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How can we identify the ages of cockatiel other than DNA?

Companion for parakeet

Hello, I have a 7 year old female parakeet who is currently caged alone. She lived with one male 5 yrs until he died of old age last year. She is very healthy, loves nutriberries, avicakes and veggies and flying indoors. If I were to get her a cage mate(female) from a pet store, is […]

How do I know if my cockatiel is molting or Plucking?

Hey! So I have a cockatiel at the age of about 4 months. I bought him weened but the seller said he was only 4 months, so that makes him 5 now. Anyways, I have been seeing a lot of feathers around and in his cage. I am not sure if he is molting or […]

will they have eggs

Hello Dears, I have a coupled cockatiel pair, the Cock is 8 months old and the Hen is 6 years old, they have been mating since a week, is it possible not to get eggs while the male is immature? Or as long as they mate she will get eggs? Otherwise he couldnt do the […]

Baby lovebird feather

Baby lovebird leg feathers up to drums….and on back inbetween wings seems to be moulting or maybe not grown in all the way….about 9 weeks old


My 30 year old Amazon ate a very small amount of onion bread What should I do

African Gray – Health Consultation

Hi, I have a cute African Grey that is happy and super active. Suddenly, we noticed since this morning abnormal thing where he becomes very quite & looks sick. I don’t know what’s happening but it is kind of flu since his voice changed like someone has sour throat. Please we need your advise what […]

Lovebird feathers

Hello. A couple of questions: I have a 13 week old lovebird that still cannot fly. She has been examined by my vet and is healthy but developing her feathers slower than average. She has some malformed feathers that are not pin feathers. Would it be helpful to pull the odd feathers? Other question is […]

Sick Cockatiel

Hi, My Cockatiel is age 29 and last couple of days, tail bobbing, poor appetite, silent and sleeping a lot sometimes on the bottom of the cage. He has fell off his perch a few times too. I think he’s dying as he is so old. What do you think.?

African grey sick or not

My African grey age around 1month ++ always open its mouth like shouting loud but no sound is comingwhen it do this the neck extend like reaching something .. and frequently doing this before and after meal. Rest of the time it can still make sound and small perching sound .. shall I meet vet?

Cockatiel poop

Hiya I’ve had my cockatiel for just about a year now he’s just over a year old. He eats the seed mix I get from the shop that I got him from but over the last week his poop has wee hard balls in them I’m starting to worry he’s not well the only thing […]


What is your view on feeding pellets? What would you suggest would be a good ratio of pellets to fresh foods daily?


What are the best way to exercise a clipped bird who is also a couch potato?

Plucking Parrotlet

My little parrotolet continues to pluck feathers from her stomach,legs and back. Her skin looks dry and she scratches around her head. I give her a few drops of olive oil each week, rub Neosporin on bald spots about twice a week. Don’t see any mites, etc. Took her to an Aviary Vet – no […]

Injured baby bird

This little baby bird was near me while gardening. The momma squawked and flew back and forth to baby. Baby hopped – no flying – to different areas of yard . This went on all afternoon. Cleaning up I noticed momma was flying back to one area several times . Walking by, the baby was […]

Sick parrot

I have a 2 month old Indian ringneck parrot who just keeps on crying and won’t eat anything when we checked it had fever also What do we do?

Hormonal Blue & Gold

Peach 6 year old blue and gold macaw has become very michievous and agressive at times in the last year. His hormones are affecting his behavior. what can I do to help him. He constantly is trying to mate with me. I started gicing him more food and that seems to improve his behavior. I […]


Is it possible for my amazon parrot 25 years old to have a hernia? He had several expensive tests and finally gave me an antibiotic for five days and he got better. I still don’t know what the problem was. I originally took him because he had stopped eating. Can you give me an ideas […]


we adopted a male cockatiel. he is approximately 13 yrs. old. he has recently started eating the dry poop from the bottom of the cage. what are we missing in his diet? thanks for your help

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