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Cockatiel parents not paying attention to new borns

Hi, my cockatiel pair laid 4 eggs . 2 hatched and baby’s came out.. 1 st baby is 4 days old and 2nd is 2 days old. Both parents ware very loving till now.. but suddenly both stopped paying attention to baby’s and more concerted about eggs.. what shall I do..? If these baby’s didn’t […]

Health Nutrition

What’s a good food to feed cocktails. Is there certain kinds not to feed them

Fighting cocktail

Hello i have two male and one female cocktail in cage . Sudenly i sepret A cocktail and she started to make sound and try to meet (A) him ans she start fighting with B so i put A back and take( B) another male out. But when i put A with her A don’t […]


i have 2 females an 2 male cockatiel one of the males mate with both females now i am seeing one of the females laying eggs in a box which the other female had her eggs an sitting on all of eggs an not letting the other female back in box .i want know if […]

Cockateil babies

Hi What is a good age I.e weeks to remove some babies from the nest so they can be hand raised and friendlier

Cockatiel Molting

This is my first year owning my cockatiel and she’s gone through two molts (or i think it’s a molt) since february 2021. She first was loosing about 20 feathers a day for 3-4 days during the summer and now in January it just started again. It’s mostly little feathers but i did find a […]


Your right o nesting box I was told I had two male cockatiel birds when is all gray with a all white face the other one is yellow and gray with orange cheeks. I have no idea how to take care of baby birds especially if the parents are not paying any attention to the […]

My bird layed egg

Hi my bird is a cockatiel and she layed a egg today without mate. She has been giving mating signals since she was 1year and now she is 1year and 6months old. This is her first egg and we dont have any setup in the cage for breeding. Now should i throw the egg away […]


I was told I had two male Cockatiels one is all gray with a completely white face the other is the yellow with orange cheeks they I found four eggs in the cageNeither one of the birds pay any attention to the eggs they don’t sit on them they don’t pay any attention to them […]

Cockatiel doesn’t want to sit on her eggs anymore

My cockatiel laid 4 eggs for the first time and she was incubating them for a while but suddenly stopped. I think it’s because I held her when she stopped eating before she could get to her nest. I just wanted to hold her for a while because it’s been so long since I’ve seen […]


How long does it take a flock to accept a new bird or how long does it take a young bird to become comfortable with a new flock. Recently adopted a 22 week old cockatiel and he seems to be a loner. He very seldom associates with the existing birds. He does not fly away […]

My bird not sitting on her eggs

I have a cocktail bird it has laid about 6-7eggs but shes not sitting on them for so much long it has been 40days since she layed eggs she laid eggs on her wood house which is medium in size im also keeping her and her eggs in a silent place and covering it with […]

Infertile eggs

I have a male and female cockatiel both 3 years old. She keeps laying eggs, usually 2 a week but none of them are fertile. Why isn’t the male fertilizing them?


My birds are from the same clutch, they are cockatiels. They are about a year old and I think the are trying to breed. How can discourage this? And if they ever do actually breed what should I do with the egg?

Breeding Cockatiel pair

My Cockatiel pair is mating from last 2 months, but no sign of laying eggs by female cockatiel. Also when I put the breeding box, male cockatiel only will go and sit inside and not allowing female cockatiel to touch that box or go near also. Please guide what t do


Hi. Thank you for all your knowledge and help. I have a question about millet. Like any birds, ours absolutely love millet. We only give it to them to train and reward. They are on a pellet/veggie/seed diet. We love our tiels very very much. For Christmas, we would love for them to just pig […]

Sunflower Seeds

Is it safe to give our cockatiels sunflower seeds? I’ve read yes in moderation and I’ve no not safe.


My cockatiel bird used to come to my hand in initial days i used to feed it with my hand but then i got bit busy and started to feed it with syringe which it didn’t like then i will keep the food in the cage it will it by itself now if i try […]

Bird Breeding

I am thinking about breeding cockatiels for a living. I want to make sure I do it correctly and with love and kindness. Is there a website you recommend to become informed or any advice to help my decision?


I appreciate your site and you folks. We have three cockatiels. One of them has always thought she is a human LOL. With that being said, she always likes (expects) a sip of coffee in the morning. (one sip and she is satisfied) I drink decaffeinated coffee for this reason. I have always thought a […]

Unsure when and how much

I am unsure when to feed my cockatiel and how much of the formula to feed him. I am not sure how old he is but the person I purchased him from said I should feed him with formula for about two weeks more and then give him seed and water. How much of the […]

Cockatiel nails

What is the best way to “dull” the toe nails of a young cockatiel (approx. 8-9 months old)? Also, my young cockatiel (8-9 months old) seems to be afraid of the bright sunlight. Is this normal?

Honey Wheat Bread

Hi, I had previously asked if our cockatiels could have whole wheat bread. I was told they could in a moderate amount. We tried and now realize they don’t like whole wheat. I have compared the nutrition chart of whole wheat and honey wheat. Carbs and Cholesterol are identical. Our tiels love honey wheat(which is […]

Cockatiel baby

My one month cockatiel baby is not taking feed….not eating anything. Pls suggest.

Male mating problem

I had a female so i bought a male but male cocatail gets up on female after that he gets down and starts mastubating with the stick they don’t mate properly how to stop this behaviour and get them to mate properly

two female and one male cockatiels

Hi. I have had a female and a male cockatiels since last year. they’ve been living peacefully in a same cage but have not bonded (seems like the male is not interested) . So recently I bought a new female and put the male and this new female in a separate cage to give them […]

Scrambled Eggs

Can tiels have scrambled eggs with their pellet/vegetable/seed diet?

Pair or Trio

Can three tiels live happy or should they be even numbers?

Keel bone damage – Dr. Lamb webinar

Joey my 4 month old Cockatiel is missing half of his keel/sternum bone. He’s been to the vet and he told me Joey has a hernia but i don’t see a lump or anything like that. Have you ever seen anything like that?

Pls help with my cocktails

I have two cocktails and the male one is running to bite the female one continuous,and like they have . basket in their cage with some of toys .and the male cocktail jump on female one nad pushes her down wards I don’t understand what to do with them pls help me with this question

Feather issues

Have you ever experienced a cockatiel or other parrot that seemingly was born without the ability to grow flight feathers correctly? If so how did you treat this? my 14 year old cockatiel has been unable to grow flight feathers and is in pain when they do try to grow and falls frequently because of […]

Excessive plucking

Hey! So I have a cockatiel, maybe 4 months old. She tends to pluck out quite a few feathers when preening. Sometimes little white tufts of soft fluff too. She tries to chew/eat them, but I remove them while I can. The vet ruled out any infection, but I’m worried.

Cockatiel beak broken

Hi, please kindly respond to my question because I don’t have any proper avian vet near my location. The problem was my cockatiel got a problem in his lower beak since he was 5. It looked like a cavity in its beak. So I took him to the animal pet hospital as there is no […]

Boy or girl

I have 2 boys and a girl Cockatiel. 1 of the boys has bonded with the girl, so now the other bird is the odd boy bird out. Can I get another bird as a friend/companion for him, or would that be too many boys since we have only 1 girl?

Cockatiel behaviour

I’ve owned birds most of my life. I’m 65 and Ziggy is my first cockatiel bought for me at a widely known pet store. She’s 3 I believe. I’ve provided my bird with all my love and attention. She still won’t come to me or step up. Im starting to feel like it’ll never happen.

female cockatiel

she in setting in her food bowl all the time what is going on

My male cockatiel keep screaming at the female cockatiel

I have a male and female cockatiel. Male just turned 2 and female age is unknown (my vet said she is close to 5/6 years old from her looks and behaviour). I know they are a mated pair because when I bought them the seller said they reproduced before and laid eggs. The female even […]

Wing clipping

I have 3 mature (Approx 1 1/2) year old Cockatiels. 2 males and 1 female. The female and one of the males have mated. The 3rd bird (male) is the odd man out and often is chased all over the house. These 3 birds have the run of the house and my question is: Can […]

Two males and one female follow-up

Hi! You recently answered a question for me about two males and one female in a cage together with a nest box up. One of the things you told me to do was to separate the odd number of birds out bc they will likely fight and/or kill each other. I let my birds fly […]

Cockatiel laying eggs but won’t enter nest box

Hi! I have a female cockatiel and two males. At different points in time I’ve caught one or the other males mating with the female but none of them seem to be “paired.” The female is now laying eggs and I suspect they may be fertilized but neither the two males nor the female will […]

My cocktail is losing a lot of feathers

My bird is losing a lost of his feathers and this has been going on for about two months I took him to the vet but she had me buy about hundred dollars worth of spray and nothing is working I have feathers every where

Female cocktail

My female has laid a bunch of eggs in a 7 month time and last week she’s been plucking her tail feathers and now her chest and under her wings .I’m worried she’s depressed over me taking her eggs up .I don’t won’t baby’s but I don’t won’t her to die on me from depression […]


Endless debate about the merits of seeds vs. pellets (as opposed to providing chop which appears less controversial). My tiel is 19 and for the last 3 years has displayed excess thirst and watery droppings but no other symptoms and was raised on both; kidney disease etiology? Appears to be no consensus.

Attempting to breed my birds

Hey! So I was kinda just wondering if I could get some tips on breeding my cockatiels? The males are attempting to breed but with each other, not the females. I put them in pairs (male with female) and she always rejects his advances on her. Is she just new to this and needs more […]

Cockatiel company

I f my cokiteal is very tame and she is a little bit older than 1 year is it a good idea to introduce her with a tame tame male. If not what would the consequences be? Would she and the male remain tame?

Which one should we get?

Hi, lafeber. Me and family have been thinking about a bird. I was I exited and immediately started researching. I choose getting a cockatoo or a cockatiel. The problem was that we we’re planning on getting two birds, so they can entertain each other. I heard one is more social with other parrots then the […]

Cockateil eggs infertile

I saw them mating together so I’m sure they make and female They lay four eggs and Stop We took them so they played another four and so on

Aviary wire mesh

I’m planning to build an aviary for my cockatiels soon, but can’t find a definitive answer on what the best wire mesh material to use. Some people say galvanized wire is made with materials that may poison birds, others say they use it just fine. Not sure what to believe


My cockatiel layer eggs on the bottom of her cage she is handraised and I didn’t know the other was a male I’m just wondering if I could move them into something to keep them Warm or just leave them. She only had 3 eggs and the second one was laid on the 11of October […]

male cockatiel aggressive nesting

Hi, We have a male cockatiel who used to be quite nice and he’s learned a lot of words and some songs as well. He seemed to be constantly looking for a mate so we got another cockatiel which seems to have grown up into another male but we aren’t 100% sure. Anyhow he’s literally […]

Cockateil eggs infertile

Now I have a Male and a female and the female is probably old They layed 10 eggs and all are infertile Does overage affect fertility?

Cage versus open

What is safer for night frights? Open space like a room or a cage? I had an intruder in my house and so my birds, a cockatiel and a budgie, were flying around in the house in the office room they sleep in, in the dark, and a night light is not enough there. I […]

Cocktails eggs infertile

Hello hope so ur doing well. I kept one pair of cocktail there age is adult. They layed 6 eggs and I try to kept them in a good way caring for everything but when as many days got over their egg was infertile but Iam planning to give them medicine or vitamins for them […]

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