Bird Type: Cockatiel

A new presciption

Hello,I consulted a doctor for skin infection in my cockatiel.There are yellow crust in his wound.The vet give me some medicine like- 1-Tincture Iodine 2-Tetracyline powder 3-Vimeral And also told me to apply turmeric paste for 1 week 2 times daily. What’s your suggestion on this medicine.How many days does skin infection need to recover?Is […]

My cockatiel won’t beg

Today we decided to bring my 16 day old cockatiel out for handfeeding. It’s been about 5 hours and he won’t beg and we have to force feed him. What do I do

Cockateil settle time

How much a cockateil need time to settle in my house on the cage ?? I got breeding pair they breed many times in there preious home


Hi, My cocktails doesn’t eat anything except for Foxtail millet & sunflower. I get them Mixed seeds as well while they only consume the foxtail millet leaving the rest. Can you pls suggest how to make them eat veggies, fruits & other edible items… Also the female doesn’t show any interest in mating while the […]

Sign of recover or not?

Hello,Dear brenda Thanx for your Suggestion.I want to ask about a situation.My grey cockatiel doing loose motion yesterday but now his loose motion has been stopped after not giving the zincovit drops.He also vomited the seeds yesterday.But now it all stopped.The skin is changing slowly from Red to White and seems to be healing.But He […]


I have 3 week old cockateils and I noticed today mom laid an egg today what should I do?

Sign of recover or not?

Hello,My cockatiel has some red patch spot under wingarm.So I consulted a vet,He told me that it is a type of Infection.So he give me some medicine like Neosporin oinment & Zincovit drops.After applying cream,His skin turns white from Red & he is doing loose motion after taking drops in water. Can you tell me […]

Infertile eggs

Hi! I sent a question a few weeks back about my 2yr old cockatiels that laid 5 eggs. It’s been 28 days and they appear to be infertile. In the evenings, they both leave the nest box for a few mins so I can peak inside. I’ve shined a flashlight on the eggs and they […]

Separation Anxiety & Reflections

Hi, about a year and a half ago I adopted a 2 year old cockatiel named Tango (male) from a busy family that didn’t have the time to care for him. He was bonded to another cockatiel (male, in a separate cage due to territorial behaviours on Tango’s side) who had passed away prior to […]

Bald spot under wingpit of grey cockatiel

Hello,I noticed that there are red Bald spot under wingpit or underarm.He is eating and doing activity normally.but i am worried about it.What would be the cause.Plz reply. Contact me with given gmail for more information. Plz

Cockatiel behaviour

Hello, this is A. I have a question to ask about my cockatiels. We have one lutino and one whiteface cockatiel. My lutino cockatiel is a male. We brought him home about a year ago. While the whiteface cockatiel is a female. We brought her home about a month back. When we introduced the two, […]

How to tell if eggs are infertile?

I got my 2 year old female cockatiel from an owner exactly 20 days ago, and she’s started laying eggs today. She was originally kept in a cage with two other cockatiels, one definitely a male and the other a female. The people I got her off said they thought the other two cockatiels were […]


Hello We play tuba and accordion as a duo professionally, acoustically only, but we are loud. Is that likely to be painful to a cockatiel?

Ask the Vet webinar – Emergencies

“My cockatiel was vomiting recently (acting normal in between bouts), was seen by a vet & prescribed antibiotics (&is cured now). He probably nibbled on something at the beach. We also thought it may be a few minutes of strong sunshine. Is there any first aid that can be done or medicine that can be […]

Cockatiel Breeding

I have a pair of Cockatiel and I keep them in my bedroom so that we can give them as much as attention as we can. They are with me for 3 years and I attached the breeding box to their cage 3 times. The female (Coco) laid eggs every time we attached the box. […]

Will they not be hand tame?

Hi,so basically I have a cockatiel . And I have he/she for a month already. I try to put my hand inside the cage every day and treat he/she. My goal was to make the bird perch on my hand. So I lure the bird with the treat to come to my hand which actually […]

Carpet flooring for,baby cokateils

Our 10 yr old cockateils are parenting a 3 day old chick and 1 day old chick and eggsitting. The parents only eat seeds, and very few pellets, broccoli and greens. The baby’s crop seems to be full of seeds and its poop also seems to be a few seeds with orangish brown liquid. Is […]

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