Bird Type: Cockatiel

Hormonal cockatiel

My cockatiel had been laying eggs for a couple of weeks and I almost took her to the vet to get hormonal shots to stop her from laying eggs. But I first changed her cage to a new larger one I bought and the big change prompted her to stop laying eggs. Other than changing […]


My cockatiel laid only one egg in the last five days, she is active and the male takes care of the egg.this is their first clutch. is his normal to have only one egg in a clutch?

Cockatiel: Loss of voice and rapid sneezes

Hi. I have a 2 year old male Cockatiel. She is ill. She has lost her voice and also sneezes 8-10 times in a burst, multiple times a day. Her dropping are solid, though turned bright green. There is no Avian vet available in my state. Please advise

When would they become compatible

I got a seems like molting female cockatiel that had been brought by a crow , it’s fine now so I decided to bring a mate for her . As I brought a male cockatiel (around 18 months) starts biting my female cockatiel….I think it’s due to the age difference which makes him biting the […]

Getting off people

Once juman visitors come and my cockatiel has sat on their shoulder, he usually refuses to leave them when it it time for them to leave. Sadly, I use fear to make him fly off as he bites my finger if I ask him to step up then. Fear in the form of bringing a […]

Cockatiel colors

I have a cockatiel pair, dad is gray pied white and yellow, orange cheeks. Mom is cinnamon with yellow cheeks. Two babies are cinnamon with white faces and white crests. They have had lots of clutches but no white faces. Is this rare?


Dear Brenda, I love all the responses I have gotten from you. Thank you. Are there avian medicine textbooks that the doctor can recommend, as there are no avian vets nearby and I want to learn all I can? Also, any books describing wild cockatiel and wild budgerigar behavior? In the wild, then, cockatiels try […]

Cockatiel behavior

Thanks Brenda. My male cockatiel wants to mate with my male and female budgies. It is scary as he is very aggressive and tried to rape the female budgie. I have three birds. The cockatiel is 24 hours cage free. The only reason the budgies have to go in their cage is to protect them […]

Cockatiel wild

Do wild male cockatiels not mate at all until they are two years old? They have so much self control? Would it be easier for them to find a female in the wild? Do the masturbate in wild and do some males never find a mate? Also is there any school curriculum for training birds?

Cockatiel sexuality

On the web there are minimum ages for when a cockatiel should mate but in the wild how early do they naturally mate? How many months old a companion minimum and maximum should a cockatiel be for my eight and a half month old male? And which gender? And how old does a chick need […]

After laying egg

Hi, This is Karthik from India, i have one pair of cockatiel she is 6 months old she lay one egg yesterday for the first time then she is making some weird sounds for some time..I’m really worrying about the sound because i never heard that kind of sound from doubt is does she […]

My cockatiel pair is young. Will they incubate the eggs?

My 2 cockatiels roughly 8 months old are starting to make a nest in the nesting box. I have food formula and syringes to feed the babies but am wondering if the cockatiels will at least incubate the eggs and take care of them until they hatch .


Why did male cockatiel attack female known to him for ten years ? Two groups in big cage separated by wire got along . However when l removed the wire all nine blended except for Azkaban fiercely attacking Blondie n she bled . Thankyou

Cockatiel breeding behavior

I have two cockatiel pairs in avariy and one pair lays eggs. So now the other pair are also preparing themselves for eggs. They mate and go inside there box. But there is one problem every day before sunset the male and female make lot of piercing squawks. After sunset female sleep inside box and […]

Mating birds not laying eggs

My female cockatiel is 2 years old and my male cockatiel is over 1 year. They have been mating for a month now but the female is not laying eggs.

Getting a second bird

My cocktail is a six month old male super friendly and talks to us but was thinking of getting it a friend? What are your thoughts should it be a male or female

Adding a new bird

I have a 11 month old Cockatiel And I am thinking about getting another one how would be the best way to introduce them should I put them in the same cage together or not?

I can’t find any vets in my area

I live in Egypt, Cairo and I have a 3 month old cockatiel. I’m worried he’ll get sick at some point and we won’t have anywhere to take him. I scoured the internet and asked everyone I know if they know an avian vet or a vet who is experienced with birds. What do I […]


I have a cockatiel, was told it was a male, marking make me believe is a female. Well she laid her first Egg! She has no other bird with her. So what do we do now? Or the best thing to do with the egg and her laying the eggs? Should we take the egg […]

Keeping a cockatiel hen with her daughter

Hi! We have had a cockatiel pair for about 5 years now. We never intended to breed them, so we haven’t installed a nestbox. However, they have been nesting and laying eggs on the cage floor. The eggs never hatched until this time and the pair is now caring for four chicks. We want to […]

My cockatiel isn’t laying eggs

I have two 7ish-year-old cockatiels. They’ve had 4 batches of eggs in the past and two of the batches have had successful babies. It’s been about 2 years since they’ve last had eggs, but they’re still trying. Is she too old to have any more eggs, or is there another reason? Is there anything I […]

Heat pad

So I have successfully bred my two Cockatiels, but the female doesn’t seem to sit on the 4 eggs she has laid. I don’t want to use an incubator for hatching them, and decided to use a damp towel/bowl and a heat pad. But I don’t know if that would completely work for hatching them.

Cocktail bird two weeks old not begging for food.

I have bought two cocktails bird two weeks old three days ago now , first I took them to the vet they did examination and determined both of them are healthy . After coming home the baby didn’t beg for food I thought heshe might be scared so I fed she/he little and she ate […]

Cockatiel eggs

i came home and checked on my two supposedly male cockatiels, and one of them was on the bottom of the cage, squatting over-two eggs. We opened the cage door to take a better look, and she came over and climbed on to my hand. Now when i tried to put her near them again, […]

My bird won’t leave the mirrors

I have a cockatiel of which I use to have an amazing bond with but lately I have been sleeping a lot cause of school so I don’t play as much but I still try my best. I also have a mirror in my room he will not leave alone. He gets very aggressive with […]

Help with Nesting box for breeding cockatiels?

Hello, I have a bonded pair of cockatiels who have been mating for about a week . They have been together for about a month now, they have a nest box in their cage and the male and female have chewn a little on it but neither have gone inside. I’ve seen them mate and […]


My cockatiel is 1 and a half months old, what should we feed him other than the original formilla, we tried to feed him cucumbers,boild eggs, fresh water with some bread, seeds, he doesnt eat it what should we do to make him eat? Thank you for reading this.


hello My cockatiel does this thing where he flies around very excitedly for no reason. Today while flying around he hit a chair with a big thud. He had lost a few feathers above his nose due to it. This happened about an hour ago. I checked again just now and noticed that there’s a […]

cockatiel queries

A few months ago (may-june) my cockatiel hit his head somewhere, after which we found that there was some bleeding above his eyes. It stopped a few minutes later but I noticed that there was another layer under his eyelids that were opening and closing. We applied an ointment called megamast lc 5 mg for […]

a pair of bonded cockatiel with a defensive male

i have successfully managed to step up the female cockatiel, and i could bring her to a perch to hang out, however, the male would get extremely agitated. she comes willing using the treat method, as he refuses to participate in training, even tho he does step up when he is in the mood, he […]

Female cockatiel

Good morning I’ve got a female cockatiel and just wanting to know why on the next that she is shedding and how long does it really to grow back to normal

My cockatiel chick is not eating

I just bought a 45+ days old cockatiel. It wasn’t eating millets so I tried handfeeding ( millet flour mixed with warm water) and it seemed to recognise the feeding method and everything went well for a few days after which is stopped asking for food and didn’t want to eat. I forced open his […]


When a bird sits in his dish does that mean he’s a she?

My bird loved me but now seems scared or hates me?

I have a cockatiel and he used to be very loving and sweet and only act a certain way to me but a couple days ago his nails needed to be trimed and I helped my mother trim his nails, he usually hates having his nails trimmed but I have done this before he he […]

How to prevent Cockatiel from laying eggs

Hi there, We’ve had our cockatiel for just over one year and it has laid its first egg today. We don’t want to breed her, so we’re wondering what you’d recommend to prevent her from laying eggs in the future. BTW – she’s our only bird so isn’t in contact with any others. Thanks!

My cockatiel is very sleepy

Hi, My cockatiel was very active in the morning but bit sleepy towards the evening yesterday 8/11. Today 8/12 I found him deceased at the bottom of his cages I’m trying to figure out what happened. For one, I rescued him from a person that I believe was inbreeding them, two he was only about […]

Babies and breeding

Hi my name is Breanna  my mom has three cockatiels duke is in a cage all by himself and storm and Emily have started mating they have done it several times now and we can’t tell if Emily is going to lay eggs and this is Emily’s first time if she is going to have […]

My new male cockatiel

About 15 days I got him. When I go to close to his cage he always goes away from me and moving very fastly and scared of me . I tried to calm down him but it doesn’t work. What should I do?

Birds laying no eggs cockatiel

Why isn’t my cockatiel laying no eggs ever had her bout 2 years or more n she was adult then now I believe she had eggs ready to lay but she passed away instead laying she was in a roosting position n there were all over each other n the male n female became protective […]

1st time cockatiel owner help!

My 1 year old cockatiel just laid their first egg and she is not a breeder so its infertile and I’m out of my depth. I took a trip to a different state to take care of my grandparent with cancer and she started being very hormonal and this morning she laid an egg and […]

My cockatiel has a tiny grey bump under his crest

My cockatiel is about 5 months old now, he recently got all his feathers and was handfed by us, I recently noticed that he has a tiny grey spot under his crest feathers. I did some research and found out it may be a feather cyst. Problem is we don’t have any avian vets in […]

I don’t like, but she does

Hi, I’m the mum who’s asking things everyday – & So, I’ve questioned myself weather I like cockatiels and birds or not. I don’t. But my child does! She jumped around still waiting for a Cockatiel and asked me 3 times in total. I never told her anything about like “I’ll think about […]

Is it a good idea to go to pet store?

Hi, I’m the mum yesterday – So I want to ask, is it a good idea to go to pet store? Because I’ve read many websites and articles say that if I go to a pet store to buy a cockatiel it’s usually hard to train them. Is that true? Any suggestions?

lock it up in cage

Do cokatiels enjoy being locked up in a bird cage? Is it very cruel to do that?

Should I get my child a cockatiel?

Should I get my child a cockatiel? She is just nine years old. And started thinking about pets, she couldn’t bear but everyday mumbling about for a male cockatiel. She has made some research for cockatiels, I don’t know weather shall I buy her one or not!

Cockatiels fighting over egg

So my cockatiels are around 2 years old and they mated and layed fertile eggs! They had a cluth of 4 eggs but they fighted and one egg cracked, so now there are three. I dont want another egg to crack. They are fighting wildly to decide who will incubate the eggs. I have separated […]

Cocktiel leg hurt

My female cocktiel fall with her cage from the top of the kitchen counter she can’t hold the proper clutch she is just 7months old. Presently I can’t take her to the vet. My parents are angry of me having there any home remedies.


We adopted a 6 year old cockatiel and he bites. How can I stop that?

cockatiel male or female

How to recognize by behavior its a male or female. I recently got two birds, one Grey with typical Mohawk and crimson cheeks. the other one is plain yellow with foggy crimson cheeks. the yellow one not friendly, reserve wide at pelvis and plain feathers. not sure if its a female, as they both fight […]

Cockatiel behavior

Two days ago my cockatiel perched on me and cuddled my ear. Last two days he ignores me. Why,?

Cockatiel Companion

I was wondering what bird would be the best companion for my cockatiel, Hezekiah. He’s very sweet and lovable, but I don’t want him to be lonely as I work a good bit. I was thinking of getting a budgie, but worried that the budgie might be aggressive toward him or not as friendly as […]

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