Bird Type: Budgie/Parakeet

Budgie babies

Hi so my budgie laid 7 eggs. Two have already hatched and we are waiting on the other ones. If not all 7 eggs hatch should we remove them or should we let the parents take them out. And should we clean the nesting box while they have little babies inside or should we wait […]

Budgie behavior

Hi there. I have had my 2 female parakeets for 2 years now and they have always been bonded and don’t really come by me much at all. I also have a cockatiel that I’ve had for about a year and a half. They all get along but just recently my one parakeet has suddenly […]

Death of 1.5month old budgie

Hey recently a new baby budgie was born at our home .. he was very friendly with us as we interacted with him at a very young period. His parents used to give food not always but still use to give food .. unlike our normal baby budgies this 1.5minth old baby which died never […]

breeding bourkes

Is it OK to have a third bird in the same cage as a breeding pair?


my 2 birds Pepe [male] & santina [female] after 4 years have had 3 babies …I also have 2 other birds in another cage charlie[male] & lucy [female]….Can all of these budgies be put into 1 big cage without to many problem or what do you suggest to do?

Sex of parakeet

My bird had a very crinkly brown cere. But now both sides are blue and brown in the center. Is that normal or is it a young male maturing?

Female budgie

My budgie is 3 years old and is very aggressive! So much that I can’t lot it out of the cage while I’m in the room! She flies at me and bites not like any budgie I’ve ever had. She just attacks so I feel bad that I cannot let her out .

Fighting Budgie Pair

I have 2 female Budgies and 1 male Budgie. One of the Budgies. Is currently incubating 6 eggs. She fights with her mate. So much as each have on buses from the fight. How do I solve this fighting problem? Do I put the lone female Budgie in a cage by herself? Any help is […]

Parakeet and cats

I have a 19 yr old tuxedo female cat. I found a parakeet on the side of the road and rescued it. A friend of a friend took it temporarily because of my cat but he has four dogs! Is it a crazy idea to bring it into my home? I feel it is unsafe […]

Leaving budgie on vacation

I am going on a trip for 4/5 days and am leaving my 8 year old budgie with family friends so she can have more social time rather than being alone. The only thing is these friends of mine have never let her out of her cage before to fly. I thought it would be […]

She already laid an egg

Thanks Brenda for your previous answer. The hen has already laid her first egg. It’s been two months since I brought her home. So I’m too late to stop this cycle. If she lays more than 4-6 eggs I will replace some with plastic eggs. Also once they are finished with this clutch I will […]

budgie breeding

I sent you a question already but in the meantime I looked some things up. I only gave them a box on 11/29 and I read that hens will spend 10-15 days in the box before laying and that some hens are messy. Meaning they will poop some in the box. She also does poop […]

Can I give a nest box too early

Hi, I have a pair of budgies, male 2 years old and the female is of undetermined age. I think she is younger than my male, I rescued her from a breeding situation. She had laid 12 eggs (way too many I think) in a cut cardboard box but had no mate. My male has […]

how long do budgies stay distant for

so my budgie is 3 months old and i’ve read on here that at around this age they will become distant and not like to be handled and such but will return to their regular behaviour eventually, but it didn’t say how long this behaviour is expected to last, so if anyone could tell me […]

bird sitting on the food bowl

my bird is sitting on the food bowl for a long period of time and she is also singing there sometimes she behaves so odd she don’t let me touch her from few days , her nose is also turning brown first is thought she might be caring egg as the male often feed her […]

Parakeet laying eggs while on Perch

Hi. I have a couple parakeet (1 male 1 female) and I caught them mating 2wks ago. Now, my parakeet lays her eggs while on perch so the eggs are always broken. The 1st one was infertile so I just threw it away but the second one had yolk in it. It was so depressing […]


Both my parakeets are a light blue and a dark blue The dark blue has blue by nostrils the light colored parakeet has just a little spot if blue above nostrils How to tell if female and male

5 budgie eggs about to hatch

Hi my male budgie died & the female stopped sitting so I incubated hoping? & their about to hatch? I candle them 2nd wk & all fertile



My baby budgie died suddenly

I don’t know why but my 1.5 month old baby budgie died suddenly. He was alright just a 2 minutes ago his death. He was playing whole this day and don’t know what happened and when i saw him he was on ground of cage sleeping downwords. It’s seemed unusual to me and when i […]

Bird droppings and actions are weird.

Hello, this is my first question here. My bird became a new member of the family on the 23rd of October. I’m concerned about it’s health. It’s dropping appear black with a little white. It has also been kicking it’s food out of the dish, hasn’t been seen drinking any water. It also has been […]


My parakeet has laid 3 eyes which I candled(using gloves) and they are all fertile… I have breezed before with my other budgie and she was always in her box and only came out to stretch so I find it strange that Nibblett during the night she will sit on her eggs and during the […]

parakeets eating eggs

my parakeets lay two eggs so far an each one was broken i read some of the thoughts u share about a balance diet. i have put some of the food that u listed to help with her diet. ? should i still leave her to lay the egg to see if she will change […]

Let parakeet

My parakeet has laid for eggs she only has three of them left because the first one dropped when she was on the perch but she laid them in the nest and she’s not sitting on them and then now she’s laying in the box while they’re in the nest what should I do

Altitude Sickness for a Budgie

Is it safe to bring my pet budgie into the Big Bear Mountains? I live in the greater Los Angeles Area, and I have a tripped plan for the coming weekend. I want to make sure my little buddy will be safe and not in harms way if I bring her.

Cage versus open

What is safer for night frights? Open space like a room or a cage? I had an intruder in my house and so my birds, a cockatiel and a budgie, were flying around in the house in the office room they sleep in, in the dark, and a night light is not enough there. I […]


Hello I plan on acquiring a kakariki baby in a few weeks and I am beginning to prepare things for him. What would be the best pellet for him? I see cockatiel and then food for budgies/parakeets in the traditional sense but nothing specifically geared for kakariki. I also plan on feeding avi-cakes and fresh […]

Budgie bird

Mt brother has these birds i belive thier bot budgies and the female one keeps on eating them and she laid one but i dont think she knows where it is and she keeps on ignoring them and i dont know what i should do with it

new bird not eating & very skittish!

i got my new bird yesterday, zim, and hes fully flighted, beautiful long feathers. we let him out on the first day, but he kept on accidentally hurting himself by running into things, and if i tried to help him by putting my hand near him so he has the option to be ‘ rescued […]

is it okay to leave a budgies in cages during vacation?

me & my family are going on a vacation for a week, and we are not sure what to do. we have someone who would come in once a day and change the water & give food, but would they need more than this? theres 2 of them, i dont want then to get depressed […]

My 4 month old budgie suddenly died

I have two boy budgies and they have been fine however one of my boys has continually fought with the other picking on him almost and I checked on them and they was fine then my sister goes to put their cover on the cage before bed and one of them was dead at the […]

Australian Budgies

i bought 2 budgies in december17 2020. they havent laid eggs. they are in a big cage which i s divided into two. i have put a pot and a stick of wood in it please suggest something.


I’ve got 2 keets, 1 blue, 1 white and both are making breeding movements on their toys/perches. Do i have 2 males?

My Budgie can’t fly

Hi, today my budgie can’t seems to fly, Although he’s still happy and talking and playing around. I notice that He’s dropping lots of feathers big and small. Is that the reason why my budgie can’t fly. And what can i feed my budgie to make him able to fly again

Cockatiel behavior

Thanks Brenda. My male cockatiel wants to mate with my male and female budgies. It is scary as he is very aggressive and tried to rape the female budgie. I have three birds. The cockatiel is 24 hours cage free. The only reason the budgies have to go in their cage is to protect them […]

My budgie has a hole in abdomen

Pls help me I have a male budgie he was having his abdomen swollen and after visiting doctor .He said that it’s a wound But now the wound disappeared and he has a little hole on the top of his vent he also bleeds pls help

continuous death of budgies

I had 7 Budgies, 3 females and 4 males. two males fought yesterday and one of them died after few minutes. Next day after that incident 5 birds died turn by turn. they all were healthy, taking enough food and water. Also they were showing no symptoms except change in breathing pattern before death. What […]

My budgie is not sitting on the egg

My budgie is not sitting on the eggs and she laid three eggs but one of them is looking like it had been eaten or something and she is looking tired…. I am so scared to see her like this

Budgie can’t fly

First time here, so sorry if it’s bad. My 7 month old budgie has been having problems flying for months, she learned to fly when she was young a was good at it, but after a while she was getting worse at it, now she goes to the ground immediately if she tries flying.We thought […]

My parakeet egg

My female parakeet is a young female she had an egg but she is not sitting on it it’s kind of just at the bottom of the cage she has made Nest but this egg is a very first one and it’s just laying at the bottom of the cage is that mean the dad […]

budgie fighting

budgies laid eggs and was sitting on them one day they had a bloody fight and brook the eggs what can i do

Breeding problem

I had a pair of budgies who had started to mate but somehow the male managed to fly away, after a few days i got an adult male a bit elder to the female, (F/7m & M/12m) they have bonded and even share and feed food to each other. Whenever the female comes closed to […]

Budgie female not sitting on her first egg in 2nd clutch

I had a successful breeding of my budgies and had 4 cute chicks. After 15 days I was about to transfer the pair to the full flock, but I found another egg. But the hen is not sitting on the first egg and I found her sitting on a perch at night outside the nesting […]


What do parakeets eat my dad is going one and I want to be prepared

Female budgie 2 years of age & not one egg

My female Budgie is 2 years +will be 3 the 22nd off January she has a male Budgie mate the exact same age, my female budgie’s cere turns brown from time to time, & am not breeding them but don’t understand how she’s never laid even an infertile egg, could there be something wrong?

Handling & transport for budgie not used to human handling

Hello, I have 2 budgies: 1 white & blue-colored male and 1 yellow/green female. The male budgie, Zeke, is ~10-11 years old and was originally with a different female that I no longer have. The female, Zena, was rescued with a different male (who passed away 4 years ago), and at the time I was […]

Solo parakeet and vacation

We are going to be gone for 8 days and are taking our 2 dogs with us. We are going on a road trip. Any idea if a parakeet would fare better with us or taken to a sitter. The sitter is my mom but it’d be a new environment with 2 new dogs our […]

Nessting box

I have had a nessting house up for about 3 weeks and my two parakeets won’t go in it maybe they are still to young


Hello, I have three budgies they have been together since birth and they are approximately 13 months old. what will happen to them if l separate them now? to find a nice home to each one of them. Are they going to let themselves die the fact they get separated or they will be fine? […]

Budgie breeding

I want to breed my pair of budgies but cant seem to, i have a nesting box but its too low and i dont want to cut a hole in the cage and i have a hut but they still wont breed.

Budgie tests

At an annual exam my vet does a CBC and fecal gram stain on my budgies, should there be additional tests given the small amount of blood that can be taken on a small bird?


I buy your nutriberries for my parakeets all the time.. THEY LOVE IT! But I have noticed that there are more available for parrots than there for parakeets… Will it be ok for me to feed them the parrot berries which are more available than the parakeets nutriberries?

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