Bird Type: Budgie/Parakeet

budgie – Loosing Feathers

please help, my budgie is loosing too many feathers and my vet confirmed she is not malting and simply he is not sure what it could be. l am giving her calcium and probiotics. please if there is anything l can do to help her.

One egg

Will the female budgie sit only on one egg till it’s hatched?

Budgies birds

Hello 😊 I have a pair of budgie the problem is the male doesn’t breed the female, every time when the female is ready the male just stand next to her 😭 and sometimes after that the female fights the male. Please 🙏 answer me


My budies are breeding and they also lay one egg but she don’t sit on the eggs . Is there is any problem

Why is my male budgie not breeding!?

I have a male budgie who’s about 1 year old and his cere also looks like he’s mature enough to breed. But when the female accepts to mate, he just climbs on her and do nothing. I don’t know why he won’t do anything after flirting for so long

Female Budgie & Health

Good Morning’ I have a female budgie, that is 3 yrs old. She has so far not produced any eggs. I have a male Cockatiel and a male budgie. It appears as though she maybe ill. Her behavior over the last 3 weeks has been very strange. She is constantly going to the bottom of […]


Hi I have a pair of budgies that have mated but no eggs yes the male feeds the female then she regurgitates it back up why does she do this


I have A budgie a laden egg like two days ago and it’s not taking care of it or should I do should I keep it or take care of it or keep it warm I don’t know what to do

Trouble hatching

My female budgie layed several infertile eggs and just one fertile. The baby chirps loud from a crack of the egg. I have heard this going for more than 24 hours. She sits on it but does nothing to help it hatch. Is there anything I can do to help? Is this normal?

Parakeet’s First Clutch

Hi, I have a pair of parakeets and my female has 3 eggs in her nest. She has been sitting on them for a full week, but starting today, she isn’t sitting on them nearly as much and she does not stay in the nest at night. Is this common? I have not touched the […]

new budgie owner

Im just curious about feeding my budgie. I have ordered your pellets’, seeds, and nutriberries. am I supposed to offer them all ? like in three separate little bowls around the cage? or are nutriberries more so like a treat. I’ve never owned a bird and to be honest, I know nothing about them. so […]

parakeet behavior

I have had 2 little parakeets for 1 1/2 years. They do not even try to get out of their cage and when I go and clean the cage, they fly all over the cage and freak out; they are afraid of me. Please advise. Thank you.


So i have 2 budgies 1 male and the other is female she just laid an egg at the bottom of the cage although i got her a nest box so i put the egg in the nesting box but now she doesn’t want to sit on it what should i do now ?

Parakeet Biting

I’ve had my male parakeet (Pico) for 9 months. He keeps biting me, nearly breaking the skin. He’s aggressive with his toys as well. If I feed him a treat, he takes a bite and then bites me hard. He likes to sit on my shoulder, but then bites my jaw. Does he think he’s […]

Budgie not sitting on egg.

My budgie had been sitting on eggs for last two weeks. But it is not sitting anymore from yesterday. What should I do now?

Parakeet eggs

My parakeet has 8 eggs which she has been laying in for the past two weeks one egg has a black dot on the top if it is that a sign it’s about to hatch and should they all still.looknso white is white a good sign

Different eye type on one bird

I have a beautiful, two factor dominant pied parakeet. Due to the genetic makeup, he should have dark eyes. However, only one eye is dark and the other has a grey iris. Have you ever heard of this? I can find only one reference to a one-eyed pied. Thank you.

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