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FDB and collars

My Pionus just recovered from a yeast and bacterial infection, and we are now working on her feather destructive behaviour. My question is, how long is too long to have her ‘collar’ on that prevents her from plucking her feathers, as they are finally starting to grow back in. I feel like she needs a […]

Bottled water

Should we be giving our birds bottle water instead of tap?

Toe loss

A friend adopted a goffin cockatoo in November we know nothing about it’s past. We believe he is around 34yrs old and wild caught (open band). He came with only one toe and Wednesday night when saying goodnight that last toe fell off. There was no blood or obvious signs of pain. What would cause […]

Parrot Spinal Injury

My quaker was attacked by a hawk, we found him on the ground and has been in the avian hospital for 3 days now. He has lost some weight, but has not regained use of his legs. The x-ray didn’t show a fracture but there was a lot of trauma near the spine though. The […]

Gout in cockatiel

I have a cockatiel suffering from gout. I Heard nettle extract can help him but don’t know how yo use it.

Blue front amazon

My 2yr old amazon started passing brownish liquid no poop then vomiting, vomiting stopped 24hrs ago but has not pooped at all today very sleepy also


My husband had this bird and then passed away. I don’t mind taking care of it I am asking about signs of aging. She is 23 this year. She can be quite cranky at times. Just trying to assess her overall health

Color change – Liver disease webinar Dr. Lamb

My senegal’s green feathers are turning yellow. Prior bloodwork stated he had high cholestrol and was overweight. Now he’s getting more exercise but he refuses to eat veggies. I have a light on him too

Milk thistle – Liver disease webinar Dr. Lamb

I live with several parrots (not their first home). Three of them have liver issues (blood tests) – cockatoo was put on milk thistle, Amazon was diagnosed & then taken off milk thistle, and the third, a CAG female chronic egg layer is on heart medications for an enlarged heart & even though liver was […]

Stool sample – Liver Disease webinar Dr. Lamb

hola buena tarde, podríamos hacer un diagnóstico de problema hepático solo con ver las heces?, gracias hello, good afternoon, could we make a diagnosis of a liver problem just by looking at the stool?, thanks

Greenwing – Liver Disease webinar Dr. Lamb

Is it normal that my greenwing macaw always make trow up with his beak why he does this its gagging i thinkis this normal bij liver disseas and he has always bacteria s in his poop and its stinks a lot and i have medicine thats hepa-plus and dysbac liquid but my other macaw gets […]

Feeding eggs to parrots.

I saw on a post on the website by a person named BRENDA that she approved the feeding of eggs to parrots. Now, to my knowledge that is dangerous. Veterinarians now are NOT recommending eggs due to parrots dying from STROKES because they were routinely fed eggs. My present avian vet, Dr. Paul Welch, described […]

Indian Myna

Hi I rescued an Indian myna and we have raised it and it for almost 2, 3 years. When we found him his foot had been broken but had healed on its own. There have been no problems until today he started biting his one toe when in his cage. We took him to the […]

My budgie is losing feathers all over

My budgie is losing feathers, he’s not picking at them but I don’t think its a mile because he’s not losing head feathers. He’s not sick either and there are no weird patched of skin. Is this normal?

Preening toys

My, approximately, 6 month old cockatiel has a tendency to ‘nibble’ his neck feathers when he’s at peace and roosting. From what I have read, preening toys can relieve stress as well as the need for social preening. I have tried adding a simple preening toy and so far it does seem to have made […]

Sleeps all the time

My bird Sleeps all day long he lost a Friend I think he is Depressed ? What Can I do? I know He is not Sick Please Help.


My kakariki has been straining to poop and passing large amounts green and white. I’ve noticed stomach seems swollen she went off food for a day but eating now she is 9 years old

My bird is really sick

My bird is throwing up clear liquids and dropping black and white poops… he’s bearly breathing and weak…

Mini albino lutino bush budgies

How do i now the diffrence between male or female cause i got to albino lutino mini bush budgies both are white with white blue nostrils ?

breeding months

I have read in every blog that February is when Conures breed. But that they can have 3-4 clutches per year. I have not found one single article on which other months they breed. Assuming every six months to pair them up again?

Momma canary

My canary has just had a chick hatch and is sitting on it as she should. Ever since then, since she’s spent most of her time on her nest, when she takes a bath, she doesn’t seem to have any feathers on her upper and lower chest. But when she is dry, her feathers completely […]

full spectrum lighting

(I know this has come up before.) Are there really good full spectrum lights specifically for birds? How about placement? Is there a risk to their eyes? I got an Ott light, but was surprised to see that there is no shield over the bulb.

Feather plucking

My friend has a parrotlet that plucks. She lost her mate last year and I think she’s lonely or bored. He’s ruled out anything medical. I suggested he use a spritzer to ease any molting discomfort, but my first suggestion to him was to get her a mate. 😁

Crop problem

My baby tiel is 5 days old. He’s pretty healthy. But today I noticed his seeds in the crop are at the bottom and is filled with liquid or air above. I read somewhere that this isn’t a good sign. I tried feeling it if it was air or liquid but I couldn’t differentiate. The […]

Removed nest but still laying eggs

Good Morning Brenda, I wanted to give you an update on my finches since taking out their nest. I removed it, put the grate back on the bottom and have pet safe bedding underneath. A very small amount. Just enough to cover the bottom to help with cleaning. The female is now laying eggs on […]

my cockatiel breaks his new wing feathers

Hi, as i mentioned my cockatiel breaks his new wing feathers but he doesn’t pull his other feathers so it’s not a mental issue also he’s my first cockatiel and i can’t understand why.


Hello I am worried about my Lutino, he has a bald patch his belly which i only noticed when he got wet. Is he ill? Still flying and eating well but I did notice is poop is very runny.

Close eyelid

Hi , my sun conure has one eyelid close , any suggestions will be welcome.

How long do heavy molts last in cockatiels?

HI lafeber, Just a quick question. How long do heavy molting periods typically last in cockatiels? I want to know the typical length for a molting period so I can compare that to how long my cockatiel has been molting for. Is 3 weeks the typical amount of time for a bird to go through […]

An unhealthy bond

Hi there I recently came across your article that triggered me a bit in regard to my situation. I have a mother and a daughter bird that I’ve inherited with a very unhealthy Bond. They think their partners obviously and their bond is so unhealthy that the daughter bird shits watery stool and paces back […]

Too much water

My amazon parrot drinks at least 1/2 cup of water. Urinates until his paper have puddles. W hat to do? Thanks

My budgie has tacypnea after his molt

I have a one year old budgie. He was doing well until he molted. After a few days he seemed to be tired and slept during the day. After that he was with poor appetite and he didnt play with us. Now one week passed and he still hass tacypne and his mouth opens while […]

Flat perch

My 5 year old female lovebird only uses her flat perch, refuses regular perches. Is this harmful for her feet? She also poops on it and is a chore to clean.

Sudden death x 3

I was given 2 lovebirds from a friend who keeps pairs and has occasional clutches. I had prebuilt a very large aviary. The cage that the birds traveled in was left open in the aviary and in the morning one was dead. I replaced this bird and 8 weeks later was dead. I was becoming […]

how to get rid of dried up poop on my birds skin?

Hello! my green cheek conure recently had eggs and she of course lays on them but there have been a couple times now that i’ve found poop on them and we cleaned them and it doesn’t happen anymore. i didnt notice until today that she’s been laying on these eggs before and when she did […]

Bad News about my Alexandrine

Hi, Some days ago, the wall of my neighbouring building fell on my house, creating huge craters and fallen roofs in my house, even in the room where my sister, my mother, me and sadly my parrot were. We quickly escaped the house. I tried to grab my parrot to keep him with me but […]

regurgitation in a single bird

My caique has been regurgitating on my placemats then eating the regurgitated food. She is well nourished, does not have a mate and does not do this when she is near me. I know the regurgitation is normal, but why would they re-consume it? Does this indicate a problem? Thank you

African grey not very active

Hi. My African grey who is mostly active And noisy has suddenly become more on the calmer and quieter side for the past 2 days. It feeds well and the color of its droppings look normal. Should I be worried ?

How do I set up heating lamp for a 4 to 5 week cockatiel

I have a 4 to 5 week old lutino cockatiel. I got it a few days ago and I was wondering how I would setup my heating lamp. I do not have a thermostat available and it would take weeks to get as I live in an area that has none. So how high up […]

My Cocatoo

Is it possible that a lone female will Nest even without male contact

Black dropping in Alexandrine parakeet

My bird suddenly started to have black poop. And vomited too. And within 9 hours she died. Her poop was perfectly fine the day before her death. And since we keep her in a clean room without any clutter it is impossible for her to ingest any foreign body. But she did lose a lot […]

Hole in my parakeet’s chest?

My parakeet has a hole in his chest. I’m not sure if I should be concerned about it. I noticed it earlier today while I was giving him a bath. Nor my mom or my dad knew what it was there for. Mind you, my mom has had about 5 parakeets when she was younger. […]

Sudden deaths

Today my 3 birds died all at once. 2 8 year old love birds and a 2 month old parakeet. They were fine and 45 minutes later I heard them drop to the cage floors. Firemen checked for gas and carbon monoxide and found nothing. Everything in the house was as it was every day. […]

African Grey

I have an African Grey 24years old by itself i the cage has never had a mate always thought it was a boy until we found eggs this year along has been thus the most she has layed over 12 eggs is this normal of should this be a sign of something wrong

Mother Lovebird Condition

Hey, I really appreciate your advices and my breeding progress is going well so far. It’s only few days from the hatching due date so I’m excited. However, I noticed the female (when she comes out for stretches) looks so messy. Her feathers are little dull and looks as if she didn’t preen herself at […]

horman therapy

Hi dear Dr. which hormones are commonly used in avian reproductive problems? (such as repeated breeder or excessive egg production in cockatiels). How about dosage?

African grey – health

My 15 months old Congo African Grey had red feathers on his chest and legs. However, over the last few months, he is losing his red feathers. Will his red feathers grow back? Many thanks, Monica


My cockatiel has lost her feathers around her neck it what could be the problem you can see her neck other than tha she’s seems healthy

What’s wrong with my dove

My beautiful dove was fine yesterday. But today won’t eat and is very puffed up. He’s drinking a little . He looks at his food . Tries a couple of seeds and just gives up. He’s very lethargic and not flying much although his flight is still home. He threw up some seed earlier. His […]

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