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January 27, 2022

PLEASE Tell Me, WHY DID My Sparrow Died Suddenly???

My pet sparrow was 3 months old. His name was Mikey. He was very active and healthy. He used to eat a lot. Me and my brother used to pet him. He was very friendly and like our family member. He never wanted to leave us. He always used to be around us. And, he had just started moulding.. He ate very well. He was active. But, This was the scenario..
I’ve to move to another city for 1 week and hence I leave that night. My brother was taking caring of him that night. And, He said that he(Mikey) ate and drink very well as usual. After that my brother kept Mikey into the cage. And, In the morning, when my brother checked Mikey (Our sparrow) had already died. And, Then he informed me.. All this happen just 3 days ago. He (Mikey) died suddenly that night.. He(Mikey) never wanted to leave us He always used to follow me wherever I go. He always be very best friend and I miss him a lot. PlZ… if you’re reading this, then plz tell why did he left me, what is the reason of his death?? PLEASE…


Hi Alex,

I am so very sorry for your loss. I know you took great care of Mikey and loved him. Sadly there is no way to know why he died. Only a Vet might have been able to tell. If this was a wild sparrow you found orphaned, maybe there was something wrong with him from the start and the parents abandoned him. Birds can be sick and not show obvious signs. A lot of things can cause a sudden death. He may have been sick and you didn’t know. There are a lot of things that are toxic to birds that will not hurt people – most fumes can make a bird sick or die. Anything that has a strong odor can be deadly, even candles or food burning in the kitchen. I wish I had a clear answer for you, but hopefully you can take comfort knowing that Mikey was loved in his short life and didn’t die alone outdoors or get taken by a predator. You did everything you could for him, but sometimes there is just something wrong inside and at least Mikey died peacefully in his sleep in a safe, comfortable home.

Take care,


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