Bird Type: Conure

Sunconure breeding

I have an sun conure pair they are about 1.5 yrs of age they started mating like 4, 5 months ago but still haven’t started laying eggs. They are always free roaming around the house . They are tamed wings clipped birds . They are never in their cage i tried keeping a breeding box […]

Aggressive & High Emotion Conure

Hi! I have a one and a half – nearing two year old – green cheek conure. Recently, he’s been very “high emotion” with excessive screeching, biting, and refusing to play with his toys. Essentially all he does anymore is hold on to the side of the cage nearest to me and watch me. The […]

Pooping liquid

Verde literally just pooped out water, is that a bad thing? We don’t really have the budget for vet right now, my parents say that it’s diet and all the pellet, pellet, pellet she’s eating what should I do?

Not pooping as frequently

I know constipation is rare in birds but I am suspecting that verde is dealing with it, usually when that happens I give her some banana and all seems well but I’m seeing little improvement this time, another thing other than constipation is that it may be an un-fertilized egg since she is a female, […]

Green cheek nutrition

Should my green cheek conures be on only a pellet diet. Can they have seeds at all? What are nutriberries are they treats? can that be given daily then? One of my green cheeks has powdery things coming out when he preens himself is it dandruff? Or is that normal?

mint green cheek conure breeding

Hello I have pair of mint GCC they were kind to each other and mating sometime , but now the male attacking the female , I dont know why they are in cage birds , and they had breed last year with no issues , should 8 separate them and how long ? Is they […]

Sun Conure behavior

My 2 yr old sun conure has been hostile with outsiders but in recent times has been angry with me. He keeps attacking me each time he sees me. I am not able to make friends with him again. I have a feeling he is not happy that I play and spend time with the […]

Are raw Quaker Oats ok to feed?

I was told why verde’s feather quality is deteriorating, malnutrition I’m such a horrible owner I thought I was doing everything right yet I’m doing it all wrong so I started feed verde healthy meals not just her pellets and nutri-berries I’ve started to feed her spinach, bananas, apple Romain lettuce (that she’s picky about […]

Nail trimming perches

We just purchased, a blue color, perch, for his feet, he seems not to go near it, he looks scared, I tried yo put my green-cheek conure parrot named Charlie, on it, he refuses, what can I do!!!

Should I get another conure?

Hi! I have a green cheeked conure who’s been with me for about 8 years now. He’s pretty well behaved, I’d say. He seems quite happy. Currently, he’s the only pet in our family. We had two dogs before though, who have since passed and we’re getting a new puppy in a few months. My […]

Classic nutri berries parrot food

Hello, I bought the big bucket of nutri berries (classic) parrot food for my sun conure. He seems to love it like it’s crack (LOL). My question is, should I not be feeding him this as I am just made aware there is a nutri berries conure made specifically for conures. Is the classic ok […]

Her diagnosis

Sorry I’m writing back to back questions, the emergency vet hospital diagnosed her with a bacterial infection which caused her to be sick, the found it by taking a sample of her stool I hope that helps the gave her amoxicillin and Batril

So I used it already

Hello it took a while for you to get back to me so I just thought my email didn’t go through, I actually think you are right and I didn’t spray the mite spray on her I just like spray very small on a washcloth and rubbed it on her back though I do not […]

Ultra care might spray?

It’s been a while since I’ve asked a question here just for the update Verde is fine I do have a question tho, for the past few week her feathers look shereded so I suspected she was over preening because of mites, so I bought a mite spray from pet co called ultra care mite […]

Sleep Environment

My GCC sleeps in a smaller cage in my walk in closet at night. She has a little shelf she doesn’t use, but chooses to sleep while clinging to her cage. Her favorite place to nap during the day is snuggled into my hair. I’m worried she’s not comfortable enough at night and want to […]

male conure isn’t nice to female :(

I have to conures one female one male. they are both rescues and the female has a lot of health issues. she can’t walk properly due to a problem with her feet or even stand on purchases correctly she normally just clings to the side of the cage. I was able to stay home today […]

Conure behavior

Hello. I am very interested in knowing how to get my 1 year old green cheek Conure Pistachio to stop biting me??

2 Questions

I have 2 questions. My 2 years old GC pineapple conure pallet food also include Zupreem fruit blend the colorful pallet. I wonder if there is a need to replace that due to its high sugar content? Kindly advice me My 2nd question, I give him pine nuts 4to 5 daily for training purpose. Is […]

My mother conure isn’t sitting on her eggs

I have 2 conures, the female has laid an egg in her box that we attached to the cage, it’s been 2 days since she laid and she hasn’t sit on it yet, I’m not sure if there are more eggs but I’m getting concerned, she is still rotating the egg usually and we havnt […]

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