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I have a hen alexandrine and have acquired 2 male Alexandrines . Can I put both males in the very large aviary with her or will there be competition for the hen ?


Thank you for your reply, it sounds like hes in fear, or just trying to get used to the enviorment. There could be a chance his hormones are changing which is causing him to sound different.

Breeding cockatiels

I have 4 cockatiel breeding pairs in a big avairy all sitting on eggs but notice today one male from breeding pairs having sex with another female from different breeding pair what’s going on there thx

Bird Behavior/ Sounds

Why does my female cockatiel makes too loud noises in the morning or when I’m doing some work?

Aggressive cockatiel suddenly nice

Hi! So I got my cockatiel when we was about six or ten years old and he’s been a little bit of a biter and wasn’t really a touchy bird but now all of the sudden he’s really calm and actually letting people pet him and he’s just acting off. I don’t know what’s wrong […]

Should We Get our Green cheek conure a friend?

Hi there! I currently have a green cheek conure, a male that is around 8 years old. We are moving and considering getting him a friend because we plan on being away from our home more and don’t want him to be lonely. As it is now I am able to give him a lot […]


Hi my name is Breanna and my mom has two cockatiels one of them is peep she is a sweet heart and the other one is storm. Storm is being a jerk to peep every time peep goes to get some food and storm is in the bottom he attacks peep and runs her off […]

How to Take Care of Budgie Eggs

Hello, We have two budgies who mated and layer seven eggs together. Tomorrow is going to be the 18th day since the first egg was laid. From researching online, the eggs generally hatch somewhere between 18-23 days if fertile, but I couldn’t find consistent results online. How long should we wait till we could deem […]


My African Grey is always gentle but today she’s biting me when I have her step up even though she does want to come out. Why is she doing this?


is there a certain thing that a male does that a female doesn’t. i am now very into parakeets because i now have to and i want to know as much as possible to give them a better life than at the pet shop.

Male cockatiel matting problem.

Male cockatiel is thinking human hand as his mate, it doesn’t pair with the female. How to change his habbit? Both male and female are hand raised. I bought this male a week ago, when taking with him in my hand. It give the sign of matting and started to rub on my hand. Please […]

My cockatiel is screaming

My cockatiel is always screaming and chirping at the same time, but every time I go near him, he stops and raises one foot, and is all fluffed up, however, he is scared of me. If I get too close he takes a few steps back. Nothing is wrong with his food/water or cage. He […]

Male cocktail does not mate

I have a pair of cocktail. Male does not mate in spite of mating sounds. It seems that it is going to mate but not. Female come close to it and made a position to b mated but i havent see it .plz guide

Eggs from conure

my green cheek has 12 eggs already only 3 in cage should I take all out

Bird hates to be touched

We’ve had our pet parakeet for 3 years now. The first 2 years he was able to come out his cage after school. I have owned several different parakeets over my lifetime. I wanted to spend time with the bird so I grabbed him and he got extremely infuriated. He is very jittery and does […]

African Grey suddenly refuse to step up and aggressive

My 1yr 6 month grey is suddenly refusing to step up and attacks resorts to biting. Nothing has changed regardless cage or food. She is molting now though. Is so sad that this is suddenly happening. She is chattering and behaving normally. Just refuse to step up. What can be a possible problem?

My cockatiel is always scared of me

I have a make cockatiel and its been about 2 months since I have gotton him. When I got him, I left him alone in his cage for a few weeks, afterwards, I sit beside the cage sometimes, but he always walks away from me. I tried giving him some time, but it was no […]

Amazon nutrition and behavior

What are the best nuts to feed parrots? Why would an amazon be interested in a mug filled with coffee or tea but ignore one with water?

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