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Rescuing a green cheek

Hi! I’m taking in a two year old green cheek conure. He used to be very social and friendly and but then he was not given any attention for aboutt a year and now won’t leave his cage without flying away and bites and and won’t cuddle anymore. I want to rescue him, but I’m […]

Baby Lovebird plucking feathers

Hi, My peach face lovebird is about 5 weeks old and is plucking its feathers. I am noticing smaller pin feathers on the bottom of the enclosure when I wake up, and I am also noticing what I would deem “excessive” preening. It is losing large feathers from its wings. What should I do?

Hormonal female lovebird

My 2 yr old hormonal female lovebird is biting everything, me, my clothes, pillows, her towel. Is there anything I can do to deter this behavior?

Screeching budgies?

Sometimes when they are in the cage and I`m not in the room, one of my budgies starts screeching and sometimes the other joins in. Why do they do this?

Replacing a cockatiel

10 days ago one of my 2 male cocktails passed away from a freight episode, it was very traumatic, the 2 were blood related, I’ve had them since they were age 0, they are 7 years old, I’m now worried that the remaining bird may be feeling lonely, should I get him another friend? I […]

Alexandrine Hormonal Behaviour – 3

Hi, I have started taking action since the past 3-4 days. As I’m 13, it’s not easy for me to get a new bowl just cause he’s showing some weird behaviour. So all I’m doing is feed him through the bowl as usual and take it away as soon as he’s done eating. Also, he […]

Worried about baby cockatiels

Hi! I just bought two baby cockatiels and I love them both very very much and I would never want to return them. I am very nervous now about what to do if they mate. I haven’t had a DNA test, because I feel if the results aren’t two males, I would be devastated. I’m […]

Alexandrine Hormonal Behaviour – 2

Hi, My Alexandrine is doing that same staredown thing but this time with a steel bowl. He’s been doing this for about a month and I have decided to ask you guys about it. The way he does it has started to look like those Indian Ringnecks on YouTube.

Conure suddenly scared of my hands

My conure has been raised by me since he first hatched, (he’s 2 years old now) and he’s suddenly he’s become terrified of my hands. It might be because I am the one who clips his talons, but I’m not sure and even so I still don’t know what to do to help him overcome […]

Befriending a Bourke

I have two DNA males 3 months old. I disagree with hold it till it stops struggling taming method. What is “the best” to tame a Bourke. They were hand fed and will eat millet from my hand, but not having much luck other-wise.

sun conure egg laying

my bird has laid another clutch randomly, there is no male here but I can’t get her to stop chirping at night time. I wanted to know if I could take her eggs away since they’re not going to be fertilized

Thank you

I just want to thank you for your advice. I have taken the nesting box away. I think the biggest mistake I made, is to scratch her head a lot, as she loves it. She also holds her beak against my chin when I do that. It is such a habit, but I will limited […]

Female lovebird

I recently learned that what I thought was my male lovebird is a female lovebird when I woke up to an egg in her cage. When I bought my lovebird I was told it was a male. This explains her aggressive behavior lately. She doesn’t have any nesting material in her cage. What can I […]

Male peach face lovebirds behavior

My 2 year old male peach face lovebird loves to shred paper and put it in his tail. I also put a bed in his cage. Recently I have found out this is nesting behavior and I took the paper and bed away. He is a single lovebird. Now he seems to retreat to his […]

Could I get these two pigeons?

Hi, Lafeber. I am considering adopting two single pigeons (Star and Violet) who are both around the same age and have similar personalities. Both of them might have free roaming of their houses, too. If one of them doesn’t, though (because I don’t know if Violet does), would that be problematic? Also, I am worried […]

Why does my bird not like me?

I got my cockatiel a couple months ago, but he still seems uncomfortable with me. He’ll get on my hand sometimes but then try to run away. He looks happy tho, he sings and eats well. I dont know why he doesnt like me.

Change of behaviour

HI Lafeber, I have a cocktail about 10 months old and it’s handfed, a week ago I brought him a female cocktail about the same age but was raised in the cage only. I kept them both for a week but all they did was fight each other so I decided to send back the […]

Zebra Finch

My son has 2 female zebra finch and no males. However he has 2 nests (they were too stressed not having one, only reason we decided to get them) and they still choose to use the one. One zebra finch has fallen out of the nest now on 3 different occasions. Because this is happening […]

Egg laying

I’ve had my CAG for 12 months and she has just produced her 15 egg. Should I have the hormonal implant for her


I’ve got two 6 month old sisters One is dominated over the other and is bullying her. The cage is large so they can have their own space but it’s like the dominant one just doesn’t won’t her in there at all Is it best to separate them into two cages

my cockatiel doesn’t like me

I have a cockatiel (male, 7months) that doesn’t really like me yet has befriended my sibling and mum. I am almost certain that he doesn’t like me because I used to pull the mechanical pencil leads , highlighters, and cables away form him when he really wants to nib on them. he only steps up […]

Female canary?

I have 2 male canaries. Recently, one male has started to feed the other, this has gotten me thinking that the other is in fact female. However, he sings very well and often squaks at the male, making fight poses. Do male canaries ever feed other males? Maybe by mistake? Or is my possible male […]

Red factor canary is a bully 😳

I have a red factor canary and two zebra Finches, yesterday the canary attacked and killed one of the zebra Finches and was being aggressive towards the other, I have separated the two now, why would the canary do this, they have been living together in a very large cage and all peaceful the it […]

Aggressive Female Budgie

I have a bonded pair of budgies, who typically are kind to each other. This summer during mating season, which I try to discourage, has turned the female attacking the male. The second attack has left the male with an injured wing and scratches to his face and cere. The attack must have happened overnight […]

My Female Cocktail laid eggs without a mate

Hello m I take care of two cocktail birds one normal white face and the other Lutino cockatiel ( at the fist i think the white face is a male but I read about cocktail and then I found its a female so I think both female because the yellow one had there feathers a […]

Fighting budgies

I have 4 budgies in a large cage. One of the budgies frequently is aggressive and chases 2 other budgies around when they try to eat and play with toys. I had to separate them. I have the cages close together but birds are unable to reach eachother. They can see one another. Will the […]


We have had our cockateil for 2 1/2 years. He was 3 mos old when we got him. He was hand raised by a breeder. He is still fearful of us. He is afraid when we put our hand to him to let him hop on. He is fearful when we open his cage to […]


My parrot is playing after her friend flew away..why isn’t she sad ?

African Grey 7 weeks old

Hi i have 7 weeks old African grey bought it two weeks ago was hand feeding but since today it stop taking its food by syringe and shaking its head and throwing out its formula can u please help in this regard . Thanks in advance

aggresive canary

3 month old canary when I approach his cage he opens up his wings head down and beak open is ti’s aggresive behaviour or dislikes me

My Cockatiel Keeps Screaching

I have a 2-month-old cockatiel that I’m hand feeding. Even after I’ve fed him, he keeps screeching nonstop. My shoulder is his favourite place to sit, but he keeps screeching nonstop while biting my chain. I’ve tried petting him but he hates it and starts running away while screeching. He’ll stay quiet when he’s in […]

Old budgie meets new budgie and becomes aggressive

I have separated my new budgie and old budgie into different cages, my old budgie is now returning to how he use to be but as for my new budgie he will no longer eat out of my hand since taking my old budgie away. Does this mean I’d have to start training all over […]

Zinch bullie

I have 4 finches in the same cage 18×24. the mated pair and 2 young offspring. One has become a bully, picking on the sibling to the point of pulling out feathers on back and head. Will the bald on survive? What should I do besides separating them? How to treat the one with missing […]

Finches behavior

I have 6 Zebra finches amongst them 2 are Jumbo sized and 4 Society Finches in a proper sized cage. I’ve even gave them proper houses for every pair. But the Zebra finches won’t let the Society finches inside the house. The Zebra finches always keep all the houses to themselves and the society finches […]

Fighting Budgies

I had a pair of budgies male and female full adult but haven’t laid eggs yet in my house. Today I bought another pair of budgies male and female the male is adult and female is semi adult. I’ve put them in the same cage and they’re fighting all over the place. Will this be […]

One budgie pair is fighting with other pair

Please help! I recently (less than a month) bought a pair of budgie (adult). I placed them in a cage of size 18X24 inches. as they were getting bored, I thought of getting another pair to give them company. I bought the new pair today. The new male is adult while the female is semi […]

Old budgie meets new budgie and becomes aggressive

Sorry for emailing again on this but I’ve been able to hand feed my new 8 week old and my year and half year old budgies mainly kail and a bit of millit. My old budgie use to be very scared of new things including food and I’d have to force him to come out […]

Why is my cockatiel hormonal

My male cockatiel would chase around a female cockatiel picture.. he nests in his food bowl and would screech if I touch it. I’m gonna get a female cockatiel right after my vacation for 2 days! Also my male Cockatiel is mating his swing he sleeps on…

Old budgie meets new budgie and becomes aggressive

I’ve recently gotten a new 8 week old budgie, new cage and toys. After awhile of letting my new and old budgie get to know eachother I placed them in the same cage, im sure they enjoy eachothers company and like eachother but I’ve noticed my old budgie has become very aggressive within a matter […]

Hormonal Behaviour in Alexandrine

Hi, Recently my Alexandrine has been showing some weird behaviour. Mostly he is standing on top of his cage. Whenever my family members approach him, he first goes close to them and then slowly walks to the other end of the cage, far away (he also has started doing this with me). He also steps […]

Budgie problem

My female budgie must have gotten into a fight so she was hurt ard the eye .. thn i kept separate cage for a day or 2 thn kept thm back together .. but now when the male tries to come near her she pushes him away bfr all this they were fine and […]

Cockatiel behaviour

Hi my young cockatiel gets nasty when he sees his self in windows and mirrors what can I do to stop him apart from that he’s very loving

2 female parakeets

I have a 2-year-old and a 1-year-old female parakeet I introduced them last year and they’re now in a big cage together. They have recently started to squabble with each other. What should I do?

my budgie keeps hurting my little sister

my budgie Corry goes out of her way to hurt my little sister, my sister has not done anything to her and I would like to know why and ways to stop it from happening.


I’ve had two male cockatiels for over 8 years now and one passed last night. My question is should I get another one to replace him for my remaining cockatiel or will he be fine by himself? I don’t want him to be lonely.

Greys that talk

Hi there, I hope you can help me, please. A friend of mine has a CAG which talks a lot. I’m not sure but I think it’s about 3 or 4 years old. She was recently given another CAG which is about a year old and very tame. She was told not to put this […]

Budgie sleeping schedule

Does room light bothers budgie to get his sleep? If he isn’t getting enough sleep at night what will he do ? Will he sleep at daytime in artificial light or simply die but won’t sleep? Doesn’t they have craving for sleep like us?

Is My Bird Plucking?

I just asked a question on here, and was met with a very helpful response, but I have somewhat of a follow up. My cockatiel is over a year old and when he moults I can tell because he’s visibly uncomfortable or itchy so I give him baths. Recently he lost the primary feathers on […]

Feeling guilty

If a budgie trust a person, comes to his hands,visits outside standing in his hands… Know him.Can the budgie fear him afterwards for grabbing the bird?

Budgie sleeping issue

If a budgie is afraid of its owner, can it sleep in the presense of its owner.The owner doesn’t know how to tame it rather he grabs it.The budgie and the owner stays in the same room.Can the budgie sleep in his sleeping hut inside the cage when the owner is doing his own work.Won’t […]

Feeling guilty,,need help from you please.

I had two budgies,one of them died in winter.the one died was able to come to my finger and let me out him from the cage.He stood up on my finger when i entered my hand in the cage.Then I took him out of the cage.When i called him,he even responded.I did not have taming […]

Finches, how many?

I have an decent sized cage that has not been used for a while and I’m thinking to put some Finches in it. Should I get just a pair (male and female) or can I have 2 females and one male without one of the females feeling left out/sad? And no. I’m not planning on […]

Lovebirds Run When Approached But Once in Hand Relaxed

My lovebird anytime I approach them even with treats or whatever run to the furthest part of the cage trying to avoid me. But once I finally get them in hand they love being stroked. You would think since they like it they would welcome it but it’s always the same.


Hi sometime I let my budgie out with the ringneck

Fresh foods Behavior

Are fresh raw white sweet potatoes chopped safe for a baby 8 mos. old green cheeked Conure safe for him to eat? Also we are having some behavior/ taming issues with thIS Conure. Nipping when we first got him 3 months ago, but he now lets us in his cage to change food & water. […]

Senegal plucking

I have a 22 year old Senegal parrot who was traumatized many years ago by the person watching her’s cats got ontop of her cage, she’s been plucking for years. She was so beautiful any suggestions how to get her to stop. I have tried spraying her but she does not like that. Also running […]

Lovebird behavior

11 year old female peachface lovebird lost mate 1 1/2 years ago. By mistake, we purchased a male fischers, now 1 year old. He wants to “associate” with her….she wants to kill him and has bled him several times. They are now in separate cages. She tolerates the wife and me while he avoids us. […]

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