Bird Type: Conure

Conure hatchling

First time parents for both humans and birds. The first egg has hatched. What are the next steps? Do I need to change their diet? Is there something else I need to get to help the birds and babies? They do have a nesting box

Preening gland

Hello and thank you for your time. I have a half moon conure, I don’t see a preening gland, I have looked for it. And he has been chewing at his feathers not as bad from the tip but from where the feather starts. The feather is just a string now . I am very […]

Annual wellness exam

“Hi, I am taking my 2 year old Green Cheek Conure to my Bird Vet for his annual wellness check. What should that exam entail? Your recommendations for testing 2 year old Conure an this annual wellness exam.

Conures laying eggs without a box?

I have two cages with paired birds. Both of them recently laid eggs in the bottom of their cages. I inherited these birds after my sister’s death recently and wasn’t expecting them to breed so quickly. I have nesting boxes but what do I do now? Do I set up the boxes and move their […]


I have a new sun conure . I was wondering if you still give samples for them. So that I can tell what they may like?

Egg Laying Sun Conure

My 4-5year old Sun Conure just laid her first egg…it broke when it fell out of a hole she had nibbled through her bed (now I realize it was to get to the batting that was cushioning the bed)…so I replaced it with a stone egg of same size. Please advise

Feeding problems

Hi i have a Jenday he flew away from somewhere. Got him for 3 months now but but sruggling with food. He dnt wanna eat fruits or veggies. He only want sunflower seeds nd i really dnt want him to have it. Please can u insist me in this matter. Thank u Nelie

gestation period

What is the gestation period after you see your green check are mating do they lay eggs.

Sun Conure Laying Eggs

My single sun Conure of 14 years has laid two eggs. I have read a lot about how to prevent the egg laying behavior (now that I realize this can happen) but what should I do now that there are two eggs? Take them away or let her realize they are not viable?


Hi. I have a question. So if I have 2 conures. They are 4 and have been together since they moved with is ( 4 years ago). This breeding behaviour has happened just this year. She lied 3 eggs ( which broke), we gave them a house and she laid 4. It is already 5 […]

Green cheek conure breeding

Hello, I purchased a male green cheek and a female pineapple proven breeding pair of conures in the beginning of June. We put a breeding box on them a few weeks ago and they laid their first egg and ate it. We did some research and learned that they may eat it if it’s infertile. […]

Bumble foot and perches

Referring to the question of bumble foot: 1. what do you say about birds ( mine is a gc conure) that seem to like staying on the same perch? 2. what do you think about the rope perches? I have a “bungie” rope which gives her great exercise as she climbs up and down, along […]

Conure biting

I have a pineapple conure that likes to bite. How can I train him to stop?

which bird is best?

hello 🙂 I am 15 years old and i have been wanting a bird for a very long time now. My family use to have two cockatiels and budgies. I have always wanted either a Love bird, Parrotlet, or Green cheeked Conure. I am homeschooled and due to covid we are home almost all the […]

Swallowing issues

I have greeen cheek conure(6months old), recently he is facing swallowing issues , it seems like his esophagus is kind of choked. Whenever he eats after few seconds he does like vomitting it out. What could be the issue?


My suncouner parrot likes to sleep under my blanket and when I brought him down to his cage . Even though i bought him nice nest house inside his cage. He doesn’t like it. Is it normal and what can I do to change it. Thank

Green conure

Hi my green conure always refuses the leash and it always refuses to put it on no matter where we take him. I see other green conures put leaches and go out but nothing from ours

Separate two parrots or no?

Hello, so a few days ago one of my relatives bought a 3months year old green cheek conure called Coco. After a day she/he flew away from an open window and they couldn’t catch it, and the escape happened because a friend of theirs forgot to close the window so after a day they bought […]

Buying a pair

I have a female sun conure which is almost 2 years old..let’s keep it 1.5 years old. She has started to show hormonal behaviours and I’m now looking for a male sun conure. So my question is , the male sun conure which I’m about to buy should be of how many years old…?. Second […]

Movement outside of cage

Hello! I have a 1y.o. pearly green cheek conure. When I got her from the breeder, her wings were clipped & she was abt 8wks old. Throughout the first 6 months I had her she liked to run across the bottom bars of her cage to play with the dogs. In doing so she tore […]

Sun connure

I have a pair of connure she layed 3 eggs.1 st egg on 10june 2 nd egg on 13 and 3rd on 17 so she was sitting inbetween after 20 days she stopped sitting almost 4 days NW wt can b d prb

2 year old green cheek conure being aggressive randomly

Hello, I have a 2 year old green cheek conure that we have had since about 6 months old. We don’t know the sex however he/she will have a good day a few times a month where I can hold him and he will lay with me play on his perch with me. I will […]

My sun conure can’t use her feet

Hi we have 2 sun conure’s Mango (3yr male) and Sunny (7yr female). Sunny has been laying eggs and she started to seem run down. So we took her box out of her cage. She seemed very lethargic so i took her out of their big cage to give her some TLC. She started breathing […]

Same sex bonded conures fighting

I have recently adopted an 8 week old male green cheek conure and a 9 week old male black capped conure. Unbeknownst to me the breeder caged them together for a week before I got them. I was originally expecting to adopt 2 single birds. They seemed pretty bonded by the time I brought them […]

Full spectrum lighting

As always, thank you so much for these helpful webinars! We just heard you talk about the cockatiel that had bone problems, possibly due to low calcium and vitamin D. We want to be sure that we are doing the BEST for our beloved Green Cheek Conure (Cinnamon Turquoise). 🙂 We have a ZooMed Avian […]

I’m thinking of getting another bird

Hi this is Verde’s owner I used to ask a lot of questions here when I had first got her but now she has settled in and has become a wonderful part of our family, she is very sweet loves to dance and can say “hullo” and “Yeah!” She also screams my name and my […]


My conure lays six eggs and only hatched one the others are fertized but not hatched

sun conure

does the sun  conure grow the same size as a grey

in shell almonds

Hi! I have a 22 yr old sun conure. He loves to eat in shell almonds as a part of a treat and foraging all day. He averages 6 almonds per day or sometimes more. Is this a safe amount? I didn’t know if almonds would affect liver function, health, etc of a bird his […]

Picky Parrot webinar – weight/foraging

should we try to weigh them daily to make sure they are not loosing weight if they are getting picky ? “I’ve not brought any forraging items, do you have anything there that you could show us how you hide something? (my conure is more fearful of different things)” so timothy hay is ok to […]

Picky Parrot Webinar – feeding greens

Thank you so much for these helpful and informative webinars! 🙂 Is it ok to feed raw swiss chard, raw kale and raw dandelion (all from the organic health food store) to our beloved Green Cheek Conure? She loves the raw dandelion the most? Thank you again!

Pellet Food for Conure

I feel my rescued conure Nutri-Berries I feed the red pepper one and she likes it as well as Avi Cakes. As their staple diet. If I added one of your pellet brand daily Maintenence food can you tell me if that is a waste with what I am feeding already.

Stop sun conure from egg laying and hormonal behavior

Our sweet 12 yr old sun conure laid her first egg. It was very traumatic, she did it without intervention, but with supportive care – we had her at the emergency avian vet for three days in an incubator with calcium, fluids, pain meds and supplemental oxygen. She is home now to recover, and it’s […]

Pet parrot- Summer heat question

Hello, I have 2 conures, 1 indian red neck parrot and 1 lovebird and all are aged around 1 year. I keep the birds in a large aviary on my shaded porch outside where there is no direct sunlight throughout the day and there is moving air. I live in the UAE and summer is […]

Sun Conure Double Clutch

My single 11 year old Sun is laying eggs for the 2nd year in a row (never laid before). Last year she laid 3, this year we are up to 7! I have tried pulling the eggs, I have tried leaving the eggs, I have tried changing her sleeping area. I’m not sure when it’s […]

Finding a friend for my tiel

Hi, my cockatiel is now 6 months old and recently, I’ve brought her on several play dates with other birds/parrots and she seems to be a very social cockatiel who likes interacting with other birds. That confirms my worry that she would not like another bird in the house. Right now, I only have one […]


How do you stop the conure from laying eggs?

Sunconure eggs

My sunconure has laid 3 eggs for the first time . its been 1 month .what do I do now. After seeing a lot of YouTube videos I came to know at the first mistakes may happen.but they have a very good bond.will I be able to incubate the eggs ?

Crooked Conure Nail

I have noticed, since the beginning of this year, that one of the front toenails on my Green Cheek Conure Mochi’s right toe extends at a crookedly odd angle (up, instead of curling down). It does not seem to hamper her movement, nor have we observed any apparent loss or deterioration of balance, grip strength […]

Conure behavior

How do I persuade my sun conure to return to its cage willingly?


Hi, I have two birds right now, a Monk parrot, male, and a Green Cheek Conure, female. My Monk parrot is one year old and my Conure is 10 months old, I believe, when we got her she was 4 or 5 months old, or at least that’s what they told me. I have two […]

Will my conures breed?

Hi I have a pair of conures both around 3 years of age I was told they bred last year, since I’ve hooked up the breeding box they have both been in it and only come out for food and water I also hear her scratching around a lot in the box and see she […]

My male green cheek conure attacked the female

Why did he attack her? I have two green cheek conures for breeding. I’ve had these two for a few months now in hopes for them to mate with each other. I’ve never seen them to close until yesterday I saw them going at it. But today the male attacked the female until she bled. […]

Dr. Echols Webinar – Equipment discussed

Thank you for offering these excellent Webinars! What is the name of the CT technology (if there is a specific one) that we should ask for if we ever need this for our beloved Green Cheek Conure. Our exotic vet (Stahls Exotic Animal Veterinary Services in Fairfax, Virginia) may already have this technology. Thank you […]


Do you need calcium supplement for non laying female? my conure has never laid eggs, I don’t give her extra calcium now


My green cheek conure will not stop regurgitating. It’s a constant everyday, all day thing. I’m not inclined to take my birds to the vet during these stressful times where they do not allow you inside with them. Is this something he will stop doing or is a hormonal implant completely necessary?

Conure laying eggs

Hi so my sun conure laid 2 eggs. 1 of which I know she laid today as it was on the cage floor and broken as if she pecked at it. I removed the broken egg. The other I took out of her bed but put it back…I didn’t know she was nesting and took […]

Conure Nutrition

Thank you so much for having this helpful Webinar. We want to be sure that we are doing everything right for our beloved Green Cheek Conure. We have purchased the Zoo Med Avian lamp for her. We want to be sure that she is absorbing vitamin D. Do you recommend the Zoo Med Avian Lamp […]

Conure flock fighting

Hi i have a rescued bonded male and female Green cheek and yellow sided conure that are 6yrs old that are tame. They had 2 clutches 2 years apart (offspring now 2yrs and 4yrs old offspring not hand tame only stick trained) i dont want babies and the entire 8 birds lived together until now […]

Conures breeding

I have a pair of pineapple conures, the girl is 1, and the boy is 3. They are really happy together. There are signs that they want to mate, but there is no nesting box. Will they still mate without a nesting box?

Bird companion

I only have one bird, 11 yr old gc conure, she of couse wants company, I have wondered if I got a second bird for her company would be good for her. I have a small apartment, not much room, and finding apartments to allow birds is not easy-


My pineapple Conure laid an egg that was darker than the others (greyish) , she has moved it out of the clutch and this evening I was checking on my babies while sleeping and I noticed that there is now a decent size hole in it. Why would they do this?

Conure not taking solid food?

I have a 4-5mth old green cheek conure that’s recently weaned. He’s eating all kinds of cooked soft food (veggies, grains etc.) but seems to only be drinking the liquid and not swallowing the contents. He’s underweight to begin with as he’s been treated for infection for 2months, and now with his “selective liquid diet” […]

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