’t walk

I found this lovebird suddenly fell on my house. It seems very tired and both of it’s leg seems to be strange. One of the leg seems to like having muscle atrophy the fingers, the front fingers is very very short and curled up, while the back seems shorter than normal. The other one of […]

Featherless baby lovebirds

I have four six week old lovebirds the first hatched grew normal with beautiful feathers the other three are pretty much featherless and half the size. I’ve tried to look on line for answers but haven’t had any luck. Could it be from not giving the adult birds proper nutrition before eggs were formed . […]

Hormonal Behaviour in Alexandrine

Hi, Recently my Alexandrine has been showing some weird behaviour. Mostly he is standing on top of his cage. Whenever my family members approach him, he first goes close to them and then slowly walks to the other end of the cage, far away (he also has started doing this with me). He also steps […]

Love bird eggs not hatching.

Our love bird played 4 eggs.It has been a month till now it hasn’t hatched.Is the egg wasted or the embryo died?.Will the egg survive?. Please let me know. By Manshi

Lovebird Egg Laying Issue

My albino redeye pair laid an egg. I noticed that they are not incubating it. I thought that it’s normal and they will start incubating once female has completed laying. But I checked after 1 week and there was still only one egg & the pair not sitting on it. I shifted the egg under […]


Sir how we can produce parblue birds? I mean what should I pairing with?

Mixing pellet diet and vegetables for parrots

From expert Parrot advice on 70% pellet diet 30% vegetables and fruit diet, can I feed pellets for 5 days of the week and mixed veggies/fruits for 2 days of the week? Its much easier for logistical purposes for me.

Feeding kakariki

Are nutri berries and seed enough to feed my kakariki do I need to include anything else to keep her healthy

Alexandrine Update!

Hi, A lot of things have changed and I have decided to maybe give an update! My house was renovated 2 months ago and my bird has fully recovered, it had grown its wings fully and could fly to the ceiling easily and once almost collided with the ceiling fan so i had do get […]

Eclectus Poop

My eclectus poop is in lime color.. does this means liver problem? He is going to be 5 months old.. we wanted to stop baby food so we kept nuts for him and fed baby food too.. he is drinks too much water

Male Hormonal Bird

I have a male Alexandrine who seems to put weight on when he is hormonal. He receives the same amount of pellets every day and I weigh him every day but I have noticed when he becomes hormonal his weight goes up. I am trying to see if this is a normal for some male […]


How old dose a parrotlet have to be to lay an egg

Lovebirds Run When Approached But Once in Hand Relaxed

My lovebird anytime I approach them even with treats or whatever run to the furthest part of the cage trying to avoid me. But once I finally get them in hand they love being stroked. You would think since they like it they would welcome it but it’s always the same.


Hi sometime I let my budgie out with the ringneck

Senegal plucking

I have a 22 year old Senegal parrot who was traumatized many years ago by the person watching her’s cats got ontop of her cage, she’s been plucking for years. She was so beautiful any suggestions how to get her to stop. I have tried spraying her but she does not like that. Also running […]

Lovebird behavior

11 year old female peachface lovebird lost mate 1 1/2 years ago. By mistake, we purchased a male fischers, now 1 year old. He wants to “associate” with her….she wants to kill him and has bled him several times. They are now in separate cages. She tolerates the wife and me while he avoids us. […]

Parrot behavior

as an owner I’ve been trying to learn as much as possible the past few years. I’m glad to find there’s a huge amount of advancements in physical health knowledge but I’m curious do organizations/group ever focus on mental health for avian species? I believe it should be just as necessary because of their intelligence. […]

Parrott breeding

My female yellow has a large bulge in her bottom. I believe it might be egg binding. What canI do?

Birds are just dying

Hello I have several love birds. They out of nowhere been puffing up and breathing heavily and suddenly dying what could be causing this? Today 4 of my birds have died and am very heartbroken because I’ve given them Amoxicillin for the respiratory issue but no success.

Love birds breeder pair age difference

Sir I have a love bird pair. Male around 15 months of age and female around 12 months of age. So I want to know about the age difference that it is good for this pair? Because female is 3 months young from male.

Aggressive/untamed lovebird

Hi! I have a female lovebird who is 4 1/2 months old. I got her from a pet store when she was 3 months old. There are no bird rescue places in my area that I know, otherwise I would have gotten a rescue. But this pet store is family-owned and apparently has a good […]

Ringneck parrot

My parrot poop black colour for a week . But he is active and normal as usual.


Hi I would like to know if the Ringneck kills budgie If I put them together

Keratin Flakes on Back

Hi there, Is it normal/healthy for a parrot to have tiny keratin flakes on his back. The parrot is moulting. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

Ringneck and Alexandrine

Had Female Alexandrine 4yrs but rescued male Ringneck 2yrs ago. He is very tame she is not as much but has come on in leaps and bounds by watching him. She tolerates him but is very jealous and dominant. Must separate them when not at home. They are free flying.

Other parrot health

I have an elexander parrot which he expels mucus like thing from mouth . I am very concern about his health. Recently he started vomiting and now mucus like substance. Please help me plsss

FDB and collars

My Pionus just recovered from a yeast and bacterial infection, and we are now working on her feather destructive behaviour. My question is, how long is too long to have her ‘collar’ on that prevents her from plucking her feathers, as they are finally starting to grow back in. I feel like she needs a […]

Parrot Spinal Injury

My quaker was attacked by a hawk, we found him on the ground and has been in the avian hospital for 3 days now. He has lost some weight, but has not regained use of his legs. The x-ray didn’t show a fracture but there was a lot of trauma near the spine though. The […]

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