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Umbrella cockatoo

Everytime he eats he will go to his water then regurge on the floor of cage it’s not like vomiting hes not loosing weight I do put a little apple cider vinegar in his water but didnt help

Cockateil vomiting

Hi Lafeber team, My baby cockatiel ( 1 month++ ), after had been hand reared thru a syringe, it’ll vomit little portion of foods out. And I found that, at all the time, I need to feed it with a little force. Mean to say, it refuse to eat willingly. And it’s pooh were watery. […]

First Aid

Hi, I just realized I missed the webinar about Bird First Aid on November 13th. I apparently did not register for it. Is there a way for me to view a recording of it? Thanks for your help.

Poorly budgie

l keep 3 make buddies in a cage together sharing food water dishes. During the first lockdown when I got to the end of a bag of food it was stuck to the bag. I did not scrape the seed loose but fed the birds on the free moving seed as we were in covid […]

CAG eye problem

Hello, we have an 18 weeks old CAG whom we had from the age of 3 weeks. At home he lives in an aviary and we have been free-flying him (outdoors) with a group of like-minded enthusiasts for 5 weeks already. His diet consists mainly of pellets, fresh vegetables and the occasional fruit and nut. […]

Parakeet health

I have three adopted parakeets in quarantine. They are rescued from a hoarding situation in a basement. They were declared healthy by at vet at the shelter and a group facial exam showed nothing. If you were giving these birds a wellness checkup, what would you check for considering their prior filthy living conditions?

Pooping liquid

Verde literally just pooped out water, is that a bad thing? We don’t really have the budget for vet right now, my parents say that it’s diet and all the pellet, pellet, pellet she’s eating what should I do?


Actually I am not going ask any Question now.. I am replying to say that my little budgie has started acting normally and she is now eating the food.Actually for half an hour she was not eating anything. But now she is well. Thanks for the concern😊


U have answered harshly for my previous question because I know that you want me to take good care of my lovely budgies.Thanks for that..I have successfully removed the nest box. Let me get into my question..Today my baby budgie fell down from a height of 2.5 feet to the floor.She behaved for a moment […]

Meyers Parrot

Extremely healthy 28-year-old Meyers parrot, went to bed one night woke up the next morning and she had Lost all of her colored feathers only. Why only the colored feathers and what happened overnight? Nothing in our household has changed in any way shape or manner, eats seeds pellets fruits vegetables noodles, a variety of […]

Baby parakeet

What does it mean when baby parakeet has a brown black beak not cere

Soft Food or Fresh Food

Sorry for your loss!! In regards to the soft food or fresh food. I am a caretaker for a senior. Currently, I live here and currently I am here all day just to take care of a number of eclectus and one severe macaw. We live in Zone 10A, in Newport, CA. 10A is for […]

Bathing parrots

How often should the birds be sprayed for a bath and is there a way to train them to take a “bath” if they have been sprayed all their lives?

Birds dieing

I have lost 3 cockateils in the last 2 weeks they are in avery

why my bird poop is black?

hi its rose again im sorry if im being annoying asking another question the last question i asked you helped me a lot my bird is doing well but i have noticed his poop colour has changed its black and if your wondering what he ate he ate a lot of pomegranate this morning and […]

Sick bird.

My female Amazon has had a breathing issue for about 3 weeks. She has now stopped eating and just sits with her head under her wing. Is there anything that can be done for her or is it too late.

African Grey health, feathers

We live in Norway. My African Grey lost/plucked a lot of feathers. She also lost weight drastically and became inactive. After much investigation, her Vet found what he said was uncommon bacteria (bacillus amyloquefaciens). Anti biotic treatment has brought her back to almost normal. What should i feed her to promote further feather regeneration?

My baby cackatiel is vomitting

Hi,,my cockatiel is 2 months age…he is weak for many days. . He is losing his weight… He looks weak sometimes. Sometimes he becomes so calm and doesn’t want to eat anything…his poops colour changes frequently…he poops green from last night…he vomit 1 hour ago..cannot eat anything…what should i do?

Moluccan spots on eyes

“Mollucan hen probably late 30s has white spot in each eye where the pupil is. Doesn’t seem to be hindering her sight now but I am wondering if this is cataracts developing. There is a spot in each eye, about 2x the size of the period the end of this sentence. Age related? Diet related? […]


What should you do if the styptic powder does go down into his mouth? How long can you restrain a bird to apply hemostatic powder? What signs do you look for that it needs a break so to speak? Are there any Vitamin D3 supplements for birds? If there’s not much sunlight for a bird […]

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