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Male cockatiel

May I put a friend with my male cockatiel because I can’t put them with this Mum and Dad because they fight all the time

Behaviour and next steps

Hi Brenda, Thank you for quickly answering my question about my bird not wanting to hatch her eggs. I did remove the box and the egg as suggested. Currently the male who mated does get a little protective and ocassionally attacks the single male bird. But the single male bird is not attracted to the […]

Toys for parakeet

What is safe / unsafe to give a parakeet in terms of toys that it can chew or shred, etc. to keep it from getting bored. My parakeet eats any paper it can get a hold of. Is this safe?

Query on an Alexandrine

Hi I have recently purchased an Alexandrine and told he was 16years old, when I picked him up she said he had a few issues 1- he doesn’t like men 2-he doesn’t like hands 3-he makes a noise when he’s stressed. On arriving home and having him for a week now not only does he […]

Confused about Alexandrine’s Gender

Hi, Quick Update – My Alexandrine has had his foot fully recovered and is doing pretty good now. And I’m confused if he is a male or not. He does those eye pins along with wing spreads like the male parrots on the internet do. I’ve had him for more than a year now and […]

Cockatiel sticking his tongue out

My cockatiel ( 2 years and 3 months) sticks his touch out and moves it while going to the vet. I think it’s because of the heat but even if we turn the on the car ac he continues to do it. He doesn’t go out very much.

Cockatiel not friendly

Ever since I got my bird ( he was 9 months old) he bites a lot and doesn’t want anything to do with me. He is now 2 years and 3 months old. I would like to for him and I to have a better bond.

Young Bonded Conures Displaying Breeding Habits

Both of my green cheek conures are under a year old.. they’re about 9 months old, 2 weeks apart. We’ve only had them a month now. We introduced them and everything was good until they started displaying breeding habits. They have separate cages (for now) since we wanted to be sure that they would get […]

Male finches sitting in food box

I have 4 male zebra finches and 2 unsexed bengalese finches in my cage, they have all coupled off, and i have noticed over the last couple of days that 2 of my zebra finches keep sitting in one of the food trays together, and will not let any of the others near it.

New Friend and possible aggression

I’ve decided to adopt a friend for my female lovebird, Luna. (The friend is very young and still being raised at the pet store until he/she is ready to be taken home in another couple of months.) I have a bonded pair of budgies in a separate cage, and every time I let Luna out […]

Indian Ringneck taming

Hi I have an Indian Ringneck and we think she’s about 1-2 yrs old she came from a very loud and uncomfortable place I have had her for about 8months she will take food out of my hand and will come to me if I have food she showers with me and is part of […]

My lovebird started biting

At first my lovebird was so kind and sweet when I put her with me alone but when I put her in another cage in a kitchen there’s another bird in another cage and he was a lovebird but untamed I think she learned agressive behavior from that bird so any advices to get my […]

My ringnecks fighting after 7 years

Why have my ringnecks started fighting after 7 years together? They are both male and they had little fights before but nothing serious. Now one of them won’t leave the other one alone in peace and he’s constantly trying to let him know that he wants to be left alone but the other one is […]

Female finch Attacke its male finch

Hello, Today I bought a pair of finches and the breeder ensured it’s a male and a Female. However back home they got into their cage. Had a bath and were adapting very well to their new environment. Now about 6 hours later I see the male sitting on the bottom with a small chunk […]

2 1/2 year old love bird

Not sure what the bird been through, but she eats drink and chirp right away. Is this sign she is comfortable and secured in her cage? She is preening in front of me as in a distance well .

my cockatiel doesn’t let me touch him

I have a male cockatiel that is about a year and a half old And I have been taking care of him for several months. We got used to him and he got used to us. If someone is not at home for a few hours and then we come back, we find him sad […]


Should I allow my new ring neck to get out of his cage on his own or is it better if I take him out myself. He isn’t tamed.

Grey behavior – Ask the Vet Webinar Feb 24

why african grey will not stay on cage or playgym for long. keeps flying to my shoulder or head and whimpers when i try to put him back. 2/1/2 yrs old. good talker and don’t want to clip wings. african grey does not like me on the telephone and if i try to take him […]

Fake egg – Ask the Vet Webinar Feb 24

Several days ago my Meyer parrot began getting very broody. She did not lay an egg, but instead “adopted” a small round rattle as her egg. She now lays on it. When is an appropriate time to remove this “egg”?

African grey getting along

Hello, I have two CAG. Female is year old and male is 4 months old. We introduced them slowly, they didnt seem to care about each other at first and they currently have cages next to each other in our living room. At first the female was keeping her distance from him and just looking […]

Aggressive male cockatiel

Hi, I have a male cockatiel and he is very temperamental. he is love-able one minute wanting all the attention, the next he is attacking us and my partner. We are working with him daily trying to do training, but he is so temperamental. He initially bonded to me, however, he even attacks me at […]


My female budgie making angry sound i don’t know why

Cocktail bird

Can I keep 2 male and 1 female cockatiel at my house


Hello I found out my Jenday conure is a girl because she laid an egg. I heard calcium helps but I’m not sure what brand to purchase or from where? Please advise


Currently have 2 male Cockateels & planning on getting 2 female. Can they all be in same cage or separate 1 female with 1 male in separate cage

Love bird abandoning their partner

I have a pair of lovebirds (green and yellow). Yellow and green is likely both female. Yellow is 8 months old while yellow is 2 and a half months old. Yellow and green often fights over toys and perches and nip at each other’s foot and wings so i separate them but when i separate […]


My budgie pair doesn’t mating and not regurgitate feed male dont show any interest and not active also female what i do??

why are my birds running away?

I’ve had my birds for at least a year now I got the female one first then a couple weeks later I got the second. I didn’t try and tame them with food until three months after so I think that’s why but I’m not sure they keep running away and panicking and breathing really […]

Night behavior

So my conure whenever I’m in bed with him (not sleeping or anything just relaxing) and I just like usually let him do whatever he wants sometimes he suddenly gets really scared and heads straight to my neck and tries to get in between there. Like he tries to hide himself in my neck or […]

Male canary tweets

Hello my bf bought a male canary almost one year ago and he said in the beginning he was making a little whistle but now we also have a female and he already put them in the same cage but he don’t sing they both tweet at each other is it because he maybe molting […]

Ne disciplinirani papagaj

Pozdrav, imam mužjaka nimfe starog oko godinu dana, a kod nas je tri i pol mjeseca. Došao je iz vrlo loših uvjeta i u početku je bio jako plašljiv. Bojao se svega. Dugo smo se bavili njime i postigli odlične rezultate. Sada zna stati na prst, maziti se i uči razne riječi. Međutim, u zadnje […]

My Female Grey

My 1 year old African Grey has started putting her butt in the air. I can’t find an explanation of why. Are you able to help me

My lovebird started biting

My bird is biting I don’t know why but I have another lovebird that actually bites hard but the other one is tamed and it’s kinda starting to bite I have a baby brother I think she’s scared of him because he’s annoying her

I don’t want them to bond

I have two birds I just got a new one and I have a old one the old one is kissing the new one from the cage they are in separated cages my new one is two months old but I don’t know the gender the old one is a boy I don’t want them […]

What Should i do to help my budgie

So i have had birds before and none of them acts like the one i have now i got him from a pet supplys shop cause i saw him getting pushed around in the cage so i took him my mom named him budgie cause she likes the name we have had him for months […]

Laid second clutch of egg too soon

Hi, i have a pair of cockatiels they laid their first clutch of eggs in the first week of January that had 4 eggs in total two of them were hatched from which one baby died after two days and the second one passed away after almost two weeks, and the rest two eggs were […]

How to stop Sun Conure from laying more eggs

My Sun Conure will be 11 years old in March. She’s very healthy and active. About a week and a half ago she laid an egg for the first time and a few days ago a second egg. I wanted ask your advice on what I should do since she is a single bird and […]


How long should you leave the unfertel eggs in the cage

Cockatiel eggs

My female cocktail just laid an egg. But she does not have a mate. So I understand that the eggs will not hatch but what should we do with them? And how can we prevent her from laying more eggs?

Sun conure eggs

My sun conure laid two eggs jan30th she laid one second one was on Feb 2 so when can I take the eggs out she has no male.

Sassy cocketeil

I have a male cockatiel 1-1/2 years old. A pretty friendly chattering bird . The past few days he had been frolicking in his little food dish and picking on the seeds. Any explanation?

Aggressive male cockatiel

I have 2 male cockatiels. Both about 2 years old. They have never been best buds. Jefe is gentle and sweet and cuddly. Paco still bites me and now he us more aggressive than ever and lunges at me and has even bit me so hard, my finger bled. I have never had a bird […]

Peach faced female lovebird

We have a single peach faced lovebird. She has no mate and we didn’t even know she was a female until we suddenly found an egg in her cage. She is a little over a year old and is nesting. We’ve done everything to keep her from trying to shred things up but she is […]

Adopted 2 conures 1 green check and 1 pineapple.

I adopted these 2 beautiful souls. Now l found out l am there 4th home. Theirc1st home there were paired and had 3 litters. Then they sell to this man Kodi. I would assume to breed l do not know. Now l adopted thisx2 beautiful souls 4 days ago. They ate finally eat apple from […]

aggressive cockatiel

i was given a male cockatiel who wasnt handled for five years he came with a female can handle her but hes very aggressive he bites charges at me when i clean cage i have tried to work with him but its not working at all i cant handle him what do i do how […]

Female cockatiel not interested in its male

Hi. So I have adopted a female pearl cockatiel 7 months ago but since it put eggs, I brought a male lutino for it, 2 months later. The problem is that he is very into her but she can’t even stand sitting next to him or eating in the same plate with him. And bites […]

Parakeet doesn’t care much about me, but isn’t scared either

My parakeet stays inside his cage constantly. I’ve tried getting him out a bit just outside the cage or on the top of it but he stays inside. He isn’t scared of my hand at all and perches on my finger if presented to him. He’s active in playing inside of his cage so J […]

Can I leave my conure parrot in its cage for a week

Hi I am going on vacation soon and I am not able to take my parrot. My grandma is gonna be the one caring for him but she is only gonna change his food and water. My parrot will be in his cage for a week and is used to being out of his cage. […]

Egg laying

I have a 7 year old cronic egg layer. She was housed with her father and i had just got her off of the last batch of eggs. Her father got sick and it was back and forth to the vet for a week. The father died. I let her see and have time with […]

Indian ringneck biting

I have two untamed Indian ringneck bird one female and male at 7 months old I have had them for a month they always bite me when cleaning the cage and can’t let them out as there wings are not clipped which makes hard for me to clean their cage. It’s impossible for me to […]

Should I buy my cockatiel a friend?

My cockatiel Mango appeared one day in our balcony and I don’t know her age or how she was treated before. She’s not friendly with hands but she loves being in the same room as me and loves when I talk to her. The thing is I don’t see her sad or bored, she’s active […]

I bit worried about my zebra finches

Hello, I bought two zebra finches (male and female) about five moths ago. Recently I noticed that the male zebra finch chases the female finch around the cage from time to time, sometimes out of the blue (one moment they preen each other then the next the male starts chasing the female). Should I separate […]

Military Macaw laying eggs

I have a 22 year old Military Macaw who laid her first clutch of eggs this month. She is intent on sitting on them, so I’m letting her (for the moment). How long do I let her stay on the eggs? Most articles say until she gives up or for approximately 3-4 weeks. Should I […]

Chaces of older female lovebird get along with younger male

Hi! I have a 13-month old female lovebird and a 5-month old male. I keep them in two separate cages since they are way too young to mate and breed. However, out of cage they sometimes scratch each other’s head (mostly the younger male gives this service). Most of the time the female bites the […]

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