Bird Type: Conure

Conure suddenly scared of my hands

My conure has been raised by me since he first hatched, (he’s 2 years old now) and he’s suddenly he’s become terrified of my hands. It might be because I am the one who clips his talons, but I’m not sure and even so I still don’t know what to do to help him overcome […]

sun conure egg laying

my bird has laid another clutch randomly, there is no male here but I can’t get her to stop chirping at night time. I wanted to know if I could take her eggs away since they’re not going to be fertilized

Little pooping

My bird is a Conyers about three years old name Zazu and he acts like he’s going to poop but nothings been coming out what do we do?

How can I make 2 parots get along to each other?

I have a quaker, Pancho, aged 2 years and 3 months and a green cheek conure, Rico, aged 9 months. They don’t get along each other, everyone would say it’s the Quaker’s fault, but honestly, the biggest fault lies with green cheek. I taught Pancho not to attack Rico when the little one is in […]

Sun conure egg rotation

Hii my question is that sun conure takes 22 to 28 days to hatch so when my sun conure lays egg i put it in incubator ok.. but the question is that the egg should be stopped rotating 3 days before hatching.. so how will know the last three days of hatching… Like it can […]

Feeding collagen

my female green check conure likes to have a small amount of ancient nutrition multi collegen. is collegen healthy for parrots? should I sprinkle some on their food?

Sun conure not sitting on egg

Hi, i have sun conure pair and she laid 3 eggs and i start to incubate them in incubator and now she has laid her 4th egg but we did not incubate it. We just leave the egg with sun conure. So my question is that it has been 2 days and she has not […]

Looking for behavior signs my bird may be preparing to lay an egg

So I recently rescued a conure and she laid an egg yesterday. Prior to this she was exhibiting strange behaviors and I arranged a vet visit but they have a full schedule and can’t see her yet. Afterwards, she laid the egg and I thought oh is this what was happening? I’ve only had boy […]

Pearly conure mating issue

I have a pearly conure pair and the male got seriously I’ll but by the grace of Allah I cared for him gave him different medications and he went through. He then went into molting and has completed it. He is unable to fly properly means cannot fly long he just flies from one area […]

Can’t Fly After 3 Weeks

Hi, My Green cheek conure fractured her wing 3 weeks ago. She was advised to stay in her cage for 3 weeks by a vet so that she can heal. She is unable to fly completely now after this period and her wing is drooping again. Please help!


I have 2 pairs of yellow sided conures. Females of both the pairs are sisters. One pair bred for the first time in March of 2022. From the clutch I had there were two females and three males. Now I have two questions. One of the babies seems to be a pineapple conure how this […]

Mosquito control on balcony

BLUE, my rescue blue crown conure, is showing interest in coming outside with me on balcony. I ordered a harness so I can safely keep him with me but it’s Florida. I’m concerned about him being harassed or bitten by mosquitos, gnats or flies. Any advice for controlling or repelling them safely?

Tail freather got pulled out

My Conure got out and while trying to catch him my sister step on his tall to try to catch him he was trap but we got him back but he lost all his trail Feathers and bleeding I stop the bleeding will his feathers grow back?

How to Identify Age of Conure Birds

Dear, I hope this email finds you well. I really appreciate your services for birds keeping. I am parrots lover and many parrots including IRN and Alexanderines are breeding well in my farm. I have recently bought a pair of Blue Turquoise Conure. I have bought conures for the first time. I request you to […]

Fresh foods Behavior

Are fresh raw white sweet potatoes chopped safe for a baby 8 mos. old green cheeked Conure safe for him to eat? Also we are having some behavior/ taming issues with thIS Conure. Nipping when we first got him 3 months ago, but he now lets us in his cage to change food & water. […]

Conure behavior

My small conure (about 6 years old) has been biting more recently. He will be a short distance away and comes over and bites my hand. Sometimes it will break the skin and sometimes not. It seems like he wants attention and this was a way of getting it. I put him in his cage […]

Should I have 1 bird or 2??

Hi! Aspiring first time conure owner. I’ve done lots of research but am seeing mixed opinions on the topic of having a lone green cheek or a pair. I work a full time job but have lots of attention to give when I’m not working as I don’t have kids. I have a large outdoor […]

Sun conure vs jenday

Can a jenday have a large amount of yellow on it’s back and wings. There were also sun babies in with him when we got him. Could we have gotten a sun by mistake. At 11 weeks they look so much alike.

Golden conures

I am thinking about getting two females (they have been sexed) that are from sane clutch and are presently in same cage being still hand fed Will this be ok to continue to keep them in the same cage bonded? I presently have an African grey almost one year old that of course will be […]

Bonded Conures displaying mating behavior

I have a 2 1/2 year old black capped conure and a 1 1/2 year old green cheek conure who have recently bonded. They are caged separately and groom and feed each other and are displaying mating behavior. I do not want her to lay eggs or to raise chicks. I want them to be […]

Food in bed

I have a sun conure who suddenly started bring food into his bed. He is about 5 years old. Why?

My Conure I don’t want her to get egg

Hello, my Green -Cheek- Conure layed a egg last year & she seems to be getting ready to do it again. She feel heaver and her abdomen feels firm. It’s to late to remove her blanket and other nesting items & not sure if she is going to lay a egg. However I don’t want […]


Can I put 2 older conures together in the same cage if they have always been in seperate cages

Hormonal pineapple conure. #3

Hi. Ty for your information. She is 4 and started laying eggs at 3. Last Christmas she had 3. Last month 2. They seem fine now, male likes to stay in his cage. She is a sweetheart, him he likes to bite us humans for no reason…trying to work on correcting biting behavior, is fine […]

Hormonal male conure

Thank you for your response. I have already did what you suggested. They are otherwise compatible, for they share the same food and water bowls , they sit together and groom. Each other. Is this the beginning of a violent mating season? She has laid eggs, to no avail. They have mated many times before, […]

Hormonal male

Hi. I have a Male and female conure who get along just fine. Last week his hormones went wild as he attacked the female with such force I thought he would kill her. I separated them for a good week, and gradually reintroduced them again, and now it seems like old times. I have never […]

breeding months

I have read in every blog that February is when Conures breed. But that they can have 3-4 clutches per year. I have not found one single article on which other months they breed. Assuming every six months to pair them up again?

I’m clueless

My daughter gave me her female green cheek conure who is at least 5 years old. The bird rarely got out of the cage because of pet dogs. She’s never had a mate and I let her have pretty much free flight around the house, spending a lot of time in my shoulder or cuddling […]

preventing breeding

how long should I leave the dummy eggs for my green cheek conure? she had a cluch of 9 (dummy) and I took after 5 weeks and my male was upset and started trying to mate which my female is laying again. they get 14 hrs of sleep and an organic diet including tops pellets. […]

Hormonal conures

I have 2 greencheek females. Left them dark for 14hrs. Worked good last year…now it is not. I have replacement eggs to put I place. This makes me crazy

Sun conure

Can I buy a fertilized egg and replace it with one that isn’t fertilized will she be able to raise it?

Close eyelid

Hi , my sun conure has one eyelid close , any suggestions will be welcome.


I was just wondering about should I buy q hand rared conure or should I get a baby conure and hand rare it myself

how to get rid of dried up poop on my birds skin?

Hello! my green cheek conure recently had eggs and she of course lays on them but there have been a couple times now that i’ve found poop on them and we cleaned them and it doesn’t happen anymore. i didnt notice until today that she’s been laying on these eggs before and when she did […]

Female Conure

Do female Conures mate each other? I have what I think is two females Greencheek and Pineapple consures. I saw them mating yesterday and I think maybe my Pineapple is a male until I get it DNA.

Conure Eggs

Have a green cheek. She is 6 yrs old. Last year laid 1 egg. This year laid 4. Took them away and now laid 3. Vet said leave in cage to get her to stop laying. How long do I leave them in before taking out and keeping her from laying more. Thanks.

New carpeting upstairs

Hi Im asking a question for my bird verde it’s be a while since I’ve asked on this site. So we just got carpeting today on the upstairs level where verde stays with me in my room and of course we had to mover her downstairs in the office so the smell won’t bother her […]

Conure laying eggs

Hi my conure is in an aviary with 2 other conures. This is her first time laying eggs and has now laid her 7th egg starting April 2nd and her 7th one today April 19th. I have removed each egg and replaced them each time with a dummy egg. She is sitting on the bottom […]


So I had a conure once he was old enough to come home and I’ve hand raised him since he had a little bit of his feathers. He’s now and adult but I have since then got another baby conure ( male ) and brought him up the same way. they both live in separate […]

Gcconure injury

Head got scraped on door, removed scalp features,head ok,,apart from pin hole size blood(didn’t bleed),seems absolutely fine 2hrs later he’s chatting away from the darkness of his cage now..ty

Introducing a young female conure

I have a green cheek conure who is 2 years old. I have a young female which is 16 weeks old in a smaller cage next to him. I have tried to introduce them and he is very aggressive to her straight away. Can you tell me how I can end up have them together […]

My New Blue Crown Conure

I have a new blue crown conure named Paulie. His last home, he was alone all day with the radio. I have tried to acclimate him to my other birds, but he hates them He screams nonstop. I take him out of the bird room and put him by himself with the radio on and […]

Conure abdomen

my almost 7 year old DNA male conure has a “belly” between his legs. his annual blood work is good. I started giving him milk thistle and aloe (lily of the desert) in case it’s liver issues. is there a test I need to request to check his liver? he has always been flighted and […]

One legged jenday concure

Ive had my parrot (mr bob jolly) 3 years now, we bought him off someone off the internet. He seems happy enuff he has a lary cage, eats all day, sings well makes little noises lol, hes free to come and go from his cage n has a play area. My question is he had […]

Boarding & Conure Behavior

1. Thoughts on boarding parrots for 2+ weeks vs taking them on a road trip 2. 3 yr old female green cheek and 3 year old male quaker. green cheek bites me for no reason, do you recommend shots to control her puberty/hormones

5 week old green cheek Conure

I removed the babies at four weeks from his mom it’s now five weeks I’ve been hand feeding formula. How much day should I be giving it. Please note it cries most of the day or at least it sounds like it’s crying and it wants to eat a lot more than 12 mL per […]

Airdog purifier

What about the brand Airdog? I have been using this for several years and it works very well. Is this dangerous for birds/sun conures?

Green cheek egg laying

My 5 year old green cheek has laid 7 eggs so far in the last 3 weeks. She has never laid eggs. No mate. No nest box. She is getting calcium supplement and boiled egg. I’m worried how many eggs she has laid. She gets 13 hours of sleep in a dark room.

Can my bird sleep in a box?

I purchased a pineapple conure at 6 weeks old (I now know that is really young). The bird is now 11 weeks old. When I got him he was sleeping in a box with Aspen shavings. I tried tonight to put him in a cage that he has been sitting on here since the day […]

Late egg laying

We have had a sun conure for about 9 or 10 years. We do not know the age of her since we got her from another family. She just laid her first egg. Is this common?

Conure hatchling

First time parents for both humans and birds. The first egg has hatched. What are the next steps? Do I need to change their diet? Is there something else I need to get to help the birds and babies? They do have a nesting box

Preening gland

Hello and thank you for your time. I have a half moon conure, I don’t see a preening gland, I have looked for it. And he has been chewing at his feathers not as bad from the tip but from where the feather starts. The feather is just a string now . I am very […]

Annual wellness exam

“Hi, I am taking my 2 year old Green Cheek Conure to my Bird Vet for his annual wellness check. What should that exam entail? Your recommendations for testing 2 year old Conure an this annual wellness exam.

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