Bird Type: Budgie/Parakeet

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Are Eggplant’s leaves safe for Budgies? Cause mine ate almost half of a big one in my garden…

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Diet and Nutrition

I have budgies . Their main diet is the Lafeber Classic Nutri Berries parakeet food. I can’t seem to get them to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. In the last 5 years, I have spent a tremendous amount of money at the avian vet. Constant issues with one of the birds getting yeast, and others […]

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My budgie gave her first egg on November 6th ,then gave other eggs alternately. Now she has a total of 7 eggs. But she started incubating her eggs when she gave her 4th egg that is from November 16th. Today is 4th December and she keeps incubating them but not even a single egg has […]

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Is my bird cage safe for morebirds?

Recently my two parakeets died randomly, at the same time,and they were on a good diet and had clean water. They just literally dropped dead I am assuming illness caused this tragedy but i was wondering if as with all the toys they used do i have too throw away the cage?

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sharing a cage

we recently acquired(today) four young Zebra Finches but do not have a cage yet for them (they are in a traveling box) until we get their forever home, we were wondering if it would be ok to put them in with our Parakeets, we have two young Parakeets in a very large cage. Would they […]

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Gelatin Source in Nutri-Berries?

Hello, I try to be cautious of the ingredients and foods I feed my budgies so I like the variety of pellet, seeds, grains, and dried fruits that goes into nutri-berries butI was wondering what is the source of gelatin used in Lafeber’s nutri-berries? Thanks!

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What size pellets for my parakeet who has no beak?

Hi I have a 3 year old female parakeet named Tater Tot who unfortunately got her beak bit almost completely off by a love bird when one of my employees accidentally pushed her cage right up against a very aggressive/territorial female lovebirds cage… Any way its been over 6 months now and much to my […]

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Breeding birds

Good evening. I am new to breeding with conures and want to ask you if you can give me some advice. Their cage is set outside and is 2.5m long,1.3m wide and 2m high. How many breeding pair conures can i put in the cage? I also want to know if you can breed budgies […]

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We have a linnie and a budgie in a very large cage. When i approach the cage the linnie comes to me. If i put my hand up near him he tries to bite,same if i put my face close to the cage. He will pull on my hair and peck at my scalp. I […]

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Vitamin E Supplement

I have an older female budgie with fatty lipomas. Vitamin E and biotin (with a low-fat diet) is suggested by Is it safe to put the oil from Vitamin E capsules in her food or water? [The vet can’t diagnose her further without $400 x-rays.]

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Turkey Tail Mushroom

Is turkey tail mushroom immune supplements safe for budgies? I have an older budgie that possibly has kidney/liver disease and fatty lipomas. The vet suggested moving her to a diet of nutri berries. What else can I give her to ease her discomfort and speed recovery?

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Let out of cage?

Is it OK to let my new budgie out of its cage before he has been tamed?

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parakeet wings

i dont know who did it but my birds missing 3 tips on her right wing. her behavor is funny. can she die from it and what can i do to help?

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Size of cage

For a single parakeet or budgie, what size cage do you recommend? Thanks

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Whats my Parakeet’s sex?

I was reading that parakeets cere confirm the sex of the parakeet.I have a parakeet with a purple cere. Problem is the parakeet does everything a female does.i dont know if its a female or male.

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Long vacation for First Time

I’ve had my parakeet for over a year now and he’s grown super attached to me. Last summer I left my keet at home with a trusted family member for a 3 day vacation. When I came back he had multiple pin feathers on his head and he’d plucked feathers from his legs and under […]

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Found Bird

Hi! Is it possible for an escaped budgie to fly 120 miles and find us in pristine condition? Just found someones budgie, and someone is claiming it as theirs, would like to get to the bottom of it.

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Can I keep my parakeet in his cage without letting him out for a week?

Hello! I’ve got a 1+ year old male albino parakeet. His name is Yuki. He’s very energetic, playful, and loving. He loves to be out of his cage all the time and he flys all around the house. Anyway, we’re going on vacation next week and we’ll be gone exactly for a week. We’re leaving Yuki with a friend…

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My parakeet is ill, and I believe has the common fatty liver disease from an all seed diet. I lost one quickly in March, I think from the same thing, very little symptoms that I noticed, gone within 8 hours…

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Parakeet Sexing

Currently, my family has two parakeets. We know that male parakeets have a blueish-purple cere, and females have a peachy-white cere. However, one of our parakeets ceres has changed from a vibrant, certain blue to a peach color (since purchasing the bird seven years ago), and is taking heavy interest in the nesting box recently put on the cage…

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Green, Blue, Yellow Parakeets

My three daughters are asking for a parakeet each. They each want a different color parakeet. I have purchased a large cage for small birds. ..

Standing Feather Duster Budgie

Feather Duster Budgies

The Feather Duster Budgie is a mutation that might make you doubt a bird is inside all the curly, overgrown feathers.

Small Birds Do Talk!

Bigger birds aren’t the only ones talking. In fact, some of the smaller parrots are capable of mimicking human speech and can even amass impressive vocabularies. Here’s a look at some of the tiny talkers of the pet bird world.

budgerigar, parakeet, budgie

3 Tricks Your Budgie Can Do!

There are many behaviors that a budgie will do naturally. With some practice, you can give a cue for the natural behavior, and then have a nice behavior your budgie can perform upon request.

Green Parakeet

Perks of Owning a Pet Parakeet

Parakeets as pets are a manageable size, entertaining, social, and talkative. Small enough to fit in your apartment and travel with you, parakeets can make great pets. Check out these 7 perks of sharing your life with a parakeet.

Cockatiel face

Pet Birds & Children

Find out the real reasons why budgies and cockatiels can make wonderful pets for children, as well as all the wrong reasons for bringing a small bird into your home.

budgie / parakeet

Budgie Sounds

Budgies (parakeets) chatter a lot, as budgie owners will have noticed. What does all that chatter mean? Here are some common budgie sounds and what they might mean.

parakeet budgie

Budgie (Parakeet)

The budgie (parakeet) is often thought of as a “beginner bird,” however, this social, outgoing little bird deserves just as much care and attention as larger parrots. Budgies are playful, love food and they can rival any parrot in terms of talking ability.

Green Parakeet

Budgie Vs. Cockatiel — Which Is Right For You?

For years, budgies, also called parakeets, were the most numerous companion birds, and only recently were overtaken by cockatiels. If you’re looking at getting one or the other, how do they compare?

budgie and toy, parakeet and toy, blue budgie, blue parakeet

Top Toys For Parakeets

Give your budgie (aka “parakeet”) some toys! You will be wildly entertained as your budgie plays, and your budgie will stay active and engaged without getting into any mischief from boredom.

Presidents & Their Pet Parrots

Can you imagine a parrot perched in the White House? It’s probably happened at some point during our country’s history; after all, some of our past presidents had parrot companions during their presidencies. Here is a list of presidents who really did have parrots during their White House days.

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