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June 27, 2022

My female cocktail died at the age of 4

My cocktail died female one suddenly I don’t know the reason she was fine in the morning but then suddenly she started coughing a lot and she died.. Later on we spotted blood from her nose.. What could be the reason ??



Oh no, it’s so hard to lose one suddenly. A sudden death like that is often caused by an airborne toxin. Most fumes, smoke, scents, etc. can be toxic to a bird. They have very complicated respiratory systems and can die from something that may not harm humans or other pets. Possible toxins are some cookware, burned foods, cleaning products, scented candles, plug in air fresheners, most aerosol products or just about anything with a strong smell. If you can’t think of anything she could have been exposed to, then there are other things it could be. It is possible she has been sick and you didn’t notice – they will try to hide signs of illness at first. But really it sounds more like she inhaled something, since she was coughing. It’s possible she could have eaten or drank something toxic, but most ingested toxins do not act so quickly. With an inhaled toxin, she could die within seconds or minutes. I’m so very sorry for your sudden loss.

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