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Hand Feeding Baby Finches

Hi there, After I hand formula feed my baby finches (3 days old) they rollover and sleep on their back. I am just wondering jf I have anything to fear by this or if I need to keep rolling them onto their stomach? Thank you, Charity Buchan

My Cockatiel is chasing my new Cockatiel

I adopted a new cockatiel (Ronnie) today who is already completely tame and used to humans but has never been introduced to any other birds, except from a macaw which hated him, I brought my bird home and wanted to introduce him to my cockatiel (Rio) so I placed their cages next to eachother, when […]

pairing cockateils

Hi i have recently acquired a rescue cockateil. It is all white with dark eyes. I have no idea if it is a male or female or how old it is and we have not had any luck finding its owner. It is quite happy for me to talk to it and does not freak […]


My male cockatoo is acting like he is female inside his box scratching and acting like my female cockatoo i am not breeding them

Aggressive & High Emotion Conure

Hi! I have a one and a half – nearing two year old – green cheek conure. Recently, he’s been very “high emotion” with excessive screeching, biting, and refusing to play with his toys. Essentially all he does anymore is hold on to the side of the cage nearest to me and watch me. The […]

laying eggs

We have a large cage with a female cockatiel in and a younger Male budgie and recently my cockatiel has been laying eggs. We went to our pet shop and found that there is no way they are real eggs and they say we should remove then carefully, we have been doing that to the […]

african grey parrot

We have had an African grey for about 4 months. Recently she has laid 4 eggs but does not show interest in sitting on the egg. Three of the eggs broke because she is dropping them from her upper perch were she sleeps. We put a towel on the bottom of the cage to catch […]

my bird is biting me

I have a 5 year old rainbow lorikeet. Due to health problems, I don’t get to spend as much time as I like with him or my sun conure and nanday conure. When I give him treats, I don’t know if he will attack my or not. I usually start with him, then the other […]

Meyers Parrot

Extremely healthy 28-year-old Meyers parrot, went to bed one night woke up the next morning and she had Lost all of her colored feathers only. Why only the colored feathers and what happened overnight? Nothing in our household has changed in any way shape or manner, eats seeds pellets fruits vegetables noodles, a variety of […]

Laid eggs, fighting with others, help?

I have a huge flight cage with six parakeets. Today we noticed a clutch of three eggs after finding one egg broken on the cage floor three days ago. The clutch of three eggs has been laid in a meet log. The bonded pair appear to be working together however they have the eggs in […]

lovebird scared

hi so we just got a lovebird a little over a week ago and he loves to come out of his cage but runs away when we get near him. we had his wings clipped but he still flies away and also flies into walls and objects which scares me because i don’t want him […]

Eclectus and health

We have an eclectus that ate too much chia seeds and the bottoms of the feathers turned black. He is turning green slowly, and acts normal. We have a couple disabled eclectus with spinal problems and just end up with arthritic problems or chewing on their foot, all kinds When is it ok to take […]

Budgie regurgitating

I have a male budgie about 14 months old. He has started regurgitating. Most of the time its only 3-5 seeds but occasionally its more forceful and he regurgitates and the seeds go everywhere. Its not every day. Is it just him maturing or is it a problem? He’s active, eats well, droppings normal.

Sun Conure behavior

My 2 yr old sun conure has been hostile with outsiders but in recent times has been angry with me. He keeps attacking me each time he sees me. I am not able to make friends with him again. I have a feeling he is not happy that I play and spend time with the […]

Is my bird Regurgitating?

hey i have a question i got a ringneck four months ago and he is very healthy but suddenly i dont know what is happening to him it is like he is pretending to vomit but nothing is coming out of its mouth what do i do should i be conserned about this i am […]

male building a nest with out a female

Hello, 7 weeks ago, a little zebra finch showed up on my porch. I live in Washington. He has been here everyday since. Made himself right at home, loves the bird bath etc. The weather has started to get cold dipping into the low 30’s and high 20’s. Everyone said, you should give him a […]


I have 2 parakeets and the behavior isn’t always a good one. They have a variety of food, seed and veggies. Not fond of fruit. I give them boiled eggs from time to time. They get the treats ,etc. they constantly click on the bars. They do not live in same cage , one got […]

Should I get another conure?

Hi! I have a green cheeked conure who’s been with me for about 8 years now. He’s pretty well behaved, I’d say. He seems quite happy. Currently, he’s the only pet in our family. We had two dogs before though, who have since passed and we’re getting a new puppy in a few months. My […]

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