face of a rat that is yawning and snuggled in blanket

Do Pet Rats Bite?

The question of whether pet rats bite has a very complex answer. Most pet rats don’t bite, and when a rat does bite the reason why is as important as the incident.

rat posed on a towel and wearing a jester hat

Quirky Rat Traits Or Rat Pranks?

Some pet rat behaviors are mysterious to us, but are these merely rat traits or are these behaviors actually rat pranks they are playing on us?

Pet Rats Hiding Food: Personal Experiences

What’s behind the urge for pet rats to hide food and hoard things? Brandi Saxton offers her observations on this strange yet normal rat behavior after sharing her home with rats for decades.

two rats cuddled in a tunnel

16 Common Pet Rat Behaviors

Gnawing, climbing, boggling, and bruxing are all common rat behaviors. Read about these 16 rat behaviors so you know what to expect when you welcome pet rats into your life.

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