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Four Things You Should Never Do In Front Of Your Pet Bird

quaker parrot; quaker parakeetFour things you should never do in front of your bird (and one thing you should do!)

1. Eat Food Your Bird Shouldn’t Eat

Some birds are real foodies who want to taste a little (or a lot!) of what their people are having. If you’re eating a dishful of healthfulness like whole-wheat pasta or steamed veggies sans butter or sauce, go ahead and give your bird a nibble. If you’re eating takeout, sweets, or anything high in fat, salt or sugar, eat it away from your bird so you’re not tempted to give in and offer a little taste if/when your feathered friend strikes a “What about me pose?” or flat out asks your for a bite (parrots are, after all, the only companion pet that can talk!). You wouldn’t eat cake and ice cream in front of your friend on a diet would you? It’s best not to make your bird feel like he’s missing out when the food is something he can’t eat.

2. Cook With Your Bird In The Kitchen

Unfortunately, there are too many dangers in the kitchen to warrant your feathered companion being in the kitchen with you while you cook. Pet birds have fallen in pots of boiling water and landed on hot skillets. In a place where sharp knives, heavy pots, and toe-pinching utensils are kept, unforeseen accidents certainly can happen. Another hazard is nonstick cookware, which when heated, may release fumes that can kill a bird.

3. Clean With Your Bird Nearby

While keeping your home and bird’s area clean is generally a good thing, consider moving your bird to another location when cleaning in and around the cage. Birds have a sensitive respiratory system, so it’s best to avoid spraying most common household cleaners in their air space. And moving furniture, sweeping, or vacuuming can certainly send some birds into panic mode. If your bird flies off the perch during your cleaning routine, consider moving him to a safe place until you’re done making his space sparkly.

4. Expose Your Bird To Words, Phrases, Or Noises You Don’t Want Mimicked

The web is full of stories and videos of birds repeating embarrassing things their people would rather not be aired to others. And do you really want your bird swearing like a sailor when guests are over? 

There are some things you should  do in front of your bird. Go ahead and …

Interact With Your Bird!

It’s easy to fall into a routine where you offer your bird pleasantries. You might say “Good morning” when you pass by the cage or “Hello” when you arrive home, but how much are you actually interacting?

One thing you should definitely do in front of your bird is stop and offer your full attention. Give your bird a good head-scratch, let him snuggle with you while you watch your show or surf the web, grab his foot toys and play with him on the ground, or do whatever else your bird might enjoy. Think of this interaction as a highlight of your bird’s day.

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