Bird Type: Other Parrots

Wood for perches

Is there any way to make safe woods safe for our parrots (free from disease) to make perche out of (grapevine, bamboo)


What is your view on feeding pellets? What would you suggest would be a good ratio of pellets to fresh foods daily?


What are the best way to exercise a clipped bird who is also a couch potato?


How do I tailor diets by species? Do senior birds need special nutrition?

Plucking Parrotlet

My little parrotolet continues to pluck feathers from her stomach,legs and back. Her skin looks dry and she scratches around her head. I give her a few drops of olive oil each week, rub Neosporin on bald spots about twice a week. Don’t see any mites, etc. Took her to an Aviary Vet – no […]

Sick parrot

I have a 2 month old Indian ringneck parrot who just keeps on crying and won’t eat anything when we checked it had fever also What do we do?


Hi is it ok to mix seeds with pellets I. The same feeding bowl I have a separate one for fresh food

Lovebird Napping

Hi, I have a 7 week old lovebird and I was wondering how often they usually nap during the day?

Old mustache parakeets

I recently bought two mustache parakeets from a very bad condition they are deadly afraid of humans and everyone we try approaching them even with treats they flutter around there cages and will bite/attack…we want to gain there trust and make them not afraid of us what should we do?

Hormone implants

what are the long term side effects of using the hormonl implants? Can they be used indefinitely?

How much to feed

If you measure your parrot’s food precisely (e.g., in tablespoons), does it mean the bird has to eat 100% of the food not to starve?

Egg laying

Females (single) of what species, from your practice, lay the most eggs. Cockatiels, I think, but what else? And how is it with rainbow lorikeet?

Eclectus breeding

I have a pair of Eclectus that have been together just over 1 1/2 years and Lola has lain 3 times during that time – not fertile and we discard. Is it safe for her to have 2 maybe 3 clutches a year that are not fertile.

Female lovebird behavior

I just got a female baby lovebird (now 10 weeks old). She was very tame and affectionate in the beginning at (8-9 weeks). But about a week ago, she began biting my husband and I very hard every time we ask her to step up. She also chews on our cell phones and laptops anytime […]

Preventing hormonal behavior

Tell me if I’m missing anything to PREVENT…. First time GIRL bird guardian & never want her 2 lay an egg since it will be unfruitful. She gets 12+hours sleep (bed time now 7pm), no more than 1t of fat (seed/nut) daily diet of sprouts & veggies no fruit. She’s going on 3 & starting […]

lovebird dilemma!

I have a male lovebird who is hand reared, very friendly and affectionate. we had him since he was 8 weeks old and now he is 7 years. he is a happy bunny who gets out everyday for approximately 30 minutes, maybe more, and enjoys our company. he is spoken to constantly throughout the day […]

Room temperature

I’m fairly strict on diet and daylight hours but I have one who laid eggs in December and then got really ill from hormonal issues. She is better now but has been hormone implant in January and now started nesting behaviour. Any other modifications I can make? Is temperature a factor which should be addressed? […]

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