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Loss of feathers in cockatail

Hu to treat heavy feathers loss in cockatail i.e it is becoming bald at home as in our city we don’t have any avion vets.

Pin feathers

I recently got three budgies, and they’ve started molting. The pin feathers make me nervous, and I’m not sure why?

4 month old lutino cockatiel

Does not have enough feather under his wings and every noticable bold spot in his head. Is that normal for his age ?

Lost my myna bird

I have a myna bird for 2 years and rescued him from a bad owner. He was with me everywhere and I let him free to fly in house and in the garden. He could hunt insects besides what he usually used to eat such as rice, myna food and fruits. However, I left him […]

Brown poop is it normal?

Hi I’ve notice that verde’s poop is brown, is this normal? I heard the color of a birds poop depends on what your feeding and they said it could be brown but I just want to make sure if not then I guess we’re going on another vet trip.

Avian Cancers

Is any type of cancer generally a death sentence for a parrot? Or can some of them recover from certain cancers?

Green Cheek Conures

I have 2 green cheek conures how much out of cage time do they need? Do they have to be Only on pellet diet? Should there cage be covered at night? Should green cheeks be seen every year by the vet? Can you tell genders of conures? Also should i get pet insurance for birds? […]

Diseases of gouldean finch

I have some problem with my gouldean finch. Already my 5finches has died. I can’t treat them .I give them medication and enough light but it didn’t work. As u know I from Bangladesh I can only give medicine only which I found locally. Their symptoms were lose motion which is white, floppy body and […]

Gouldian finch health

I have Lady Gouldian Finches. They have access to grit, cuttlebones, fresh kale, egg yolks, and broccoli. They have regular beak and nail care, drops of iodine in the water, vitamin drops, and regular dosing for air sac mites. My problem is…. a bird will become “dumpy”. listless, eventually sitting on the bottom of the […]

Zebra finch markings

How come some zebra finches have orange cheeks, while others have mustard yellow, and some have black?

Coping with one foot

My tame cockatiel lost one foot due to injury this morning. He’s had the foot amputated and I’m bring him home now. How can I help him adapt? He was outside in an aviary, but I now plan to bring him indoors in a cage.

Swallowing her feathers

Verde is in fact eating her feathers when the molt our and I was wondering if that’s something I should worry about?

Should I take my parakeets to the vet?

I have 3 parakeets in a small cage. Two male and one female. The female one, you see, l say it’s kinda crazy. It goes inside the place where l provide the food (seeds) and it’s tail started to fall off. I think she’s pregnant ’cause her belly looks really big. The males are fine. […]

Misting and molting

I mist our Congo Grey every day and notice she molts quite often. Could this be a result of the misting?

Grey health

My TAG has malformed mucous membranes and I have to clear his nares everyday. Do you know other Grays with this? And if so can you tell us a bit about it?

Grey flight training

I’ve had my 11 year old male for about 6 months and he does not fly. Is there hope, with training, that he will fly? Or should I be content that he walks everywhere?

Sore on foot

My 32 year old grey is getting a sore on her foot. I have differ perches and keep them clean. I have used aloe on the sore. It will get better then come back. What can I do to help it heal?

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