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Stunted Baby Cockatiel.

Hi, I have a month old cockatiel baby, she hatched February 12. I got her from a breeder saying she isn’t taking good care of its parents already. She’s been with me for a week now, but what I’ve noticed is, she’s not gaining weight, she’s still roughly around 60 grams to 65 grams. I […]

Cockatiel not growin

My cockatiel is 20 days and so skinny and has runny nose and I don’t know what to do so i do a lot of research

Male cockatiel

May I put a friend with my male cockatiel because I can’t put them with this Mum and Dad because they fight all the time

behaviour and breeding

i have a pair of cockatiels. they mate regularly and often frequent the nest box either one or both of them together. but they laid no eggs. sometime ago i noticed that (not always but mostly) when the female cockatiel enters the nest box the male starts to sing( like a mating call, whistling) and […]


I have 3 baby cockatiels they are 17 days old and they still don’t have feathers. Note: I’m still hand feeding them

Cockatiel passed away

1.My Cockatiel was all okay till 8PM but she had already laid 4 eggs unferlized egg each alternate day before that. 2. On the day she passed away, Till 8 she was all okay but after that there was one other female bird same like her they both were playing and suddenly to sit in […]


I have two cockateils they are around 20 to 22 weeks old i want to be able to handle them . i stick my hand in their cage they take off from me . i know they say you have to becareful

Behaviour and next steps

Hi Brenda, Thank you for quickly answering my question about my bird not wanting to hatch her eggs. I did remove the box and the egg as suggested. Currently the male who mated does get a little protective and ocassionally attacks the single male bird. But the single male bird is not attracted to the […]

Baby Cockatiel pin feather bleeding

So we found a baby who appears to be the youngest of 3 on the floor and we had to hand feed it. Luckily it’s fine now! But my male cockatiel Coco who’s the dad came over and was cleaning the food around babies beak and he started to clean his little top pin feathers […]

My cockatiel died.. I cant believe she wont come back..

My female cockatiel around 2 years old, a very active one playing everytime.. At around till 8 PM she was playing very happily and suddenly my other female cockatiel flew near her and scared the little one.. she almost fell down. I dont know if there was a threat that time.. she was okay only.. […]

Breeding cockatiel?

My cockatiels are breeding nearly every day for the last week … the female and male are hopping in and out of the nest box calling each other when will these have eggs if even ever…? Thankyou for you time 🙂

Cockatiel does not want to hatch her eggs

I have 3 cockatiels, 2 males and a female- all of them live together in the same cage, mated a couple of times. A couple of days ago, I could see that the female was feeling uneasy and had a bulge on her back near the beginning of the tail and dropped hints like she […]

Baby cokatiel

The first baby died due to the mother and father not feeding them I saw this morning a new baby but still there no interests in the baby what can I do to help

Cockatiel sticking his tongue out

My cockatiel ( 2 years and 3 months) sticks his touch out and moves it while going to the vet. I think it’s because of the heat but even if we turn the on the car ac he continues to do it. He doesn’t go out very much.

Cockatiel not friendly

Ever since I got my bird ( he was 9 months old) he bites a lot and doesn’t want anything to do with me. He is now 2 years and 3 months old. I would like to for him and I to have a better bond.

Baby cockatiel

My baby cockatiel had like splayed legs she was flying around and doing pretty good but now she can’t even fly and it’s like her feet aren’t grabbing and she can’t perch and she doesn’t eat that much I don’t have the funds to bring it to the vet either…

My cockatiels don’t mate

I have a pair of cockatiels. Male is older than 4 years and female is older than 3 years. The male is with me aprox 3.5 years and sometimes he claims my wardrobes or other places which resemble nest. Addition to that, he tries to mate with my hair. But the main issue is that […]



my cockatiel doesn’t let me touch him

I have a male cockatiel that is about a year and a half old And I have been taking care of him for several months. We got used to him and he got used to us. If someone is not at home for a few hours and then we come back, we find him sad […]

cockatiel egg

my cockatiel eggs have been chirping for more than a day now – what is happening? i have contacted some vets that specialize in birds but they dont know whats happening either and tell me to try cracking open the egg if it still continues in a day. should i crack it or wait?

Outside smoke

Hi,if my neighbour burns some paper and cardboard,50feet away from my house,and I can smell it in my house with the windows open,will this kill my cockatiels?

Cockatiel feather issues

👋 .. my cokatiel bird lost her wings and tail feathers long enough to grow new ones back .. she haven’t grown feathers .. no wings .. no tail .. since then she is unable to fly .. and whenever I hold her on my hand she jumps excitedly and try to fly and get […]

Cockatiel lost feathers on one side of his nares

Hi, my 4 month old cockatiel lost a bit of feathers on the right side over his nare 4 days ago. He seems fine no changes in his behavior, he eats,drinks, sings, flies, normal poops. Is there something I should worry about cuz in my country (Kosova) we don’t have avian vets and other vets […]

Aggressive male cockatiel

Hi, I have a male cockatiel and he is very temperamental. he is love-able one minute wanting all the attention, the next he is attacking us and my partner. We are working with him daily trying to do training, but he is so temperamental. He initially bonded to me, however, he even attacks me at […]

The mother cockatiel isnt feeding the baby cockatiel.

A while ago my two cockatiels mated. And recently one of the eggs hatched. I don’t know exactly when it hatched, but when I got home from work it was dry and clean. But I have been noticing that the mother cockatiel ignored the baby and the eggs, and the father was in the nest. […]

Cocktail bird

Can I keep 2 male and 1 female cockatiel at my house


Currently have 2 male Cockateels & planning on getting 2 female. Can they all be in same cage or separate 1 female with 1 male in separate cage

No feathers at 2&1/2 weeks for my chick

My cockatiel chich is 2&1)2 week old. It is the 3rd one from a cluster of 3. I’m hand feeding them currently. The first two are perfectly growing. Though the 3rd one was with its parents until last week. The parents were not feeding him and started plucking at it. So I seperated it from […]

Laid second clutch of egg too soon

Hi, i have a pair of cockatiels they laid their first clutch of eggs in the first week of January that had 4 eggs in total two of them were hatched from which one baby died after two days and the second one passed away after almost two weeks, and the rest two eggs were […]

Cockatiel eggs

My female cocktail just laid an egg. But she does not have a mate. So I understand that the eggs will not hatch but what should we do with them? And how can we prevent her from laying more eggs?

CBD for cocktails with arthritis

My 21 year old cockatiel has pretty bad arthritis. Our vet put him on meloxicam about a year ago. She wants us to add CBD. How ever she doesn’t know much about it. Can you help at all?

Underweight cockatiel

I have an 8 week old cockatiel that parents are not (and have not been) feeding. I’m giving Higgins Intune formula 3x Daily and he has a good blend of seed and pellet mix, but he’s not really picking at. He only weighs 72gm and I can’t get him to gain any weight. I took […]

Sassy cocketeil

I have a male cockatiel 1-1/2 years old. A pretty friendly chattering bird . The past few days he had been frolicking in his little food dish and picking on the seeds. Any explanation?

Aggressive male cockatiel

I have 2 male cockatiels. Both about 2 years old. They have never been best buds. Jefe is gentle and sweet and cuddly. Paco still bites me and now he us more aggressive than ever and lunges at me and has even bit me so hard, my finger bled. I have never had a bird […]

aggressive cockatiel

i was given a male cockatiel who wasnt handled for five years he came with a female can handle her but hes very aggressive he bites charges at me when i clean cage i have tried to work with him but its not working at all i cant handle him what do i do how […]

Female cockatiel not interested in its male

Hi. So I have adopted a female pearl cockatiel 7 months ago but since it put eggs, I brought a male lutino for it, 2 months later. The problem is that he is very into her but she can’t even stand sitting next to him or eating in the same plate with him. And bites […]

Cockatiel one egg

My cockatiel laid one egg and she is a new for eggs and she doesn’t sit on it? What do I do?

Separating cockateil parents and their 7 month old.

Worried about a previous question posted by shad, i want to separate my 7 month old female cockateil from her parents(ages not confirmed), who are going in for a second batch of eggs. She has been staying with her parents since the time she was born, is it alright for me to separate her now?

Egg laying

I have a 7 year old cronic egg layer. She was housed with her father and i had just got her off of the last batch of eggs. Her father got sick and it was back and forth to the vet for a week. The father died. I let her see and have time with […]

Stopping hand feeding formula for a cocktail and taming them

Hi when can we stop hand feeding formula for a cocktail ? I have a pair of cocktail which is 2 and a half months old one is friendly with me and other one is trying to bite my fingers ? When I remove them for training they fly away what is the solution?

Should I buy my cockatiel a friend?

My cockatiel Mango appeared one day in our balcony and I don’t know her age or how she was treated before. She’s not friendly with hands but she loves being in the same room as me and loves when I talk to her. The thing is I don’t see her sad or bored, she’s active […]

Too old?

Hey! I have two bonded Cockatiels and want to breed them, however they are 8-9 years old. while I would love to breed them, it might just not be possible and/or be detrimental to their health. I Have had a nest box for about 3-4 months and while they have spent a lot of time […]

cockatiel growth

Hi, i have two baby cockatiels both born together except one of them is one day older. Today would be their 20th day old, and one of them hasnt grown much tiny feathers but its eyes and wings hasn’t developed and the other one has feathers grown and eyes are open. now if you tell […]

Can I pull a chick in day 1

My albino cockatiel is pregnant, she hasn’t laid any eggs yet but I’m afraid that the parnts kill the little chicks. I want to buy a brooder to hand feed the chicks can I do that?

I caught my male and female cockatiel mating

The question is that what should I do now I mean how should I take care of them during the egg laying process and also one more question that will mating always result into an eggs? Oh and they both are older then 18 months Male is of 21-22 months Female one is 19 months […]

bald spot

My Cockatiel is around 7 month old and have bald spots under its beak and neck but couldn’t really tell because its feathers coving it but as I was petting it and I have notice it. Is my Cockatiel depressed? and is it normal for them to groom themselves too much? What can I do […]

Young male cockatiel angry after adding nest box

I added a nest box to my cockatiel pair in the wrong age, one day, I found the male has become fearful and very agressive (even with the female), but I removed it after some time when I learned it was really wrong, ensuring there are no eggs in it, and saved my female from […]


I purchased a cockatiel born on nov. 1, 2022. Breeder told me to put paper dish on bottom of cage with rice or pasta and veggies. He would not eat. I tried putting it in various places since he doesn’t,t go on bottom. He will not eat it. He will only eat millet. I have […]

My Cockatiel Won’t Grow Tail Feathers

My 7 months old cockatiel hasn’t ever grown his tail long enough, and when they do get a little long they break or fall off. While he preens his body regularly I haven’t ever seen him preen his tail feathers which causes them to become messy and dirty. Are the two related?

My cockatiel stopped liking me after I brought him

Hello! I hope you can help me with this 🙁 The thing is, I have had my 1st tiel for about 8 months. He was everything to me. After some rough months of bonding he finally let me touch him. He used to come to me and ask for head scritches and he loved to […]

How do I make my pet Cockatiel, eat pellets and vegetables and not baby food.

My 2 year old cockatiel, won’t eat vegetables or seeds, he only eats rice and formula. We have tried separating him from the formula but he ends up not touching the vegetables/seeds we give to him and decides getting hungry is better. I am fearing that maybe he isn’t getting enough nutrients from his current […]

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