Course 45: Tips For Better Bird Care

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You want your bird to have the best care possible, and these tips put you in the know on things to do and not to do for your bird’s best life.

yellow-crowned Amazon parrot

5 Fun Ways To Pamper Your Pet Parrot

Use these five fun suggestions to create Pampered Parrot Days that are all about your feathered friends. They deserve to be treated as VIPs, too!

Rosemary Low standing with Susan Orosz in a room with a brick wall, painting and furniture

Rosemary Low Teaches Us Parrot Enrichment

Get to know Rosemary Low, British aviculturist, ornithologist and conservationist. Plus, learn her tips for presenting fresh food and foraging to parrots.

quaker parrot playing peering between rope perch and colorful bird toy

Four Things You Should Never Do In Front Of Your Pet Bird

Four things you should never do in front of your bird (and one thing you should do!) to promote the health and happiness of your feathered pal.

quaker parrot playing peering between rope perch and colorful bird toy

Be Your Bird’s “Wingman”

Are you good at providing support when your bird is around other people, be it visitors to the home or even among household members who might not have as strong a bond with your bird? Here are five signs of a good wingman as it pertains to the feathered kind.

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A Longer Life For Your Pet Bird

Three simple steps help you to help your bird enjoy a longer, healthier life with you.

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5 Ways You’re Ruining Your Bird’s Day

Don’t let life with you be a bore for your feathered companion. Use these tips to bring joy to your bird’s day!

Indian ringneck parakeet standing on colorful cloth

Kick Start Your Bird’s Day

Spending more time with your bird and serving a healthy breakfast are just two ways to start your bird’s day off right.

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9 Things Never To Do Around Your Pet Bird

While most responsible pet bird owners strive to make their birds feel part of the family and offer them plenty of one-on-one time whenever feasible, there are times when your bird should perch elsewhere.

close up of Goffin's Cockatoo biting its talon

Tech Gadgets for Pet Bird Owners

Did you get one of the top-selling tech holiday gifts this season? Big box retailer Best Buy did a consumer survey of the most sought-after tech gadgets, which range from iPads to GoPros. Following is a sampling of top gadgets that might prove especially helpful to pet bird enthusiasts and why.