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Please help, my cockatiels have 4 eggs now and I have not checked if they’re fertile or infertile. I want to clean the nest since the hen seem to have brown spots on her chest and tail (witch I think is bird mites) and yes there have been mites in their old cage (that led […]

Replacing a cockatiel

10 days ago one of my 2 male cocktails passed away from a freight episode, it was very traumatic, the 2 were blood related, I’ve had them since they were age 0, they are 7 years old, I’m now worried that the remaining bird may be feeling lonely, should I get him another friend? I […]

My cockatiel bird Isn’t sitting on the eggs at night

I have an one pair cockatiel. Age around 1 year. they mate and gave 5 eggs sequentially 3 days one after one. But they sitting on the eggs together at day time but they didn’t seat on eggs during night time. What can i do right now?

Dead Hatched Bird

Hello, I have two cockatiels who laid eggs around 22 days ago. Yesterday one hatched, and the mother bird didn’t do anything (feed it, acknowledge it, etc. but assumed it was because the bird had the yolk) and went to sit on it and the other unhatched eggs. This morning, it was dead and smashed […]

Egg laying cockatiel

My non stop laying 3 yr. old cockatiel currently gets lupron about every 4 weeks even though she gets hormonal after 3 weeks. Eggs always come before shot. I’ve tried everything to stop her behavior. Any chance she ‘ll stop laying on her own? Lupron is expensive and it’s hard to run to vet in […]

Worried about baby cockatiels

Hi! I just bought two baby cockatiels and I love them both very very much and I would never want to return them. I am very nervous now about what to do if they mate. I haven’t had a DNA test, because I feel if the results aren’t two males, I would be devastated. I’m […]

Cockatiel Mating/Taming

– I have a pair of cockatiels, male and female. I noticed them mating so I created a nesting box for them, but the female seems to prefer the food bowl… they are both extremely skittish and I wonder if they’re just afraid of it? I’ve put millet in there to get them to go […]

Thank you

I just want to thank you for your advice. I have taken the nesting box away. I think the biggest mistake I made, is to scratch her head a lot, as she loves it. She also holds her beak against my chin when I do that. It is such a habit, but I will limited […]

Cockatiel and heating perches

Hello, Winter is coming and the temperature in my room may be a little cool for my featured friends. So I wonder if I can buy the electric heating perches for them, keeping the rod itself at a constant temperature of 40℃. But at the same time I’m afraid about the low temperature scalds to […]

Cockatiel Laid Egg

Hello, My pet cockatiel has laid an egg (I have one male, one female cockatiel) and she seems to be biting the egg. They alternate between moving it to the far corner of the nest, sitting on it, and she sometimes looks like she’s biting. Not sure if she’s actually biting it or that’s how […]

My cockatiel is always sad

4 month ago i got a cocktail, i didn’t know how old was he, but as his look it was like 3 month, so i feed him cerelac as he was so young but he got used to it and when i changed his food he always look so starving no matter what i feed […]

Unfertile eggs

Thank you to Brenda who answered my previous question. It came a bit late. My female of 2 has laid 4 eggs in the nesting box. She sits on them most of the day and night. I have been told not to remove the eggs. She will not let my male/and me, near the nest. […]

Will my female cockatiel breed with her son?

I plan on letting my female cockatiel breed with my cousin’s male cockatiel and after the eggs hatch I plan on keeping a male baby and I’ll probably give away the rest to people whom I believe will take care of the bird. However I’m concerned whether or not my female cockatiel will start breeding […]

Cockatiel keeps losing flight feathers

I have two male cockatiels, both only a couple days apart in age, each about a year and a half old. One of them is Kirby, who is an excellent flier. The other one is Yoshi, who is not so much. I purchased them both at six months old at a shop that specifically sold […]

Why is my female cockatiel is weaker than before?

Hello its me sivan, I have you guys for advice abd i got it, My cockatiels started mating, Going in the cage, Now my female cockatiel laid an egg (But a day or two) before she lays her egg she looked less active than before and now she is still like that, i know she […]

Why does my bird not like me?

I got my cockatiel a couple months ago, but he still seems uncomfortable with me. He’ll get on my hand sometimes but then try to run away. He looks happy tho, he sings and eats well. I dont know why he doesnt like me.

Female cockatiel Egg laying

I have 2 young female cockatiels that live in a very large cage together. My daughter has a male in her bedroom. She brings the male in to to socialize and play on a big perch on the top of my cage. The male does sing to them and make heart wings but the girls […]

Change of behaviour

HI Lafeber, I have a cocktail about 10 months old and it’s handfed, a week ago I brought him a female cocktail about the same age but was raised in the cage only. I kept them both for a week but all they did was fight each other so I decided to send back the […]

Cocktail male and female

I got a pair of Lutino cocktails wild ones in the month of September they were really happy and were bonded very well. But i am not sure about their age but sure less then 7 month appox. Now my male cocktail died due to Stoke. So i brought new male cocktail wild, age is […]

Male and female cockatiel fighting.

My female bird got out yesterday and thankfully I got her back. But the day before she got out her 3/4 egg hatched. They would take turns and do everything by the book. As soon as they were seperated for 30hours, they’re hostile towards each other. During the 30 hours the male took so much […]

my cockatiel doesn’t like me

I have a cockatiel (male, 7months) that doesn’t really like me yet has befriended my sibling and mum. I am almost certain that he doesn’t like me because I used to pull the mechanical pencil leads , highlighters, and cables away form him when he really wants to nib on them. he only steps up […]

When To Put Breeding Box

I have two cockatiels one is a year and a half (male) and one is 3 urs (female). I have researched about bonding and that they need to be bonded before you put in a breeding box, but my birds don’t bite each other so does that mean they are bonded? And why do they […]

Newborn Cockatiel

My cockatiel had laid eggs and it’s been almost two weeks since they hatched. We took them out in order to handfeed them by ourselves however due to busy schedule we couldn’t be able to continue handfeeding them. Today was the second day of handfeeding. Can we keep them back at their nest? Will the […]

Breeding cockatiels

I have a 3 year old male and a 2 year old female. I handreared both. I would like them to breed but it seems that my male is not interested in my female. She is very ready, but he moves away from her if she gets close to him. He used to groom her, […]

Small birds diet

What are the best foods to feed Budgies and Cockatiels – pellets, seeds, nutraberries, Avi-Cakes, Nutra-An, millet for bribes and of course water?

Cockatiel voice

I have a cockatiel that was rescued from living at least 3 months in the wild. She has been vetted and passed a gram stain test and appears otherwise healthy. I’ve had her now for 1 year. I noticed that she is not able to hiss like a normal tiel. She opens her mouth and […]

Cockatiel renal failure – Dr. Lamb Webinar Sept 16

I have a 20 year old cockatiel that has had high thirst and high urine output for more than two years. Initially I thought diabetes – but when I took him to a vet for an unrelated problem (sudden blindness and lethargy). He is ok now but the vet indicated separately about the high thirst […]

My Female Cocktail laid eggs without a mate

Hello m I take care of two cocktail birds one normal white face and the other Lutino cockatiel ( at the fist i think the white face is a male but I read about cocktail and then I found its a female so I think both female because the yellow one had there feathers a […]

Baby weiros not getting looked after

My breeding cockatiels are having lots of babies but aren’t looking after them.. we have had 8 dead babies.. how can I get them to be good parents.


I just lost one of my cockatiels. I found her leaning her face into her food dish. I went to touch her and she fell off the perch. Her cage mate is OK, but we suspect he has mites or lice. We are treating him and the cage with Scalex. But we just got another […]


We have had our cockateil for 2 1/2 years. He was 3 mos old when we got him. He was hand raised by a breeder. He is still fearful of us. He is afraid when we put our hand to him to let him hop on. He is fearful when we open his cage to […]

My Cockatiel Keeps Screaching

I have a 2-month-old cockatiel that I’m hand feeding. Even after I’ve fed him, he keeps screeching nonstop. My shoulder is his favourite place to sit, but he keeps screeching nonstop while biting my chain. I’ve tried petting him but he hates it and starts running away while screeching. He’ll stay quiet when he’s in […]

Dominant male cockatiel

Hi I have a young male who is in a large Avery with another female, they have mated but they are not bonded. There are another bonded couple as well. I have provided 2 nesting boxes. The problem is, the dominant male won’t let the girls go in the box. He nips at their feet. […]

Wild Bird Feed

We have sunflowers in our flower garden. Is it safe to put a sunflower head out for our cockatiels? If so, do we have to prepare in any special way?

Why is my cockatiel hormonal

My male cockatiel would chase around a female cockatiel picture.. he nests in his food bowl and would screech if I touch it. I’m gonna get a female cockatiel right after my vacation for 2 days! Also my male Cockatiel is mating his swing he sleeps on…

Sudden death of my coca tail bird

The feamle one was perfectly fine till the afternoon but in the evening when i took a look i saw that she was not in her cage and found dead on the floor .she was perfectly fine no infection heat issue or anything like thia please let me know im curious a lot

Cockatiel Breeding Behavior

I have two pairs of cockatiels. Both have recently laid eggs. (One pair had laid eggs before but they were infertile). That same pair is not properly sitting on eggs while the other pair is incubating their eggs properly. Can it be due to inexperience of the pair? (males in both pairs are 2 years […]

Cockatiel Keeping Foot up after nail trim

My cocktiel had a vet appointment today. He also had his nails trimmed. We have been home for 3 hours now he will not put his foot down and he is hardly eating. He seems exhausted. Every time they’ve been cut before, a nail clipper was used. Today it was an electric file and this […]

Cockatiel behaviour

Hi my young cockatiel gets nasty when he sees his self in windows and mirrors what can I do to stop him apart from that he’s very loving

Cockatiel on his back on the floor

Yesterday I found my bird on the floor upside down. He was struggling to turn himself over, but couldn’t do it. After I picked him up, he was fine, but seemed upset about it. My question is, if this happens again when I’m not around, how long could he survive that way on his back? […]

Hatching of egg

My cocktail had laid egg and yesterday around 8.30 i heard chirping sound coming from egg is it normal to hear such sound or should I help it to hatch And after how many days to the egg hatch after the chirping sound And y is it chirping inside egg is that normal or is […]


So I just got a 7 months cockatiel. The previous owner told me that his daughter pulled his feathers out . But I wonder is he sick because he has some bold spots ?

Cockatiel taming

Hello I have two pair of cockatiel and I think their one and half years old because I bought that from pet shop however much I tried I couldn’t get thier trust, so can i hand tame my sweet feather companion

Cocktiel breeding box

Hello,I have two pair of cockatiels.they have a breeding box in their cage so,can I put rice husks for their comfortable and thier eggs


I’ve had two male cockatiels for over 8 years now and one passed last night. My question is should I get another one to replace him for my remaining cockatiel or will he be fine by himself? I don’t want him to be lonely.

Cockatiel male not mating with the femail.

I have a pare of cockatiel bird. I have pared them over 1.5 years ago. In this time span the female bird layed 3 eggs but nun of them hatched. My male bird dose not respond to the mating call. The female bird sits infront of the male bird the male bird gets up on […]

cockatiel breeding

I have brought a pair of cockatiels (One male and one female three weeks ago. they keep on mating for three weeks sometimes even thrice a day . But no eggs are laid yet. What is the reason?

Is My Bird Plucking?

I just asked a question on here, and was met with a very helpful response, but I have somewhat of a follow up. My cockatiel is over a year old and when he moults I can tell because he’s visibly uncomfortable or itchy so I give him baths. Recently he lost the primary feathers on […]

Is My Bird Injured Or Not?

I have a cockatiel that is almost a year and eight months old. I’ve had him for a little less than that and whenever he moult I can always tell even though sometimes I worry he’s plucking, which I’ll get into in a second. Recently I came back from a four day trip (during which […]

Cockatiel Breeding

Hi, I gave my cockatiel nesting box for about 2 months just yesterday the male cockatiel started to visit the nesting box some times they both visit it but the male cockatiel is plucking his feathers in the nesting box and throwing the feather in it what does this mean.

Cockatiel diet

So we have our first cockatiel, Tootles. Our 4 month old beauty is so sweet and fits into our family wonderfully. We want to make sure she is getting the best nutrition possible. We are feeding her Kaytee Forti-diet pro health. She is picky and is not eating fresh fruits and veggies. She will occasionally […]

baby cockatiel

My baby cockatiel is 15-18 odd days old and keeps screaming even after we feed the baby formula. He keeps crying even after the crop is full. I have raise 3 other babies and before feeding they made a lot of screaming sounds but after they were fed they seemed really happy and ready for […]

Mixing species

My full flighted BFA has a playstand in most rooms of my home-she is always out when I am home. She shares her cage room with a cockatiel and budgie. They only fly loose when she is out of the room and they perch on top of her cage a lot. Will it ever be […]

Can 2 same sex cockatiels be kept together?

Can 2 same sex cockatiels be kept together? I’ve ended up taking on my late Dad’s aviary. He has one surviving cockatiel in it. It’s not a young bird. I’m thinking of getting it a friend for company. Is similar age best? Same sex?

Thank you!!

Brenda, Thank you so much for your advice on bringing a bonded pair of males into a home with a single male who needs company. We followed your advice and are so very grateful! Thank you so much and on behalf of our bird! Charlotte

Pressure spot on foot

My cockatiel got a sore on the hock of his foot. Used vet cream for 10 days. 1 month later still a spot though no longer open. Vet suggested getting rid of flat perch though it is his absolute favorite. He does have variety of perches in terms of size, shape, and material. Any options […]

Gout in cockatiel

I have a cockatiel suffering from gout. I Heard nettle extract can help him but don’t know how yo use it.


my baby cockatiel will not stop crying for formula and she is 8-9 weeks. i am trying to ween her off and she will not eat her pellets and is only eating millet. i don’t know what to do anymore, and i keep feeding her when she cries because i’m worried she’s starving. i need […]

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