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Wrong hi fat hand feeding given to cockatiel

I got my new albino cockatiel. Approx four months but it still hand feeds and I learned the breeder took him at one week and gave him a21 which is for African greys and has 15 percent fat versus 9 which is right for cockatiel chicks. So he doesn’t fly well like not enough muscle […]

weight gain

I have a 25 year old female lilac crown amazon parrot and she has gained weight in the last year. We’ve had her on a diet but she seems to cycle with the weight even though we’ve been feeding her about the same amount of food and diet. Is this normal?


After 2 years my love bird died, I bought a dark blue male Pacific parrolet, she I bought him he was healthy, then he was not eating his neck was whiggleing I called the pet store he said bring him here I did he was there for two weeks. The pet shop said that it […]

How old is too old to breed a goffin?

Just asking hypothetically, for future reference. My parrot, she’s at least in her 20s. She’s been in my family for 20+ years, anyway. I was reading Wikipedia and it seems that the longevity of this species is not well established, so I’m not sure if she’s considered “old” or not – I know a 20+ […]

Bird foot swelling

Hi may i ask as my bird was tangle by a toy string and now the foot was swallon. Is there any home remedies to reduce the swallon. Thank you.

Cockatiel Molting

This is my first year owning my cockatiel and she’s gone through two molts (or i think it’s a molt) since february 2021. She first was loosing about 20 feathers a day for 3-4 days during the summer and now in January it just started again. It’s mostly little feathers but i did find a […]

Baby Lovebird

Hi, My 4 weeks old Lovebird babies reluctant to take the hand feed formula. If I forced to feed it, the babies vomit out the formula. What shall I do now?

Incubating Eggs in December

Hello, My Grandma has had a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo for the past 25 years. She is concerned as over the last week or so he has been incubating fake eggs , only it is December and he has never done this before in December. He is barely eating and is constantly sat incubating the fake […]

Lovebird Bathing

Hey, i have 3 lovebirds, do they need bath, cause they stink… cause they dont bath, is it very important?


My birds are from the same clutch, they are cockatiels. They are about a year old and I think the are trying to breed. How can discourage this? And if they ever do actually breed what should I do with the egg?

Death of 1.5month old budgie

Hey recently a new baby budgie was born at our home .. he was very friendly with us as we interacted with him at a very young period. His parents used to give food not always but still use to give food .. unlike our normal baby budgies this 1.5minth old baby which died never […]

African grey bird

Our bird of 22 years in last few days is acting funny sitting in bottom of cage she’s not pooping in her spots my husband takes her out of cage and she poops almost instantly large amounts she eats still but only thing I can think is we had a ozinator going in a closed […]

Zebra finches

I’m devastated I have covid so I be on my own this Christmas but I’m now in panic mode as i have handled my birds and been around them I thought it was a cold will they be ok why me I been doubled jabbed

Love bird suddenly dies

Can a love bird die while being groom? Manga was fine before groom started filling her nails


I appreciate your site and you folks. We have three cockatiels. One of them has always thought she is a human LOL. With that being said, she always likes (expects) a sip of coffee in the morning. (one sip and she is satisfied) I drink decaffeinated coffee for this reason. I have always thought a […]

Senegal beak

My almost 19 year old Senegal’s bottom beak is turning white on the sides – our vet says all of her labs were normal at her last visit and doesn’t seem to be concerned, but couldn’t tell me what might cause it. I’ve never seen this on any other Senegal – is it an aging […]

Moluccan FDB

I adopted a female Moluccan “Crystal”, last year from an elderly lady who was a backyard breeder. Crystal had never been inside a home and never had anything but a couple pieces of 2×4 in her small cage before she came to live with me. I have provided her with a large cage, lots of […]

Cockatiel nails

What is the best way to “dull” the toe nails of a young cockatiel (approx. 8-9 months old)? Also, my young cockatiel (8-9 months old) seems to be afraid of the bright sunlight. Is this normal?

Preening gland

Hello and thank you for your time. I have a half moon conure, I don’t see a preening gland, I have looked for it. And he has been chewing at his feathers not as bad from the tip but from where the feather starts. The feather is just a string now . I am very […]

My Parrolet can’t fly anymore

My Parrotlet started flying all over the house after months of having his wings clipped but one day after coming home from work he was hiding under a couch and when he finally came out he couldn’t fly more than a few feet anymore. What happened? He seems fine and walks normally.


I have 5 layer chickens I treated them all for the past week for Salmonela as 1 bird had the virus. After the weeks treatment I noticed that their breastbone are standing out very prominently and although they eat and drink as normal, they look very thin. What could be the problem and is there […]

Love birds

How can I tell how old my love birds are as I they were already grown when I got them

Parakeet and cats

I have a 19 yr old tuxedo female cat. I found a parakeet on the side of the road and rescued it. A friend of a friend took it temporarily because of my cat but he has four dogs! Is it a crazy idea to bring it into my home? I feel it is unsafe […]

Keel bone damage – Dr. Lamb webinar

Joey my 4 month old Cockatiel is missing half of his keel/sternum bone. He’s been to the vet and he told me Joey has a hernia but i don’t see a lump or anything like that. Have you ever seen anything like that?

Milk Thistle for Liver health

Hi, I have a question regarding the milk thistle and liver issues, should it be given as a grain or as an extracted oil? I’ve done some research and found out that the highest level of silymarin (what actually helps the liver) is concentrated the most in the shell of a grain of the milk […]

Feather issues

Have you ever experienced a cockatiel or other parrot that seemingly was born without the ability to grow flight feathers correctly? If so how did you treat this? my 14 year old cockatiel has been unable to grow flight feathers and is in pain when they do try to grow and falls frequently because of […]

Birds eating fibers

Are rope perches, orbits and toys with rope the same possible issue as the hidy huts?

Annual wellness exam

“Hi, I am taking my 2 year old Green Cheek Conure to my Bird Vet for his annual wellness check. What should that exam entail? Your recommendations for testing 2 year old Conure an this annual wellness exam.


Will bloodwork indicate if the bird’s diet is nutritionally complete?

Excessive plucking

Hey! So I have a cockatiel, maybe 4 months old. She tends to pluck out quite a few feathers when preening. Sometimes little white tufts of soft fluff too. She tries to chew/eat them, but I remove them while I can. The vet ruled out any infection, but I’m worried.

CAG red nose area.

Hi,I recently adopted an young African Grey. He is about 10 weeks old now, I am hand feeding him with the help of the breeders who are my landlords so they are close by if anything goes wrong :). Recently, my parrot has developed a red area around his nostrils. The area around his eyes […]

Cockatiel beak broken

Hi, please kindly respond to my question because I don’t have any proper avian vet near my location. The problem was my cockatiel got a problem in his lower beak since he was 5. It looked like a cavity in its beak. So I took him to the animal pet hospital as there is no […]

Grooming a bird

When it comes to showering / nail trimming a rescued bird that is super duper phobic and aggressive, are these things essential to stay on top of? Or should they be skipped until the relationship is worked on? Some parrot “experts” tell me I have to force the bird to bathe /get it’s nails trimmed […]

Cockatoo laying egg

My cocatoo has just laid egg then eaten it she has no mate is this normal

Practice playing “doctor “

How can I practice taking my cockatoo ‘s heart rate? What else should we practice to keep trips to the vet less stressful? Does anyone take parrot vital signs or is part of avian health care? I already do this in positive games with my dogs. What about cockatoos? Thank you.

My cocktail is losing a lot of feathers

My bird is losing a lost of his feathers and this has been going on for about two months I took him to the vet but she had me buy about hundred dollars worth of spray and nothing is working I have feathers every where

Baby Parrot of 4 weeks

My baby parrot poop is black since yesterday. Is it normal. Am still handing with syringe baby food.


Endless debate about the merits of seeds vs. pellets (as opposed to providing chop which appears less controversial). My tiel is 19 and for the last 3 years has displayed excess thirst and watery droppings but no other symptoms and was raised on both; kidney disease etiology? Appears to be no consensus.



Why is my female finch losing feathers?

Hello. I have 6 finches. I stared out with two, a male and female, but then they had 3, and then another. I let them out each morning, and they are free to fly around as they please each morning. But recently, one of my finches, Joycie, has been losing feathers on the side of […]

Encouraging parrot to fly?

This is about my friend’s mealy amazon parrot. The vet says he’s overweight – he’s a really big parrot anyway, but he shouldn’t be that heavy – so in addition to putting him on a low calorie diet (no more fried chicken, pizza, BBQ pork ribs, Doritos or drinks of orange soda in particular, no […]

Best shampoo for a goffin?

Hi again. Just wondering if you could recommend a good parrot shampoo for my goffin? I know from reading online that parrots don’t usually need shampoo, but I’m talking about the rare, occasional times when she’s gotten covered in jam or honey, or mud when she’s been playing outside.

Lovebird beaks

The beaks on both of my love birds are getting dark around the edges. Can you tell me why this is happening.

Leg loss

Last night my parrot in an out door aviary had its leg bitten off by a raccoon on the outside of the aviary. The bleeding has stopped and the bird is resting indoors now. I’m worried however about infection. All I’ve done is spray the wound with peroxide. Should I get antibiotics and what kind? […]


What is the best bedding for a cockatoo? Are extruded pine pellets safe for the bird?

Severe Self-mutilation (Macaw)

Hello, I rescued (2) macaws my friend and her husband can no longer take care of due to their work schedule. They mentioned the female was missing some feathers, so I thought, she must be going through a molting period. When I picked them up, I notice she was missing ALL of her feathers except […]

Stress Factors

My bird has been visited by a vet and they suspected it’s from stress from attacks. The bird is still being separated, but doesn’t like it. Also the other lovebirds are so desperate to mate and are aggressively hormonal. Literally the presence of each other is triggering mating behaviors and fighting. Separating each one is […]

confusing and sudden death of bird

I had a male lovebird and he seemed like he was in good shape, he was always happy and he just had babies with his mate this year, I kept track of what he was eating closely and kept dangerous toys away from him, but one morning, he started making small chirps and his eyes […]

Baths and nail trimming

When it comes to showering / nail trimming a rescued bird that is super duper phobic and aggressive, are these things essential to stay on top of? Or should they be skipped until the relationship is worked on? Some parrot “experts” tell me I have to force the bird to bathe /get it’s nails trimmed […]

is it okay to leave a budgies in cages during vacation?

me & my family are going on a vacation for a week, and we are not sure what to do. we have someone who would come in once a day and change the water & give food, but would they need more than this? theres 2 of them, i dont want then to get depressed […]


The good news is that the injuries look better and the bird stopped going crazy over the collar. However it started to chew the edge of the collar at the neck to remove the collar and accidentally ripped some feathers off. I removed the collar to prevent more damage. Fortunately it didn’t look too bad. […]

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