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Conure flock fighting

Hi i have a rescued bonded male and female Green cheek and yellow sided conure that are 6yrs old that are tame. They had 2 clutches 2 years apart (offspring now 2yrs and 4yrs old offspring not hand tame only stick trained) i dont want babies and the entire 8 birds lived together until now […]

Feather plucking

Hello! I’d like to ask you: what do you think are the most common causes of feather plucking? Is it caused more often by an unhealthy diet or by another inappropriate care?

Conures breeding

I have a pair of pineapple conures, the girl is 1, and the boy is 3. They are really happy together. There are signs that they want to mate, but there is no nesting box. Will they still mate without a nesting box?

Bare eyed laid an egg

So our Bare eyed cockatoo laid an egg today. Do we remove it of find a blank for her to sit on

Amazon in heat

How can I keep loving on my sweetest male Amazon while his hormones are raging? Do I need to stop petting him and scratching his feathered head? I’ve tried to see how long the hormonal urge lasts. Seems he tries to show me what’s beneath his tail forever. Thank you for any help you can […]

Male cockatiel making out with his Offspring!

Hello Brenda, It is me again Shad, my male cockatiel makes out with his cockatiel chick who was born on 24.12.2020, i still dont know if that is a he or a she, but isnt that weird to have sex with his/dad!! ? Is incest normal among birds? And he/she is only 2 months old! […]

Budgies birds

Hello 😊 I have a pair of budgie the problem is the male doesn’t breed the female, every time when the female is ready the male just stand next to her 😭 and sometimes after that the female fights the male. Please 🙏 answer me

Cockatiel is being weird

Hi! My cockatiel lived with me for 3 years. He never really bonded with me but he does come onto my hands. All he wants is his mirror. I got a girl for him 2 months ago and he seems to not like her at all. He just wants to spend the whole day with […]

Female Budgie & Health

Good Morning’ I have a female budgie, that is 3 yrs old. She has so far not produced any eggs. I have a male Cockatiel and a male budgie. It appears as though she maybe ill. Her behavior over the last 3 weeks has been very strange. She is constantly going to the bottom of […]

Alexander Parrot

My parrot is female and she doesn’t have male and then also she had laid eggs and now she is not sitting on her egg


Hi my mom has three cockatiels one female and two males the only female is Emily our two males are duke emilys brother and storm we want Emily to mate with storm but duke wants her all to home self and we are having trouble with duke he keeps chewing on my moms eye glasses […]

why did my parrot suddenly start singing after the other one died?

i had two cockatiels; my male cockatiel has recently died due to sickness (although i cant be sure, he just looked very sick one night and we couldnt take him to the vet because it was very late, but he was constantly sleeping with his head up and drinking alot. the other one probably knew […]

Constant chirping

My male Cockatiel has recently started a constant twittering. The only time he stops is if i put him to bed or his favorite shows are on. (he loves M.A.S.H theme music) Its not loud but seems more like he would be talking to young. He is not a hand raised bird. He has talked […]

Lovebird behavior

My almost 6 month old male Peach-faced Lovebird Kiwi has been engaging in an odd behavior as of late (3-4 times so far). He has jumped onto my plush, cuddly blanket on my lap, spread his tail feathers, opened his wings slightly, and pivoted back and forth, rubbing his vent on my blanket. I posted […]

Cockatiel companions

I had 5 cockatiel boys. None are related. Two are bonded for a long time. The two newer ones bonded very much. Unfortunately, Pepper who had been a feather picker passed away of renal failure. Now Mo wants to bond with one of the birds who is already bonded to someone. He has a rough […]

Congo African Grey

Hello, I am looking to adopt an African Grey. Would you happen to know anyone that has them for adoption? Thank You

Lovebird sleep

Hi there! I’m learning more and more about my lovebird everyday and I’m no where near an expert. I just found out my lovebird is a female and I am in the process of taking her enclosed homes away from her. Should I replace this with an open hammock for her to sleep in? Also, […]

I have no idea why my cockatiel is screaming

I have a 3 month old cockatiel. I’m having a lot of problems with her that I have no idea how to help. Above all, she does this scream/growl sort of sound when: she sees food/treats; I’m nearby and/or she’s climbing onto my shoulder; she’s uncomfortable/wants me to leave; and she’s tired and wants to […]

About cockatiel

My Question is that what is the reaction of female cockatiel when the male is whislating.

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