Course 42: Wild Birds In Our Lives

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Wild birds do more than share our world. They inspire, strike awe, and deserve to be celebrated.

Birds Of America exhibit at John James Audubon Center

John James Audubon Center Brings “Birds of America” To Life

The John James Audubon Center pays homage to the renowned artist and environmentalist, and, perhaps most famously, author of “The Birds of America.” See what’s inside this new, interactive museum and nature facility that celebrates Audubon’s arrival to the area more than 200 years ago.

blue macaw bathing

Birds & Bathing

For birds and humans alike, bathing is one of the essential elements of day-to-day living. And like us, some birds like it, and some tolerate it—some even hate it. If you peruse YouTube, you’ll find more than a few videos of owners and their exotic birds bathing in a variety of ways. Some take showers; […]

hummingbirds eating from feeder

Hummingbirds Inspire

Learn how an assistant researcher became a hummingbird whisperer. She shares her tips to keep hummingbirds healthy and happy.

Audobon Photo award

Young Photographer’s Impressive Win at Audubon’s Bird Photo Contest

Be inspired by a young photographer whose flair for capturing birds’ natural beauty has garnered him recognition in the prestigious Audubon photography awards.

Gentoo Penguins, adult looks down at chick by feet

Audubon Celebrates Birds

Winners of the eighth annual Audubon Photography Awards are here! Check out snuggly penguins, a crashing owl, and many more incredible photos of birds!

Audubon Photography Award 2013

Capturing The Beauty of Birds

One of the many ways that we appreciate our birds of nature is by photography of them in the wild. Since 2010, The National Audubon Society has held an annual Photography Awards, inviting aspiring photographers to participate, namely those who are willing to wait for that once in a lifetime shot.

Starling Murmuration

Starling Murmurations: A Sight to Behold

A starling murmuration is a sight to behold. Those lucky to stumble upon a murmuration are witness to an aerial ballet of thousands of birds moving in unison, individual birds blending into a moving mass that appears to morph into different shapes.

starlings in flight creating murmuration

In Sync: Starlings’ Mesmerizing Murmuration

Chances are, you’ve witnessed a murmuration of starlings. A murmuration is when a mass of starlings fly in a coordinated manner in what appears to be a moving black cloud. Discover how these birds are able to be so in sync.