Bird Type: Conure

Young Bonded Conures Displaying Breeding Habits

Both of my green cheek conures are under a year old.. they’re about 9 months old, 2 weeks apart. We’ve only had them a month now. We introduced them and everything was good until they started displaying breeding habits. They have separate cages (for now) since we wanted to be sure that they would get […]

Sun Conure Chick Day 1

Today first chick was born out of 4 eggs that my pet Sun Conure laid. And the chick which came out of an egg is chirping continuously in the breeding box. Is this normal? What to do? Any tips?


Hello I found out my Jenday conure is a girl because she laid an egg. I heard calcium helps but I’m not sure what brand to purchase or from where? Please advise

Night behavior

So my conure whenever I’m in bed with him (not sleeping or anything just relaxing) and I just like usually let him do whatever he wants sometimes he suddenly gets really scared and heads straight to my neck and tries to get in between there. Like he tries to hide himself in my neck or […]

Abnormal feather – Dr. Lamb Webinar Feb 10

my female pineapple gcc will grow a bad feather every once in a while. I believe it comes from the same area of her body. her regular blood work hasn’t indicated anything. is this concerning?

Blue throated and pineapple conure

I have a 5 year’s old blue throated male and a 9 months old pineapple and i am really having hard times trying to make them bond and breed my question is can i breed them or its not okay or unhealthy

breeding conure

been breeding parrots for many yrs and this one as baffled me this pair of yellow sided conures.. early part of last year layed 5 eggs 4 hatched, then later in the year layed 4 eggs two half size two full size none hatched this year2023 just check 5 egg two half size might have […]

How to stop Sun Conure from laying more eggs

My Sun Conure will be 11 years old in March. She’s very healthy and active. About a week and a half ago she laid an egg for the first time and a few days ago a second egg. I wanted ask your advice on what I should do since she is a single bird and […]


How long should you leave the unfertel eggs in the cage

Sun conure eggs

My sun conure laid two eggs jan30th she laid one second one was on Feb 2 so when can I take the eggs out she has no male.

Adopted 2 conures 1 green check and 1 pineapple.

I adopted these 2 beautiful souls. Now l found out l am there 4th home. Theirc1st home there were paired and had 3 litters. Then they sell to this man Kodi. I would assume to breed l do not know. Now l adopted thisx2 beautiful souls 4 days ago. They ate finally eat apple from […]

How to grief

I had three conures and 5 parakeets . Two of the conures and 4 parakeets house together in one room two cages but goes in and out of cages freely. @0 minutes after being let out and fed new food. All except one parakeet died. The other conure who roamed with us everywhere in the […]

Can I leave my conure parrot in its cage for a week

Hi I am going on vacation soon and I am not able to take my parrot. My grandma is gonna be the one caring for him but she is only gonna change his food and water. My parrot will be in his cage for a week and is used to being out of his cage. […]

Sunconures Couple, one has passed

Hi I had a Sunconure couple who were very attached to eachother. Unfortunately the girls passed away, no idea why… But now the male is on his own What would you suggest. Nr one they are very scares and if you find one they are very expensive and then I don’t know if he will […]

Sun conure care

Hi Brenda. Thank you for your reply. I have couple of questions if you could help me with. 1) Even before my female conure had laid eggs, a small patch of fur from her abdomen where her crop is has gone. I am concerned if she has any disease. She is a very happy conure […]

female conure is eating less

Hi. Recently 2-3 days ago my female conure had laid eggs for the first time. She had laid one egg yesterday. Its winter time in my country right now. I have been noticing she has been eating less since she laid eggs and almost all the time she remains inside the nesting box. My male […]


My Sun Conure named Charley just finished laying her 4th egg for the 4th time over her 7 yr life. She has never had a partner nor bred. Is this normal for her to go into laying eggs once a year even if there’s no male bird?

Conure identification

Hi, I live in Canada and had a question about 2 conures that I got from a person who couldn’t take care of them. It’s about their tags. I don’t know their sexes but upon reading on the internet, they wrote that if the tag is on either left or right leg, it will tell […]

Bird Death

My cinnamon dilute conger died in 2 days. It was 3 no old. My daughter played with it when she was not in school. There were no fumes. It was completely active. We were told it could have fallen. Is this what happen? I just don’t understand.

Sun conure female coming out of nest box..

My question is that why my sun conure female comes out of nest while incubating eggs.. she come out to eat but when am standing there she started aggression on me and wasted time approximately 5 minutes so am worried that her eggs may be dead or something.. kindly guide..

Pin Feather Casing

Hello, I have a green cheek conure. She is feed zupreem fruit blend pellets. She is showered 2 x per week. She has dry yellowish debris around her oil gland. Her tail feathers are covered in a thick casing that she needs help to preen. What could be the cause.

Bird Break

Hello, I’ve had my pineapple conure for about 8 years now, and we’re quite close. He is mainly bonded to me but is familiar with my family. I’m going to be moving to an apartment (that I can’t bring him to) for about two years. My options are to leave him at home, where I […]

Conure behavior – Ask the Vet Nov 18

I have a rehomed 14-mo dusky-headed conure. I’ve had him for 6 mo; handraised baby. The first owners found that one of them was allergic. I’ve had conures since the 70s and this is the first one whose primary contact is pinching. He knows the up command and is learning the down command. Very bright, […]

Started vomiting after I gave it toast

Today I gave my green cheek conure a piece of toast and right after it started vomiting solid big pieces of vomit . It stopped after I didn’t let it eat any more toast . I had given it toast before , but it had never done this . What can be the problem?

Sun conure female started laying eggs

Hi! I have a male & female sun conures. They are both around 3 years old. They have bonded really well together & are never apart. For over 12 months they have been constantly mating, but I didn’t think this was a problem because I had never given them a breeding box. They also never […]

Rescuing a green cheek

Hi! I’m taking in a two year old green cheek conure. He used to be very social and friendly and but then he was not given any attention for aboutt a year and now won’t leave his cage without flying away and bites and and won’t cuddle anymore. I want to rescue him, but I’m […]

Breed the violet colour in conures

Hi how do you breed/make violet conures. I have a breeding pair of turquoise conures could i breed their babies with a pinapple to make the violet colour for example?

Conure suddenly scared of my hands

My conure has been raised by me since he first hatched, (he’s 2 years old now) and he’s suddenly he’s become terrified of my hands. It might be because I am the one who clips his talons, but I’m not sure and even so I still don’t know what to do to help him overcome […]

sun conure egg laying

my bird has laid another clutch randomly, there is no male here but I can’t get her to stop chirping at night time. I wanted to know if I could take her eggs away since they’re not going to be fertilized

Little pooping

My bird is a Conyers about three years old name Zazu and he acts like he’s going to poop but nothings been coming out what do we do?

How can I make 2 parots get along to each other?

I have a quaker, Pancho, aged 2 years and 3 months and a green cheek conure, Rico, aged 9 months. They don’t get along each other, everyone would say it’s the Quaker’s fault, but honestly, the biggest fault lies with green cheek. I taught Pancho not to attack Rico when the little one is in […]

Sun conure egg rotation

Hii my question is that sun conure takes 22 to 28 days to hatch so when my sun conure lays egg i put it in incubator ok.. but the question is that the egg should be stopped rotating 3 days before hatching.. so how will know the last three days of hatching… Like it can […]

Feeding collagen

my female green check conure likes to have a small amount of ancient nutrition multi collegen. is collegen healthy for parrots? should I sprinkle some on their food?

Sun conure not sitting on egg

Hi, i have sun conure pair and she laid 3 eggs and i start to incubate them in incubator and now she has laid her 4th egg but we did not incubate it. We just leave the egg with sun conure. So my question is that it has been 2 days and she has not […]

Looking for behavior signs my bird may be preparing to lay an egg

So I recently rescued a conure and she laid an egg yesterday. Prior to this she was exhibiting strange behaviors and I arranged a vet visit but they have a full schedule and can’t see her yet. Afterwards, she laid the egg and I thought oh is this what was happening? I’ve only had boy […]

Pearly conure mating issue

I have a pearly conure pair and the male got seriously I’ll but by the grace of Allah I cared for him gave him different medications and he went through. He then went into molting and has completed it. He is unable to fly properly means cannot fly long he just flies from one area […]

Can’t Fly After 3 Weeks

Hi, My Green cheek conure fractured her wing 3 weeks ago. She was advised to stay in her cage for 3 weeks by a vet so that she can heal. She is unable to fly completely now after this period and her wing is drooping again. Please help!


I have 2 pairs of yellow sided conures. Females of both the pairs are sisters. One pair bred for the first time in March of 2022. From the clutch I had there were two females and three males. Now I have two questions. One of the babies seems to be a pineapple conure how this […]

Mosquito control on balcony

BLUE, my rescue blue crown conure, is showing interest in coming outside with me on balcony. I ordered a harness so I can safely keep him with me but it’s Florida. I’m concerned about him being harassed or bitten by mosquitos, gnats or flies. Any advice for controlling or repelling them safely?

Tail freather got pulled out

My Conure got out and while trying to catch him my sister step on his tall to try to catch him he was trap but we got him back but he lost all his trail Feathers and bleeding I stop the bleeding will his feathers grow back?

How to Identify Age of Conure Birds

Dear, I hope this email finds you well. I really appreciate your services for birds keeping. I am parrots lover and many parrots including IRN and Alexanderines are breeding well in my farm. I have recently bought a pair of Blue Turquoise Conure. I have bought conures for the first time. I request you to […]

Fresh foods Behavior

Are fresh raw white sweet potatoes chopped safe for a baby 8 mos. old green cheeked Conure safe for him to eat? Also we are having some behavior/ taming issues with thIS Conure. Nipping when we first got him 3 months ago, but he now lets us in his cage to change food & water. […]

Conure behavior

My small conure (about 6 years old) has been biting more recently. He will be a short distance away and comes over and bites my hand. Sometimes it will break the skin and sometimes not. It seems like he wants attention and this was a way of getting it. I put him in his cage […]

Should I have 1 bird or 2??

Hi! Aspiring first time conure owner. I’ve done lots of research but am seeing mixed opinions on the topic of having a lone green cheek or a pair. I work a full time job but have lots of attention to give when I’m not working as I don’t have kids. I have a large outdoor […]

Sun conure vs jenday

Can a jenday have a large amount of yellow on it’s back and wings. There were also sun babies in with him when we got him. Could we have gotten a sun by mistake. At 11 weeks they look so much alike.

Golden conures

I am thinking about getting two females (they have been sexed) that are from sane clutch and are presently in same cage being still hand fed Will this be ok to continue to keep them in the same cage bonded? I presently have an African grey almost one year old that of course will be […]

Bonded Conures displaying mating behavior

I have a 2 1/2 year old black capped conure and a 1 1/2 year old green cheek conure who have recently bonded. They are caged separately and groom and feed each other and are displaying mating behavior. I do not want her to lay eggs or to raise chicks. I want them to be […]

Food in bed

I have a sun conure who suddenly started bring food into his bed. He is about 5 years old. Why?

My Conure I don’t want her to get egg

Hello, my Green -Cheek- Conure layed a egg last year & she seems to be getting ready to do it again. She feel heaver and her abdomen feels firm. It’s to late to remove her blanket and other nesting items & not sure if she is going to lay a egg. However I don’t want […]


Can I put 2 older conures together in the same cage if they have always been in seperate cages

Hormonal pineapple conure. #3

Hi. Ty for your information. She is 4 and started laying eggs at 3. Last Christmas she had 3. Last month 2. They seem fine now, male likes to stay in his cage. She is a sweetheart, him he likes to bite us humans for no reason…trying to work on correcting biting behavior, is fine […]

Hormonal male conure

Thank you for your response. I have already did what you suggested. They are otherwise compatible, for they share the same food and water bowls , they sit together and groom. Each other. Is this the beginning of a violent mating season? She has laid eggs, to no avail. They have mated many times before, […]

Hormonal male

Hi. I have a Male and female conure who get along just fine. Last week his hormones went wild as he attacked the female with such force I thought he would kill her. I separated them for a good week, and gradually reintroduced them again, and now it seems like old times. I have never […]

breeding months

I have read in every blog that February is when Conures breed. But that they can have 3-4 clutches per year. I have not found one single article on which other months they breed. Assuming every six months to pair them up again?

I’m clueless

My daughter gave me her female green cheek conure who is at least 5 years old. The bird rarely got out of the cage because of pet dogs. She’s never had a mate and I let her have pretty much free flight around the house, spending a lot of time in my shoulder or cuddling […]

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