Bird Type: Cockatiel

Cockatiel Loosing Tail feathers

We adopted a Cockatiel, about 3 months ago. And he was late because he was still being hand fed. When we first got him he was doing fine and was acting normal. Then we noticed he started falling backwards on his back. He lost a lot of feathers due to the falls. He currently has […]

Laying eggs

My bird cocktaiel lay her 1st egg before 10 days back and the another egg she has given now does this happens so much of gap between previous egg n second egg

Handfed baby refusing food but not seed

Hi ! I have a 5 weeks old cockatiel, that was pulled out of the nest at 4 weeks ½. The mother stopped feeding him and started plucking his feather. Hes been eating well since then but today he kept refusing the seringe. We put a branch of millet and a small bowl of water […]

Male cockatiel making out with his Offspring!

Hello Brenda, It is me again Shad, my male cockatiel makes out with his cockatiel chick who was born on 24.12.2020, i still dont know if that is a he or a she, but isnt that weird to have sex with his/dad!! ? Is incest normal among birds? And he/she is only 2 months old! […]

Cockatiel pal?

I have a 22 year old cockatiel that once belonged to my daughter (about 18 years ago!) There were two males originally who did not actually fight but would occasionally pick on each other. This is why I did not want to get another cagemate for Cleo when Kaveeka died. But I often wonder – […]

Sitting in feeding Bowl

My female cockatiel is 4 months old and keeps sitting in her feeding bowl. I only got her 4 days ago. Is this normal?

Losing feathers

I am a new bird owner and know that they molt but is it normal for a cockatiel to lose wing feathers

Cockatiel is being weird

Hi! My cockatiel lived with me for 3 years. He never really bonded with me but he does come onto my hands. All he wants is his mirror. I got a girl for him 2 months ago and he seems to not like her at all. He just wants to spend the whole day with […]

18 years Cockatiel

Can my 18 years old Cockatiel still breed? it would be the first time. Thank you

Cockatiel sleeping alot

Hello I have a cockatiel that has stopped whistling leans over a little and sleeps don’t know how old it is

Leg Problem

Hi, I had installed a nest box with coconut fiber bedding, for my cockatiel pair. The male had gone in at night, I hadn’t noticed until the next morning. But when he was coming out his leg was stuck in the fiber. I had to cut the fiber to get him free. And I threw […]

Abnormal Poop

Hi, my cockatiel pair are incubating their eggs, the male just got out of the nest and was acting weird. When I checked him out he took a giant poop. I don’t know if he didn’t want to do business inside the box, and waited until he got out or what. But it really worried […]

Weaning a cockatiel

We got our cockatiel a week ago and was told he was weaned on pellets, but was still giving 1 evening feed to help bonding to new owners. At first he wouldn’t eat by himself at all, he is now eating by himself but am having to give him thick formula, with soft foods morning […]


Hi my mom has three cockatiels one female and two males the only female is Emily our two males are duke emilys brother and storm we want Emily to mate with storm but duke wants her all to home self and we are having trouble with duke he keeps chewing on my moms eye glasses […]

why did my parrot suddenly start singing after the other one died?

i had two cockatiels; my male cockatiel has recently died due to sickness (although i cant be sure, he just looked very sick one night and we couldnt take him to the vet because it was very late, but he was constantly sleeping with his head up and drinking alot. the other one probably knew […]

Constant chirping

My male Cockatiel has recently started a constant twittering. The only time he stops is if i put him to bed or his favorite shows are on. (he loves M.A.S.H theme music) Its not loud but seems more like he would be talking to young. He is not a hand raised bird. He has talked […]

Cockatiel companions

I had 5 cockatiel boys. None are related. Two are bonded for a long time. The two newer ones bonded very much. Unfortunately, Pepper who had been a feather picker passed away of renal failure. Now Mo wants to bond with one of the birds who is already bonded to someone. He has a rough […]

How to make cockteil sit back on her eggs?

My cockteil gave 4 eggs, because her box was placed up high, one of the baby fell and eventually died. Because I didn’t wanted other babies to die as well, I removed her box and kept down, my cockteil moved and with eggs I kept box down but now she isn’t sitting back on those […]

I have no idea why my cockatiel is screaming

I have a 3 month old cockatiel. I’m having a lot of problems with her that I have no idea how to help. Above all, she does this scream/growl sort of sound when: she sees food/treats; I’m nearby and/or she’s climbing onto my shoulder; she’s uncomfortable/wants me to leave; and she’s tired and wants to […]

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