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Lovebird Napping Positions

Hello. My lovebird is about 5 months old. He loves to lay down when he takes naps. He also loves to be in pockets and in our hair. We bought him a hanging coconut toy and he loves to sleep in there at night. Is that normal/okay?

Recently Acquired Old Cockatiel with Horrible Separation Anxiety

Hello, I have recently adopted an old cockatiel around 15 years old from a family friend. He was never tamed and always bit people, they had him in a small cage but other than that was well-taken care for and loved. When they could no longer buy his food because of COVID they asked me […]

Make is attacking female, but won’t stop screaming

I have two tame cockatiels and they’ve laid a lot of eggs and they have hatched many times but every time the male always ends up attacking the female and chasing her out of the nest box. I have separated them and I put the male cockatiel in another cage with the rest of my […]

My bird got obsessed with mirrors

Hello. So i have a cockatiel and an indian ringneck. My cockatiel doesnt bond with him and he is very shy . Its been 2 years since im having him and my indian ringneck for 10 months. They are always together on the same perch high up near the ceiling so that they can be […]

One of my conures is plucking the other one

Hi, I was wondering if you guys could help me out with some problems I’m having with my Red Cherryhead Conures. I have two of them, a male and a female, who were together when we got them a few weeks ago. However, one of the birds is pecking the other bird’s feathers off and […]


Is there any chance of matting of two male cockatiels

My female cockatiel Laid an egg

Hi my question today is my female cockatiel laid an egg it is her first time ever laying them I bought them as babies and we didn’t know if they were male or female we’ve had him for about three years now and I’m wondering on how many eggs she can hatch so far she’s […]

Are budgies ready to mate?

I have 2 pairs of budgies who are over a year old and should be the right age to mate. I have put both pairs in one breeding cage (was this my first mistake?) and added two nest boxes (was it too soon?). However, birds don’t seem to be bonding at all. The females seem […]

Another REAL Bird

The point: How can I encourage my bird to act to a real one instead of what they do to a mirror? My parakeet has been alone in a cage for almost three years. Then, he only had a mirror as a friend. I finally put him with another real bird and he thinks the […]

My cockatiel only stands on the food perch

Hey so I recently bought a cockatiel and he is always standing on the perch of the food bowl and refusing to use other perchs in the cage and I can’t see him drinking water at all I just got him is that normal

Cockatiel Dilemma

I got a male cockatiel to be the boyfriend of my female. He is in a small cage and I want him in her larger cage. I put the two cages together and the female walks up to his cage and goes inside. But the male won’t come out of his cage. He’s younger. About […]


I have been trying to tame and bond with verde the bonding doesn’t seem to be the issue rather it’s the biting that’s the problem. Before I thought that it was just okay but When I pay more attention to it whenever she sees my hand she runs up to it and tries to bite […]

my bird isn’t trusting me.

I brought my lovebird 2 months ago and he/she still doesn’t trust me. i’m assuming the my bed isn’t hand tamed the way he/she reacts to me putting my hand near or in the cage. my bird hasn’t bitten me but flies to one side and makes loud noises. what should i do to get […]

How to make my parakeet trust me?

Hi there, A few weeks ago, I rescued a parakeet; as in, he flew into my yard, I managed to capture him with a bin and a lot of bird seed and, after lots of posting online, talking with the local vet, and asking the local shelter, no owner has come forward and I’ve decided […]


I’m so sorry once again, I just have a question earlier today verde has been showing signs of wanting my company she still dose not like my hands and will not step up but she will do anything for her millet and she follow me to whatever side of the cage i’m on she’s always […]

African Grey breeding couple

Hi. I have a 4 years old African grey that has beed very sexual/hormonal in the past two months so i have decided to get him a female so that he might bond with her. I know it might never happen but i dont mind trying. The female is 10 years old. Is this age […]

Mango screaching conure

We just moved my 8 year old conure to a new apartment he was living with my parents he has gotten extremely vocal to the point of being incredibly annoying how do we stop this behaviour

Looking at me weirdly

Hi, I just had a breakthrough with verde she is seeming to be no longer afraid of me and more and more looking for my company. When it’s early in the morning she’ll scream for me to change her food bowl. My dads not sure about the wing clipping because he doesn’t want to strip […]


I have a blue female and green male Quakers they are a year old they mate every day for about 2 months no eggs yet but they have become very mean and they were very tame before they started matting I don’t know if I should keep them apart or just let them stay together.

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