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June 7, 2021

Young Fancy parakeets.

Hello, How can I tell the difference between a young female, and a young male fancy parakeet. I called Petsmart and they just received birds in and they told me they cannot tell the difference, because they’re very young.


Hi Eileen,

It can be hard to determine the sex in really young parakeets. You can go by temperament and choose a bird that seems tamer. The females will fuss a lot louder when picked up. You really can’t tell the difference in some of the colors because the cere will be the same color in males and females. Usually the pale colors and the solid colors – white or yellow – will have a pale pink/lavender cere whether it is a male or female. You might do better if there is an independent bird or pet shop in your area. Ideally you could find a good breeder who breeds their birds in separate pairs. The parakeets found in most of the large chain stores have been colony raised, and often there is a lot of inbreeding – breeding of related birds. So the birds are genetically weak and have a shorter life span – these days 6-10 years.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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