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Baths and nail trimming

When it comes to showering / nail trimming a rescued bird that is super duper phobic and aggressive, are these things essential to stay on top of? Or should they be skipped until the relationship is worked on? Some parrot “experts” tell me I have to force the bird to bathe /get it’s nails trimmed […]

new bird not eating & very skittish!

i got my new bird yesterday, zim, and hes fully flighted, beautiful long feathers. we let him out on the first day, but he kept on accidentally hurting himself by running into things, and if i tried to help him by putting my hand near him so he has the option to be ‘ rescued […]

Male Finch always in Nest

I have 3 pairs of finches in a cage with 2 pots. Both pots are converted to nest by them. All 6 finches sit on a single pot but I noticed an egg on the other pot. After few days a male finch is always staying in the pot with egg and comes out only […]

My finch doesn’t like me

Everytime I put my hand in the cage she flies everywhere and she chirps and jumps around a lot too I’ve also had her for 3 days

Laying in food

How do i get finches from setting and laying in there food nest?.There are six birds in flight cage.

Hormonal cockatiel

My cockatiel had been laying eggs for a couple of weeks and I almost took her to the vet to get hormonal shots to stop her from laying eggs. But I first changed her cage to a new larger one I bought and the big change prompted her to stop laying eggs. Other than changing […]

Who loves who?

I have a large cage and 6 zebra finches. One pair was nesting but the eggs were unfertilized and I took the nest away once the eggs were broken. A week or so later, I find eggs in the food dishes. I put the nest back and placed the eggs in it. Then more eggs […]

Sun Conure Laying Eggs

My single sun Conure of 14 years has laid two eggs. I have read a lot about how to prevent the egg laying behavior (now that I realize this can happen) but what should I do now that there are two eggs? Take them away or let her realize they are not viable?

Not sitting on egg

Hi, I’ve had my female sulphur crested cockatoo for over 11 years now and we just moved our corella(male) in with her. They were bonded but the corella was hurting her so we moved him out. About 2 weeks later now, and she’s laid an egg. Problem is, she wont sit on it or go […]

Getting off people

Once juman visitors come and my cockatiel has sat on their shoulder, he usually refuses to leave them when it it time for them to leave. Sadly, I use fear to make him fly off as he bites my finger if I ask him to step up then. Fear in the form of bringing a […]


Dear Brenda, I love all the responses I have gotten from you. Thank you. Are there avian medicine textbooks that the doctor can recommend, as there are no avian vets nearby and I want to learn all I can? Also, any books describing wild cockatiel and wild budgerigar behavior? In the wild, then, cockatiels try […]

Cockatiel behavior

Thanks Brenda. My male cockatiel wants to mate with my male and female budgies. It is scary as he is very aggressive and tried to rape the female budgie. I have three birds. The cockatiel is 24 hours cage free. The only reason the budgies have to go in their cage is to protect them […]

Cockatiel wild

Do wild male cockatiels not mate at all until they are two years old? They have so much self control? Would it be easier for them to find a female in the wild? Do the masturbate in wild and do some males never find a mate? Also is there any school curriculum for training birds?


Why did male cockatiel attack female known to him for ten years ? Two groups in big cage separated by wire got along . However when l removed the wire all nine blended except for Azkaban fiercely attacking Blondie n she bled . Thankyou

Lovebird sleeping position

My lovebird sleeps by lying on his stomach on the flat perch. However he also sleeps on his perch sometimes and then sometimes on tje flat perch laying down. Is it normal? Or is this an indication of any sickness

Weird action

In my flock of four Fischer’s lovebirds, two of them are new birds bought last year. They are both healthy and in good shape. But they both does this weird knocking on surfaces(on their cage bars, floor, wall, etc…) with their beak with tapping rhythm. My other two birds never do this. It mostly happens […]

Electus Parrot

We have an Electus who is my mothers bird who passed away a couple of months. He had a strong bond with Ma. Before her passing, she was in hospital for a total of 3 months and they have been separated for this period of time. Cooper is his name, is not showing any signs […]

Getting a second bird

My cocktail is a six month old male super friendly and talks to us but was thinking of getting it a friend? What are your thoughts should it be a male or female

Adding a new bird

I have a 11 month old Cockatiel And I am thinking about getting another one how would be the best way to introduce them should I put them in the same cage together or not?

Grey head shake

why do african greys shake their heads. Mine only does it once in a while.

Conure biting

I have a pineapple conure that likes to bite. How can I train him to stop?

My bird won’t leave the mirrors

I have a cockatiel of which I use to have an amazing bond with but lately I have been sleeping a lot cause of school so I don’t play as much but I still try my best. I also have a mirror in my room he will not leave alone. He gets very aggressive with […]

which bird is best?

hello 🙂 I am 15 years old and i have been wanting a bird for a very long time now. My family use to have two cockatiels and budgies. I have always wanted either a Love bird, Parrotlet, or Green cheeked Conure. I am homeschooled and due to covid we are home almost all the […]

Strange New Behavior

Hello. I have this 5 year old Fischer’s Lovebird at my room. Its gender remains unknown( but has traits of typical male) and it used to be the tamest and boldest in my flock family of three other lovebirds of same species. This month I noticed it was nervous and startled easily. It doesn’t perch […]


My suncouner parrot likes to sleep under my blanket and when I brought him down to his cage . Even though i bought him nice nest house inside his cage. He doesn’t like it. Is it normal and what can I do to change it. Thank


hello My cockatiel does this thing where he flies around very excitedly for no reason. Today while flying around he hit a chair with a big thud. He had lost a few feathers above his nose due to it. This happened about an hour ago. I checked again just now and noticed that there’s a […]

a pair of bonded cockatiel with a defensive male

i have successfully managed to step up the female cockatiel, and i could bring her to a perch to hang out, however, the male would get extremely agitated. she comes willing using the treat method, as he refuses to participate in training, even tho he does step up when he is in the mood, he […]


When a bird sits in his dish does that mean he’s a she?

My bird loved me but now seems scared or hates me?

I have a cockatiel and he used to be very loving and sweet and only act a certain way to me but a couple days ago his nails needed to be trimed and I helped my mother trim his nails, he usually hates having his nails trimmed but I have done this before he he […]

Dove sitting fake egggs

Thanks for your site! We have a kind of a strange question. Background: We got a white ring-necked dove about a year ago. We named her Emmeline. We did not elect to have the bird’s sex determined via DNA test when we got her (so she may be a he, not sure), as we planned […]

How to prevent Cockatiel from laying eggs

Hi there, We’ve had our cockatiel for just over one year and it has laid its first egg today. We don’t want to breed her, so we’re wondering what you’d recommend to prevent her from laying eggs in the future. BTW – she’s our only bird so isn’t in contact with any others. Thanks!

Handfeeding a baby Mynah.

Hi, I’ve a few questions regarding handfeeding baby mynah. It was rescued and passed to us, but we’re quite new to this, and need some guidance. 1) It has been with us for a week now. Not sure how old it is, but it’s starting to fly (and seems to have quite complete feathers). The […]

Birds laying no eggs cockatiel

Why isn’t my cockatiel laying no eggs ever had her bout 2 years or more n she was adult then now I believe she had eggs ready to lay but she passed away instead laying she was in a roosting position n there were all over each other n the male n female became protective […]

1st time cockatiel owner help!

My 1 year old cockatiel just laid their first egg and she is not a breeder so its infertile and I’m out of my depth. I took a trip to a different state to take care of my grandparent with cancer and she started being very hormonal and this morning she laid an egg and […]

I don’t like, but she does

Hi, I’m the mum who’s asking things everyday – & So, I’ve questioned myself weather I like cockatiels and birds or not. I don’t. But my child does! She jumped around still waiting for a Cockatiel and asked me 3 times in total. I never told her anything about like “I’ll think about […]

Is it a good idea to go to pet store?

Hi, I’m the mum yesterday – So I want to ask, is it a good idea to go to pet store? Because I’ve read many websites and articles say that if I go to a pet store to buy a cockatiel it’s usually hard to train them. Is that true? Any suggestions?

Two species Hybrids

What about the pairing between mask and fisher ? This kind of cross breeding is useful

Should I get my child a cockatiel?

Should I get my child a cockatiel? She is just nine years old. And started thinking about pets, she couldn’t bear but everyday mumbling about for a male cockatiel. She has made some research for cockatiels, I don’t know weather shall I buy her one or not!

can a parrot stand and sleep?

Dear Sirs/ ladies, i have a small carrier for my monk parrots when she sleeps at night with food and drink. I want to ask if it is ok for her to stand whole night and sleep? thank you in the day time, she is in another large cage or free in my house.

Sleep schedule

I recently got my Indian ring-necked parakeet.. he’s just 3 months old, he sleeps a lot like 12 hours a day , I just wanna ask if that’s normal, he’s not sick or something right? I don’t know if sleeping that much is normal for baby parrots, pls know your help is appreciated!!

Zebra finches

I have two zebra finches, a female and a male. I’m concerned for the male because he is missing a lot of feathers around his neck and torso area. Is this a dietary condition? what can I do?

Hormonal behavior

How can you tell your bird is hormonal? What are the signs? I have a 1 year old female yellow nape and not looking forward to this and what should I do when this happens? Thank you!

Cockatiel behavior

Two days ago my cockatiel perched on me and cuddled my ear. Last two days he ignores me. Why,?

Movement outside of cage

Hello! I have a 1y.o. pearly green cheek conure. When I got her from the breeder, her wings were clipped & she was abt 8wks old. Throughout the first 6 months I had her she liked to run across the bottom bars of her cage to play with the dogs. In doing so she tore […]

Death of one of pair

I am sorry guys but i had a pair of zebra finches (they are my first) and sadly today the female died! I am heartbroken & want ur help! What should i do with the male? P.s. the male is hoping around, eats & drinks too…. Another p.s., i found the male at sometimes hitting […]

Cockatiel Companion

I was wondering what bird would be the best companion for my cockatiel, Hezekiah. He’s very sweet and lovable, but I don’t want him to be lonely as I work a good bit. I was thinking of getting a budgie, but worried that the budgie might be aggressive toward him or not as friendly as […]


Hello, I have three budgies they have been together since birth and they are approximately 13 months old. what will happen to them if l separate them now? to find a nice home to each one of them. Are they going to let themselves die the fact they get separated or they will be fine? […]

Meyers parrot

Follow up to my yellow nape. I do have a cockatiel. I was wondering how the Meyers parrots are with family’s

Yellow nape Amazon

Hello I’m about to purchase a yellow nape Amazon. I have spent time with her and she’s nice I can hold her she’s only 4 months old. My husband can hold her but she has Lunged and bit my son and my husband. We go to visit her at the store she’s in right now. […]


My cockatiel used to like to hide in a crockery jar and play hide and seek, but all of a sudden he started regurgitating seeds and gastric fluid while being upside down in the jar to the point that I had to remove the jar causing great distress for a couple of days but stopped […]

Fly over at dinner time

Why did my parakeets always fly over me when I sit down to eat my dinner. It never fails I come into the room with my plate sat the table and if their out fly by time? Why?

2 year old green cheek conure being aggressive randomly

Hello, I have a 2 year old green cheek conure that we have had since about 6 months old. We don’t know the sex however he/she will have a good day a few times a month where I can hold him and he will lay with me play on his perch with me. I will […]

cockatiel layd an egg without male

hello my cockatiel layed an egg but she didnt have an male in her cage she is always home and now she thinks she has an baby and we cant come close to heror else she will attack us but how long will this keep going because i dont really think there is an baby […]

Two bonded female lovebirds fighting and injuring eachother

Hello Lafeber, I have been taking care of 2 female bonded lovebirds (Mango and Pants) during the past year and a half. They are approximately 3 years old, and they have been inseparable until very recently. During the past year and a half, they have been going through cycles of laying eggs, brooding over them, […]

Same sex bonded conures fighting

I have recently adopted an 8 week old male green cheek conure and a 9 week old male black capped conure. Unbeknownst to me the breeder caged them together for a week before I got them. I was originally expecting to adopt 2 single birds. They seemed pretty bonded by the time I brought them […]

Cockatiel got wrong mate

Hi,I think my cockatiel Peeko ( female ) got wrong mate.peeko is a lutino cockatiel just hitted 9 months, One i was sitting in my couch she sat on my thum toe and she started rubbing her body towards me i didn’t get it first,then i searched it but i didn’t get a correct information,it […]

My cockatiel hates me

So I volunteer at a Bird Sanctuary every Friday. I got my first cockatiel at Christmas and he loves me and lets me pet him and everything. I just got another one recently and she doesn’t want anything to do with me or my family. I got her from the sanctuary so I don’t know […]


Hi! I have two parakeets at home. I purchased them as brothers and they are not big fans of humans. But I’ve accepted that, because I know the are birds. Anyway, I would love to also have a cockatiel, as they are beautiful birds, and make lovely pets. I was wondering if this was a […]

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