Bird Type: Budgie/Parakeet

2 ten yr. old parrakeets

Is it too late to hand tame them? I am tried but have not been successful. Also what size cage is best for them?

Lucky [Parakeet]

Hello, my name is Elizabeth. I have a white-1 year old parakeet whose name is Lucky [I believe she is anyway], but I just had a quick question. My parakeets tail does a slight light bob when she sleeps; however, she plays, she eats, she snacks, she drinks, and she baths herself along with her […]

Bird food for different species of parrots

Hello Brenda, I am the mother and owner of thirteen beautiful birds. I don’t know if my email was received. I had written a couple of days ago. In regards to what to feed my precious babies. Especially in regards to Dr. Lafeber’s Nutriberries , Avicakes and Pelletberries. I for the life of me; do […]


I have 3 diamond dove in a cage I have 1 parakeet in a other cage side by side i want to put them in a flight cage together will they get along

Parakeet Diet

I’m getting a parakeet soon and I wanted to know if this website has good food to order for them. I already know that a normal seed mix may not give the best nutrients. But I’m curious to know which ones would be best for the parakeet. I’m thinking about getting the classic nutriberries if […]

Very long tail feather

Hi, I’m trying to find out what is wrong with my Mum’s budgie. It is quite old and now has one tail feather which is very thin but more than a foot long. I’ve not been able to find any info on this elsewhere and am hoping you may know what is causing this. I […]

Budgies egg hatching

My birdie was having trouble giving so we looked up how to help Now the egg is soft and she’s not sitting on them Will it even hatch?

Are budgies ready to mate?

I have 2 pairs of budgies who are over a year old and should be the right age to mate. I have put both pairs in one breeding cage (was this my first mistake?) and added two nest boxes (was it too soon?). However, birds don’t seem to be bonding at all. The females seem […]

Another REAL Bird

The point: How can I encourage my bird to act to a real one instead of what they do to a mirror? My parakeet has been alone in a cage for almost three years. Then, he only had a mirror as a friend. I finally put him with another real bird and he thinks the […]

Companion for parakeet

Hello, I have a 7 year old female parakeet who is currently caged alone. She lived with one male 5 yrs until he died of old age last year. She is very healthy, loves nutriberries, avicakes and veggies and flying indoors. If I were to get her a cage mate(female) from a pet store, is […]

Female budge sits very little on her 3 eggs

I have a pair of budgie. The female started laying eggs and now has 3 eggs layed in the nest box. But she sits very little on the eggs, she comes out frequently. The weather here is not too hot n humid that she would not like to sit on the eggs. So, my question […]

How to make my parakeet trust me?

Hi there, A few weeks ago, I rescued a parakeet; as in, he flew into my yard, I managed to capture him with a bin and a lot of bird seed and, after lots of posting online, talking with the local vet, and asking the local shelter, no owner has come forward and I’ve decided […]

Budgie gender

I have a white English parakeet, Lana, whose cere is both blue and flesh colored. I was told by the previous owner she was a female because they were told she had laid an egg. I got her at the same time as the two American parakeets she was living with, who are brother and […]

how to eat pellets

I have 2budgies and a cockatiel. I give them a mix of pellets and seeds, but I don’t think they eat the pellets at all. Any suggestions on pellets for budgies and cockatiels. They won’t eat the pellets ive given them or have anything to do with fresh veggies or fruit.


My male is 1 1/2 years old. But he started to do things which they do while mating so I bought a female but she is also 1 1/2. What should I do now?

Travel cage

What would be the minimum dimensions for a travel cage for 2 budgies. (not for a long time, just for a small visit to the park)

Sitting on eggs

Parakeet wont use nesting box, eggs on cage floor above the tray

Bird Compatibility

I have a Budgie Parakeet and a Green Cheek Conure (as of today). The Budgie is about 2 that has been part of our house since hatched. She is a little stubborn and spoiled. I bought home this very sweet Conure today. I was at a store and it attached itself to me and would […]

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