Bird Type: Conure

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Sun Conure

Hi, I have a sun conure that lives inside, she has free run of the house. A few days ago she lay a egg & now she just sit in her box with it beside her. Should I take the egg away from her. Kind Regards Lester

What happened

My bird sitter kept my two green cheek conures for two time periods this summer, both about 10 days. They have always liked her. At the end of the second vacation (the day they were to be returned she called and told me that one of them was dead. They had been together their whole […]

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I’ve heard that you shouldn’t have two different birds in the same house, but I’ve also heard that cockatiels and conures can get along, is this true?

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Breeding birds

Good evening. I am new to breeding with conures and want to ask you if you can give me some advice. Their cage is set outside and is 2.5m long,1.3m wide and 2m high. How many breeding pair conures can i put in the cage? I also want to know if you can breed budgies […]

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We have a Sun Canure, he is about 2 years old. For about a week now he has gotten aggressive towards me. I am the person who takes care of him. He has bitten me. He is eating and drinking with no problem. Please advise me what is happening and how long will this last. […]

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Stopped talking

Our pineapple conure we adopted 2 months ago . He is 5 yrs old. Has only talked once. He eats well and seems fine. He plays with his toys but he flys around the cage when I try to take him out. When he finally comes out he is ok with me . We know […]

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How to re-bond my parrots?

I have two green cheek conure, Turk (we think its a male)who’s been with me for about 2 years, and Tako(we think male as well) who’s been with me for about 2 months. Both of them got along great, preeening, feeding each other,  etc. On Sunday a friend who has minded Turk before asked me […]

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Conure Pairing

We want to get a second conure to house with our 2 yr old Black-capped male conure. Is the pairing most likely to work out if we pair a male or a female with our male ? Is it best to try to find one about the same age? Thank you!

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shredding paper

hi there. We use newspaper on the bottom of our cage for our sun conure.He constantly shreds it even outside the breeding period.He has wooden toys all the time in his cage.Is there something he is lacking or is he just a meathead?

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Green cheek conure feeding and training

I recently purchased a 2 year old green cheeked Conure from a parrot rescue place. He does not like being touched, but once I have him in my hands he’s ok, but would fly off once I’d release my grip. He isn’t interested in biting, has never tried to. He’s a very fussy eater…

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How Much To Feed My Conure

I have an eleven year old Blue Crown Conure. In August I was able to switch him from a high seed (junk food) commercial diet to Nutriberries and Avicakes. ..

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Switching from Seed to Pellets

I have been trying for the last two weeks to convert my eleven year old Blue Crown Conure from a seed diet to pellets. I have mixed the two together, decreasing the seed amount with each feeding…

Conure Fast Facts

Conures are popular pet companions for good reason — these parrots are full of spunk with colorful personalities and a wide range of colors and sizes.

Green Cheeked Conure

Conures: Sun Vs. Green Cheek

No wonder conures are a popular pet bird companion. They are smart, active, cuddly, and social. There are many species of conure, and each group has its own unique set of traits. See the similarities and differences between the fiery-colored Sun conure of the Aratinga genus to the diminutive green-cheeked conure of the Pyrrhura genus.

sun conure

Sun Conure

The sun conure is bold in both appearance and in personality. Suns are known for their vocalizing, which can be loud a times, as well as their playfulness and adventurous nature.

jenday conure

Jenday Conure

Jenday conures have a reputation for being a little more laid back than other conures, but that’s not to say that they don’t enjoy and expect plenty of interaction with their people. Like most conures, they appreciate bird toys that can be chewed up.

green-cheeked conure

Green-Cheeked Conure

Green-cheeked conures can be outgoing and comical, but they can also be a little shyer than other conures. These birds love their play and will appreciate a good rotation of toys and a spacious cage to run around.

blue-crowned conure

Blue-Crowned Conure

The blue-crowned conure has a large vocabulary and high intelligence to match. This species is known as one of the better talkers in the conure family, though it can be a little difficult to understand.

green-cheeked conure


Conures, which vary in size from small to medium, often charm people with their playfulness and inquisitive personalities. They generally like to be where the household activity is, which can include mealtime and hanging out with their favored people.

Presidents & Their Pet Parrots

Can you imagine a parrot perched in the White House? It’s probably happened at some point during our country’s history; after all, some of our past presidents had parrot companions during their presidencies. Here is a list of presidents who really did have parrots during their White House days.

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