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baby cockatiel

My baby cockatiel is 15-18 odd days old and keeps screaming even after we feed the baby formula. He keeps crying even after the crop is full. I have raise 3 other babies and before feeding they made a lot of screaming sounds but after they were fed they seemed really happy and ready for […]


Hi I would like to know if the Ringneck kills budgie If I put them together

Ringneck and Alexandrine

Had Female Alexandrine 4yrs but rescued male Ringneck 2yrs ago. He is very tame she is not as much but has come on in leaps and bounds by watching him. She tolerates him but is very jealous and dominant. Must separate them when not at home. They are free flying.

Budgie behavior

I had 4 male budgies who got along well. Two had a major bromance, preening feeding. Other 2 not that bonded. One of the bonded pair passed 3 days ago. All got along but today major fighting started. One of the not bonded is defending the other not bonded bird against persistent attention from the […]

2 parakeet couples

Can I keep 2 parakeet couples in the same cage together?? I noticed the two males fighting today.

Can 2 same sex cockatiels be kept together?

Can 2 same sex cockatiels be kept together? I’ve ended up taking on my late Dad’s aviary. He has one surviving cockatiel in it. It’s not a young bird. I’m thinking of getting it a friend for company. Is similar age best? Same sex?

Thank you!!

Brenda, Thank you so much for your advice on bringing a bonded pair of males into a home with a single male who needs company. We followed your advice and are so very grateful! Thank you so much and on behalf of our bird! Charlotte

finch in food bowl

why does my make finch sleep in the food bowl when i placed a wooden house in the cage. the female died about two months ago.

Female blue quaquer

My bird is 14 month and still doesn’t talk and a talk to her all the time. Would she ever talk?

Should I have 1 bird or 2??

Hi! Aspiring first time conure owner. I’ve done lots of research but am seeing mixed opinions on the topic of having a lone green cheek or a pair. I work a full time job but have lots of attention to give when I’m not working as I don’t have kids. I have a large outdoor […]


Hello I have a canary who has layed eggs. Now she has stopped but she uses the nest for resting. Can I leave the nest or do I have to remove it? Thank you

Female white finch fighting with new mate

I bought 1 pair zebra finch 1 month ago.male was black breasted yellow beak.both were fought erly when i got them to my house.then they both got well bonding.i put nest including metarial.they spent thir most of time there.only come out for food.then 26 july my male finch died.then the female were very sad for […]

Female Lovebirds

I have two lovebirds and they are quite young and mated. So I have removed the eggs and got them separated. But recently I did a DNA test on them and I realised both were females. Is it possible and normal for two female love birds to mate and lay eggs? And since one of […]


Hi there, I recently separated my pair of lovebirds into diff cages as they were too young to breed. However, after I split them into diff cage, the female kept shouting and doesn’t want to be in the cage. Is this normal? I feel very anxious as she keeps shouting all the time if I […]

Accidental male/female budgie pets

I found out that my two budgies are male/female. I’m not interested in breeding them, but love them and don’t want to give either of them up for adoption. I got the male budgie a few months ago. The were recently introduced in the same cage, after months of casual introductions. The next day, I […]


My lovebird mating with Its toy and only the specific toy, when I take it out he’s not happy,when I put it back then he’s happy and mate again, also sleep hanging against the toy when it is time for sleeping. My other lovebird separate cages, also feed the toys, the fine together when out […]

Budgie Trauma

So, my budgie and I used to be very close. He would spend a lot of time with me everyday. However, I recently lost him, but luckily, I got him back from the Parrot Rescue. Ever since I got him back, he doesn’t want to spend time with me outside the cage. I’m pretty sure […]

Mama and babies

Once the babies are eating on their own, can I remove them and Mama and put in a separate cage? We don’t want more babies. If babies are all girls, can they live with Mama?

first time having a canary

so basically, it’s my first time having any sort of pet. he’s a male canary, 2-3 years old. i just recently got him from a friend. since the weather was nice outside, i used to have him outside in the shade all day and then at night i would take him into a garage because […]

Introducing bonded males to a single males home

We want our single male cockatiel to have bird company. We have now been asked if we’d like to adopt a pair of male cockatiels unhomed by ill health of the owner. The two have been living together with their owner for 8 years. My question is, will my single bird feel invaded by the […]

leaving a budgie in a not so big cage for two weeks

Hi, I have a budgie whose cage isn’t really big since i’m almost home with her everyday and her cage is always open. (she just eats, drinks, sleeps and plays in there) However now an emergency has come up so I’ll be leaving her at a good friend’s house who has looked after birds before […]

Golden conures

I am thinking about getting two females (they have been sexed) that are from sane clutch and are presently in same cage being still hand fed Will this be ok to continue to keep them in the same cage bonded? I presently have an African grey almost one year old that of course will be […]


How long do male cocktail nest for?

Bonded Conures displaying mating behavior

I have a 2 1/2 year old black capped conure and a 1 1/2 year old green cheek conure who have recently bonded. They are caged separately and groom and feed each other and are displaying mating behavior. I do not want her to lay eggs or to raise chicks. I want them to be […]

Is my baby Cockatiel a male or female?

Hi, I have a 2 ½ month old baby Lutino Cockatiel. It is beautiful and adorable! I’m dying to know if the personality behavior could be a possible clue to it’s sex. I understand a blood test would be the best way to find out if the bird is a boy or a girl. My […]

Nesting Material

My budgie has laid five eggs in the nesting box over the last 10 days. I did not put any nesting material in the box. There is a concave circle in the bottom of the nesting box, but the eggs are not in the circle, but off to the side on a flat surface in […]

Food in bed

I have a sun conure who suddenly started bring food into his bed. He is about 5 years old. Why?


Are food boxes safe for birds my bird loves to shred them up I’ve been reading they may not be safe thanks

My Conure I don’t want her to get egg

Hello, my Green -Cheek- Conure layed a egg last year & she seems to be getting ready to do it again. She feel heaver and her abdomen feels firm. It’s to late to remove her blanket and other nesting items & not sure if she is going to lay a egg. However I don’t want […]

My cockatiels are not bonding and always fighting

Why my cockatiels are always fighting and not bonding i have two cockatiels one male one female they are not bonding they have no interest in eachother what should i do i got the female for him a long tome ago like at least 5 months i tried everything i didn’t get them out of […]

Cocktail female bird

Hi I have a female cocktail bird since a year I’m somehow always available in the house and she is so attached to me. No one else in the house Now i will be working and most probably I will leave her long hours alone. Should I get her a companion? As sometimes when I […]

Hormonal pineapple conure. #3

Hi. Ty for your information. She is 4 and started laying eggs at 3. Last Christmas she had 3. Last month 2. They seem fine now, male likes to stay in his cage. She is a sweetheart, him he likes to bite us humans for no reason…trying to work on correcting biting behavior, is fine […]

Weird noise, cockateil

My female cockateil is laying on her, dummie eggs all night. ( male sits on them in the day) During the night she makes just one sound like maybe pain? Only once a night. No more eggs. ALL seems fine other than that NOISE ONCE A NIGHT. Should I be concerned? She is no longer […]

My Quaker laid and egg

I was terrified! I woke up in the morning, she was setting there making some noises that scared the hell out of me! And she laid the egg! Just yesterday! I don’t know what to do now She does not have a partner but I know it’s normal for them to do it even if […]

I’m clueless

My daughter gave me her female green cheek conure who is at least 5 years old. The bird rarely got out of the cage because of pet dogs. She’s never had a mate and I let her have pretty much free flight around the house, spending a lot of time in my shoulder or cuddling […]

Hormonal conures

I have 2 greencheek females. Left them dark for 14hrs. Worked good last year…now it is not. I have replacement eggs to put I place. This makes me crazy

Feather plucking

My friend has a parrotlet that plucks. She lost her mate last year and I think she’s lonely or bored. He’s ruled out anything medical. I suggested he use a spritzer to ease any molting discomfort, but my first suggestion to him was to get her a mate. 😁

Cockatiel hyper

Hi my cockatiel is around a year old, I got him last summer, he was very sweet and liked scratches but he’s gotten so hyper over the last months and never wants to be pet, he’s always sorta been like this, is it just genetics or am I doing something wrong as a owner

Female cockatiel acting strange?

Hi! I have a fairly young cockatiel, and she’s started to sit in her food bowl and making odd sounds kind of like soft screeching. Is she trying to nest or about to lay an egg?

An unhealthy bond

Hi there I recently came across your article that triggered me a bit in regard to my situation. I have a mother and a daughter bird that I’ve inherited with a very unhealthy Bond. They think their partners obviously and their bond is so unhealthy that the daughter bird shits watery stool and paces back […]

One Angry Bird

Hello.. I’m 54 and have had happy, healthy cockatiels my entire adult life. I’ve never even had an issue that required a vet visit! (A blessing considering I’ve never lived within 500 miles of one). What I HAVE done, is purchase and study every avian print I could ever find covering absolutely EVERYthing about birds. […]

how to get rid of dried up poop on my birds skin?

Hello! my green cheek conure recently had eggs and she of course lays on them but there have been a couple times now that i’ve found poop on them and we cleaned them and it doesn’t happen anymore. i didnt notice until today that she’s been laying on these eggs before and when she did […]

Weird annoying sound.

Why is my new baby cockatiel making this winding sound as if he is crying constantly when I come near his cage.

thank you

I just wanted to say thank you, Brenda. Your response was super helpful!

Tame a cockateil

Hi, How to teach a cockateil chick, aged 2 ++ months to ride a tricycle toy? And do some tricks and freefly? In nutshell, what I want is, the bird need to obey all my commands without resisting it? Thanks.

regurgitation in a single bird

My caique has been regurgitating on my placemats then eating the regurgitated food. She is well nourished, does not have a mate and does not do this when she is near me. I know the regurgitation is normal, but why would they re-consume it? Does this indicate a problem? Thank you

New friends

I have a male lovebird in a large cage. He is 7 months old. Thinking of getting another male lovebird or a parrotlett….would a parrotlett and lovebird get along in separate cages? Thank you.

Cocktail eggs

Hello, I have a total of four cockatiels in a cage one of them laid three eggs in a tiny open box in the bottom, one of them goes done there sometimes but all the bird does is step on them and eat, should I transfer the eggs somewhere else? Do you think they are […]

Aggressive Quaker

Hi. I have two Quaker parrots. I was told they were both male when I got them. However, one of them recently laid a couple of eggs. Both eggs were cracked by the time I saw them, so I have no idea if they were fertile. I also don’t know which one of them laid […]

Lovebird obsessed with eating soil etc

Hi, my housemates lovebird it obsessed with eating everything! He is free from the cage all day until late is only semi tame, but friendly. He’ll try to eat any houseplant and soil, but I also caught him eating plastic bags! What does he need that will make him happy? Bird is young, seems healthy, […]

Female Conure

Do female Conures mate each other? I have what I think is two females Greencheek and Pineapple consures. I saw them mating yesterday and I think maybe my Pineapple is a male until I get it DNA.

Cockatiel behavior

Hi there! I recently got a new female baby cockatiel 5 months ago. There are some things I want to ask. The first is diet. The breeder I got her from feeds her mainly seeds, so she got used to it. I try to get her to eat other things, but she refuses. Is that […]

Conure Eggs

Have a green cheek. She is 6 yrs old. Last year laid 1 egg. This year laid 4. Took them away and now laid 3. Vet said leave in cage to get her to stop laying. How long do I leave them in before taking out and keeping her from laying more. Thanks.

Will my cockatiels mate?

I have a male cockatiel (20m) and a female (9m). I got the female, thinking she was a male, so my older cockatiel would have a friend for when I can’t be there for him. I will house them separately- only allowing them together outside their cage, but I am concerned that they will may […]

My Grey is laying eggs.

Should I remove the eggs,in the past shehas broken them and eaten them,now she is trying to hatch them.

Male zebra finches ‘mating’ behaviour?

We have two pet male zebra finches, brothers. They are about 18 months old. We have recently noticed a change in behaviour. They seem to be trying to ‘mount’ each other, they are also taking feathers and bits of tissue etc to a new place on a shelf and seem to be ‘nesting’? Is this […]

Bringing another budgie into house

I have a year old male budgie who has bonded very close to me. I would like to bring another baby budgie home and raise that bird to be friendly like Pepe. Is this possible. Thank you.

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