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June 13, 2022

My bird always lays eggs on the food bowl even it is very narrow.

I made a perfect nest for them with hay , I made sure they had enough light but still they lay eggs on their food bowl even I move the egg they continue to sit there. How can I make them lay eggs and sit on the nest ?


Hi Samantha,

You didn’t mention what kind of birds you have, so I can’t offer specific advice. The main thing is, you should not be trying to make a nest for them. I’m sure it seems perfect to you, and I know you probably worked hard making it just right, but obviously it doesn’t suit them. You should also never use hay because it can support growth of toxic molds and be a source of aspergillus, which causes a fatal illness. You can find the appropriate type of nest or nest box for any species of bird online or in some pet shops. Most finches use a hut type nest made from woven materials, and you can also buy safe nesting material that is designed for them. All parrots – including parakeets, cockatiels & lovebirds – require a very large, wooden nest box and the only safe nesting material is natural 100% aspen shavings. Other shavings have oils or additives that can be toxic. If you let me know what your birds are, I can recommend a nest and give you more information on breeding them.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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