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Nobody knows what’s happening to my lovebird.

I have taken my lovebird to 4 highly qualified Avian vets, they have run every test possible on her, crop swabs, fecal gram stains, x-rays, countless blood exams, cloaca swabs. She has this odd behavioral issue that they’ve at this point simply ruled behavioral or hormonal- she’s a single lovebird, she’s 8, but she has […]

Query on an Alexandrine

Hi I have recently purchased an Alexandrine and told he was 16years old, when I picked him up she said he had a few issues 1- he doesn’t like men 2-he doesn’t like hands 3-he makes a noise when he’s stressed. On arriving home and having him for a week now not only does he […]

Kakariki egg eating!

Hi, my kakariki laid 5 eggs in total, she was in and out the nest box getting food. My male would feed her outside the nest. I have provided alot of calcium replacement, they get fresh green food and apples. Along with seed and egg food. Last day or so I checked the nest box […]

Confused about Alexandrine’s Gender

Hi, Quick Update – My Alexandrine has had his foot fully recovered and is doing pretty good now. And I’m confused if he is a male or not. He does those eye pins along with wing spreads like the male parrots on the internet do. I’ve had him for more than a year now and […]

Ringneck Taming

Hey Lafeber, I have a Indian Ringneck who is about 1 year old I believe and I’ve owned for a few months now. When I first got her I left her to be alone for a few weeks to settle into the house and get used to everything, then I started to slowly start the […]

New Friend and possible aggression

I’ve decided to adopt a friend for my female lovebird, Luna. (The friend is very young and still being raised at the pet store until he/she is ready to be taken home in another couple of months.) I have a bonded pair of budgies in a separate cage, and every time I let Luna out […]

My lovebird seem like couldn’t fly anymore

Hello I have a question ask about lovebird because recently I have bought a lovebird and they were taking care under by my girlfriend but this few day my girlfriend found that my lovebird walking having a problem even the wing look like have problem we worry that our lovebird lost their flying ability also […]

Indian Ringneck taming

Hi I have an Indian Ringneck and we think she’s about 1-2 yrs old she came from a very loud and uncomfortable place I have had her for about 8months she will take food out of my hand and will come to me if I have food she showers with me and is part of […]

My lovebird started biting

At first my lovebird was so kind and sweet when I put her with me alone but when I put her in another cage in a kitchen there’s another bird in another cage and he was a lovebird but untamed I think she learned agressive behavior from that bird so any advices to get my […]

My ringnecks fighting after 7 years

Why have my ringnecks started fighting after 7 years together? They are both male and they had little fights before but nothing serious. Now one of them won’t leave the other one alone in peace and he’s constantly trying to let him know that he wants to be left alone but the other one is […]

2 1/2 year old love bird

Not sure what the bird been through, but she eats drink and chirp right away. Is this sign she is comfortable and secured in her cage? She is preening in front of me as in a distance well .

Parrots and Chickens

I want to get chickens but have parrots. Can you safely have both with Avian Flu being so bad now.


Should I allow my new ring neck to get out of his cage on his own or is it better if I take him out myself. He isn’t tamed.

Parrot pooping black

Made my parrot to take bath and now it’s not eating, the poop color is black

Fisher Love Bird

My birds are laying their eggs in the afternoon instead of night so is it ok.

Fisher love bird

My love bird is laying the eggs in the afternoon instead of night so is it ok.

Parrot Coloring

We rescued a green ring-necked parakeet a few days ago. Apart from being extremely hungry and thirsty when we caught him, he seems an overall healthy bird who is used to the company of humans and can whistle and speak a few words. However, his flight feathers each have a yellow feather on both his […]

Fake egg – Ask the Vet Webinar Feb 24

Several days ago my Meyer parrot began getting very broody. She did not lay an egg, but instead “adopted” a small round rattle as her egg. She now lays on it. When is an appropriate time to remove this “egg”?


I acquired a Lovebird back in 2012 that is very high strung, will bite and attack. She has also ripped out a lot of feathers. Last year I acquired a male. Three months ago she started to rip up paper. I put a nest in the cage but nothing is happening. She just keeps ripping […]

My bird

My Bird is loosing a lot of feathers around her eye and it’s all crusty and you can literally see her skin around her eye

Eggs infertility

Hello My raw parrots have layed 4 eggs ,starting from the end of January. They layed their first egg on 20th of January and completed their clutch till 1st February .I checked their eggs to see if they are fertile on 26th February and they were all infertile. The shape of the eggs was perfect […]

Lovebirds incubation period

I have an incubator and i was wondering when to stop the automatic turner so that they can hatch and when would you recommend me to stop the auto turner . Thanks

Love bird abandoning their partner

I have a pair of lovebirds (green and yellow). Yellow and green is likely both female. Yellow is 8 months old while yellow is 2 and a half months old. Yellow and green often fights over toys and perches and nip at each other’s foot and wings so i separate them but when i separate […]

Plucking Location – Dr. Lamb Webinar Feb 10

Can where on the body a bird picks offer insight on what could be going on medically? What if a bird is also scratching on one area of the body, e.g., one side of face and beak?

Color change – Dr. Lamb Webinar Feb 10

My 7-1/2 yr old female BHC and the tips of her tail feathers are yellow. I honestly do not know how long this has been, but would like to know if this is something to be concerned about?

Parrotlet feathers – Dr. Lamb Webinar Feb 10

Our parrolet has had terrible looking feathers since we got her. She begins to grow normal feathers but then they become jagged and just fall off. She also has a lot of down feathers at times . She is on conditioning food as an additive to her normal food and daily vitamins but nothing seems […]

ABV – Dr. Lamb Webinar Feb 10

How does Avian Bornavirus Ganglioneuritis affect feather destruction? Is it a specific pattern or more generalized? What underlying mechanism causes the bird to pick/pluck ie. pain

Ne disciplinirani papagaj

Pozdrav, imam mužjaka nimfe starog oko godinu dana, a kod nas je tri i pol mjeseca. Došao je iz vrlo loših uvjeta i u početku je bio jako plašljiv. Bojao se svega. Dugo smo se bavili njime i postigli odlične rezultate. Sada zna stati na prst, maziti se i uči razne riječi. Međutim, u zadnje […]

My lovebird started biting

My bird is biting I don’t know why but I have another lovebird that actually bites hard but the other one is tamed and it’s kinda starting to bite I have a baby brother I think she’s scared of him because he’s annoying her


Hi i have finches they are young but I always used humans immune boosting for my dogs after asking vets if it all ok and equine joint support the vets cleared it I wonder if the birds are same can they turmeric and flexi joint and the same vitamins I have loads and can mix […]


Why does our kakariki flap wings when taking a bath

Ringneck lost its tail

My 12-13 year old female Indian ringneck has lost her tail for over months now, and it wont grow back. She doesnt show any signs of illnesses, has a healthy appetite and no significant behavioural changes except shes shouts when none of the family members are in visible sight of her. I may have seen […]

Color change

My bird used to be all green, bow he’s turning brown

Peach faced female lovebird

We have a single peach faced lovebird. She has no mate and we didn’t even know she was a female until we suddenly found an egg in her cage. She is a little over a year old and is nesting. We’ve done everything to keep her from trying to shred things up but she is […]


how many time do i need to change my parrots food and water daily?

Indian ringneck biting

I have two untamed Indian ringneck bird one female and male at 7 months old I have had them for a month they always bite me when cleaning the cage and can’t let them out as there wings are not clipped which makes hard for me to clean their cage. It’s impossible for me to […]

Chaces of older female lovebird get along with younger male

Hi! I have a 13-month old female lovebird and a 5-month old male. I keep them in two separate cages since they are way too young to mate and breed. However, out of cage they sometimes scratch each other’s head (mostly the younger male gives this service). Most of the time the female bites the […]

Air purifier

So I bought an air purifier with an ionizer and a Uv setting. Am I right to assume it is safe as long as I do not use the ionizer setting?

Bald spot on a lorikeet

My 3 month old rescued rainbow lorikeet developed a little bald spot just above her beak, should I be worried?

Can I separate my lovebirds

I’m going to get two lovebirds soon and I was thinking if I could separate them because I don’t want two my grandma is going to take one and I’m going to take one I don’t think they’re mated but I think that there bonded but if I separate them I will bond with one […]

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