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baby cockatiel

My baby cockatiel is 15-18 odd days old and keeps screaming even after we feed the baby formula. He keeps crying even after the crop is full. I have raise 3 other babies and before feeding they made a lot of screaming sounds but after they were fed they seemed really happy and ready for […]

Mixing species

My full flighted BFA has a playstand in most rooms of my home-she is always out when I am home. She shares her cage room with a cockatiel and budgie. They only fly loose when she is out of the room and they perch on top of her cage a lot. Will it ever be […]

Can 2 same sex cockatiels be kept together?

Can 2 same sex cockatiels be kept together? I’ve ended up taking on my late Dad’s aviary. He has one surviving cockatiel in it. It’s not a young bird. I’m thinking of getting it a friend for company. Is similar age best? Same sex?

Thank you!!

Brenda, Thank you so much for your advice on bringing a bonded pair of males into a home with a single male who needs company. We followed your advice and are so very grateful! Thank you so much and on behalf of our bird! Charlotte

Pressure spot on foot

My cockatiel got a sore on the hock of his foot. Used vet cream for 10 days. 1 month later still a spot though no longer open. Vet suggested getting rid of flat perch though it is his absolute favorite. He does have variety of perches in terms of size, shape, and material. Any options […]

Gout in cockatiel

I have a cockatiel suffering from gout. I Heard nettle extract can help him but don’t know how yo use it.


my baby cockatiel will not stop crying for formula and she is 8-9 weeks. i am trying to ween her off and she will not eat her pellets and is only eating millet. i don’t know what to do anymore, and i keep feeding her when she cries because i’m worried she’s starving. i need […]


Hi I’m Ruben here regarding my pet cockatiel is not trying any new fruits or vegetables. I’m just feeding her formula she’s about 8 weeks old and she only spray millet in a week 3 times . Feeding spray millet everyday is it bad for health? Please give me some tips on how to make […]

Cockatiel not very interested in me

I have a cockatiel that does not want me to bring him out of his cage. Sometimes he will come on to a ladder and sit with me. After 2 years he will step up on to my finger while sitting next to me but it is a struggle to have him sit with me.. […]


Do u have any solution to teaching a cocktiel to talk?

Follow up to: hvad about the ones which has manly seed in the diet

Hello. (Own cockatiels and budgies) You answered my last question that you need to make sure the there is a sufficient amount of amino acids like lysine and methionine in the diet. I give pallets and some fresh veggies sometime IF they want it, and normally not som much. Give eggs, Deadlines, vitamin, they have […]


My husband had this bird and then passed away. I don’t mind taking care of it I am asking about signs of aging. She is 23 this year. She can be quite cranky at times. Just trying to assess her overall health

Cockatiel laid an egg

Hi I have two cockatiels I thought were both girls, I saw them mating a couple of times and I provided a nest box for them but they only have one egg. They’re both doing their jobs sitting on the egg and guarding it. My question is, is it normal for the hen to lay […]

My bird is not laying eggs even they are in there breeding age ?

I bought a male coctail that was lalready paired but I only buy male and than I bought female from some where else that was also breeder and had a breed recently after coming back to my home I put them in one cage and attach a breeding box now almost 2 years past they […]

Introducing bonded males to a single males home

We want our single male cockatiel to have bird company. We have now been asked if we’d like to adopt a pair of male cockatiels unhomed by ill health of the owner. The two have been living together with their owner for 8 years. My question is, will my single bird feel invaded by the […]


How long do male cocktail nest for?

Mated female cockatiel

My female has laid egg no4 2 days ago and now today. But she and the male both aren’t sitting on them since I moved them to a cage of their own

Is my baby Cockatiel a male or female?

Hi, I have a 2 ½ month old baby Lutino Cockatiel. It is beautiful and adorable! I’m dying to know if the personality behavior could be a possible clue to it’s sex. I understand a blood test would be the best way to find out if the bird is a boy or a girl. My […]


Hi, Iam VIGNESHWARAN and i bought a cockatiel at 17 Dec 2020 adult pair . 15month’s later it has layed 7 eggs and no one hatches from it. Still now they didn’t lay egg . What I want to do for breeding ?

Preening toys

My, approximately, 6 month old cockatiel has a tendency to ‘nibble’ his neck feathers when he’s at peace and roosting. From what I have read, preening toys can relieve stress as well as the need for social preening. I have tried adding a simple preening toy and so far it does seem to have made […]

My cockatiels are not bonding and always fighting

Why my cockatiels are always fighting and not bonding i have two cockatiels one male one female they are not bonding they have no interest in eachother what should i do i got the female for him a long tome ago like at least 5 months i tried everything i didn’t get them out of […]


My female is still laying eggs and the parents is still looking after a 2 week old baby . What can I do to stop her from laying ? I am new with this and these are first time parents . I wasn’t even prepared for the first hatch. These birds were given to me […]

cockatiel male

my male cockatiel is laying on the first clutch of 2 eggs but he does not eat and i am worried. i have bought so much different variety of foods to encourage him to eat, but he doesn’t . is this normal . please give me advice, i am worried he might loose weight, and […]

Cocktail female bird

Hi I have a female cocktail bird since a year I’m somehow always available in the house and she is so attached to me. No one else in the house Now i will be working and most probably I will leave her long hours alone. Should I get her a companion? As sometimes when I […]

Pellet conversion

Hi! I got a new baby cockatiel from a breeder direct. The breeder believed in feeding seeds only, and I got her about 3 weeks after she weaned off of formula. She was initially stuck on just eating seeds, but I slowly managed to convert her. I also got her to easily eat Nutriberries. We’re […]

Male cockatiel 8 months

Hello, I have a two years old female cockatiel and a male of 8 months old. Recently I have noticed that the male is trying to mate with the female. I am a bit worried if he is not too young?

My female cocktail died at the age of 4

My cocktail died female one suddenly I don’t know the reason she was fine in the morning but then suddenly she started coughing a lot and she died.. Later on we spotted blood from her nose.. What could be the reason ??

Weird noise, cockateil

My female cockateil is laying on her, dummie eggs all night. ( male sits on them in the day) During the night she makes just one sound like maybe pain? Only once a night. No more eggs. ALL seems fine other than that NOISE ONCE A NIGHT. Should I be concerned? She is no longer […]

After 2 hatched cockiteals

Is it best to keep parent cockiteals locked in cage or can you allow them out for exercise ? This is first hatched babies and the parents don’t seem to be bothering with them much . These babies are just 1 day old .

Cockatiel diet

What is the best food brands for cockatiels? I want to do pellets and just a few seeds, but unfortunately they reject pellets.

Crop problem

My baby tiel is 5 days old. He’s pretty healthy. But today I noticed his seeds in the crop are at the bottom and is filled with liquid or air above. I read somewhere that this isn’t a good sign. I tried feeling it if it was air or liquid but I couldn’t differentiate. The […]

I want to know if my cockatiel is male or female

Hii today I examined my cockatiel’s pelvis bone to be sure if it’s a male or female. I got to know that gap between the pelvis bone is to wide like 2 Inch is it normal ‘Ok’. please let me know.

my cockatiel breaks his new wing feathers

Hi, as i mentioned my cockatiel breaks his new wing feathers but he doesn’t pull his other feathers so it’s not a mental issue also he’s my first cockatiel and i can’t understand why.

My cockatiels

So I have a male and a female cockatiel since 6 years and they never mate! They fight sometimes but they never breed. Since 2 years my female cockatiel is laying eggs without breeding and my male cockatiel never sits on the eggs also as soon as my female cockatiels lays eggs she starts attacking […]

What to feed cockatiel parents?

I’ve been searching everywhere for a concise list, however what is the ideal food to give to cockatiel parents in order to support their babies? My pair are on a mix of good quality pellets, vegetables and some seeds, however when it’s just this food in the cage they don’t seem to feed the babies. […]


Hello I am worried about my Lutino, he has a bald patch his belly which i only noticed when he got wet. Is he ill? Still flying and eating well but I did notice is poop is very runny.

DNA Test for my Cockatiel

I don’t know the age of my cockatiel. But I am sure it is less than 6 months. Is there a specific age my cockatiel has to reach before I get the DNA test to determine the gender?

What should i feed my cockatiels

Hi I’m sivan. Can you tell me a good balanced diet for my cockatiels and fruits and greens i want to know what is good for them I bought them a sea moffin i heard it was rich in calcium if you have any suggestion please let me know

How do i get my cockatiels to mate

Hi i am sivan. I have a male white faced cockatiel he is old and a female albino cockatiel and she is old enough too and they haven’t mate yet it’s been 3 weeks i got him a female i don’t know how to get them to mate should i put them in different cages […]

How long do heavy molts last in cockatiels?

HI lafeber, Just a quick question. How long do heavy molting periods typically last in cockatiels? I want to know the typical length for a molting period so I can compare that to how long my cockatiel has been molting for. Is 3 weeks the typical amount of time for a bird to go through […]

Cockatiel hyper

Hi my cockatiel is around a year old, I got him last summer, he was very sweet and liked scratches but he’s gotten so hyper over the last months and never wants to be pet, he’s always sorta been like this, is it just genetics or am I doing something wrong as a owner

Female cockatiel acting strange?

Hi! I have a fairly young cockatiel, and she’s started to sit in her food bowl and making odd sounds kind of like soft screeching. Is she trying to nest or about to lay an egg?

One Angry Bird

Hello.. I’m 54 and have had happy, healthy cockatiels my entire adult life. I’ve never even had an issue that required a vet visit! (A blessing considering I’ve never lived within 500 miles of one). What I HAVE done, is purchase and study every avian print I could ever find covering absolutely EVERYthing about birds. […]

Weird annoying sound.

Why is my new baby cockatiel making this winding sound as if he is crying constantly when I come near his cage.

Tame a cockateil

Hi, How to teach a cockateil chick, aged 2 ++ months to ride a tricycle toy? And do some tricks and freefly? In nutshell, what I want is, the bird need to obey all my commands without resisting it? Thanks.

How do I set up heating lamp for a 4 to 5 week cockatiel

I have a 4 to 5 week old lutino cockatiel. I got it a few days ago and I was wondering how I would setup my heating lamp. I do not have a thermostat available and it would take weeks to get as I live in an area that has none. So how high up […]

Cocktail eggs

Hello, I have a total of four cockatiels in a cage one of them laid three eggs in a tiny open box in the bottom, one of them goes done there sometimes but all the bird does is step on them and eat, should I transfer the eggs somewhere else? Do you think they are […]

My cockatiels stopped mating

My cockatiels were mating when i introduced them but i didn’t have a nest that time and it’s been a while they stopped mating i got them a nest box a week ago the male enters but is not allowing the female to enter Why?. And i was thinking about separating my cockatiels for a […]

Cockteils and budgies

I have a large cage with Cocktiels and budgies… I’ve noticied eggs in nest and the male cocktiel going in the nest… should I bring budgies out to a different cage or just leave it alone?


This is our cockatiel female birds second time laying eggs. She has laid 6 eggs and was sitting on them, however we just cleaned the box and put it exactly where it was but moved the actual bird cage because it was in the way so now they won’t sit on their eggs.?

Cockatiel behavior

Hi there! I recently got a new female baby cockatiel 5 months ago. There are some things I want to ask. The first is diet. The breeder I got her from feeds her mainly seeds, so she got used to it. I try to get her to eat other things, but she refuses. Is that […]

horman therapy

Hi dear Dr. which hormones are commonly used in avian reproductive problems? (such as repeated breeder or excessive egg production in cockatiels). How about dosage?

Will my cockatiels mate?

I have a male cockatiel (20m) and a female (9m). I got the female, thinking she was a male, so my older cockatiel would have a friend for when I can’t be there for him. I will house them separately- only allowing them together outside their cage, but I am concerned that they will may […]


My cockatiel has lost her feathers around her neck it what could be the problem you can see her neck other than tha she’s seems healthy

Cockateil not hand eating and its mouth is open

Why is my bird not hsnd eating and why is her moith always open I brought her when she was 3 weeks old back then she was eating well when we hand fed But now she is not eating and her mouth is open she is now almost 5 weeks


My cockatiel’s cage has 2 flaps on the top which are made out of the same metal as the rest of his cage. 2 days ago while he was walking around the cage, the flap closed on his leg. We found some bleeding around one nail of his right foot. The blood wasn’t flowing but […]

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