Bird Type: Cockatiel

Cockatiel breeding

Hello Dear Brenda, Finally my cockatiel pair got their first egg hatched and have a cute chick! I guess there are another 1-2 unhatched eggs… How often/much should I feed my cockatiels now? Should be more or less than ordinary feeding behavior? Is it ok if I hand feed one of the chicks if they […]

Recently Acquired Old Cockatiel with Horrible Separation Anxiety

Hello, I have recently adopted an old cockatiel around 15 years old from a family friend. He was never tamed and always bit people, they had him in a small cage but other than that was well-taken care for and loved. When they could no longer buy his food because of COVID they asked me […]

Make is attacking female, but won’t stop screaming

I have two tame cockatiels and they’ve laid a lot of eggs and they have hatched many times but every time the male always ends up attacking the female and chasing her out of the nest box. I have separated them and I put the male cockatiel in another cage with the rest of my […]

My bird got obsessed with mirrors

Hello. So i have a cockatiel and an indian ringneck. My cockatiel doesnt bond with him and he is very shy . Its been 2 years since im having him and my indian ringneck for 10 months. They are always together on the same perch high up near the ceiling so that they can be […]

Is my cockatiel molting or is there something wrong?

Hi! I’ve had my pet cockatiel for a few years now. His name is Koko and recently he has been losing a LOT of feathers. We put him outside during the Fourth of July to get some sun and after a little we went inside to go eat for a few minutes with Koko still […]

The cockatiel chick not eating anything

I’ve 19 days old chick, the parents were too possessive or aggressive while raising the chick as it is the only surviving chick of their first clutch. They use to nibble it’s skin for its feather with which it was born so much so that it started bleeding. As already discussed with you, they are […]


Is there any chance of matting of two male cockatiels

My female cockatiel Laid an egg

Hi my question today is my female cockatiel laid an egg it is her first time ever laying them I bought them as babies and we didn’t know if they were male or female we’ve had him for about three years now and I’m wondering on how many eggs she can hatch so far she’s […]

My cockatiel only stands on the food perch

Hey so I recently bought a cockatiel and he is always standing on the perch of the food bowl and refusing to use other perchs in the cage and I can’t see him drinking water at all I just got him is that normal

Taming a cockatiel

I had bought a pair of cockatiel yesterday…And they are 2 months old…That are not yet tamed…Is that easy to tame now?and if not wat will happen if they are not tamed?

Cockatiel Dilemma

I got a male cockatiel to be the boyfriend of my female. He is in a small cage and I want him in her larger cage. I put the two cages together and the female walks up to his cage and goes inside. But the male won’t come out of his cage. He’s younger. About […]


How can we identify the ages of cockatiel other than DNA?

Growth of cockatiel Chick is very slow

i have Cockatiel Chick 10 days old, parents of the chick are taking good care of it. it is the only alive chick of the clutch of 6 eggs. it was the first clutch of the pair. my concern is that the chick is 10 days old, still its eyes are not completely open, no […]

Over feeding chicks

I’ve cockatiel pair and it’s their first time to hv chicks, the hen laid 6 eggs out of which only one chick survived, the parents are taking good care of chick but sometimes it seems like they are overfeeding it. The chick is 8 days old.

What kind of diet should I offer my breeding Cockatiels?

Hello Dear Lafebar Team, My cockatiels are already in a breeding phase, the Hen laid 2 eggs so far, All they eat is either Millet or seeds, and green leaves of carrots. I am afraid if they have their eggs hatched and still feed their chicks with this diet! Or it is healthy&normaldiet and I […]

How do I know if my cockatiel is molting or Plucking?

Hey! So I have a cockatiel at the age of about 4 months. I bought him weened but the seller said he was only 4 months, so that makes him 5 now. Anyways, I have been seeing a lot of feathers around and in his cage. I am not sure if he is molting or […]

will they have eggs

Hello Dears, I have a coupled cockatiel pair, the Cock is 8 months old and the Hen is 6 years old, they have been mating since a week, is it possible not to get eggs while the male is immature? Or as long as they mate she will get eggs? Otherwise he couldnt do the […]


Why do cockatiel parents pluck feathers out of their babies?

How do I make my 3 month old cockatiel eat on his own and not depend on me?

My 3 month old cockatiel won’t eat his pellets and seeds. He still wants and cries for his formula. I was told that he is old for consuming formula. However, I’ve started feeding him mashed rice, potato, banana, broccoli and sometimes crushed almonds too. But the main problem is, he eats it through a spoon […]

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