Ask Lafeber


September 10, 2019

20 year old Cockateil

You answered a question about a companion for a cockateil, my elderly friend was given to me about 10 yrs ago.He is quiet most of the time, I worry about this. On a daily basis he is out of the cage doing what ever I’m doing. I talk to him andd He is affectionate with me . Is there anything more I could do to enrich his birdie life. He is a good companion, I’m 79 and widowed.


Hi Frances,

It sounds like he is getting a lot of attention and I’m sure he is happy. Not all cockatiels are noisy – I’ve known many quiet, sweet males who just enjoy being with their owner. I think you keep him busy. His main reason to vocalize would be to communicate with you but he is already with you most of the day so he doesn’t feel the need to contact call.

I’m glad you have such a great companion!


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