Bird Type: Budgie/Parakeet

Grass parakeets

Hi , I have two female grass parakeets, unsure of age as they was given to me . Although the lady said they were a year old . They were ok for a couple of months and now one seems to be picking on the other one . I ignored this for a while and […]

Young Fancy parakeets.

Hello, How can I tell the difference between a young female, and a young male fancy parakeet. I called Petsmart and they just received birds in and they told me they cannot tell the difference, because they’re very young.

Bonded pair fighting after 6 years

This is gonna be long, sorry. I’ve been running into some issues with my two budgies. They’ve been housed together for over 6 years now, and I’ve never had issues with serious fighting until very recently. The cage they were in when this started is smaller than the proper size for two birds, so that […]

Budgie keeps getting off her eggs and moving about the cage

My female budgie has laid two eggs with today being egg number 3s day, but she keeps coming out the nest box to eat etc is this normal? She does spend a lot of time on the eggs with the male sitting at the entrance to the nest box or on top of.

My new budgie has a very short tail

Hello. I just got my new budgie today and he looks very healthy. He is still a baby and has stripes all the way down to his cere. The only issue i see is his tail is missing. There are small feathers growing out of his tail region but no long feathers, making it appear […]

Budgies training

I am following the guidance u gave before about budgies breeding…Now my budgie has laid 4 eggs and 3 has been hatched out ..Please could you suggest me how to train them and stop them running away from us and stop biting..

Natural Bird Toys

I have a budgie and I was wanting to make some toys for him! Can budgies have pinecones? And what woods are okay for them? Any other recommendations? Thanks!

Introducing New Parakeet

Hello, Thank you for your quality products, especially the Nutri-berries! My bird is a fan. I have had Pip, a solo parakeet for 3 years. She slowly became trusting with our family and our guinea pig, Roo. She became very comfortable flying to and from her cage and interacting with Roo who was kept in […]

Why is my bird rubbing against her food bowl

Hello, I’ve had a female budgie since December 2020, me and her have a very good relationship, but lately she’s been making strange noises and go underneath her food bowl and rubbing against it, I’m very confused and I’d like to know if O should do something because her mate recently passed away and I’m […]

Aggressive behaviour

Hello I have a pair of budgies. Its first time they are breeding. First egg was laid on Friday which I found broken on sunday morning but sunday evening I found another egg in nest and both were spending most time in cage. Tuesday surprisingly I saw two eggs added in nest and same behaviour […]

How do i get my bird to eat veggies

Hello guys. Hope you are well. Ive had my english budgie for nearly two months. When we first got him, he was eating a bit of carrot and lettuce but nothing major, those were the only two veggies he tried. Just eating and ripping it. Now these days he wont eat any fruit and veggies […]

My Male Parakeet Aster

hello i have a question regarding my male parakeet. He has begun plucking the feathers out from around his neak and under his beak. His 2 female friends are ignoring him as well at this point. they were rescues and i know very little of their history other than they are about 2 and have […]

Budgies breaking their eggs

I have 5 budgies and a pair amongst them try to breed and the female one lay eggs too but they usually break it and this time when she laid eggs but the male one from the pair try to break the eggs and at night they dropped the eggs.


How do you as a vet and companies like Lafeber decide what is the proper diet with changing seasons and age of the bird, particularly budgies (I have two about 2 years old)

Should i get my bird a friend?

Greetings. I got a show budgie about 2 months ago. Her name is Angel 🙂 I love her with all my heart but i have basically given up. After spending months sitting next to her, talking to her, offering treats and placing my hand near her she won’t become tame 🙁 She is not scared […]

Will giving my new budgie a friend make him untame

Good afternoon all. I got a parakeet (Blue) about a month or so ago. He is trained and totally comfortable with me. He will fly and sit on my finger, head etc. I recently thought i want to get him a mate. Probably a baby parakeet of about less than 4 months old. If i […]


My budgie laid 7 eggs but she broke all the eggs she laid after breaking she laid another egg she broke that too … Can u tell me the reason why she broke the eggs

Nesting ideas.

How do i set up a nesting area for our parakeets and is it normal if the female pecs at the males head making him lose feathers or is my mail sick with ring worm?

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