Bird Type: Conure

Sleeping conure

My crimson bellied sleeps on the floor of the cage under newspaper, a way he has slept since a baby. The problem is that he doesn’t know how to tuck. Is there any way I can teach him?

Sun Conure bonding

If I got a Sun Conure would it bond or be friendly towards a Guinea Pig

Green Cheek

How to react when my green cheek conure rubs her bottom on my hand?

Bird Compatibility

I have a Budgie Parakeet and a Green Cheek Conure (as of today). The Budgie is about 2 that has been part of our house since hatched. She is a little stubborn and spoiled. I bought home this very sweet Conure today. I was at a store and it attached itself to me and would […]

Conure behavior

My 8 year old crimson bellied conure likes to sleep in my shirt by the neck. He does it all year long. Is this a concern?

Conure behavior

I am a 1st time Parrot mom with a lively 12 yr old conure adopted from a rescue. Are these hormonal changes temporary and if so, how long will it last?

my male conure is attacking

my Male green cheeked conure has been attacking me and my female green cheeked conure until she bleeds recently…. they used to be best friends! can you please tell me why my green cheeked conure is so aggressive towards us?

Bed for Parrot?

Do conures need a nest/hut/enclosed box to sleep properly, or are they perfectly okay to sleep on a perch?

Bird Bath

I recently purchased a bird bath for a future bird. It is supposed to go in the cage and I was wondering if I should keep it in there 24/7 or just let them use it supervised

Cat vs. Conure

I am bringing home a conure in the near future and am trying to figure out whether or not I should trim it’s wings. I have a cat that stays inside and on one hand, birds are made to fly and my bird might be able to fly off if it’s flighted, but on the […]

Non wanted breeding behaviour.

Will try to be as brief as possible. Believed we had 2 male conjures sharing a cage. However, one started humping the other and one then started to lay eggs. 14 in 3 months and counting. Infertile eggs but we DON’T want babies and the male’s so aggressive when with the female and can’t be […]


So I rescue a 14 year old male conure. He eats well. Don’t see him drinking as much water. But the last 2 days is been sitting on the bottom of the cage. Im worried


My Conure has been treating her bed like a nest I think. I have cloth I put in there ( it’s a hay tunnel like enclosure opened only in front) She usually spits up on the cloth and arranges it, but lately that’s all she does (and not sure if she is a she) . […]

will a bird need a friend

Hi! I’m thinking of adopting a green cheeked conure, and was wondering if they are better living with another conure, or on their own. Are they happier living with another of their kind? Thanks!


we have just gotten a conure and we were told that it was 10 weeks old but its tail feathers are already full length

Travel Companions?

What p;recautions should be practiced when taking a green-cheeked conure with me during, say, week-long visits to another community or vacation spot? A smaller, “travel cage” will need to be acquired. What other considerations are there?


Can a conure get parasites from a food source ? my blue crown I’ve had for at least 25yrs is demonstrating odd behavior. any advice is greatly appreciated.

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