Bird Type: Budgie/Parakeet

Unarranged Budgie

Hi! Thanks for this question platform. I am constantly worrying about my budgie. He’s a male of age about half-year. I kept him with a female budgie and I hand feed them daily. The problem is that my male budgie have scattered body hairs (Wings). He isn’t interested in arranging them and I noticed that […]

Screeching budgies?

Sometimes when they are in the cage and I`m not in the room, one of my budgies starts screeching and sometimes the other joins in. Why do they do this?

How do I regain a budgies trust?

I was trying to hand tame my two budgies, with millet in my palm and holding it near them when one slipped past me and out of the cage. He was flying around my room like crazy bumping into walls and the ceiling. I almost caught him once, but he wriggled out of my hands […]


I have 4 budgie and our biggest one has been occasionally shaking its head and spitting out seeds.. it closes its eyes after and when I call out to it it opens then closes then again. Breathing is normal same as others and they eat throughout the day. It’s been a week with thr budgies […]

Befriending a Bourke

I have two DNA males 3 months old. I disagree with hold it till it stops struggling taming method. What is “the best” to tame a Bourke. They were hand fed and will eat millet from my hand, but not having much luck other-wise.

Breeding parakeet

I have a pair in a large cage and the female is laying her eggs in the bottom of the cage she has destroyed numerous boxes not sure what to do have purchased numerous styles of nest and boxes just to have her destroy them

Dislocated baby budgie leg

Can any vet help me relocate the leg back into place or would I need to go to a bird vet? It’s a 2 week old baby budgy there is no blood loss but it’s definitely dislocated of broken its leg. The baby is still eating hand feed formula.

Does it matter if my parakeet haven’t lay eggs in two years?

I have a pair of parakeets for 2 years and their gender has been confirmed to be a male and a female. They live in a large cage around 1.8 x 1.3 x 1 cubic meters with enough toys and treats. However, since we are leaving in a 1b1b apartment, we have to move them […]

Parakeet Fights

Hi Our female parakeet and male parakeet are fighting really bad, there was blood. She has three eggs that have hatched, she runs in and out to feed them. However the fighting with the father parakeet has gotten worse. I would like to remove him for his safety. Can I?

Parakeet Eggs

My parakeets laid 5 eggs it’s been past 18 days and not one has hatched.So will they hatch


Should I remove the mom, dad and babies from the rest? I recently got 7 parakeets from someone who could no longer have them. It wasn’t even 2 days and they laid an egg and well you know what happened after. Should I remove them? I do have an extra big cage.

Can I take away the nest box

Hi my budgies keep laying then eating their eggs. My birds female is still in season, if I take away the nest box will it stop her mating and laying eggs. One of my budgies died from been egg bound and id rather have no eggs than loose another budgie

bleeding feathers

I clipped my budgies wing last week and it started bleeding they were not pin feathers.I have done it many times before and this has never happened.I cannot find out why.

Aggressive Female Budgie

I have a bonded pair of budgies, who typically are kind to each other. This summer during mating season, which I try to discourage, has turned the female attacking the male. The second attack has left the male with an injured wing and scratches to his face and cere. The attack must have happened overnight […]

Small birds diet

What are the best foods to feed Budgies and Cockatiels – pellets, seeds, nutraberries, Avi-Cakes, Nutra-An, millet for bribes and of course water?

Hormonal budgie

I have a 3 year old male budgie that has decided to ‘mate’ with my finger knuckle. He squats down, chirps, spreads his wings and tail feathers. Now he wants to always be on my hand. Should I discourage this and how? Is this just a hormonal seasonal thing that will stop? Will it effect […]

My pregnant budgie is panting.

One of my female budgie is pregnant. She seems healthy as she is always playing and jumping around. But sometimes she pants and breathes heavily. She also keeps her Wings half open so I guess that she feels hot. It’s currently 31 degree Celsius and I think that she is panting because of overheating. I […]

Fighting budgies

I have 4 budgies in a large cage. One of the budgies frequently is aggressive and chases 2 other budgies around when they try to eat and play with toys. I had to separate them. I have the cages close together but birds are unable to reach eachother. They can see one another. Will the […]

You’re very incorrect

How can you be this wrong? Hi Kaberi, No, it doesn’t work this way with birds. Budgies, like most bird species, mate for life. (No they absolutely do not) Both male and female help incubate the eggs and care for the chicks. (Males can not help incubate eggs because they have no brooding patch) In […]

Old budgie meets new budgie and becomes aggressive

I have separated my new budgie and old budgie into different cages, my old budgie is now returning to how he use to be but as for my new budgie he will no longer eat out of my hand since taking my old budgie away. Does this mean I’d have to start training all over […]

Old budgie meets new budgie and becomes aggressive

Thank you so much for your help, i have just separated them into their own cages and was just wondering should this be a permanent thing or just until I tame/ gain trust? As of a day when weather is good and I go out/school/ work I’d usually take my budgie outside so they arnt […]

Fighting Budgies

I had a pair of budgies male and female full adult but haven’t laid eggs yet in my house. Today I bought another pair of budgies male and female the male is adult and female is semi adult. I’ve put them in the same cage and they’re fighting all over the place. Will this be […]

One budgie pair is fighting with other pair

Please help! I recently (less than a month) bought a pair of budgie (adult). I placed them in a cage of size 18X24 inches. as they were getting bored, I thought of getting another pair to give them company. I bought the new pair today. The new male is adult while the female is semi […]

Old budgie meets new budgie and becomes aggressive

Sorry for emailing again on this but I’ve been able to hand feed my new 8 week old and my year and half year old budgies mainly kail and a bit of millit. My old budgie use to be very scared of new things including food and I’d have to force him to come out […]

Parakeet not mating in the right way

Hello, I recently saw my budgies mating. The male seems like he is getting unsuccessful attempts. They are both first timers. They are still learning right? Thanks.

Old budgie meets new budgie and becomes aggressive

I’ve recently gotten a new 8 week old budgie, new cage and toys. After awhile of letting my new and old budgie get to know eachother I placed them in the same cage, im sure they enjoy eachothers company and like eachother but I’ve noticed my old budgie has become very aggressive within a matter […]


I’ve had my parakeets for two years, never saw them kiss even once . Saw them trying to mate once. The female has laid one egg but never hatched. This probably shows my parakeets have never bonded but what should I do

Male Budgies both side finger missing

My male budgies’ both side fingers (thumb n little finger) are missing of left foot, might be some bite by lovebird. Will he be able to mate with female fellow, their bonding seems good from a month but didn’t mate yet 🙁

Budgie problem

My female budgie must have gotten into a fight so she was hurt ard the eye .. thn i kept separate cage for a day or 2 thn kept thm back together .. but now when the male tries to come near her she pushes him away bfr all this they were fine and […]

2 female parakeets

I have a 2-year-old and a 1-year-old female parakeet I introduced them last year and they’re now in a big cage together. They have recently started to squabble with each other. What should I do?

my budgie keeps hurting my little sister

my budgie Corry goes out of her way to hurt my little sister, my sister has not done anything to her and I would like to know why and ways to stop it from happening.

Sudden budgie death

Hi. I just lost my second beloved parakeet. She was sitting on her food bowl and then suddenly fell over. Not even 15 minutes later she died. We had a bird before her do this but we thought that he died from something in his liver because he turned fully yellow( he was an albino). […]

Abandoned eggs

My budgie abandoned her first clutch of eggs due to me not doing my research. I moved the pair to a new, bigger cage. Now they both will not go near the nest. I tried moving them back to the original cage. They still wouldn’t go near it. The first egg has hatched. I’ve been […]

Temperature and wind for budgies in winter

Can a budgie sleep in 18 -26 degree celcius with 2-4km/h wind is blowing on them? Does the temperature is only factor for their well being, not wind flow? If the temperature is optimal but there is wind flow,can budgies sleep or stay comfortable? I need the answer very urgent..please reply me.

Budgie sleeping schedule

How can a budgie sleep with lights on? Doesn’t the light get into the eyes of them even after closing the eyes..if i try to sleep looking at the source of light with eyes closed, i get irritated? Dont they get irritated looking at the light source with closed eyes like that and cannot sleep […]

Budgie scared and doesn’t sleep

My dead budgie came to me when i entered hands inside the cage, i took him outside and he stayed in my hands ..but sometime i chased him and grabbed him with my very hands (that they knew my hands and willingly stood on it)..inside the cage when he did not want to come and […]


How do I introduce fresh foods and fruit to my parakeets?


My female and male had several hatchling. Today I came home to the biggest one; 2 weeks old dead. Every egg hatched except for one. Gradually all the babies past for what we think is the dad doing something bad. What can I do to make sure the next batch survives?

Ionizer air cleaner dangers for small birds

Hello, thank you for the information stated above regarding ozone being a danger for parakeets and birds. I just lost my son’s parakeet because we got a 5 in 1 air cleaner that had a UV portion as well as ionization that apparently created a small amount of ozone. Within 3 days my 2-year-old blue […]

Budgie sleeping schedule

Does room light bothers budgie to get his sleep? If he isn’t getting enough sleep at night what will he do ? Will he sleep at daytime in artificial light or simply die but won’t sleep? Doesn’t they have craving for sleep like us?

Feeling guilty

If a budgie trust a person, comes to his hands,visits outside standing in his hands… Know him.Can the budgie fear him afterwards for grabbing the bird?

Budgie sleeping issue

If a budgie is afraid of its owner, can it sleep in the presense of its owner.The owner doesn’t know how to tame it rather he grabs it.The budgie and the owner stays in the same room.Can the budgie sleep in his sleeping hut inside the cage when the owner is doing his own work.Won’t […]

Feeling guilty,,need help from you please.

I had two budgies,one of them died in winter.the one died was able to come to my finger and let me out him from the cage.He stood up on my finger when i entered my hand in the cage.Then I took him out of the cage.When i called him,he even responded.I did not have taming […]


Hi sometime I let my budgie out with the ringneck

Breeding parakeets

My male keeps going in the nesting box but my female hasn’t is this normal?


Hi I would like to know if the Ringneck kills budgie If I put them together

My budgie can only fly about 3

He’s been like it since I’ve had him. he get’s around fine and is healthy and happy, but I just feel bad for the lil dude. I should’ve taken him to the vet after the first few months I had him, but it was in the middle of lockdown. Is there any hope for him […]

Budgie behavior

I had 4 male budgies who got along well. Two had a major bromance, preening feeding. Other 2 not that bonded. One of the bonded pair passed 3 days ago. All got along but today major fighting started. One of the not bonded is defending the other not bonded bird against persistent attention from the […]

Mixing species

My full flighted BFA has a playstand in most rooms of my home-she is always out when I am home. She shares her cage room with a cockatiel and budgie. They only fly loose when she is out of the room and they perch on top of her cage a lot. Will it ever be […]

2 parakeet couples

Can I keep 2 parakeet couples in the same cage together?? I noticed the two males fighting today.

question again

Sorry i didnt really mean that! The real thing is that the nest boxs that she has now is a bit tiny, im not sure how she is going to feed her babys since she has 5 eggs! And that nestbox is like a box for those bleu tiny birds, i really want to transfer […]

Budgie Training

Hey Lafeber, I have a question. I have 5 budgies in a cage, I want to train them and tame them, however since they’re a flock, they will get distracted if I train them in the same cage, so I decided to pick one and put her in a separate cage, trained her but i […]


Can i replace the eggs to a new budgie house so the mother can sit on the new house? Because the old one is kinda broken and not so safe.

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