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My male lorrikeet is dominating over food

So i am in the process of trying the same thing, I had a female and then I got a male from a person. They have bonded to some extent. They have started cuddling each other on heads and have started sitting together. The problem arises when i give food. The male one has a […]

Budgie behavior

Hi there. I have had my 2 female parakeets for 2 years now and they have always been bonded and don’t really come by me much at all. I also have a cockatiel that I’ve had for about a year and a half. They all get along but just recently my one parakeet has suddenly […]

Sounds that a macaw makes

I have a Greenwinged Macaw and he makes a low growling sound I think I know what it means but wanted to see more reasons for why they make that sound.

My bird layed egg

Hi my bird is a cockatiel and she layed a egg today without mate. She has been giving mating signals since she was 1year and now she is 1year and 6months old. This is her first egg and we dont have any setup in the cage for breeding. Now should i throw the egg away […]


I was told I had two male birds but I found four eggs in the cage the parents are not paying any attention to the eggs at all they are not sitting on the eggs

Incubating Eggs in December

Hello, My Grandma has had a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo for the past 25 years. She is concerned as over the last week or so he has been incubating fake eggs , only it is December and he has never done this before in December. He is barely eating and is constantly sat incubating the fake […]


Thank you for that answer unfortunately we do not have a avarian here in Jersey c islands is there any drops or something to put into her water


My bird has laid 5 eggs since November one every two three weeks she’s on her own is this normal she breaks them after a day or two is this bad for her

Cockatiel doesn’t want to sit on her eggs anymore

My cockatiel laid 4 eggs for the first time and she was incubating them for a while but suddenly stopped. I think it’s because I held her when she stopped eating before she could get to her nest. I just wanted to hold her for a while because it’s been so long since I’ve seen […]


How long does it take a flock to accept a new bird or how long does it take a young bird to become comfortable with a new flock. Recently adopted a 22 week old cockatiel and he seems to be a loner. He very seldom associates with the existing birds. He does not fly away […]

My bird not sitting on her eggs

I have a cocktail bird it has laid about 6-7eggs but shes not sitting on them for so much long it has been 40days since she layed eggs she laid eggs on her wood house which is medium in size im also keeping her and her eggs in a silent place and covering it with […]

2 year harlequin behaviors

We have a 2 year old harlequin macaw. Who at times can be aggressive. And she lost her tail feathers. Will this behavior change . We hope it will .

Bathing Bird Body Language

Hi there, Are these behaviours general indicators that a bird is enjoying his bath? – Fanning tail feathers – Flapping/fully extending wings – Fluffing feathers – Moving towards water Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

breeding bourkes

Is it OK to have a third bird in the same cage as a breeding pair?


My cockatiel bird used to come to my hand in initial days i used to feed it with my hand but then i got bit busy and started to feed it with syringe which it didn’t like then i will keep the food in the cage it will it by itself now if i try […]

Moluccan FDB

I adopted a female Moluccan “Crystal”, last year from an elderly lady who was a backyard breeder. Crystal had never been inside a home and never had anything but a couple pieces of 2×4 in her small cage before she came to live with me. I have provided her with a large cage, lots of […]

Lovebird behavior

I have a 3 month old lovebird. And she will not step up. Not even with the lure of millet. Is it ok to move my lovebirds cage from room to room and outside during day with me. Also is it good to play lovebird singing for her. She seems to love it. It is […]

Cockatiel nails

What is the best way to “dull” the toe nails of a young cockatiel (approx. 8-9 months old)? Also, my young cockatiel (8-9 months old) seems to be afraid of the bright sunlight. Is this normal?

two female and one male cockatiels

Hi. I have had a female and a male cockatiels since last year. they’ve been living peacefully in a same cage but have not bonded (seems like the male is not interested) . So recently I bought a new female and put the male and this new female in a separate cage to give them […]

Pair or Trio

Can three tiels live happy or should they be even numbers?

Female budgie

My budgie is 3 years old and is very aggressive! So much that I can’t lot it out of the cage while I’m in the room! She flies at me and bites not like any budgie I’ve ever had. She just attacks so I feel bad that I cannot let her out .

How to deal with my bird’s sexual frustration?

I have three lovebirds; Tiki (cobalt masked) probably male, Miki (Dutch blue) probably female and Kiki (peach faced) probably male. I got each of them separately from different places. Almost a year ago, I only had Tiki and Miki who seemed to be bonding well with each other. None of them were tamed and after […]

Leaving budgie on vacation

I am going on a trip for 4/5 days and am leaving my 8 year old budgie with family friends so she can have more social time rather than being alone. The only thing is these friends of mine have never let her out of her cage before to fly. I thought it would be […]

Cockatoo Loves my shirt

My cockatoo is about 13 years old and she has recently started climbing down my shirt nearly every time I have her on my shoulder. Is this a nesting thing? How long will this last and should I be doing something different? She does not have a mate.

Parrotlet Problems

Our two parrotlets are extremely bonded, however, one is aggressive and sometimes harmful to the other. I tried two cages, and the abusee began to pull all his own feathers out. I put them in a divided cage, and the abusee made a hole and rejoined the abuser whom he loves. What to do?

how long do budgies stay distant for

so my budgie is 3 months old and i’ve read on here that at around this age they will become distant and not like to be handled and such but will return to their regular behaviour eventually, but it didn’t say how long this behaviour is expected to last, so if anyone could tell me […]

Boy or girl

I have 2 boys and a girl Cockatiel. 1 of the boys has bonded with the girl, so now the other bird is the odd boy bird out. Can I get another bird as a friend/companion for him, or would that be too many boys since we have only 1 girl?


My bird has now laid 3 eggs 1 every 3 days she has eaten them now she’s on her own is this normal thank you

Cockatiel behaviour

I’ve owned birds most of my life. I’m 65 and Ziggy is my first cockatiel bought for me at a widely known pet store. She’s 3 I believe. I’ve provided my bird with all my love and attention. She still won’t come to me or step up. Im starting to feel like it’ll never happen.

female cockatiel

she in setting in her food bowl all the time what is going on

Pigeon pairs

Can you keep an uneven number of pigeons together? If not can 2 pair be kept in the same large cage?

bird sitting on the food bowl

my bird is sitting on the food bowl for a long period of time and she is also singing there sometimes she behaves so odd she don’t let me touch her from few days , her nose is also turning brown first is thought she might be caring egg as the male often feed her […]


I have noticed that one if my lovebirds were unsteady on his feet. He is the oldest aged about seven or eight and one of his leg occasionally becomes useless. That leg slips far from him as if it’s injured. But then he seems to be fine and his leg gets better. I’m wondering if […]

My male cockatiel keep screaming at the female cockatiel

I have a male and female cockatiel. Male just turned 2 and female age is unknown (my vet said she is close to 5/6 years old from her looks and behaviour). I know they are a mated pair because when I bought them the seller said they reproduced before and laid eggs. The female even […]

Wing clipping

I have 3 mature (Approx 1 1/2) year old Cockatiels. 2 males and 1 female. The female and one of the males have mated. The 3rd bird (male) is the odd man out and often is chased all over the house. These 3 birds have the run of the house and my question is: Can […]

Hormonal Obsession

Hi, it has been a while since I sent my questions. Right now my bird is in better condition since his vet visit. The lovebird now can fly and move his wings with ease and the wound is gone. Only little bare patch is there with new feathers growing in. He has been separated for […]

Two males and one female follow-up

Hi! You recently answered a question for me about two males and one female in a cage together with a nest box up. One of the things you told me to do was to separate the odd number of birds out bc they will likely fight and/or kill each other. I let my birds fly […]

Feather pluking

Whats the reason of feather plucking of chiks in african lovebirds

How can I help my lonely 9 year old parrotlet

Hi. My 9 year old male parrotlet has lost 2 mates in the past 2 years. The 1st mate was 2 years ago, then he bonded with the remaining female parrotlet I had, and she just died 3 weeks ago (she was 12.5 years old). He still calls for her. They were close. He is […]

Cockatiel company

I f my cokiteal is very tame and she is a little bit older than 1 year is it a good idea to introduce her with a tame tame male. If not what would the consequences be? Would she and the male remain tame?

Which one should we get?

Hi, lafeber. Me and family have been thinking about a bird. I was I exited and immediately started researching. I choose getting a cockatoo or a cockatiel. The problem was that we we’re planning on getting two birds, so they can entertain each other. I heard one is more social with other parrots then the […]

Egg Laying Sun Conure

My 4-5year old Sun Conure just laid her first egg…it broke when it fell out of a hole she had nibbled through her bed (now I realize it was to get to the batting that was cushioning the bed)…so I replaced it with a stone egg of same size. Please advise

Why is my female finch losing feathers?

Hello. I have 6 finches. I stared out with two, a male and female, but then they had 3, and then another. I let them out each morning, and they are free to fly around as they please each morning. But recently, one of my finches, Joycie, has been losing feathers on the side of […]

Bird droppings and actions are weird.

Hello, this is my first question here. My bird became a new member of the family on the 23rd of October. I’m concerned about it’s health. It’s dropping appear black with a little white. It has also been kicking it’s food out of the dish, hasn’t been seen drinking any water. It also has been […]


My cockatiel layer eggs on the bottom of her cage she is handraised and I didn’t know the other was a male I’m just wondering if I could move them into something to keep them Warm or just leave them. She only had 3 eggs and the second one was laid on the 11of October […]

male cockatiel aggressive nesting

Hi, We have a male cockatiel who used to be quite nice and he’s learned a lot of words and some songs as well. He seemed to be constantly looking for a mate so we got another cockatiel which seems to have grown up into another male but we aren’t 100% sure. Anyhow he’s literally […]

Agressive Female Toward Male

I had two young male brother zebra finches and recently one died. I was given a female and had her separated in a cage right next to his for a week. They seemed quite interested in each other. When I finally put the female in with the male in a large cage (30Lx18Wx36H) with separate […]

Baths and nail trimming

When it comes to showering / nail trimming a rescued bird that is super duper phobic and aggressive, are these things essential to stay on top of? Or should they be skipped until the relationship is worked on? Some parrot “experts” tell me I have to force the bird to bathe /get it’s nails trimmed […]

new bird not eating & very skittish!

i got my new bird yesterday, zim, and hes fully flighted, beautiful long feathers. we let him out on the first day, but he kept on accidentally hurting himself by running into things, and if i tried to help him by putting my hand near him so he has the option to be ‘ rescued […]

Male Finch always in Nest

I have 3 pairs of finches in a cage with 2 pots. Both pots are converted to nest by them. All 6 finches sit on a single pot but I noticed an egg on the other pot. After few days a male finch is always staying in the pot with egg and comes out only […]

My finch doesn’t like me

Everytime I put my hand in the cage she flies everywhere and she chirps and jumps around a lot too I’ve also had her for 3 days

Laying in food

How do i get finches from setting and laying in there food nest?.There are six birds in flight cage.

Hormonal cockatiel

My cockatiel had been laying eggs for a couple of weeks and I almost took her to the vet to get hormonal shots to stop her from laying eggs. But I first changed her cage to a new larger one I bought and the big change prompted her to stop laying eggs. Other than changing […]

Who loves who?

I have a large cage and 6 zebra finches. One pair was nesting but the eggs were unfertilized and I took the nest away once the eggs were broken. A week or so later, I find eggs in the food dishes. I put the nest back and placed the eggs in it. Then more eggs […]

Sun Conure Laying Eggs

My single sun Conure of 14 years has laid two eggs. I have read a lot about how to prevent the egg laying behavior (now that I realize this can happen) but what should I do now that there are two eggs? Take them away or let her realize they are not viable?

Not sitting on egg

Hi, I’ve had my female sulphur crested cockatoo for over 11 years now and we just moved our corella(male) in with her. They were bonded but the corella was hurting her so we moved him out. About 2 weeks later now, and she’s laid an egg. Problem is, she wont sit on it or go […]

Getting off people

Once juman visitors come and my cockatiel has sat on their shoulder, he usually refuses to leave them when it it time for them to leave. Sadly, I use fear to make him fly off as he bites my finger if I ask him to step up then. Fear in the form of bringing a […]


Dear Brenda, I love all the responses I have gotten from you. Thank you. Are there avian medicine textbooks that the doctor can recommend, as there are no avian vets nearby and I want to learn all I can? Also, any books describing wild cockatiel and wild budgerigar behavior? In the wild, then, cockatiels try […]

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