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Diet of Yellow Ringneck pair rearing chicks

Dear Lafber Guide, I hope this message finds you well. One of my two Yellow Ringneck pairs eggs have started to hatch. One baby has been hatched while other four will hopefully hatch in a day or two. Kindly suggest me the best diet plan I can serve for the pair who has to feed […]


I have two lovebirds. Male and female. They been mating for over a month and no eggs.

My male lorrikeet is dominating over food

So i am in the process of trying the same thing, I had a female and then I got a male from a person. They have bonded to some extent. They have started cuddling each other on heads and have started sitting together. The problem arises when i give food. The male one has a […]


After 2 years my love bird died, I bought a dark blue male Pacific parrolet, she I bought him he was healthy, then he was not eating his neck was whiggleing I called the pet store he said bring him here I did he was there for two weeks. The pet shop said that it […]

Pacific Parrotlet not laying eggs

So, I’ve had to pacific parrotlets for over 2 years now and have had success a year or so ago with breeding and egg laying. My female had three clutches, the first one were all duds, the second had one fertile egg but it never went to full term, and the third made it all […]

Baby Lovebird

Hi, My 4 weeks old Lovebird babies reluctant to take the hand feed formula. If I forced to feed it, the babies vomit out the formula. What shall I do now?


How can I get my male and female lovebirds to start breeding together ? She does lay eggs but they are all blank. What can I do to get them to do their thing ?

Lovebird Paper chewing

Is it okay if i give my 3 lovebirds some paper to chew? The paper i give them are papers with ballpen written in them, uhm i write things on that paper using ballpen.. is it okay? Do i need to use papers with nothing written in them?

Lovebird Bathing

Hey, i have 3 lovebirds, do they need bath, cause they stink… cause they dont bath, is it very important?

Bathing Bird Body Language

Hi there, Are these behaviours general indicators that a bird is enjoying his bath? – Fanning tail feathers – Flapping/fully extending wings – Fluffing feathers – Moving towards water Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

Love bird suddenly dies

Can a love bird die while being groom? Manga was fine before groom started filling her nails

Parrot lorry feeding

I give a lory 3 different pieces every day, such as a piece of apple, a piece of pear, and a piece of cauliflower. Is this adequate nutrition for him or is it too much? With the presence of food Almhss him.

Senegal beak

My almost 19 year old Senegal’s bottom beak is turning white on the sides – our vet says all of her labs were normal at her last visit and doesn’t seem to be concerned, but couldn’t tell me what might cause it. I’ve never seen this on any other Senegal – is it an aging […]

Lovebird behavior

I have a 3 month old lovebird. And she will not step up. Not even with the lure of millet. Is it ok to move my lovebirds cage from room to room and outside during day with me. Also is it good to play lovebird singing for her. She seems to love it. It is […]

two baby lovebirds different colours

my pair of lovebirds Mated and had babies back in October. one of the babies looks exactly like the parents but the other one is almost totally light grey with a hint of olive green. the others are bright blue and green. What would make this happen to the little grey one?

My Parrolet can’t fly anymore

My Parrotlet started flying all over the house after months of having his wings clipped but one day after coming home from work he was hiding under a couch and when he finally came out he couldn’t fly more than a few feet anymore. What happened? He seems fine and walks normally.

How to deal with my bird’s sexual frustration?

I have three lovebirds; Tiki (cobalt masked) probably male, Miki (Dutch blue) probably female and Kiki (peach faced) probably male. I got each of them separately from different places. Almost a year ago, I only had Tiki and Miki who seemed to be bonding well with each other. None of them were tamed and after […]

Love birds

How can I tell how old my love birds are as I they were already grown when I got them

Fisher love bird breeding

Why does my lovebirds not hatch their eggs, they only sits on the eggs until chicks is half formed in egg.. as if they loose interest in eggs

Milk Thistle for Liver health

Hi, I have a question regarding the milk thistle and liver issues, should it be given as a grain or as an extracted oil? I’ve done some research and found out that the highest level of silymarin (what actually helps the liver) is concentrated the most in the shell of a grain of the milk […]

Birds eating fibers

Are rope perches, orbits and toys with rope the same possible issue as the hidy huts?


Will bloodwork indicate if the bird’s diet is nutritionally complete?

Parrotlet Problems

Our two parrotlets are extremely bonded, however, one is aggressive and sometimes harmful to the other. I tried two cages, and the abusee began to pull all his own feathers out. I put them in a divided cage, and the abusee made a hole and rejoined the abuser whom he loves. What to do?

Lovebird Bred.

My lovebirds not laying egg. I have a small colony of lovebirds. I provide all vegetables, fruits and seeds. Also I give vitamin and calcium. But they are not laying eggs. Is their any solution.

Love bird sudden death

My love bird suddenly stop eating from night and he was looking so tired next day afternoon he left me ☹ he was just 2 and half years old and very healthy also what was the reason of his sudden death and her partner bird is now very sad what to do to keep her […]


I have noticed that one if my lovebirds were unsteady on his feet. He is the oldest aged about seven or eight and one of his leg occasionally becomes useless. That leg slips far from him as if it’s injured. But then he seems to be fine and his leg gets better. I’m wondering if […]

Lory parrot care تفيز ببغاء اللوري

ماهي الاطعمة التي اقدمها لتفيز طاير اللوري للتزاوج وما هو مقدرا الفواكة والخضار الي نقدمها لهم ؟ وماهي خلطة الحبوب المناسبة لهم وكم المقدار اليومي لهم What are the foods that I offer to encourage a Lory to mate? What is the value of the fruits and vegetables that we offer them? What is the […]

Hormonal Obsession

Hi, it has been a while since I sent my questions. Right now my bird is in better condition since his vet visit. The lovebird now can fly and move his wings with ease and the wound is gone. Only little bare patch is there with new feathers growing in. He has been separated for […]

Feather pluking

Whats the reason of feather plucking of chiks in african lovebirds

How can I help my lonely 9 year old parrotlet

Hi. My 9 year old male parrotlet has lost 2 mates in the past 2 years. The 1st mate was 2 years ago, then he bonded with the remaining female parrotlet I had, and she just died 3 weeks ago (she was 12.5 years old). He still calls for her. They were close. He is […]

Baby Parrot of 4 weeks

My baby parrot poop is black since yesterday. Is it normal. Am still handing with syringe baby food.

When do male pacific/celestial parrotlets get their markings?

Hi, I have a parrotlet that is about 7months old now and I’m not sure on it’s gender yet, It has a sort of blue streak on it’s wings and a darkish blue patch on its back but no eye mark. Is it a female or will it’s mark come through in time

My love bird is almost 2 and hasn’t laid eggs

I’m wondering why my lovebird hasn’t laid any eggs she’s almost 2 now in March and she’s never laid an egg.. she’s been doing these weird wing things where she stretches her wings out and puts her butt in the air.. what does that mean and is it bad she hasn’t laid any as everyone […]

Age difference

My Female Lovebird is about 3months old, up to what age male can I get for her to bond with?

Pionus breeder

Hello, I was hoping you could contact me with a pionus breeder that is willing to ship the bird overseas or is located in Australia. Thankyou!

Lovebirds will not lay eggs if wings are cut?

I have 2 pairs of fischers love birds. I want to cut their wings so that its safe for them to play around in my home. But the shop owner told us that if you cut its wings it will not lay eggs. Is is true? I’m confused on what to do.

Lovebird beaks

The beaks on both of my love birds are getting dark around the edges. Can you tell me why this is happening.

Eggs hutch period

Hi , My african love bird laid 4 eggs from 25.9.2021. till date(23.1021)non of the egg hatched . But the female still sitting continuously on it tacking 2 or three minutes break to refresh. What can I do ? The birds age is 20 months . Will the eggs hutch? Thankyou

Can I teach my male?

My poor Male Quaker parrot can’t figure out how to mate with his girl. Any suggestions?

Lovebirds mating behaviour

I had 2 pairs of lovebirds bonded very tight to each other both pair came from different breeders, unfortunately one male flown off and got caught by predator. Now I have 2 female and a male, they been living together for several months. Bird A and B are bonded pair and A feeds B. But […]

Stress Factors

My bird has been visited by a vet and they suspected it’s from stress from attacks. The bird is still being separated, but doesn’t like it. Also the other lovebirds are so desperate to mate and are aggressively hormonal. Literally the presence of each other is triggering mating behaviors and fighting. Separating each one is […]

confusing and sudden death of bird

I had a male lovebird and he seemed like he was in good shape, he was always happy and he just had babies with his mate this year, I kept track of what he was eating closely and kept dangerous toys away from him, but one morning, he started making small chirps and his eyes […]


I’ve read that malnutrition is a major problem for parrot health. What are the best diet / food combinations?

Baths and nail trimming

When it comes to showering / nail trimming a rescued bird that is super duper phobic and aggressive, are these things essential to stay on top of? Or should they be skipped until the relationship is worked on? Some parrot “experts” tell me I have to force the bird to bathe /get it’s nails trimmed […]


The good news is that the injuries look better and the bird stopped going crazy over the collar. However it started to chew the edge of the collar at the neck to remove the collar and accidentally ripped some feathers off. I removed the collar to prevent more damage. Fortunately it didn’t look too bad. […]


I tried again to put the collar on the bird and finally did it and it was perfect fit. However the bird went crazy about this and panicked. It tried to chew it off and fell from the perch several times attacking the collar. It can’t climb calmly and lied on its back desperately biting […]


The injured lovebird by now still isn’t visited by a vet or bird professional ( my parents won’t let me unless something serious is occurring), but I checked it’s wings and looked better. Its excessive shaking stopped and flight has improved. However just in case of possible self hurting actions, I made a comfortable collar […]

Sudden Loss of balance

My oldest lovebird who is about seven or eight years old suddenly acted sick and his leg was awkward. I quickly separated him and in few seconds he seems to be fine. He at first was unstable on standing looking confused and frightened then regained his mind back. Is this a sign of seizure or […]

My male African lovebird is acting strange

I have a pair of lovebirds, male and female. They are not breeding but the male is feeding the female. The problem is…the male would feed the female( which apparently is some mating thing). But instead of them mating, the male will go to rub his butt(mating) on a toy in the cage. I am […]

African love birds not mating

Sir, I have a pair of African love birds and the male is not able to mate with the female. Female without mating lays eggs which are not potent and hence we have to throw the eggs. What can be the issue and what is the solution?

Lovebird sudden death

We are getting ready to bury our little Lovebird. What kills a bird instantly with zero warning signs? We came home and do what we always do and part of that is talking and playing with Snuggles. He was chirping, playing, and got excited to get his nightly treat, and as he was going to […]


After researching the recommended age span for breeding birds, I got curious how old is too late to breed for Fischer’s lovebirds. One is five years old ( since it was born and raised with me) , other two birds’ ages are unknown, but they’re both young adults( I can tell by their vibrant colors […]

Infertile First Clutch

Hello was wondering if it’s normal for a lovebirds first clutch to be infertile? I’ve made sure that they’re at the right age and all perches are solid and on a good diet. Shes laid 6 eggs but are all still clear. And would it be possible for her to lay fertile ones in the […]

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