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5 Ways You’re Ruining Your Bird’s Day

Spectacled Amazon parrot by Andrea O Guimarães
Spectacled Amazon parrot by Andrea O Guimarães

While we all want the best for our feathered friends, sometimes we get so wrapped up in our day-to-day routines that we overlook the things that can make our birds’ day. Think about all the seemingly small gestures and things that go into making your day a little brighter, like getting a funny YouTube video forwarded from a friend, a co-worker unexpectedly bringing in fresh-baked muffins for the office to share, or getting a Skype invite from family members who live out of state. Now imagine your day without a single “Hello,” having nothing fun to do or opening your cupboard and not seeing anything that whets your appetite. Your bird needs good things, too! Here are five ways you might be throwing a wrench in your bird’s day and how to make things right.

Offering a bland breakfast

You might skip breakfast or barely have time to grab a cereal bar on your way to the car but, to your bird, breakfast is a special time of the day. What’s for breakfast is probably on his or her mind as soon as the sun begins to shine. Parrots can be such “foodies” that if they had their way breakfast would be called “breakfeast, emphasis on “feast.” Don’t ruin your bird’s day with a handful of seed thrown in the bowl. Many pet bird enthusiasts recommend offering new, healthy food in the morning, when your bird is likely most hungry.

Leaving him or her in the cage when he could be with you

Don’t leave your bird hanging … let him hang with you instead while you update your Facebook page, surf the internet or catch up on your favorite TV series. Grab a portable perch, and sprinkle some safe items for your bird to chew and destroy on your desk or coffee table. Your bird will think he or she is getting away with being naughty by chewing up these “found” items.

Keeping the same toy in the cage that was there yesterday, and the day before that and the day before that one

Your bird might have a favorite toy, but the one that’s just sitting there untouched? Make your bird’s day by switching the toy out with another. Try a new toy type to see if that catches your bird’s interest.

Not offering your bird the opportunity to bathe

Many species of companion parrots kept as pets originate in rainforest and/or humid habitats, and find bathing quite enjoyable. Getting wet is also good for feather health. Let your bird enjoy a gentle spray bath, shower with you or splash time in a shallow bowl of water today.

Not letting him have his parrot time

Simple as it sounds, we sometimes forget that parrots need to be parrots. So make your bird’s day by letting him have his parrot time, which can include encouraging your bird to vocalize — go ahead sing or talk enthusiastically to your feathered friend, even if that means closing the windows so your neighbors don’t think you’ve gone off the deep end! It can also be getting your bird to flap his wings and/or fly to and from his cage or perch. And don’t forget those items to shred and chew … it’s something all parrots are born to do!

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  1. Thank you for this. I sometimes forget to pay enough attention to my White Crested Parrot – Pionus Senilis – named Talulah !

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