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Cockatiel Loosing Tail feathers

We adopted a Cockatiel, about 3 months ago. And he was late because he was still being hand fed. When we first got him he was doing fine and was acting normal. Then we noticed he started falling backwards on his back. He lost a lot of feathers due to the falls. He currently has […]

Feather plucking

Hello! I’d like to ask you: what do you think are the most common causes of feather plucking? Is it caused more often by an unhealthy diet or by another inappropriate care?

budgie – Loosing Feathers

please help, my budgie is loosing too many feathers and my vet confirmed she is not malting and simply he is not sure what it could be. l am giving her calcium and probiotics. please if there is anything l can do to help her.

Harness for dove

Can I put a harness and leash on my pet dove to take her outside? If so, any good recommendations for one?

Baby lovebird losing feathers around neck area

I recently got a baby love bird black masked violet i believe is around 6-8eks. I am hand feeding. She seems to be losing feathers around her neck area and plucking her chest. Other than that she is active and fine.

Cockatiel pal?

I have a 22 year old cockatiel that once belonged to my daughter (about 18 years ago!) There were two males originally who did not actually fight but would occasionally pick on each other. This is why I did not want to get another cagemate for Cleo when Kaveeka died. But I often wonder – […]

Male Zebra Finch

Hello, love the forum, thank you for offering your expert advice. My 10 year old zebra finch Frodo passed away 2 weeks ago and we’re trying to find a companion for Sam, our 2 year old finch. Two questions, how would I know if Sam was an English Zebra Finch? he is larger than Frodo […]

Sitting in feeding Bowl

My female cockatiel is 4 months old and keeps sitting in her feeding bowl. I only got her 4 days ago. Is this normal?

Losing feathers

I am a new bird owner and know that they molt but is it normal for a cockatiel to lose wing feathers

Cockatiel sleeping alot

Hello I have a cockatiel that has stopped whistling leans over a little and sleeps don’t know how old it is

Leg Problem

Hi, I had installed a nest box with coconut fiber bedding, for my cockatiel pair. The male had gone in at night, I hadn’t noticed until the next morning. But when he was coming out his leg was stuck in the fiber. I had to cut the fiber to get him free. And I threw […]

Abnormal Poop

Hi, my cockatiel pair are incubating their eggs, the male just got out of the nest and was acting weird. When I checked him out he took a giant poop. I don’t know if he didn’t want to do business inside the box, and waited until he got out or what. But it really worried […]

Stressed bird?

Hi! I just got my African grey parrot about 1 month and a half ago and she seems very happy, she talks a lot, she just started dancing, she eats good amount of seed mix and fruits/vegetables, her feathers are very smooth and intact but today she lost one of her tail feathers. Do you […]

Haloperidol0.1MG/0.1ML GEL

How effective is this drug to treat feather plucking by my Congo Grey ? Blood tests, full exams show nothing physicalogical. No changes in environment & routines. I’m unable to find information about the gel’s efficacy & possible side effects.

Lonely lovebird

Hello, my daughter moved and was unable to take her single lovebird with her. We keep the bird in my daughter’s old bedroom to protect her from our cats. My friend who has a parrot would be willing to keep the lovebird, same room but separate cages or would it be better to keep the […]

Trouble hatching

My female budgie layed several infertile eggs and just one fertile. The baby chirps loud from a crack of the egg. I have heard this going for more than 24 hours. She sits on it but does nothing to help it hatch. Is there anything I can do to help? Is this normal?

About the behavior of my lovebird

Hi i have a lovebird chick his name is bubbly he is 1 and a 1/2 month old I bought him three day ago he turns his head to the back and hide it in his feathers while sleeping is it okay to sleep in such a position

B&G Macaw and hormones

I have a wonderful blue and gold macaw who is just getting into puberty (almost 4 years old!)… we always cuddled when she was young and she still loves to cuddle (head pets only of course), and i help her preen the pin feathers she can’t get on her head. Is this sending her the […]

Dislocated leg

My cockatiel has dislocated leg (hip) since yesterday ,there is no vet in my hometown, i have to travel to another city (which it takes time) …so i want to know how should i treat her ?and what food should i give her ? (Until i take her to a vet ) ps:she lost her […]

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