Bird Type: Cockatiel

Possessive cockatiel

My cockatiel thinks I’m his girlfriend. He wants to be with me 24/7. I can’t even leave the room without him continuously calling. He also wants to sit on my head all of the time. Is this a play for dominance? What should I do for him to be less needy?

Breeding birds

I have two cockateils i am sure of their gender as the female lays eggs and the male does his thing unfortunately the birds arent i terested in mating the female would make the mating call and the male would just ignore. The male would sometimes try and have sexual inter course with a chair […]

Female cockatiel presented not properly for mating with male??

I have a pair of cocktail. Both are fully mature pair and before that time female also laid her eggs but all were remained infertile. In my case problem is that after two or three times mating cocktail female starting altogether a strange to mate her male pair and she come on the floor of […]

natural wood

Hello, first of i want to apologize for my english, it is not my first language. I am gonna have a cockatiel in a few weeks and i read mutch about how the cage should look like. Natural wood was highly recommended in a cage so i went outside and i found some good looking […]

Cockatiel Nutriberries how much a day?

How many nutriberries balls should I feed my cockatiel a day? I just started feeding it to him and he devours it so fast and asks for more. I feel like I am overfeeding him please help! Thank you!

Make cockatiel fighting

Hello, my cockatiels are on eggs for the past 5 days. The male is fighting with the hen for some reason. He doesn’t let her incubate during the day & comes out of the nesting box to fight with her. Why is he doing that?

Cocktail breeding

I have male and female cocktail they give egg but not in the box they lay egg outside the box and they break them what should I do?

Big change in attitude

Hi I have a pair of cockatiels. The male sings constantly and is very happy and showy. He and the female have gotten closer and finally tried to mate for the first time yesterday and than again today. From that time the male hardly sings. He spends alot of time with his eyes closed even […]

Not babies

I have two cockatials, has had eggs for a couple of years, but never have babies. Male is 4 female is 3. I feel bad they have the eggs and nothing comes about it. Both lay on the eggs when they have a clutch, the male likes to most of the time. Why aren’t they […]

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Mixed aviaries

I have communal aviaries and cages. How should I present food for 3 different bird varieties – canary, finch and parakeet?

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Cockatiel Mating issue

My creamwhite cockatiel laying unfertile egg 3rd time. Male sitting on top of female for mate but not mate properly whats the issue.

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cHello Brenda, I had a Pair of Cockatiels since last 7 months. They are Old enough to breed more then One year older. They tried mating lots of time but they did’nt alable to make their Breed. many peoples asked me to change the male cockatiel and try breeding again. So I have changed my […]

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My cockateils is laying eggs but after sometime female cockateils is not giving heat to their eggs not al time siiting in his pot during hatching.

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I need help

So my cockatiels are laying eggs but keep laying them outside the nesting box I need help asap

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I have a Sun Canure and a Cockatiel together in several ocasions i have seen the Canure mating with the Cockatiel. Can these two different species lay eggs? Thank you

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Cockatiel Breeding Issue

Hello, I have got a pair of Cockatiles about 7 months ago. When I purchase at that time their age was nearly 1 year. and most of the time they stays inside the breeding box. The shopkeeper told me that they are breeding pairs. so to make it confirm I took them to Veterinary Doc. […]

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Why is my cockatiel dancing in his food bowl?

I have 2 male cockatiels, one a little more dominate. I have two seed bowls and 2 water bowls. Sometimes the dominant “K” will go to a bowl and start dancing in it. At first I thought K maybe be trying to set territory so I would dump that bowl into his and refill. But […]

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Time and Love

Hey. I’ve been considering getting a bird for about a year now. The local pet shop in my area offers cockatiels, conures, and parakeets. I am not getting a conure, but I was wondering if I should get a parakeet or cockatiel. I go to school (6:40-4:20) and was wondering if I should get a […]

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