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March 15, 2023


i just bought 2 kid parrots nearly a weak old, but i wanted to ask you that parrots from same breed mate ? if do any way to prevent it.



If you are saying the chicks are only a week old, as in 7 days or less, they should never have been taken from the parents at this age. Even with an experienced hand feeder, they are likely to die. I would take them back and tell the breeder to hand feed them. If you have never had fed parrots before, you are very likely to lose these chicks.

As for breeding birds from the same parent or that are related in any way, this should never be allowed. If they produce chicks, the chicks are not likely to survive and if they do, they usually have deformities, genetic issues and many die within the first year. Sometimes they seem healthy and the issues show up later. The way to prevent it is to never keep related birds together if they are opposite sex. If you do, and they lay eggs, you have to throw the eggs away. It is more humane that allowing chicks to hatch and suffer.

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