Bird Type: Cockatiel


My cockatiel is month old and its parents stopped feeding it so I separated it and gave some millet to it and it started eating it. So is it actually eating it or just breaking the seeds I can’t actually tell?

My Cockatiel is chasing my new Cockatiel

I adopted a new cockatiel (Ronnie) today who is already completely tame and used to humans but has never been introduced to any other birds, except from a macaw which hated him, I brought my bird home and wanted to introduce him to my cockatiel (Rio) so I placed their cages next to eachother, when […]

pairing cockateils

Hi i have recently acquired a rescue cockateil. It is all white with dark eyes. I have no idea if it is a male or female or how old it is and we have not had any luck finding its owner. It is quite happy for me to talk to it and does not freak […]

laying eggs

We have a large cage with a female cockatiel in and a younger Male budgie and recently my cockatiel has been laying eggs. We went to our pet shop and found that there is no way they are real eggs and they say we should remove then carefully, we have been doing that to the […]

Cockatiel male fights with female

I have a cockatiel pair form more then 1 year. Recently they lay 4 eggs of their first breeding clutch. From last week they were sitting on eggs for hatching on rotation basis like male in day and female in night. But from today male cockatiel is coming out of nest box sudden again and […]

Cockatiel cage shifting

My cockatiel pair have laid eggs and now they are sitting on eggs in rotation. I want to shift them with their nesting box in a bigger cage as previously there cage size is small. So can i shift thier cage while egg hatching period?

Nutriberry and pellet diet

I plan on converting my two cockatiels from seeds to pellets by going from loose seed > nutriberries > pellets. Once they’re fully converted, what percentage of their food should be pellets and nutriberries, as well as any fresh foods? And as an aside on the new lineup of the tropical pellets, is there any […]

Cockateil vomiting

Hi Lafeber team, My baby cockatiel ( 1 month++ ), after had been hand reared thru a syringe, it’ll vomit little portion of foods out. And I found that, at all the time, I need to feed it with a little force. Mean to say, it refuse to eat willingly. And it’s pooh were watery. […]


I have a hand reared cockatiel. She is now fully weaned and on seeds only. She came from a very good breeder. We brought her home and she is so shy and timid. She will take food from the hand (sunflower seeds) and understands step up….. but bringing her out of her cage onto her […]

No show of interest in breeding

Hi Lafeber team, 1 have a pair of adults cockateil. The pair have been laid eggs before and have hatched all the eggs to healthy and cute babies. But somehow, I found that the pair showing no interest in mating, recently. The cock never make any of mating call. But the pair are in good […]

Mating cockatiels laid eggs, don’t want chicks!

My female cockatiel laid two eggs, first time, I believe they’re fertilized as my newer cockatiel has been mating with her. I really don’t have baby birds, but she’s sitting on the top of the cage incubating her eggs. She’s on a metal tray and she leaves them at night and only sits on them […]

Birds dieing

I have lost 3 cockateils in the last 2 weeks they are in avery


I brought 1pair of cockatiel as 2months old I keeping them for 15months and they started to lay eggs it’s was their first clutch it laid only 3 eggs and female bird sat on the eggs for only 10days after that female bird is not sat for past 2days

My baby cackatiel is vomitting

Hi,,my cockatiel is 2 months age…he is weak for many days. . He is losing his weight… He looks weak sometimes. Sometimes he becomes so calm and doesn’t want to eat anything…his poops colour changes frequently…he poops green from last night…he vomit 1 hour ago..cannot eat anything…what should i do?


What should you do if the styptic powder does go down into his mouth? How long can you restrain a bird to apply hemostatic powder? What signs do you look for that it needs a break so to speak? Are there any Vitamin D3 supplements for birds? If there’s not much sunlight for a bird […]

Cockatiels are Double clutching

I have a pair of breeding cockatiels Their babies are three weeks old. However, the parents are breeding again. (Not good, I know). Should I pull the babies and start feeding them so they can begin sitting on the new eggs?

Cockatiel breeding

I have 2 mums (Mum & Daughter) in the same breeding box that have laid eggs and are looking after their chicks…. problem is the one chick that the daughter had is being pecked by either the mum or dad or possibly the other 2 chicks from the Mum….  I have a spare breeding box […]

incubating of eggs

My cockatiel is not sitting on her eggs for the past 2 days and I’m worried. i checked on her eggs during this time n they are in good condition are not damaged. and i felt as if the pair wants to mate again. what should i do

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