Bird Type: Conure

Green Cheek Conure

Hi, my conure has trouble eating. He does not eat as much as he’s supposed to and I’ve tried switching from his seeds diet to pellets. He does eat his pellets but rarely. I want to find food for him that he would enjoy and that would help him get better.

Should We Get our Green cheek conure a friend?

Hi there! I currently have a green cheek conure, a male that is around 8 years old. We are moving and considering getting him a friend because we plan on being away from our home more and don’t want him to be lonely. As it is now I am able to give him a lot […]

sun conure eggs

My bird has layed several eggs, looks like she’s pecked three, what do I need to do with the others to incubate them.

Will she associated this with cacthing?

So verde is indeed sick and we are transporting her to the emergency vet now but I have a question. I couldinguse the towle this time to get her in the box because she was too fast and kept flying away. So I just picked her up with my hand is that ok? Will she […]

Eggs from conure

my green cheek has 12 eggs already only 3 in cage should I take all out

Brown poop is it normal?

Hi I’ve notice that verde’s poop is brown, is this normal? I heard the color of a birds poop depends on what your feeding and they said it could be brown but I just want to make sure if not then I guess we’re going on another vet trip.

Green Cheek Conures

I have 2 green cheek conures how much out of cage time do they need? Do they have to be Only on pellet diet? Should there cage be covered at night? Should green cheeks be seen every year by the vet? Can you tell genders of conures? Also should i get pet insurance for birds? […]

How can I make everyday an Adventure for her

Hi! I followed your advice and took advantage of verde’s new sweet side and worked on stepping up without chewing or biting and I’ve been letting her come out of the cage and it was Wonderful! She loves spending time with me but I have two questions. My first question is how can I make […]

How to get my birds to like each other

Hi there , I have a green cheek Conure (cheeky )who is about 12, we think he is a male. He has some fears about finger which I am training , cheeky is getting much better with hand, he gets alone with other birds. He has meet and stayed with a Alexandria parrot (Lui, he […]

Different bird

Verde stayed at my friends house for a while because we went somewhere over night just for one day, and when I got verde back she was a completely different bird she lets you pet her she steps up without and glove thing on my hand hand her bites aren’t as nearly as hard as […]

Girlfriends Green Cheek

My girlfriend and I have been living together for nearly a year, and she has a little bird named Pilot. I’m still a little uneasy with how messy and loud birds can be, but the bird is very important to her and I want to be able to work with it. When we first moved […]

Our Maroon Bellied Conure

This is a curiosity question… Lori, my housemate, owns a Maroon Bellied Conure – female – 13 years old. We have cable news on during most of the day as background while we are doing other things. The Conure is in the same room as the tv. So she hears a lot of news and […]

Swallowing her feathers

Verde is in fact eating her feathers when the molt our and I was wondering if that’s something I should worry about?

thank you

i just want to thank you for the great advice handling mango and his birdy problems he really is a great pet and we love him lots thank you so much

He said no to clipping

Hello we went to the vet and she asked if I wanted her wings clipped but before I could say anything my dad said no, I tried to convince him that it was only temporary but he said that clipping isn’t natural and it’s not right since clipping is now not an option, do u […]

mango again

well your great advice helped get the screeching calmed down now he has started biting my fiance and being aggressive whats a bird mom to do?

Will she hate me

Hello, Verde has a vet appointment that is rather far to get to so we had to pack her up very quickly, she flew out of the box that she came in, that’s what we were trying to put her in, your last answer for the towel thing was very helpful. I grabbed her with […]

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