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There seems to be some debate within the companion parrot community about protein in the diet, with some claiming that protein deficiency is a major and prevalent concern (many add mealworms and other insects to the diet) while others claiming that an excess of dietary protein leads to renal disorders. My understanding has been that […]

Feather plucking

Hello! I’d like to ask you: what do you think are the most common causes of feather plucking? Is it caused more often by an unhealthy diet or by another inappropriate care?

Baby lovebird losing feathers around neck area

I recently got a baby love bird black masked violet i believe is around 6-8eks. I am hand feeding. She seems to be losing feathers around her neck area and plucking her chest. Other than that she is active and fine.

Lineolated Parakeet

I am wondering why there is no information about this type of bird on here.

Lovebirds pairing

My green Fischer pair male died after egg hatching. Now my female green Fischer start making pair with her own chick and start bonding. I want your opinion and suggestions on such pairing?

Alexander Parrot

My parrot is female and she doesn’t have male and then also she had laid eggs and now she is not sitting on her egg

Lonely lovebird

Hello, my daughter moved and was unable to take her single lovebird with her. We keep the bird in my daughter’s old bedroom to protect her from our cats. My friend who has a parrot would be willing to keep the lovebird, same room but separate cages or would it be better to keep the […]

Over feeding

Can my Kakariki eat too much he never stops eating should I take his dish out ocasionly

Lovebird behavior

My almost 6 month old male Peach-faced Lovebird Kiwi has been engaging in an odd behavior as of late (3-4 times so far). He has jumped onto my plush, cuddly blanket on my lap, spread his tail feathers, opened his wings slightly, and pivoted back and forth, rubbing his vent on my blanket. I posted […]

Sudden passing of our parrotlet

Our 9 year old female parrotlet suddenly passed away after making strange chirping sounds for about 1 minute, then tipped over and fell from her perch and died. She had a great varied diet, very happy and stress free environment and a large cage cleaned daily in our home. The only cause that I can […]

Lovebird sleep

Hi there! I’m learning more and more about my lovebird everyday and I’m no where near an expert. I just found out my lovebird is a female and I am in the process of taking her enclosed homes away from her. Should I replace this with an open hammock for her to sleep in? Also, […]

About the behavior of my lovebird

Hi i have a lovebird chick his name is bubbly he is 1 and a 1/2 month old I bought him three day ago he turns his head to the back and hide it in his feathers while sleeping is it okay to sleep in such a position

Mating Behavior

Hi! So a few years ago my mom got a lovebird who we were told was a male but then she laid eggs lol. She has always been kind of aggressive to everyone but recently she has begun to like me, starting to lick my fingers from its cage. But one day we were listening […]

Differences between lovebirds and mini parrots

Hi, I have bought a pair of Brazilian parrots (which is called so in my country) and I can not define their exact species and type. they look like Fischer lovebirds s but have larger beaks. how can I define it may I send you their pics? I suppose I have to know them better […]


once a pair bond is established between human and bird, is it possible to break that? or is lessening the behaviors/hormones the best we can hope for?


We have two male lovebirds aged 1 and 2. They love to regurgitate to each other. Is there anything to worry about with this behavior? How much is “too much”?

Senegal parrots

i have two senegals who live outside in their aviary. they are untamed. they are a breeding pair but i do not want them to breed(if they do i would boil their eggs). how do i keep them warm without putting a breeding box in or giving them a warm dark enclosed space. since it […]

Meyer’s parrots

I have two Meyer Parrots and they love having their heads petted. Is this OK? I give my parrot wooden blocks that they enjoy chewing. Any concerns with the color dyes? Are they toxic?

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