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February 21, 2022

5 week old green cheek Conure

I removed the babies at four weeks from his mom it’s now five weeks I’ve been hand feeding formula. How much day should I be giving it. Please note it cries most of the day or at least it sounds like it’s crying and it wants to eat a lot more than 12 mL per feeding.


Hi Joseph,

I really can’t say an amount to feed because I don’t have enough information about the bird, formula, feedings, etc. When handfeeding, the crop should be loosely filled – like an under filled water balloon. It should not be so full that it is tight. You feed again when the crop is nearly empty. If you put too much new food on top of old food, the crop can sour. You need to have the chick in a container where you can cover it to keep it dark and quiet like in the nest box. It needs to sleep  – it’s not good for it at all to keep crying. This is too exhausting for a chick. If it still does this, it may have a crop infection, as this can cause poor absorption and the baby is always hungry. In that case, you need to take him to a Vet.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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