Bird Type: Budgie/Parakeet


Hi I would like to know if the Ringneck kills budgie If I put them together

My budgie can only fly about 3

He’s been like it since I’ve had him. he get’s around fine and is healthy and happy, but I just feel bad for the lil dude. I should’ve taken him to the vet after the first few months I had him, but it was in the middle of lockdown. Is there any hope for him […]

Budgie behavior

I had 4 male budgies who got along well. Two had a major bromance, preening feeding. Other 2 not that bonded. One of the bonded pair passed 3 days ago. All got along but today major fighting started. One of the not bonded is defending the other not bonded bird against persistent attention from the […]

Mixing species

My full flighted BFA has a playstand in most rooms of my home-she is always out when I am home. She shares her cage room with a cockatiel and budgie. They only fly loose when she is out of the room and they perch on top of her cage a lot. Will it ever be […]

2 parakeet couples

Can I keep 2 parakeet couples in the same cage together?? I noticed the two males fighting today.

question again

Sorry i didnt really mean that! The real thing is that the nest boxs that she has now is a bit tiny, im not sure how she is going to feed her babys since she has 5 eggs! And that nestbox is like a box for those bleu tiny birds, i really want to transfer […]

Budgie Training

Hey Lafeber, I have a question. I have 5 budgies in a cage, I want to train them and tame them, however since they’re a flock, they will get distracted if I train them in the same cage, so I decided to pick one and put her in a separate cage, trained her but i […]


Can i replace the eggs to a new budgie house so the mother can sit on the new house? Because the old one is kinda broken and not so safe.


Will a female attack his pair when breeding

Follow up to: hvad about the ones which has manly seed in the diet

Hello. (Own cockatiels and budgies) You answered my last question that you need to make sure the there is a sufficient amount of amino acids like lysine and methionine in the diet. I give pallets and some fresh veggies sometime IF they want it, and normally not som much. Give eggs, Deadlines, vitamin, they have […]

Accidental male/female budgie pets

I found out that my two budgies are male/female. I’m not interested in breeding them, but love them and don’t want to give either of them up for adoption. I got the male budgie a few months ago. The were recently introduced in the same cage, after months of casual introductions. The next day, I […]

Budgie Trauma

So, my budgie and I used to be very close. He would spend a lot of time with me everyday. However, I recently lost him, but luckily, I got him back from the Parrot Rescue. Ever since I got him back, he doesn’t want to spend time with me outside the cage. I’m pretty sure […]


My female parakeet laid. 5 eggs the male is always around her disturbing her should I separate the male from the female?.

I am in need of better diet for my budgies

Hello, I noticed your products for budgies and I thought they were really amazing but since you can’t ship them to my country I was wondering if you can help me find a replacement even if close since I have four budgies and I want them to live long, I used to feed them a […]

leaving a budgie in a not so big cage for two weeks

Hi, I have a budgie whose cage isn’t really big since i’m almost home with her everyday and her cage is always open. (she just eats, drinks, sleeps and plays in there) However now an emergency has come up so I’ll be leaving her at a good friend’s house who has looked after birds before […]

How to get budgie into the cage

I have two budgies that are always welcome to fly around my room. But they are both untamed and I cant get them back in the cage without chasing them around. Normally I let them roam until they go back in by themselves but I have dogs and cats so I can’t let them out […]

Budgie diet

My budgies will only eat seed and millet. I cant get them to try any other foods. They aren’t tamed either so its much harder. How do I get them to try fruits and veggies?

How old are my budgies?

I don’t know how old my birds are. I recently got them (like 2ish months ago). But I don’t think they are that old. They still the bars that go down to their cere and their cere isn’t very prominently colored. One of them has tiny iris lines.

My budgie is losing feathers all over

My budgie is losing feathers, he’s not picking at them but I don’t think its a mile because he’s not losing head feathers. He’s not sick either and there are no weird patched of skin. Is this normal?

Nesting Material

My budgie has laid five eggs in the nesting box over the last 10 days. I did not put any nesting material in the box. There is a concave circle in the bottom of the nesting box, but the eggs are not in the circle, but off to the side on a flat surface in […]

Male budgie is breaking eggs..?

There is only 1 pair in the cage. Just the 2 of them. However the male keeps breaking the egg and eating the egg yolk. Why is he doing this? Is it some kind of a habit? I found that it could be a calcium deficiency but he has got a cuttlebone.

Feeding budgies

Till now my budgies only liked to eat millet, Spinach leaves, cilantro and sprouts. I tried to give them different fruits, and even seed mixtures but they didn’t seem to like it. Since monsoon begun here they are not eating their regular veggies too. What can I do?

Travel with bird

I’m going away for 5 days and taking my budgie with me. We are going in a taxi and he’ll be in in a travel bird cage. The journey is 2/1/2 hours. I can’t find anyone to look after him. Should I do it?


Could u give me some advice on healthy diet for budgies I give seed and bits broccoli celery but I’ve read seeds are bad thanks


Hello,How many eggs does a budgie layes without mating,My budgie layed on egg without mating And I broked it will they breed after this because they might be angry because of I broke there egg

Mini albino lutino bush budgies

How do i now the diffrence between male or female cause i got to albino lutino mini bush budgies both are white with white blue nostrils ?

nesting material

What is, if any, a good material for parakeets to use to construct a nest? I hvae a breeding box which she uses to go in and rest, and she is young and laid her first eggs, and we suspect she is getting ready to ovulate again. But, whatever material (e.g. pine shavings) we try […]

Can I train my budgie without millet spray?

I can’t get a millet spray cuz I am a kid my parents are like. Just let him have seed millet won’t give an impact. Olso I have a (baby) budgie and it is olso not eating from my hand. So I can’t try to learn him tricks .olso my budgie is not so active […]

Why is my parakeet eating her egg

So my parakeets are one cage and they have reached the age where they start breeding, the female layed a egg and the egg was fine for like 2 or 3 days untill today I saw that the egg shell was on the bottom of the cage and there was like yellow colored outside of […]

My budgie has tacypnea after his molt

I have a one year old budgie. He was doing well until he molted. After a few days he seemed to be tired and slept during the day. After that he was with poor appetite and he didnt play with us. Now one week passed and he still hass tacypne and his mouth opens while […]

Had to separate my budgies do to fighting

How do I get them put back together I have had them 3 years know problem then I got s bigger cage put them in after a few weeks my male was trying to hurt my female to the point she was bleeding I really need help with this one

Budgie breeding

My budgie laid five eggs, three of which hatched. They are now three weeks old. Both parents had been doing a wonderful job taking care of the babies. However today the female is being nasty to the male and not allowing him near the breeding box. They were literally fighting. I removed the male for […]

Budgie breeding

I have actually 8 budgies birds and I have separated a pair of male and female in a separate cage and the rest 6 in another cage. But even after 3-4 weeks they are just pruning each other. Sometimes they go and sit in the breeding box and sometimes both of them sit far away […]

Hole in my parakeet’s chest?

My parakeet has a hole in his chest. I’m not sure if I should be concerned about it. I noticed it earlier today while I was giving him a bath. Nor my mom or my dad knew what it was there for. Mind you, my mom has had about 5 parakeets when she was younger. […]

Sudden deaths

Today my 3 birds died all at once. 2 8 year old love birds and a 2 month old parakeet. They were fine and 45 minutes later I heard them drop to the cage floors. Firemen checked for gas and carbon monoxide and found nothing. Everything in the house was as it was every day. […]

Budgie breeding

I saw my male budgie trying to sit on his offspring’s (female) back. The female is 6-7 months old only. Is it ok to let them do it? Or how do I discourage them without separating them?

Feeding each other but not breedingi

I have a pair of Budgies that I got a year ago. They are totally bonded( feeding each o ther and male bobbing head. Talking and kissing one another)

Budgies Eating Dandelion Leaves

Hello! So recently I read that budgies like to eat dandelion leaves so I’ve been giving them a handful whenever I let them sunbathe outside for the past three days bc recently it got warmer, but their droppings suddenly became very black and hard. Now I’m worried that something’s wrong and I shouldn’t have given […]

Laying eggs

Why my budgie not laying egg, 16 days after mating. Mated several times throughout the week.Her back looks as if she laid eggs, became like exposed or swollen . But no eggs


Im concerned about my female budgie, when i wanted to clean her cage her eggs was laying outside the nest, when i cleaned cage there was a hole right through the bottom of the cage, she lives with with 2 males in cage… Is there something im doing wrong?

Budgies and doves

Hi there can I put dove eggs in my male budgies nest will he lay on them just to let them hatch ? If not what can I do to let the dove eggs hatch

Parakeet Parents

I have several keets in a very large cage. One hen has laid eggs in the nest box in the cage. 2 males are enthusiastically feeding her. I witnessed one mount her. I want to remove the nest box/momma into another cage. I know her mate should be with her. Is it ok for me […]

Bringing another budgie into house

I have a year old male budgie who has bonded very close to me. I would like to bring another baby budgie home and raise that bird to be friendly like Pepe. Is this possible. Thank you.


My budgie is constantly chewing on her perch, its a dowling perch.. will it do any harm to her

Breeding parakeets

I have a male and female budgie, and am trying to breed them. The female is so back and forth with her moods, sometimes they’re kissing and he feeds her, and other times she is really mean to him. Two days ago I saw him trying to mount her, I don’t know if it was […]

Budgie pair and first potential clutch

Our budgie pair have mated and so far the hen has laid 2 eggs. We aren’t prepared as we thought we had 2 girls (we adopted them from an elderly neighbor who got them when they very young and told us they were “sisters” though not biologically), but based on their behavior over the last […]

Chicks ++++

Hi again, I need more advice, lol ok, I have 4 chicks out, 2 are weaned and living in their own cage..The 4 th one came out on Friday and keeps going back in and out again..I have heard this happens..(chick I’ds 34 days old.. The last chick is 33 days today and has not […]


Can I leave my budgie outside?


Update,2 chicks are coming on 40 days this weekend. They are eating on their own, will be moving them to a cage of their own.. 3rd chick has been out for 4 days now, doing very well, 4th and 5th chick are popping their heads out everyday, they will be 30 days this weekend.. I […]

Why are my budgies not sitting on there eggs 24/7

Hi I have too parakeets and they had been laying eggs in the cage for for a while and I read that you have to by them A nesting area so I did and I’ve been realizing she laid four eggs and isn’t sitting on them all day every day she sits on them most […]

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