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A new presciption

Hello,I consulted a doctor for skin infection in my cockatiel.There are yellow crust in his wound.The vet give me some medicine like- 1-Tincture Iodine 2-Tetracyline powder 3-Vimeral And also told me to apply turmeric paste for 1 week 2 times daily. What’s your suggestion on this medicine.How many days does skin infection need to recover?Is […]

My cockatiel won’t beg

Today we decided to bring my 16 day old cockatiel out for handfeeding. It’s been about 5 hours and he won’t beg and we have to force feed him. What do I do

Sign of recover or not?

Hello,Dear brenda Thanx for your Suggestion.I want to ask about a situation.My grey cockatiel doing loose motion yesterday but now his loose motion has been stopped after not giving the zincovit drops.He also vomited the seeds yesterday.But now it all stopped.The skin is changing slowly from Red to White and seems to be healing.But He […]


My cockatoo is itching she’s not dancing screming and she’s talking less

My new budgie has a very short tail

Hello. I just got my new budgie today and he looks very healthy. He is still a baby and has stripes all the way down to his cere. The only issue i see is his tail is missing. There are small feathers growing out of his tail region but no long feathers, making it appear […]

Sign of recover or not?

Hello,My cockatiel has some red patch spot under wingarm.So I consulted a vet,He told me that it is a type of Infection.So he give me some medicine like Neosporin oinment & Zincovit drops.After applying cream,His skin turns white from Red & he is doing loose motion after taking drops in water. Can you tell me […]

Avian CBC and Chemistry Workup

Hi, I was wondering if you could shed some light on what the items in an avian blood workup mean and what they could be indicators of? Especially in conjunction with each other. Why is my white capped Pionus’s WBC lower than last year? Why did his absolute heterophilis, absolute monocytes, protein, glucose, and calcium […]

Thank you Brenda

Brenda, thank you so much for responding to my call for help with my 16 year Quaker Parrot. We did the things you suggested and our bird stopped the egg laying. Thank you, we are so grateful.

Bald spot under wingpit of grey cockatiel

Hello,I noticed that there are red Bald spot under wingpit or underarm.He is eating and doing activity normally.but i am worried about it.What would be the cause.Plz reply. Contact me with given gmail for more information. Plz


Hello We play tuba and accordion as a duo professionally, acoustically only, but we are loud. Is that likely to be painful to a cockatiel?

Ask the Vet webinar – Growth on cockatoo

my male red vent had a growth over his eye. We did a vet visit, but no real results. Thought it was a cyst and she said to just watch it. It started to get really large, and had a sort of a stick looking thing poking out of it. It stayed like that for […]

Ask the Vet webinar – Emergencies

“My cockatiel was vomiting recently (acting normal in between bouts), was seen by a vet & prescribed antibiotics (&is cured now). He probably nibbled on something at the beach. We also thought it may be a few minutes of strong sunshine. Is there any first aid that can be done or medicine that can be […]

Ask the Vet webinar – Grey feather destructive behavior

“This is Pat and I first want to thank you and tell everyone involved in putting this program on, how much it is loved and appreciated. I have 2 female Timneh African Grays, one about 8 and the other about 6. Just about a year ago the older one started to shred her tail and […]

Ask the Vet webinar – Mite treatments

Oral Ivermectin is used routinely for horses for parasite control. This doesn’t seem to be a practice for pet birds to control air sac and scaly mites.

Dove diamond

My diamond dove lost its feet. How do I care for it. I moved it from the cage that was shared with another diamond dove.

Medicine on food

When trying to administer medication, is it okay to give more “treat-like” food to get the meds in her? My Grey is currently on 4 meds and will really only eat it if it’s on a walnut and/or scrambled eggs.

Picky Parrot Webinar – Grit

Do parrots need grit with their food? Either mineral (sand/gravel) or animal sourced (cuttlebone, eggshell, oyster, snail shell etc) and how often?

My 16 year old Quaker parrot

Help my parrot has laid 14 eggs. 4 at the end of Feb. sat on those then gave them up. 4 more about 3-4 weeks later Sat on them until giving them up. 4 weeks later now 6 more. We moved the cage Darkened the room Cover her up early at night Not sure how […]

Lovebird eat so much

Why does my lovebird eat so much at the same time closing their eyes ? Is there a health problem in her?

Crying baby sound 24/7

Hi! A month back I got a cockatiel, as per the pet store guy he was fully tamed and his age is 7 months. However once we got home all that cockateil wanted to was cuddle and make crying baby sounds non stop. I thought it would stop but he can carry on for hours. […]

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