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After laying egg

Hi, This is Karthik from India, i have one pair of cockatiel she is 6 months old she lay one egg yesterday for the first time then she is making some weird sounds for some time..I’m really worrying about the sound because i never heard that kind of sound from doubt is does she […]

My budgie has a hole in abdomen

Pls help me I have a male budgie he was having his abdomen swollen and after visiting doctor .He said that it’s a wound But now the wound disappeared and he has a little hole on the top of his vent he also bleeds pls help

Some Concerns

I’ve checked my injured bird and saw that one wound on one wing was better. But the other still looked bad that raised me a question how long do birds recover from wing injuries? I also checked for signs of plucking and self hurting actions, but the bird seems to be fine and its feathers […]

continuous death of budgies

I had 7 Budgies, 3 females and 4 males. two males fought yesterday and one of them died after few minutes. Next day after that incident 5 birds died turn by turn. they all were healthy, taking enough food and water. Also they were showing no symptoms except change in breathing pattern before death. What […]

Lovebird sleeping position

My lovebird sleeps by lying on his stomach on the flat perch. However he also sleeps on his perch sometimes and then sometimes on tje flat perch laying down. Is it normal? Or is this an indication of any sickness

I can’t find any vets in my area

I live in Egypt, Cairo and I have a 3 month old cockatiel. I’m worried he’ll get sick at some point and we won’t have anywhere to take him. I scoured the internet and asked everyone I know if they know an avian vet or a vet who is experienced with birds. What do I […]

Wing Injury

Remember the bird I described to you that had strange behavior and poor flight performance? I discovered two injuries under its wings near the body. This explained the symptoms. I suspect it’s from its aggressive companions. It looked bloody(clotted), but no swelling and bleeding. The lovebird’s appetite has improved and can now scratch its face(which […]

Sudden death of bulbul baby bird

I had a baby bird bulbul and I found him on road so I took him to my house and taken care of him about 20 to 23 days I took care of him but one day suddenly I came back from school and taken him and he was playing with me but after some […]


I have a cockatiel, was told it was a male, marking make me believe is a female. Well she laid her first Egg! She has no other bird with her. So what do we do now? Or the best thing to do with the egg and her laying the eggs? Should we take the egg […]

Budgie can’t fly

First time here, so sorry if it’s bad. My 7 month old budgie has been having problems flying for months, she learned to fly when she was young a was good at it, but after a while she was getting worse at it, now she goes to the ground immediately if she tries flying.We thought […]

Testing after medication

If there’s time.. I have a 17 yo timneh on numerous heart meds. Almost 2 years now. Is there any way to tell if he still needs them – could he have improved. His diet has improved and he gets fish oil daily. I’m grateful that he’s doing well.

Bumble foot and perches

Referring to the question of bumble foot: 1. what do you say about birds ( mine is a gc conure) that seem to like staying on the same perch? 2. what do you think about the rope perches? I have a “bungie” rope which gives her great exercise as she climbs up and down, along […]

Cocktail bird two weeks old not begging for food.

I have bought two cocktails bird two weeks old three days ago now , first I took them to the vet they did examination and determined both of them are healthy . After coming home the baby didn’t beg for food I thought heshe might be scared so I fed she/he little and she ate […]

Love birds

How long does it take for love birds to get their feathers after they hatch?

Swallowing issues

I have greeen cheek conure(6months old), recently he is facing swallowing issues , it seems like his esophagus is kind of choked. Whenever he eats after few seconds he does like vomitting it out. What could be the issue?

My parrot got hurt while she was flying.

My parrot got hurt while she was flying around house. She has superficial wound below the wings. The wound is of 1 inch and can be seen when we lift the wing up. She eats properly and is active. We don’t have any avian vet in the town . We r giving her cefpet and […]


My suncouner parrot likes to sleep under my blanket and when I brought him down to his cage . Even though i bought him nice nest house inside his cage. He doesn’t like it. Is it normal and what can I do to change it. Thank

cockatiel queries

A few months ago (may-june) my cockatiel hit his head somewhere, after which we found that there was some bleeding above his eyes. It stopped a few minutes later but I noticed that there was another layer under his eyelids that were opening and closing. We applied an ointment called megamast lc 5 mg for […]

Finch bird

Finch bird is sitting in the food and sometime he’ll get down in the bottom of the cage

Female cockatiel

Good morning I’ve got a female cockatiel and just wanting to know why on the next that she is shedding and how long does it really to grow back to normal

My cockatiel chick is not eating

I just bought a 45+ days old cockatiel. It wasn’t eating millets so I tried handfeeding ( millet flour mixed with warm water) and it seemed to recognise the feeding method and everything went well for a few days after which is stopped asking for food and didn’t want to eat. I forced open his […]

Female bird, no male. Appear to lay eggs.

I often find her in the corner with her tail against the cage. Or she will sit on perch in a position like she she’s going to lay an egg. She poops regularly. I just learn, I need to improve her seeds. She seems to have fleas.

why is my male canary sleeping during the day

a few day ago we found red mites on him so we went out and got mite spray a vet had recommended so i had put it on him yesterday he has been sleeping for about 30 minutes he has a medium sized cage with a female and is always open we feed him alot […]

Birds laying no eggs cockatiel

Why isn’t my cockatiel laying no eggs ever had her bout 2 years or more n she was adult then now I believe she had eggs ready to lay but she passed away instead laying she was in a roosting position n there were all over each other n the male n female became protective […]

Sleepy and not active

My love bird is sleepy full day and not very playful and active as her other birds in cage

Handling & transport for budgie not used to human handling

Hello, I have 2 budgies: 1 white & blue-colored male and 1 yellow/green female. The male budgie, Zeke, is ~10-11 years old and was originally with a different female that I no longer have. The female, Zena, was rescued with a different male (who passed away 4 years ago), and at the time I was […]

My cockatiel has a tiny grey bump under his crest

My cockatiel is about 5 months old now, he recently got all his feathers and was handfed by us, I recently noticed that he has a tiny grey spot under his crest feathers. I did some research and found out it may be a feather cyst. Problem is we don’t have any avian vets in […]

Sleep schedule

I recently got my Indian ring-necked parakeet.. he’s just 3 months old, he sleeps a lot like 12 hours a day , I just wanna ask if that’s normal, he’s not sick or something right? I don’t know if sleeping that much is normal for baby parrots, pls know your help is appreciated!!

Cocktiel leg hurt

My female cocktiel fall with her cage from the top of the kitchen counter she can’t hold the proper clutch she is just 7months old. Presently I can’t take her to the vet. My parents are angry of me having there any home remedies.

Hormonal weight gain?

Is there anything known about female parrot weight year cycle? I have an adult female blue headed pionus and she gains weight every spring (when the daylight hours increase) and then decrease again in weight less starting from mid-summer. I have made a excel -diagram for her weight spanning several years and it is the […]

Bird poop color change

Hi, My sparrow poop was normal till yesterday morning but last evening i started to notice fresh blood in her poop.. Today, there is no fresh blood but I see black color in the poop.. she has not eaten any such things to get red or black color poops.. Please guide me, I am worried

Lovebird died

Hello lafeber, I was given two lovebirds a six months ago, but sadly one has died overnight. The lady who gave them to me, said the birds were a few years old. Although she could not remember due to memory loss. I have other birds (Indian ring necks, Budgies and Cockatiels) in a very large […]

Young birds v Adults

What is the age of a young bird? does it depend on the kind of bird and their life span?

Budgie tests

At an annual exam my vet does a CBC and fecal gram stain on my budgies, should there be additional tests given the small amount of blood that can be taken on a small bird?

Beak health

what would you recommed for overall beak health and strength in mid size birds such as greys or mini macaws during the younger years as far as diet or physical item in cage?

Sexing parrots

“I have an African Grey who is 5 years old the breeder told me she’s a female she never produced eggs. how would I know if my birds female or male. ?”




I am thinking about going away for 4 days.. I have 5 parakeets which are used to coming out of their cage in the morning and going in to sleep at night.. I work and always leave them alone in the morning with music on till I get home in the afternoon.. I have no […]


Hello and it’s me again. I noticed one of my four lovebirds is wheezing or have sort of stuffy breathing sometimes. She seems to be fine however. This has been happening for few months. Is it because the air is too dry?

My cockatiel is yawning excessively

I have a cockatiel that’s about 49 days now, he’s still being handfed but only twice a day and the rest in from pellets and vegetables. He’s recently been doing a yawning motion alot and stopping it after 5 minutes. This happens once a day,everyday. Is there something wrong or am I being paranoid

How Long Does the First Molt for a Cockatiel Last?

My Cockatiel is now 6 months old and has started his first molt about a month and a half ago. Although he has lost and grown a good amount of feathers, it seems as though he just stopped halfway through his molt. I bought him from a breeder and he was clipped, I notice that […]

Baby pet Lovebird

I think I accidentally drank the same water my pet drank from… should I be okay?


I have an older bird and he seems to be shedding alot of feather,long and new fluffy ones. Is this normal behaviour, I haven’t noticed it before.

Budgies breeding

Hello, I have an one year old female budgie who recently started mating . She just tried to lay an egg today but it got stuck to her vent and covered in blood . We managed to stop the bleeding and remove the egg but there is still a lump stuck to the vent part […]

Fem canary

My female canary is sleeping alone she puffs her feather up hides her bead in her feather she’s eating and drinking she’s in a cage with a male hes fine just seems unusual for her to sleep for so long


So I have a female cockatiel for around two and a half year now and so we decided to give her a partner but we are not able to see them lay any eggs but the female is getting sick which is worrying us more than anything pls advise me what I should do pls

My sun conure can’t use her feet

Hi we have 2 sun conure’s Mango (3yr male) and Sunny (7yr female). Sunny has been laying eggs and she started to seem run down. So we took her box out of her cage. She seemed very lethargic so i took her out of their big cage to give her some TLC. She started breathing […]


Hi my budgie is sick he has different dropping and now his/her chest is also bumping what should I do, the vet near us take really much money and some times no bird vet available so please help I can not totally describe that it is his chest or where I don’t know but the […]

Lovebird losing feathers

We have two Lovebirds we got on December. They are about two years old. One of them had lost some wing feathers and had a white spot of underneath little feathers which the breeder said he was modulating. Otherwise he has green outer feathers everywhere else. This spot had not yet grown any green outer […]

My bird acting weird

Today, my pet bird (Eurasian collared dove), acting weird. She is struggling to fly ( sometimes she can fly other times she fails). Also she isn’t at has stop vocalising. Lastly, she isn’t at all energetic ( doesn’t vocalise, doesn’t comes near me, doesn’t sit on my head).

Love Bird

Blue (male) was plucking and very hormonal. Vet gave him a hormone injection. Blue’s behavior instantly changed. Unbalanced, not chirping, no whistle, seems heavy in weight, heart rate faster, said a few words, no more, eats and drinks more, wants to hide, sleeps alot, not as friendly all these symptoms since this injection. Vet can’t […]

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