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Indian ringneck wont tame with me

Hello. My indian ringneck has been with me for now a year and he just doesnt like me. He is too scared and shy and i dont know what to do. I communicate with him everyday and talk to him. I think he trusts me he eats infront of me, he plays, he grooms but […]

Bee parrot

I need to know his age i don’t know how old he is and I just want to know his age

Why don’t females talk as much as males?

I’ve been doing a lot of research on parrotlets (Pacific parrotlets to be exact), and I really want to get one someday, I found out early on in my research that males are more proficient at talking than females, but why is that and would you still able to teach female parrotlets to talk? Would […]

Parrotlet followup

Thank you so much for your reply. It was so informative and helpful and a great start to my adventure. I found out last night that Peabee is a female. Can you tell me if there are specific concerns I should be aware of?

Parrotlet information

Good morning I am in the process of adopting a baby parrotlet (he arrives at the end of October). My (soon to be) vet has pointed me in your direction. I was hoping you could send me some information on them? I am new to bird community and would like to prepare myself, however your […]

Love birds breeding problem

My Fischer love birds mate for 15 days and after that they start nesting and complete nesting I give it plenty of calcium and vitamin and they are confirm male and female and age is 1 year but they don’t lay eggs reason?

Round ball like fatt just above the vent

After mating got this swelling.will it still breed.has been mating many times but no sign of egg laying.also its hard when touhed.not egg bound even stress free…kindly help in this regard

Do lovebirds need separate space to sleep?

I have a 4 month old african lovebird (lutino) , a single bird. He/she , i dont know about its gender, i believe its a male. He was wounded and i found him in my backyard , but my question is when ever i switch off the lights during night time he latches on to […]

How to cure/help a traumatized an Indian Ring-necked Parakeet

Hello dears, I got a really cute 3 years old, but sadly traumatized Indian ring-necked Parakeet, he really suffers from Angst! How should I help to cure his fear and calm him down? Thanks in Advance Your help is highly appreciated to rescue these birds and bringing them back to life&love Shad Tofiq

My love bird

My love bird lay an egg but not in breeding box and she is laying on it

Can male and female African ringneck parrots be housed together?

Can Male and female african ringneck parrots be housed in the same cage? I have a male and female who are about 5 to 6 months old. And they get along when together outside their cages on their parrot stand. But I wanted to know if its okay to house them together in the same […]

Zebra Finch diet

What can i feed my zebra finch when i get one? Do they need special pellets? Can they eat parrot chop? Do i give them meals or just leave the food in and take it out later? Also, how much food do you give to small birds?


I have a hen alexandrine and have acquired 2 male Alexandrines . Can I put both males in the very large aviary with her or will there be competition for the hen ?

Settling in Quaker

Hi we bought a quaker 2 weeks ago and when we try to put our hands in the cage he tries to fly away and avoid us. What is the best way to gain his trust. He wont come to the bars to take treats. I don’t think he has been hand reared. He is […]


Thank you for your reply, it sounds like hes in fear, or just trying to get used to the enviorment. There could be a chance his hormones are changing which is causing him to sound different.


can parrots eat hemp seed?


Hello, my bird keeps making croaking sounds usually, they aren’t loud, but I do not know if i should be concerned or not

altitude sickness

Can I take my pet birds (parrots) on vacation to a cabin that is in the mountains at approx 7000 feet?

Age limit

I want to ask also bec. African lovebirds life span is 12-15 years what is the exact age that lovebirds cannot be breed anymore ? May i ask also what is the exact size of the nest box for albs2?

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