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November 12, 2021

5 budgie eggs about to hatch

Hi my male budgie died & the female stopped sitting so I incubated hoping? & their about to hatch? I candle them 2nd wk & all fertile


Hi Belinda,

I’m sorry to hear about your male budgie. In a case like this it’s best to discard the eggs. While that sounds bad, it’s the most humane thing to do. How are you trying to incubate them? Any kind of parrot eggs are very hard to incubate. First, you need an incubator designed for parrot eggs. The eggs have to be kept at the right temperature and humidity or they will not develop right. They have to be turned frequently throughout the day and night. And then if they do hatch, any parrot species are hard to keep alive from day one. Smaller species like parakeets will rarely survive, even with the most experienced handfeeder.  You need a good formula, and they have to be fed about every half hour around the clock. The formula has to be the right consistency and temperature. The chicks have to be kept in a brooder and if they aren’t at the right temperature and humidity, they can’t digest their food and will not survive. In most cases, they seem to do OK for a few days, and then start dying. Sadly this is just the reality of trying to do something like this. If you have never hand fed before, you need to learn how to before the eggs hatch. The eggs are unlikely to hatch, but you need to be prepared in case they do. Again, you generally spend a lot of time and money to end up with heartache. We are here to help, but as far as handfeeding, you need someone to show you how, and how to mix the formula. It’s not something that can be easily explained without demonstrating.

Take care,


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