Bird Type: Cockatiel

Breeding cockatiels

I have 4 cockatiel breeding pairs in a big avairy all sitting on eggs but notice today one male from breeding pairs having sex with another female from different breeding pair what’s going on there thx

Cockatiel chick 3 weeks old

My hand feeding cockatiel chick since today morning he is not eating food normally he is begging for food and making screaming noise as well but now no and I opened his mouth and fed him if no food he will die ya. Please give a prompt reply Thanks

Cockateil tail feathers

While holding my male cockateil he lost all his feathers I am worried how much will it take to get back

Cockatiel breeding

I have a pair of cockatiel and they are 11 months old I saw them mating for one month ago and until now the cockatiel female didn’t lay eggs what is the problem of what i am doing Note: 1- I am putting the cage at the window because they are afraid when they are […]

Balanced diet

Hello, I have a baby cockatiel that is almost 3 months old. He was handfed. Currently he’s on food that s mixed with seeds and pellets. He only eats the seeds and leaves the pellets. I’ve offer different veggies but he will not indulge. What is the best way to get him to eat a […]

Bird Behavior/ Sounds

Why does my female cockatiel makes too loud noises in the morning or when I’m doing some work?

Aggressive cockatiel suddenly nice

Hi! So I got my cockatiel when we was about six or ten years old and he’s been a little bit of a biter and wasn’t really a touchy bird but now all of the sudden he’s really calm and actually letting people pet him and he’s just acting off. I don’t know what’s wrong […]


How much handfeed formula should I give to my 1.5 months cockatiels baby and at what interval

Loss of feathers in cockatail

Hu to treat heavy feathers loss in cockatail i.e it is becoming bald at home as in our city we don’t have any avion vets.


Hi my name is Breanna and my mom has two cockatiels one of them is peep she is a sweet heart and the other one is storm. Storm is being a jerk to peep every time peep goes to get some food and storm is in the bottom he attacks peep and runs her off […]

Avi-Cakes & Nutri-Caked

Please explain to me what is the difference between the Avi-Cakes & the Nutri-Cakes? Does one have more in it then the other? Do they have the same taste?

Male cockatiel matting problem.

Male cockatiel is thinking human hand as his mate, it doesn’t pair with the female. How to change his habbit? Both male and female are hand raised. I bought this male a week ago, when taking with him in my hand. It give the sign of matting and started to rub on my hand. Please […]

4 month old lutino cockatiel

Does not have enough feather under his wings and every noticable bold spot in his head. Is that normal for his age ?

Providing nest box for cockatiels

Hiii…. I have placed a nest box in my cockatiel cage. But my cockatiels are very scared to go near it. I think I have placed it for more than 2-3 months.. Please help in fix this problem..

My cockatiel is screaming

My cockatiel is always screaming and chirping at the same time, but every time I go near him, he stops and raises one foot, and is all fluffed up, however, he is scared of me. If I get too close he takes a few steps back. Nothing is wrong with his food/water or cage. He […]

Male cocktail does not mate

I have a pair of cocktail. Male does not mate in spite of mating sounds. It seems that it is going to mate but not. Female come close to it and made a position to b mated but i havent see it .plz guide

Entire Tail Fell off

Today we too had to put to sleep our beloved (we think approximately 28-30 year old) cocakatiel Reuben. Our other one we think is approaching 28-29 yrs of age. Reuben was fat, nice and dark and bright coloured and feisty up until a couple of months ago when he started really picking at his tail […]

My cockatiel is always scared of me

I have a make cockatiel and its been about 2 months since I have gotton him. When I got him, I left him alone in his cage for a few weeks, afterwards, I sit beside the cage sometimes, but he always walks away from me. I tried giving him some time, but it was no […]

Cockatiels want to breed

My boy and girl cockatiel are always hormonal now. For months they shred the newspaper in their house or hide under it. I move their cage around, rotate their toys, cover them up early, and they do have a LOT of time out of their cage to play. They get so worked up ; what […]

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